Dick Cheney Can Sing a [Black Site] Rainbow Too

This post is mostly meant as comic relief in response to President Obama’s willingness to hide the known black site locations behind stupid color names.

The WaPo has provided a very helpful key and map to help you remember that,

Cobalt: Afghanistan (Salt Pit)

Thailand: Green

Gray: Afghanistan

Orange: Afghanistan

Brown: Afghanistan

Poland: Blue

Romania: Black

Lithuania: Violet

I wouldn’t even rule out Adam Goldman and Julie Tate’s ability to snuff out the bribes — which have been redacted and called “gifts” or “subsidies” — the countries in question got for hosting our torture sites.

But until they do that, I can’t get an image of Dick Cheney frolicking in a tutu singing the Rainbow song out of my head.

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  1. prostratedragon says:

    Really gets to a person, don’t it?

    I can’t top that one at the moment, though I guess one could do a playlist: “Love is blue” by Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, which has “Rainbow” as part of the medley; “Paint it black,” Rolling Stones; “The Meaning of the Blues” to cover the use of both cobalt and “blue,” whatever that is; maybe there’s a song somewhere about a LIthuanian school librarian who wants to know why the fuss about violets in her country, as if there’s something wrong with flowers.

    Now, I’ve got plenty of the other kind to teach Ol’ Dick on those long, long, sleep-deprived nights, like plenty of Dies Irae settings, or this one that closes out the movie The Conformist: “Come l’ombra [Like shadow]”.

  2. Katheen says:

    So when we hear Feinstein etc referring to the number of those detained by the CIA as around 110 or so. This does not include those held and tortured at black sites does it?

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