Thursday: Bad Girls

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Still indulging in female artist K-pop, choosing this video for a very specific reason…

That’s it, what’s left of today and all day tomorrow — that’s all the U.S. House will be in session for July. Outstanding job this week trashing the EPA with bullshit riders, GOP members. Way to fucking go with extending your run serving corporations ahead of the people.


BAD GIRL (UK edition)
After today’s wash list of badness, I can hardly wait to hear what comes of May’s visit on Friday to Scotland.

BAD GIRL (domestic edition)

The list of accidents resulting from distraction by Pokémon GO grows by leaps and bounds. These are among the worst so far. Just a matter of time before a fatality occurs.


Keep an eye on this topic

Catch you tomorrow for the last in-session day in U.S. House.

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  1. lefty665 says:

    It’s not just the EPA and Flint, the dorks are not going to fund Zika research either. What a bunch of dirtbags.
    Hometown boy Gerry Ford turn your head, or sweet Jimmy Carter turn you off? Ford’s pardon of Nixon burned him for me. ’78 was a curious year to flirt with the Repubs. Please tell us more, inquiring minds want to know. Was it Reagan’s ascendancy?

  2. bloopie2 says:

    Good case on the Stingray. Also of note is today’s Second Circuit decision quashing a subpoena to Microsoft for user emails stored overseas—another good win for privacy advocates. Bit by bit, the courts are nibbling away at the government’s over-broad interpretations of statutes and the Constitution. Thank you, Edward Snowden !!
    “Marcy and the rest of the crew tend to be more generous or less open in their vituperation.” No … really? Who could have guessed that, from today’s musical selection? :)

  3. John Casper says:

    Rayne, appreciate all you, especially tracking federal and state negligence and malice wrt fresh water.

  4. earlofhuntingdon says:

    May seems to be taking a leaf from the venerable Reagan-era Republican playbook (the Democrats long ago obtained a copy). Page one commands the appointment of ministers who most want to undo the departments they are given to lead. But May’s merging of the Dept. of “Energy and Climate Change” into a new ministry for “Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy” is a remarkably vicious attack on reality. It tells her political patrons, BP, Shell, GM/Vauxhall among them, exactly what they want to hear, while erasing the words “Climate Change” from the ministry list. It will also create a department in which to bury horribly expensive and mismanaged projects, such as the Hinkley Point nuke plant in Somerset (not far from Bath and Bristol). Neoliberal Britain might need to be rephrased as Neolithic Britain.

  5. Rugger9 says:

    On Flint (and all of the other poisoned cities we have in GOP states): until Snyder and his emergency manager are sent to jail and sued as well for the damages their decisions made (plus the coverups) there will be no incentive for improvement. However high the bar is for gross negligence in legal terms, they were clearly warned and had less expensive options that were cleaner. This is also one of Obama’s principal mistakes in not prosecuting Shrub’s WH or even doing the Truth Commission to get all of the cesspool disinfected by the sunlight. However, Obama looked the other way and since there was no accountability of any kind we have Trump and a merry band of teabaggers ready to destroy the USA from the inside.
    On the UK, I think the Reagan WH idea is apt, but why May thinks this will help with Scotland and/or the EU mystifies me. I thought politicos were slightly smarter than that since in a parliamentary system the opposition really cannot be silenced and there are a lot of voices with mics. The press there is partisan, spread across the various organizations, so it’s not possible that corporate control of the editorial boards will stifle dissent. The Kaiser’s Germany tried to frighten the world to get its “place in the sun” by building dreadnoughts prior to WW1 and all it did was harden the alliances before Sarajevo’s assassination set it all off. While the bullying policy can feel good in domestic politics, internationally it will fail if anyone is willing to fight back.
    Until Pauley’s ruling is blessed by SCOTUS, don’t count the battle as being won.

  6. greengiant says:

    Apparently the pipeline rupture is hypothetical and they are doing financial risk assessments of same. In other news, BP says deepwater cost is 61.6 Billion pre tax.

  7. Denis says:


    1. Two guys fall over a 90-foot oceanfront bluff chasing Pokémon characters (LAT) — How do you miss a cliff that high, let alone the roar of the ocean below?
    2. Guy glances at his phone to check for Pokémon, wraps his car around a tree (Consumerist) — Wakes up in hospital, lucky to be alive. Just look at the car.
    3. Guy falls into Prospect Park pond while chasing a Pokémon (Cosmopolitan) — Hey, do you see a pattern here, besides Pokémon?

    OK – yeah I see the pattern: Sexist, rad-fem blogger cherry picks her stories to make it look like only guys are P-GO idiots. Try these:

    1. 15-yo PA girl hit by car while playing P-GO
    2. Idiot woman gets trapped in grave yard playing P-GO

    So, I get to the graveyard to catch some Pokemon, and the gate was open, cause I got in here,” the woman can be heard saying. “And the gate is f****** closed and I’m trapped in the f****** graveyard and I have tears coming down my eyes cause I’m freaking out.
    3. Two men playing P-GO find naked woman vandalizing church garden

    OK, the “pattern” just got vaporized and the sexist bias of the blogger exposed.

