Along with Outdated Toothpaste and Caitlin Jenner Covers, Manning in Trouble for Reading Torture Report

As you’ve likely heard the authorities at Leavenworth have put Chelsea Manning in indefinite solitary confinement for — among other things — having an expired tube of toothpaste (and also sweeping some crumbs onto the floor).

She just posted the list of materials the authorities confiscated from her. They include the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair issue and what I assume is the Cosmopolitan issue on Jenner.

But in addition, the government also confiscated Manning’s copy of the SSCI torture report.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.50.50 PM

Because it is the American way to subject someone to torturous solitary confinement because she tried to read about the torture done to others before she was subjected to the same kind of forced nudity described in the report?


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  1. Jane Doe says:

    So Chelsea snuck out of her cell and acquired these forbidden items and then snuck back into her cell with them? To the point, she came into possession of these criminal items without the knowledge or permission of the prison authorities?! And then they were discovered?! With all the confiscation of items and prereviewed media, mail, publications, sent to or requested by prisoners, how could they even come into her possession without prison approval in the first place?! What am I misunderstanding?

  2. earlofhuntingdon says:

    I suspect the point is that the government has made Ms. Manning a convenient scapegoat, a purportedly bizarre other, and just keeps inventing laughably false reasons to justify its serial abuse of her. The gubmint imagines it gets away with its behavior. A la Cheney, the more laughable the excuse, the more intimating its conduct is in deterring other would be whistleblowers. Articles like this one by EW are meant in part to refute the govt’s blithe, self-serving conclusion that this sort of abuse is a freebie.

  3. orionATL says:

    the pentagon is being vindictive again with manning, as they are with their refusal to authorize the release of shaker aamer.

    and provost obama looks benignly on this scene.

    there is a lot about official government mistreatment of manning that is contemptable. high among these in the pentagon’s latest attack on manning is the flagrant lying to the public by military spokesmen. a military spokesperson told the guardian

    “… In a statement to the Guardian, army spokeswoman Tatjana Christian said that the military “remains committed to a fair and equitable process in the adjudication of administrative matters for all of its soldiers”. She said that Manning had been put in front of the Disciplinary and Adjustment Board for alleged rules violations… ”

    a portion of the american public isn’t buying the u.s. military’s public bullshitting according to this guardian article:
    public attention to manning by the government serves to remind the american public of just how poor government computer security was and has remained in the supposedly very sensitive military and foreign affairs departments for many years prior to the massive theft of government personnel data from the u.s. office of personnel management disclosed last month.

    • P J Evans says:

      The ‘expired toothpaste’ bit is laughable. (I almost suspect them of doing everything they can to make sure that she couldn’t get any tubes that weren’t close to expiration. Do they really seriously expect her to check the dates every day and get a new tube? From where?)
      And as Jane Doe says, everything going in to her cell has to go past guards and administrators. They know what she gets, when, and from whom.

    • Rich says:

      Total Information Awareness gotten by Full Spectrum Dominance.
      They announced it then they did it.
      But it’s all an illusion. There is no total, full, every,etc.
      I don’t buy for a second the Public gives a damn about security breaches in government or military computer programs and databases.
      Dominance behavior is a universal costume for ineptitude and incompetence.
      And vindictiveness is the fallback position of every Social Dominator when they encounter a brave individual who stands their ground and won’t be intimidated.

      • orionATL says:

        “…I don’t buy for a second the Public gives a damn about security breaches in government or military computer programs and databases… ”

        in terms of specifics or reforms i’d have to agree with you. but there is the very important matter of the public’s impressions, vague though they be. a widespread negative impression does not do any govt dept any good.

  4. wallace says:

    Expiration date on toothpaste?

    (insert double facepalm smiley)

    What is the military afraid of… suicide by toothpaste?

    (insert two rolling eyes smiley)

    note to self..file under
    Great Moments in Military Absurdity

  5. wallace says:

    Speaking of Great Moments in US Military Absurdity…

    As a Legal Imperialism, the USG:

    * tortures human beings with impunity, having murdered over 100 while being tortured
    * detains human beings into perpetuity with no charges whatsoever
    * uses depleted Uranium in weapon ammunition
    * authorizes itself to invade and destroy sovereign nations based on lies.
    * holds the worlds largest reserves of Nuclear weapons while refusing to sign the Nuclear anti-proliferation Treaty…, notwithstanding being the only government on the planet to use them.
    *Uses Cluster bomb weapons while joining Saudi Arabia in refusing to sign the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions.
    * Vaporizes innocent human beings by the hundreds via Drone delivered Hellfire missiles, known to the entire planet while claiming in US courts the program is sekrit and cannot be disclosed whatsoever.
    (Also found among the listed “lawful” devices are mines, booby-traps, herbicides, non-blinding laser weapons, incendiary devices, and fragmentation weapons—and the weapons sections comprise a mere fraction of the voluminous, 6,169-footnoted, document.)

    “Law” of War. A fiction of the US military that flies in the face of reality. Not to mention.. the military has no Constitutional authority to create “law”.

    If hubris were weather, the US military would be the most powerful hurricane in the history of planet earth.

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