Thursday Morning: It’s Still Morning Somewhere

Fried. I am totally brain-fried after spending the night reading about flavivirus, rubivirus, arbovirus. So a morning post was not in the cards right away today in my time zone.

Things are fried elsewhere, too, as you can see from the global map above. These locations are suffering from drought:

Colombia – Drought has affected hydroelectric generation.

India – south – Heatwave coupled with drought cost lives

Malawi – Food crisis declared as crop yields fall off due to drought

Mongolia – Severe winter sandwiched between droughts devastates livestock

Morocco – Wheat crop output fell by 50% due to drought

Mozambique — Floods in the north and drought in the south damaged crops; a “red alert” now issued over food security.

Oceana (S Australia/Papua New Guinea) – Human trafficking reported, with girls sold in exchange for rice in Papua New Guinea due to drought-caused crop failures.

Venezuela – Country experiencing electricity shortages due to drought

Vietnam – Livestock are dying due to drought

Zimbabwe – Country is participating in a co-operative food aid program due to severe drought.

This is only a partial list of drought-affected countries; Mideast and Mediterranean countries, Thailand, more of the African continent, and the southwest U.S. also suffer from drought.

Some drought is due to cyclical trends like the current El Nino event, but much of the drought is deeper than the average cycle, and some of it is simply climate change. Many places are already facing agricultural crises, and others have been facing them for years now.

While the map above doesn’t reflect it, forecasts predict dryer-than-average conditions across the crop-growing region of the middle U.S. as well as a return to dryer conditions in California.

We are overdue for discussions about global food security as climate change worsens. We can start now.

Back to regular morning roundup programming tomorrow — see you then!

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    Here’s a potential prison cell mate for Volkswagen, in the category of “Fraud Writ Large”. A sperm donor outfit whose Donor 9623 supposedly “had an IQ of 160 and was an internationally acclaimed drummer who was working towards a PhD in neuroscience engineering” and who actually turned out to be “a convicted felon with multiple mental illness diagnoses, including schizophrenia”. Oops.

  2. Evangelista says:

    Having “fried” yourself “reading about flavivirus, rubivirus, arbovirus” (and, I presume, what virii are in themselves and how they damage), and feeling “overdue for discussions about global food security [and] climate change worsen[ing]”, and because it is being ignored (for political and economic-interests reasons) I provide you the following for a kick-start in your new research direction:

    “The optical surface of the Sun (the photosphere) is known to have a temperature of about 6,000 K. Above it lies the solar corona with a temperature of one million kelvins. The high temperature of the corona suggests that it is heated by something other than the photosphere.

    “It is thought that the energy necessary to heat the corona is provided by turbulent motion in the convection zone below the photosphere. Two main mechanisms have been proposed to explain coronal heating: Wave heating, in which sound, gravitational and magnetohydrodynamic waves are produced by turbulence in the convection zone. These waves travel upward and dissipate in the corona, depositing their energy in the ambient gas in the form of heat. The other proposed mechanism is flare heating, in which magnetic energy is continuously built up by photospheric motion and released through magnetic reconnection in the form of solar flares and waves.”

    “The influence of the Sun’s rotating magnetic field on the plasma in the interplanetary medium creates the largest structure in the Solar System, the Heliospheric current sheet. The plasma in the interplanetary medium is also responsible for the strength of the Sun’s magnetic field at the orbit of the Earth being over 100 times greater than originally anticipated. If space were a vacuum, then the Sun’s 10-4 tesla magnetic dipole field would reduce with the cube of the distance to about 10-11 tesla. But satellite observations show that it is about 100 times greater at around 10-9 tesla. Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) theory predicts that the motion of a conducting fluid (e.g. the interplanetary medium) in a magnetic field, induces electric currents which in turn generates magnetic fields, and in this respect it behaves like an MHD dynamo.”

    “As expected, a CME [Coronal Mass Ejection] sideswiped Earth’s magnetic field this morning April 14th, at approximately 0700 UT. The glancing blow produced a G1-class geomagnetic storm and auroras around the both poles.” (causing Aurorae to appear way north in the southern hemisphere and way south in the northern).

    As indicated by the above, our planet Earth is rotating in an MHD powered rotary microwave-augmented energy radiation environment. Geomagnetic storms are enhancing the microwave effects. We humans, adding our tiny bits are not helping, but are not adding a great deal. Our activities do push toward the margin, instead of adding margin, but there is more pushing El Niño than Volkswagen diesel exhausts failing to reflect a level of pollution control written in regulation but not yet achievable by engineering in real life. More, even than VW diesel exhaust emissions enhanced by all the rest of our heat-releasing combustion and personal double-oxiding oxidations of carbon activities.

    Your suggestion to focus to global food supply is a good one, accepting humanitarianism as our ‘goodness’ defining criterion. Where the criterion is enhancement of economic returns to foodstuffs producers, however, it falls: Most of those who would benefit from foodstuffs being in sufficient supply cannot afford to pay as much (daughters can be produced at only a fixed rate, there being no way to speed up the production facilities), as those who drive automobiles. Thus, the ‘good’ solution where ‘goodness’ is profits, stands in turning the foodstuffs into alcohol to add to gasoline, at a cost-covering profit, which addition adds additional economic benefit by causing automobile fuel mileage to decrease, to cause a twenty percent rise in the amount of fuel used, ten percent of which is the foodstuffs produced alcohol added, the other ten percent of which is additional fossil-fuel gasoline.

    Is ther any way humanitarianism, essentially giving food away, can beat turning the food into alcohol and selling it for fuel, for profit, to increase the world-fleet use of fossil fuel, for profit again, and, into the bargain, scarcity-increasing the value of remaining foodstuffs, for more profits, which, in addition, brings daughters into the marketplace, to be things to purchase with some of those profits? Especially when you are able, for people believing whatever you pay bobble-head talkers to say, you can sell the whole scheme as ‘ecologically responsible’ to keep the ‘humanitarians’ distracted with a diversionary ’cause’…

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