    Comment to Weds Rayne post:

    Denis on July 13, 2016 at 5:35 pm
    Anybody following the SDNY USDC slapping down Stringray evidence collected w/ no warrant?
    “According to the American Civil Liberties Union, Tuesday was the first time a federal judge threw out evidence obtained via Stingray. The ACLU has been outspoken in its criticism of the surveillance technology, which it says violates suspects’ Fourth Amendment rights under the US Constitution.”

    Rayne post Thurs:

    Keep an eye on this topic
    U.S. SDNY’s Judge William Pauley ruled evidence collected by DEA using Stingrays is inadmissible (New York Law Journal) — Pauley wrote,

    Coincidence?? I think not . . .

  8. rugger9 says:

    Apparently the state of Michigan is touting its business friendly environment with these numbers:
    #10 in “business friendly climate”, whatever that is
    #6 in “entrepreneurial opportunity”, whatever that is (probably some libertarian survey)
    The elimination of 2000 useless regulations since 2005.
    However, I do not see the employment numbers spiking higher, especially against their more progressive neighbors.
    I haven’t seen the post-mortem of May’s meeting with FM Sturgeon in Scotland, but as I had noted yesterday, such imperialistic bullying only works if no one fights back, but I think France, Germany and Ireland (maybe looking to get Ulster in the deal, but is perfectly willing to be difficult for Westminster, just because) for starters would be willing to be tough on May’s government and any “pre-filing” deals they want to ram through. This is important because the Lisbon Treaty requires unanimous approval of the terms of the exit by the signatories.
    There was a parish priest in Ireland listening to a confession of a rugby player, with greater and greater concern for the soul of the young man as each outrage was confessed, until he inquired about who they were playing.
    The lad: “The English, Father”
    The padre: (smiling) “Oh well, boys will be boys….”

  9. Rayne says:

    Denis (9:09) — Hey, nice to see you dropped in to make sure I got my quota of dickish behavior in comments before noon.

    The links I shared were the ones that surfaced to the top of my aggregator pulling from national sites, not local ones. Don’t like it? Too fucking bad. You’re free to write your own blog.

    As for Stingray story: one of the other commenters asked me about it nicely. I pulled the actual case and read it and posted the link to it. Again, don’t like it? Too fucking bad. I am not accountable to you, last I checked my income statement. You can hit your browser’s Back button any time.

  10. Rayne says:

    greengiant (11:53) — You’re right, I can’t find the story that crossed my feed some time ago about a suspected leak. I’ll tweak the post. Still extremely worrying that Enbridge, which was responsible for a massive oil leak in Michigan, resists efforts to ensure it protects the Straits and the Great Lakes.

    rugger9 (11:26) — Really tough for employment numbers to come back up when the GOP-led government here does everything possible to excise what makes this state appealing. Healthy and well-educated population? Nope, let’s screw around with funding on health care and education. Slow down falling property values? Nope, let’s ignore state banks’ desire to refinance properties; let’s encourage TBTF to continue its vampiric practices, like the financing of an unneeded waterline to collapsed Flint while ignoring urgency of water crisis. This state doesn’t even like to feed kids and has to go begging to do so, let alone ensure the lead-poisoned ones get safe drinking water. State legislators here are too wrapped up in checking people’s genitals against the bathroom they wish to use.

    Haven’t see a postmortem on May’s visit to Scotland either, but the Scots+Brits I chat with regularly are highly skeptical. There’s no way May can deliver on Brexit and preserve Scots’ desire to remain in EU, unless May figures out how to call staying in the EU ‘Brexit2’.

  11. Denis says:

    Rayne: “Don’t like it? Too fucking bad. You’re free to write your own blog.”
    Mercy, for someone who spends so much time attacking others, ya’ sure
    got a thin skin when you’re called out yourself. Yeah, I do write my own
    blog, that’s why my tag is a link.
    Rayne: “You can hit your browser’s Back button any time.”
    Best advice I’ve ever had from an uber-fem. I mean ever.
    Let me close out with a couple of relevant quotes:

    Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig. ― Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

    It’s not the pissing-off of the pig that concerns me, it’s the wasting of my time.

    That’s all right, my mama
    That’s all right for you
    That’s all right, my mama
    Any old way you do

    I’ll be leaving here tomorrow
    Leaving here for sure
    You ain’t gotta be bothered with me
    Hangin’ ’round your door
    — Rod Stewart, That’s All Right

    Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. . .

    • bmaz says:

      You can stop that kind of treatment of the host here, or you will be gone. It is not acceptable, and it’s really that simple.

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