The Coming Trump Legacy On Immigration

donald-trump-bad-hairHere is a bloody secret about blogging: The best ideas you express often come from others, even if you value add on to them. Welp, there will be no value adding on here, this post is 100% the work of our longtime friend at both Emptywheel and FDL, the one and only Peterr:

I had this vision of Donald Trump taking down the Statue of Liberty, replacing it with an even larger figure of himself, with a new poem inscribed on the base befitting his views on immigrants.

The New New Colossus

Not like the New Colossus, French-built bile
With calling torch and open arms so grand;
Now on this isle a Grander One shall stand:
A mighty huckster with a scam, whose smile
is a racist, hateful sneer, with his pile
of ego-sculpted hair. From his grasping hand
comes a devil’s contract; his beady eyes demand
payment ‘ere any travel one more mile.

“Keep, foreign lands, your homeless poor,” cries he
with flapping lips. “Give me your greedy, your rich,
Your coddled wealthy yearning to pay me,
the grasping powers drawn here by my pitch.
Send these, the makers, ready with my fee;
I snuff the lamp of Liberty, that bitch.”

I leave it to your imagination to envision the figure of The Donald standing astride New York harbor for yourself.

Okay, Peter is a long time friend, and his take totally merited publication. But Lady Liberty takes some attending to. You have to want the freedom of this country, you have to want it bad, and you have to be willing to fight for it, even when that freedom makes your blood curl (props to Sorkin’s American President). But wanting the American ethos is easy for an apparently gerbil topped pretender like Donald Trump. Trump wants the limelight, wants all the glory, and never wants to answer for the hell of stupidity, bankruptcy, loss of jobs and ignorance that he really stands for. Troll on Donald.

So many have given their lives for the right of a hollow shill to troll the American electorate. So many have died for that. So many just to give a blowhard clownshow jackhole the right to parade around like he is diddly shit other than the court jester and a sideshow amusement huckster.

The American people can propagate and tolerate an enormous amount of stupid, but not enough to let a pompous, bankruptcy generated, pompous jackass like Donald Trump through the door. Just an opinion, and a sincere hope.

Nope. George Bush was one thing, Trump is a bridge too far.

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  1. Peterr says:

    Trump wants the limelight, wants all the glory, and never wants to answer for the hell of bankruptcy, stupidity, bankruptcy, loss of jobs, bankruptcy, and ignorance, and bankruptcy that he really stands for.

    Fixed it for you.

    • Rayne says:

      Moral bankruptcy, in short. Thanks, Peterr. ;-)

      I offer my kudos to another excellent description of Trump today, by Twitter user @sixcheeks30:

      Donald Trump is a mediocre fucktrumpet with a stillborn fox on his scalp passing as hair.

      Fucktrumpet prolly better spelled: Fuck-Trump-et.


  2. P J Evans says:

    Trump will stay in right up to when he’s required to file financial reports. Then he’ll bail.

  3. bloopie2 says:

    Actually, Trump’s done a beneficial thing here. Univision is backing away from him for his comments, and others will also, I believe. He may have shifted the discourse on immigration (perhaps not wholly, but at least somewhat), just as Charleston shifted the discourse on the Confederate flag. You’ll still have pols thinking bad things about Mexicans and immigrants, but they won’t be saying them out loud, and they will be less likely to pass bad laws in that area.

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