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Interstitial Trash Talk

I was away, playing in New York with my family and a few friends last week. Predictably, everyone got along quite fine! Yet, like a bad cold, here I am again. It is a weird week with the football spread out as it is. NFL and lesser bowl games today, NFL tomorrow, and then weird bowl games through the next week. Not sure how often we will post up new Trash, we shall see. But, here it is for now, on an interstitial basis, so let’s rock and roll.

This is a sports forum, but we have always focused on the NFL. Okay, NCAA football and my hobby horse, the F1 Circus too. But, as we round out yet another year, let’s go to the NFL. Tonight we have a great game, Skins versus Eagles. By the way, for all of you who think the US Government is your ride to elimination of the dreaded “Redskins” name for the Washington Professional Football Franchise, I have news for you. Think again. I warned there were First Amendment concerns with the much publicized patent/trademark decision earlier, and the Federal Circuit has, unsurprisingly, found just that. Personally, I think Snyder should change the name of the team, but I do not think it is a function of an US Government agency to mandate that he, or anybody else similarly situated, do so. And I doubt the Supreme Court, should this case get there, will disagree.

Back to the Skins. They play the Eagles tonight. Washington is even at 7-7, Philly not so even at 6-8. The game is at the Linc in Philadelphia, which is a boon to the Iggles. Sam Bradford is back, and playing for a job with the Eagles next year. Hard to see who else will take him as a starter next year (Houston??) Bradford and the Chip Kelly offense is looking more consistent over the last two weeks. But hard to see that as enough.

Ever since Kirk Cousins lit up Tampa Bay at the end of October, he has been a different QB. Not perfect, but poised and confident, and playing like a real NFL QB. Washington seems off the snide now, and they are getting the full return of Desean Jackson. If this game was not in Philly, it would be an easy call. I am taking Washington anyway.

Okay. tomorrow there are a few games too! None bigger here that the meeting up of my once and always beloved Packers and my now (though NOT when I was young and picked my team) home town Cardinals. I am ready for all the potshots Marcy, Scribe, BSL and Phred etc may lob at me on this. I think. Seriously, this is tough. I seriously love the Packers, and have since I was a kid and long before Bidwell and the Cards carpetbagged their way here to Phoenix. But this is my town, and I will root for Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, Pat Peterson and the boys tomorrow. Sorry Aaron and Cheese, you will always be first in my heart, but I gotta do this now. The Pack have more NFL Championships than anybody ever. Phoenix could use one, just a measly single one. I am sorry Phred.

As much as i would hope differently, Cam and the Panthers should have no problem with the snakebite Falcons. Atlanta is not that bad of a team, and clearly Mike Smith was not the problem. But not much has changed, has it? Really, after the Cards and Pack, the game of the day may be Pats at Jets. A game that matters a hell of a lot more to the Jets Jets Jets than it does Bill Bel and the boys. That said, NY is the home of Goodell, and do not expect Tom Brady to take his foot off.

Giants at Vikings also has big significance. If the Eagles knock off the Skins tonight (big if!) then Gents at Vikes is huge. Better question is can Eli and the Gents beat the Vikes in their Norske home irrespective of what happens in other games? Frankly, I am not so sure; tend to think Teddy Bridgewater and the Vikes are a better team, especially at home.

That leaves the final game of the weeks, Bengals at Broncos. This game is in Denver at Mile High. You all know what a problematic forum Mile High is for other teams, even the mighty Patriots. If you have never been to a game at Mile High, especially in the cold of winter, you just don’t know what a tough joint it is. Brock Osweiller is starting again for the Donks. I got a chance to see him up close here at ASU, and Osweiller is a great kid. Is he the long term answer for Elway and Denver? Not sure. Better question is whether he will continue to be a better option for the Broncos after this week, as Manning really will be available. I tend to say no, let Peyton ride his rest and experience into the sunset, win, lose or draw. If Manning’s legs are healthy, his arm is certainly rested, ride it out. Will be fascinating to see what Elway does.

Okay, that is it for this week’s Trash Talk. Music by Jefferson Starship, and a song I always hear when seeing a full moon over big mountains like I am seeing right now.

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