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Real Football Is Here Again, Rock The Wheelhouse!

Okay, rough start for the season in the Pac-12 South. The Devils sucked, and Texas A & M handed them their asses. Really ugly. And some random B1G team, okay, the Mighty Fighting Journalists, whipped, even worse, the Trees of Stanford.

Oh, yes, and there was a “Gronking To Remember” Thursday night. That line came courtesy of Scribe, and it is just about perfect.

So, let’s Gronk & Roll lug nuts!

STUDENT ATHLETES: Man, this pains me to say so, but I must. Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes look like one of the most impressive college football teams in history. Doesn’t hurt that they have three quarterbacks that would be capable of leading them to an NCAA National Championship. For all the talk about Saban and Alabama over the last few years, OSU and Meyer are on a plane well above any of that. The rest of college football is currently an afterthought. But watch out for Josh Rosen and the UCLA Bruins. The Sun Devils got their asses handed to them by the Aggies, but I think the Devils will be back. No longer is it only the Quackers at Oregon and that stupid horse at USC in the way though, Rosen and the Bruins are for real.

PROS AND JOES: Forget the Joes, Montana is not walking through that door. But Tom Brady is still here. They talk about the golden age of football, and there is actually some currency to that from my memories as a kid. Say what you will though, the era of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers is pretty darn good. After a great regular season, I truly hope they meet in Super Bowl 50. What could be better than that?

Ahem, I hear the Stillers are squawking after their Gronking. Seriously Pittsburghians don’t do that. The Steelers lost fair and square, just like the whiny ass Colts and SeaSqwuaks last year.

Go figure, the Pats remain ruthlessly on top. The only way it could be more apparent is if Tom Brady personally drove his cleats into Roger Goodell’s supine flaccid chest on the way past the goal line in Super Bowl 50. So, here’s to that scene.

A “reader” of this blog sent me a message last night saying that Peyton is nuthin but a “Noodle Arm”.

I could blather on, but why? We don’t know squat about anything this early in the season. But, we will find out! Starting now.

So, here is to yet another football season here in the Wheelhouse! So, let us rock and roll people. Get down to it!

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