Thursday Morning: War All The Time

War All The Time — seems appropriate now, and it’s been more than a dozen years since this song was released. Also rather pathetic that MTV censored a reference to suicide in this tune, like a drop of merthiolate on a gaping wound.

Say it isn’t so, girl! Wendy’s investigating possible breaches
On the face it, this doesn’t sound like a corporate-wide cybersecurity event. It may be confined to specific stores. But fast food chain Wendy’s contracted a security firm to look into unauthorized credit card charges made to cards used at their stores. Wendy’s joins Jimmy John’s and Chick-Fil-A in the growing list of compromised fast food chains.

Ransomware infects Israel’s Electric Authority
No outage has been reported as a result of ransomware infection of Israel’s electrical power system via phishing. Computers may have been isolated from the system’s network, though. The full extent of the malware’s impact is difficult to determine from reports available online; some likened this to the cyberattack on a Ukrainian power plant, and others called this a hacking, though neither description appears to fit well.

California struggles with self-driving car regulations
Oh dear Cthulhu…this bit:

Google has concluded that human error is the biggest risk in driving, and the company wants to remove the steering wheel and pedals from cars, giving people minimal ability to take over.

But computers never, ever make mistakes, right? No wonder California is struggling with this…but no. Even though Google’s DeepMind AI mastered GO a decade early, it can’t master California’s highways.

New high-speed wireless internet service launched by former Aereo CEO
Using microwave technology, new gigabit internet service provider Starry will begin in Boston this year once the FCC approves a limited test run in 15 cities. For now, this looks like a solution for urban areas, but it could be an alternative in rural areas where existing telecoms/ISPs fail to provide high-speed internet in spite of federal funds allocated to expand coverage. Imagine using wind turbine towers for Starry microcells to carry gigabit service to rural America.

All right, everybody back to the front, back to the foreverwar.

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  1. lefty665 says:

    Ha, now we know where all those Microsofties went after they took away the Start menu and gave us all Win8 Metro whether we wanted it or not. Did Google get a good deal on them? Think of them as a roving band of Asperger’s Syndrome chanting “We know best. User error is 95% of the problem”. Any bets on where they will strike next?
    “Hal, get us off the tracks, there’s a train coming”
    “I can’t do that Dave”…
    “Our condolences Ms. Dave, we’ll have a patch for that anomaly in GoogleDrive”

  2. Rayne says:

    lefty665 (9:48) — I think the loss of Start Menu in Win8 is comparable to the loss of the steering wheel in GoogleCar. Wondering if this is another sign of full-on occupation by Googledom, in which Microsofties have been completely subjugated? Hmm. Now I’m really conflicted.

    bevin (10:02) — If you embedded a link, it didn’t survive; did you mean this op-ed: Eamonn McCann: State role in killings by IRA changes everything — a fine argument for Scotland to continue its work toward another #indyref. What rational people want to fund an internecine foreverwar by an opposing sect against themselves? Alba gu bràth!

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