July 4, 2016 / by Rayne


Monday: Happy Incendiary Device Day!

I can’t decide which is more crazy-stupid: the explosive incident in New York which removed a teenager’s foot, or the folks who immediately worried there’d been a terrorist attack.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of stupid-with-explosives this week. There will be many more trips to emergency rooms across the country today, inflating our health care costs simply because stupid.

A family member working in an ER one July 4th evening about fifteen years ago told me a story about a particular patient who arrived under his family’s care at the hospital. The patient was able to talk about his accident during triage; he explained while setting off fireworks in the backyard during his family’s picnic, the rocket he’d lit exploded and impaled him through the eye. Within a couple hours after admittance he was dead. Sadly, this kind of accident happens every year.

Leave this stuff to the experts. You need all your digits and body parts. Attend a community-organized program with paid professionals handling the fireworks. Enjoy the holiday relaxing with your friends and loved ones.

If you have to burn something, stick to grilling meats and vegetables over open flames. Still risky but much less likely to cost you life or limb.

Me? I’ll be making beef teriyaki kabobs and chicken shashlik skewers before the community fireworks program. Flame on!

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