About those Brennan Lies about Working with Iran and Those Who Commit Atrocities

During the whole flap over Seymour Hersh’s reporting questioning the Osama bin Laden raid, I kept pointing to Ron Wyden’s comments to John Brennan about lies he told in March, probably at his Council on Foreign Relations speech.

I guessed that Brennan’s likely lies had to do with whether we partner with anyone who commits atrocities and whether Brennan has worked directly with Iranian Republican Guard leader Qasem Soleimani. And after Hersh’s report that we still have a dark site on Diego Garcia, I added Brennan’s claim we outsource all our interrogation to partners.

Keep those potential lies as you read Moon of Alabama’s guesses about why the Syrians announced this raid before the Americans did.

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  1. bevin says:

    “I guessed that Brennan’s likely lies had to do with whether we partner with anyone who commits atrocities..”

    Brennan’s employer commits atrocities on an industrial scale. As to Brennan’s underlings they invent new and more atrocious ways of doing their work and his bidding every day.
    And then they lie about it.

    But that’s no reason why we should pretend to be wondering whether the guys behind The Saltpit, Guantanamo, Diego Garcia, Abu Ghraib and the rest of the gulag, including the places which are really bad so that they have to be hidden abroad, co-operate with ‘bad guys.’

  2. wallace says:

    If the arena of truth surrounding the “national security” were jazz, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis would have prosecuted Obama, Bush, Cheney, Addington, Brennen, Hayden, Clapper, Alexander, Litt et al on the stage of absolute truth to the point of shaming these scum of the earth who could NEVER face mankind again. Once you understand the true nature of absolute truth..ie..the rule of law of the 60 chord system,, every system based on lies, obfuscation and false premise melts when confronted with face to face absolute truth. Parker and Miles were the SCOTUS of mankinds face to face truth of reality.

  3. Garrett says:

    I do hope that if Hersh is right in his offhand statement that we still have a black site on Diego Garcia, which has long been rumored, we get some leaked information about what is going on there now.

    Where, on other matters, where will they imprison who they are calling Umm Sayyaf ? “We are working to determine an ultimate disposition for the detainee” they say.

  4. wallace says:

    Meanwhile, may the resident authority on the blues rest in peace, vs those who are empowered with the US government’s Legal Imperialism’s power to destroy innocent human lives in the millions. May they burn in Hellfire for eternity.

    Rest in peace BB King.

  5. wallace says:

    ps..and just in case any of these motherfucking scum who work for this wretched US gov regime of psychopathic murderers happen to visit here.. I hope you die in the worst pain filled long term torture of your body that reality can deliver to the human specie. x1mil

  6. GKJames says:

    Perpetually odd about Brennan’s mendacity is its needlessness. Virtually all members of Congress and at least half the public would support whatever the Executive branch does, be it rendition, torture, assassination, and temporary alliances with like minds in other countries, even Iran, in the perpetual war machine that is “terror.” Which says, to me at least, that Brennan is afflicted by a pathology that has him derive pleasure from manipulating the public simply because he can.

    • orionATL says:

      avoiding domestic and international legal consequences that would arise if an admin official with direct knowledge admitted to knowing about/participating in illegal activity, e.g., torture, rendition, war crimes.

    • Evangelista says:

      “odd about Brennan’s mendacity is its needlessness. Virtually all members of Congress and at least half the public would support whatever the Executive branch does…”

      It would appear we of the smaller half of “the public” swing a disproportionate amount of weight, as the smaller half of humanity appears to, too. I think it may be, in part, that we are able to influence a proprtion of the larger half, when we apply ourselves seriously, away from devotion to the side of Reason, increasing our clout; again, as the smaller half of humanity often is able to, too.

  7. GKJames says:

    That certainly is the conventional wisdom. But in what (reality-based) universe does anyone (of sounds mind) believe that the US government is NOT doing those things? Sure, these guys’ll have to fine-tune their vacation plans to avoid arrest warrants that might be waiting for them, but that’s a minor prospective inconvenience. Besides, the governments in countries with a judiciary courageous enough to issue such a warrant will promptly make it clear–whether sua sponte or in response to threats from Washington–that it will not act on the warrant.

    • orionATL says:

      yes, indeed.

      i was thinking of an important finepoint of law wherein if a government principal publicly concedes government action in an area harmful to a citizen, that gives the citizen much more leverage with a judge to claim standing and pursue the matter in court, but

      i ain’t no lawyer.

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