Will Gary Peters Help Mitch McConnell Expand Illegal Surveillance?

A year ago, Michigan Senator Gary Peters voted with 302 of his House colleagues for that version of USA Freedom Act (the incarnation I called USA Freedumb). He voted for a badly flawed bill (perhaps looking forward to his Senate campaign), but he did vote for a smushy compromise to get the government out of the business of holding all Americans’ phone records.

Also about a year ago, Peters voted for the Massie-Lofgren Amendment which would have defunded back door searches of data collected under Section 702. It was an easy vote; there was little chance then Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Barb Mikulski would have let that remain in the Defense Appropriations.

But Peters at least pretended he cared about abusive surveillance.

This week, however, Peters claims to be uncertain about whether he will support a short-term extension of sunsetting PATRIOT Act authorities. His office twice did not respond to a request for clarification on this front.

Let me be very clear: supporting Mitch McConnell’s short-term extension serves just one purpose: To make the already weak reform, USA F-ReDux worse. Peters’ claimed uncertainty about what he will do just enables McConnell’s stunt to expose innocent Americans to more spying.

If, like me, you’re a Peters constituent, please call his office and urge him to hold the line on the already weak USA F-ReDux. (202) 224-6221


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  1. wallace says:

    I knew it. If circumstances prevailed, where I were forced to drive 400 miles roundtrip from the geo-center of Michigan to Ann Arbor, over roads and Freeways that can best be described as adequate to fulfill my round trip journey to have a lightweight surgery performed in the premier medical assembly line facility on the face of the planet..I come back to find, it is impossible to keep up with emptywheel’s daily prodigious output of insight into the spread of an Ebola magnitude breach of human rights and the capacity to understand the collectivist’s appetite for your freedoms, privacy and property. But give me a few days to recover from the trip..and I might have a few things to say about it.

  2. phred says:

    Anyone around here watching Rand Paul’s filibuster?
    I was starting to think Paul’s colleagues had all abandoned him, but then Maria Cantwell turns up… Hoping more Senators rise to the occasion…

    • marym says:

      Participated so far:
      D – Wyden, Heinrich, Manchin, Tester, Coons, Cantwell R – Lee, Daines

      • phred says:

        marym, nice to see you! I don’t tweet, so I was kinda lonely…
        Blumenthal is giving Paul a nice (and well deserved) breather.

          • phred says:

            And now, Wyden is back. He notes Paul has been on his feet for 9 hours and now they are in the home stretch, so maybe they plan to wrap this up just past midnight.

            • marym says:

              There were posts during the day (8:51 on the liveblog link) saying if he can get to midnight, they won’t be able to vote on the reauthorization.

              • phred says:

                Yep, I saw those timelines. I really like how Paul has been bringing in lots of topics. Now they are chewing over 12333. Nice : )

                  • phred says:

                    That was definitely an interesting exchange. At this point though, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call it a night. Sen. Lee is less informative and it’s late. Thanks for the conversation : )
                    Thanks Sen. Paul! Keep pushing for sunset. After all of these years, it’s time.

  3. phred says:

    And now Blumenthal, D-CT… Funny (or not) how few “small government” Republicans have shown up…

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