October 3, 2015 / by bmaz


Hurricane Trash

Apparently there is a big blowhard on the eastern seaboard (no, not talking about Rep. Peter King this time) and it goes by the moniker of Hurricane Joaquin. Another one of those storms of the century…or threats that are petering out…depending on who you believe and what hour of the day it is. Probably be easier to keep track of Mother Nature is Americans would quit gunning themselves down en masse. Anyway, football may be all wet in the east. In the meantime, cable news is all back to the same status quo idiotic conversation about guns. We are a profoundly stupid and insipid nation.

Two contests that may be affected are Alabama at Georgia and Notre Dame at Clemson. The latter sports two teams that are both flaky; don’t trust either one of them. The Tide and Dawgs could really be a great game though. Go Dawgs! In other games, Mississippi State at Texas A & M and Texas Tech could be interesting, and Baylor may use all the points available. ASU visits UCLA, where Josh Rosen and the Bruins will completely destroy the last remnants of what everyone thought would be a great Sun Devil team. But they suck, and that is why they play the games. Todd Graham is NOT a good coach. Get rid of him.

Jets and Fins and Giants at Bills may be affected by the Joaquin moisture. You’d think sloppy conditions would favor the defenses of Jets and Bills. The sleeper game may be the Vikings at Broncos. Adrian Peterson and the Vikes are starting to gel and the Donks, while 3-0, still have that uneasy feeling about them. The local team is hosting the Rams. Rams have a great defense, but the Cardinals are usually a tough nut to crack at home in the Big Toaster. Dallas and the ‘Aints may be a fair fight with no Romo and Bryant.

One other thing: The homestretch on the MLB season is pretty interesting. I really kind of hate that the “first round of the playoffs” is a one game series, but the excitement generated at the end of the season trying to get to that game has really proven awesome. The Astros hung 22 on the DBacks last night and solidified their position, the Angels kept their hope alive by edging the Rangers and the Cubbies ran their ace, Jake Arrieta out for a great performance that might well have earned him the Cy Young. Good stuff.

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