The 702 Crimes Include Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and “Transnational Crimes”

Bob Litt is giving a speech. In it he described what “serious crimes” FBI can use 702-derived information to investigate and prosecute. They include:

Can use for 702: Crimes involving death, kidnapping, bodily harm, v minor, infrastructure, cybersecurity, transnational crimes.

Both cybersecurity and infrastructure are big, and potentially egregiously interpreted. They surely can include a whole slew of innocent protestors who are deemed a threat to things like fracking or city infrastructure.

But also, if FBI can use 702 to investigate “transnational crime” then why isn’t Jamie Dimon in prison?

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    And, why isn’t W in prison? As Jesse Ventura said on Fox the other day: “I never believed that my country would line our military up at the border of another sovereign nation, invade that country, overthrow its government, occupy them without being asked. We invaded, and all on lies.”

  2. Anon says:

    I think that you could summarize this list by simply saying “Anything we want.” It is interesting how blatantly they are also asserting this as a bald claim of power not one that is given to them by anyone they answer to.

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