May 1, 2015 / by emptywheel


Bob Litt: That Bill I Wrote Looks Great on First Read

Supporters of USA F-ReDux are hailing Bob Litt’s comments approving of the bill.

“On first read, the new version of the USA Freedom Act looks like it accomplishes the president’s goals and will preserve important intelligence capabilities,” Robert Litt, the general counsel at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said on Friday.

“The administration has worked very closely with members of Congress, their staff — both parties in both houses — to come up with this bill,” he added.

But as even his comments make clear, to say nothing of the comments made during markup yesterday, he didn’t just “on first read it” Tuesday after it was released.

He largely wrote it.

In fact, when the Judiciary Committee tried to add things to the bill yesterday to make it comply with the Constitution, they claimed to be impotent to do so because that would blow up the bill. And so they bowed to IC demands.

No wonder Litt is fond of it.

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