Now That’s Some Disturbance in the Force

At some time around 9:30 PM ET at the INSA Leadership Dinner, John Brennan suggested that maybe the CIA Director — that is, maybe he — should have a 10 year term.

D/CIA John Brennan says it might make sense to have the CIA director and DNI serve similar terms to the FBI director’s 10-year term.

At 4:30 AM Saudi time (so 9:30 PM ET), Saudi King Salman announced a major royal shake-up. Rather than his brother Muqrin bin Abdulaziz being Deputy and heir to the throne, American favorite and very close Brennan buddy Mohammed bin Nayef will be heir.

Saudi King Salman is announcing a major royal shake-up at 4:30 am. Muqrin is out, M. Bin Nayaf is the new heir, his own son deputy heir.

That’s a rather interesting power move by two closely affiliated types (though I assume that the CIA Director can’t do these things by fiat … yet).

Update: Adding, King Salman’s insomnia induced Kingdom restructuring also apparently made Ambassador to the US (the guy whom Manssor Arbabsiar was purportedly trying to kill) Adel al-Jubeir Foreign Minister.

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  1. galljdaj says:

    If the bastards pull off the ten years term, the US will have become a full Dictatorship democracy in lying!

    • wallace says:

      Oh, they’ll pull it off alright. Given Jim Garrison’s assessment of the CIA as THE government..I’d submit it won’t take two days before some IC committee schmuck of Congress introduces the bill that’s already been written by CIA and handed over to their staff. With a note verifying said IC schmuck is in no more danger of skeleton’s in the closet, once it’s introduced of course.

      • bloopie2 says:

        Ah, poo, you mean they’re all still there? I was hoping that the Langley explosion I saw on ‘Homeland’ a while back was real.

        • wallace says:

          quote”Ah, poo, you mean they’re all still there? I was hoping that the Langley explosion I saw on ‘Homeland’ a while back was real.”unquote

          Given I quit watching that stupid program after 5 episodes, I’m not sure if you’re making a joke or trying to make a fool of me. Care to explain?

          • bloopie2 says:

            In an episode a year or two back, someone lit off a huge car bomb at Langley that killed a whole pile of the spooks – higher-ups included. What a day!

  2. allan says:

    But JB won’t stop at 10 years. Look at Robert Mueller – 10 years morphed into 12.
    Because he was doing such a bang-up job.

  3. wallace says:

    As an aside, I get the feeling very few people understand the almost unlimited power AND funding that the DCIA has at his disposal. As for Congressional “oversight”..that’s a fucking joke. Ask Senator Pike. Even Senator Church must be shaking his head in disbelief at how the whole IC has basically gave the finger to the Congress while LOL. The Senate “torture report” and the existence of the Drone murder program are living proof.

    If you really want to understand the power of the CIA/NSA… read the Central Intelligence Act and the National Security Act.

    Then read the Pike Committee hearing transcripts.

    Even Truman finally admitted he created a Frankenstein. But it all comes together in a book, which every last copy of the first publication, was confiscated by the CIA, by Col. Fletcher Prouty, ex CIA pilot and documentarian, called The Secret Team. Thank god someone put it on the net. If this doesn’t astound you..nothing will. NOTHING.

    However, if anything, it will tell you why Congress is hopelessly powerless to reign them in now, and why James Garrison came to the conclusion the CIA/DOD ARE the government, leaving Congress as a debating team. It will also tell you why John Brennan wants the DCIA and DNI to have a 10 year term limit.(hint.. it will overlap Presidential term limits)

  4. orionATL says:

    could john the butcher have made a serious error in offing the american and italian aid workers before they could be rescued (and testify)?

    could john the butcher’s tenure be in jeopardy?

    could super-crafty bureaucrat john the butcher now be tangling with the whitehouse and therfore turning to the congress for leverage?

    • bevin says:

      No. No and no. Brennan has just re-arranged the deck thrones on MV Saudi Arabia. He’s not going anywhere.

      • orionATL says:

        yeah, that’s more likely.

        the super-crafty bureaucrat probably recognizes another roll-over-and-play-dead congress in this congress, but a special one, the likes of which a scheming bureaucrat only sees once in a blue moon.

        all hail brennan bin saudi, lord of the underworld. :)

  5. RUKidding says:

    Thanks for the interesting *timing* of these 2 actions. Are they connected? Quite possibly. Unsure why Brennan feels the need to advocate for 10 year terms for DCIA. Can’t they just do what they want with impunity? Sort of looks that way to me. Just ask JFk, er, JFK Jr, er… nevermind.

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