Anas al-Libi Dies of Cancer before Trial

Back in an October post laying out Abu Anas al-Libi’s challenge of the interrogation he underwent on a Navy ship, I wrote,

Meanwhile, the government is not providing al-Libi cancer treatment doctors at Duke said during the summer he needs to address liver cancer. Maybe the government is just hoping al-Libi will succumb to cancer before he can press these issues?

The WaPo just reported,

A suspected al-Qaeda terrorist died Friday night just days before he was slated to go on trial in New York on charges of helping plan the 1998 East Africa embassy bombings, his lawyer said.

Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer after U.S. commandos and FBI agents captured him in a 2013 raid outside his house in a suburb of Tripoli.

His lawyer, Bernard Kleinman, said his client’s condition had deteriorated significantly in the last month. Kleinman said Ruqai, 50, died at a hospital in the New York area.

Welp, if having al-Libi die before trial was the idea, Mission Accomplished.

Update: Here’s al-Libi’s lawyer’s letter from October raising concerns about delays in his cancer treatment.

At the same time MIr. al Liby had been scheduled to have a surgical procedure done (a bland arterial embolization) designed to hopefully retard the spread of his liver cancel’. This procedure was scheduled for Duke Cancel’ Center the beginning of August. To date it has not been done. It is now two and one-half months later and he is still waiting – with no explanation whatsoever. This, with all due respect, is inexcusable. This surgical procedure, recommended by Dr. White, an oncological surgeon at Duke Cancel’ Center (and endorsed by all of the other physicians), needs to be done with all deliberate speed.

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    “Kiki sleeps right outside our door. There is a special doggie air-conditioning vent 5 inches off the floor for her there.”

    Does that mean that we are burning more fossil fuels, thus contributing to climate change, in order to keep the pup cool? (Just sayin’. It’s the same that we do for zillions of pets nationwide, including mine, but saying so in public calls attention to it.) :)

  2. Don Bacon says:

    Suspected militants/terrorists are killed. It’s US policy under Obama. They have no evidence. That’s why bin Laden was (supposedly) assassinated.
    Everybody knows they are guilty, even without evidence. They’re Muslims, for one thing.
    Bush had a different policy toward these innocents, to detain and torture them. Which policy is better?

  3. bevin says:

    The guardian is saying that he died after complications following surgery. But it is vague to the point of being suspicious.

    • emptywheel says:

      Nah, late stage cancer is really hard to reestablish stability, at least in my experience. My only question pertains to earlier delays in treatment.

      • bevin says:

        A very sordid business. I don’t doubt your thesis at all. I wish that I could, but those in charge are transparently cynical. This personal tragedy, the death of a man from a very nasty disease, will be seen as a desirable outcome, one in which fate has been lent a hand by a clever POTUS. You can almost see the high fives from here.

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