Index to Posts on The Theory of Business Enterprise by Thorstein Veblen

The following is a list of posts on The Theory of Business Enterprise by Thorstein Veblen, published in 1904. I see that I have misnamed the book in several post titles, and mis-numbered them as well. I really must be more careful. I don’t think this inattention to detail affects the substance of any of the posts.

The Theory of Business Enterprise Part 1: Introduction

The Theory of Business Enterprise Part 2: Neoclassical Economists and Veblen

The Theory of Business Enterprise Part 3: Business Principle

The Theory of Business Enterprises Part 3[a]: Capital and Credit

The Theory of Business Enterprises Part 5: A Legal System That Supports Businessmen

The Theory of Business Enterprises Part 6: Government as an Arm of Business

The Theory of Business Enterprises Part 7: Cultural Changes

Principles Of Business Enterprises Part 8: Conclusion

Notre Dame undergrad (math); JD, Indiana University at Bloomington; 1st Lieutenant, US Army.; private practice in corporate and securities law; Assistant AG in Tennessee for consumer protection and securities; Blue Sky Securities Commissioner, Tennessee; private practice, bankruptcy and corporate law.

I have had a lifelong interest in economics. For most of my career, that interest was practical, focused on the problems in front of me. Lately I have been more interested in economics as a theory, especially its impact on the lives of people like those I met in my bankruptcy practice, and on the politics of money in the US. I also enjoy reading philosophers, starting in college and steadily expanding my reading ever since. I wrote at FireDogLake for a number of years.

Generally, I think the problem facing the US is the dominance of neoliberal discourse. I think it clouds the vision, and limits the kinds of problems that can be identified and solved. For example, the existence and danger of climate change can easily be identified in a scientific discussion. However, the problem does not fit the neoliberal discourse because science insists that the pursuit of individual and corporate self-interest will lead to devastation. In neoliberal discourse, the pursuit of self-interest always leads to Eden.

The neoliberal project has two prongs. One is the police function of crushing dissent and alternative views. The police function is provided by government agencies and private and institutional actors. The counterpart is the economic system , which is operated by government and by private and institutional actors. Some of these actors operate in both spheres. I focus on the second prong.

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