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Fat Al Gore’s Sunday NFL Trash Talk

Was a little hard to get too gigged up over the Army/Navy game, and that was about it for football and/or other interesting sports yesterday. So Trash Talk is a Sunday affair this weekend and it is brought to you be the weird weather of Fat Al Gore. It is, according to the innertoobz, 60º in Grand Rapids right now, yet 44º and freezing here at Casa de bmaz. Freakier still, today’s game between the Cowboys and Packers will be the warmest December game in the history of Lambeau Field. The Tundra, it ain’t frozen.

As to the games, with the exception of the Lions/Rams and 49ers/Browns, every game has playoff implications of one sort or the other. I actually think the Cowboys have righted their ship with Matt Cassell a little bit, but hard to see that being enough at Lambeau, and that will be the final death blow to the absurd talk of the Cowboys making the playoffs.

The best game of the day looks to be the Steelers at Bengals. Big Ben is back and the Stillers are gelling, but it will be a tall task to walk out of Cinci with a win. The Redskins had a brief run at the head of the NFC East, but the Skins truly suck on the road, and I think the Bears are just a better team right now. The Bills at Eagles could be a great game being the return of Shady McCoy to Philly and the desperate need of both teams to win to keep any playoff hopes alive. I rate that a very interesting toss up.

Seahawks should obliterate the Ravens, who are now down to Jimmy Claussen at QB. Love to see the Falcons take out the Panthers, but hard to see that the way Carolina is playing, and the game is a home game for the Panthers. A lot of people are yakking about Houston upsetting the Pats. The Texans are better than people think, but Tom Brady and Bill Belichick losing three in a row? Nope, can’t see that.

Well, that is it for today, we are starting late, so get trashing. We have a little bit of DC Go Go Christmas music today from Pleasure. And they are indeed a pleasure.

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