July 22, 2016 / by emptywheel


35 Years after Saint Reagan’s Order, Treasury Still Dawdles

The other day, I Con the Record released an updated index of the procedures intelligence components use to comply with Executive Order 12333’s rules on sharing information about US persons. As is typical of I Con the Record, it didn’t admit that this new “transparency” really just incorporates information demanded under FOIA. In this case, the index released three newly available documents liberated by ACLU in their 12333 FOIA. I Con the Record also misrepresented how long the renewed effort to make sure agencies have such procedures in place has gone on; as I’ve noted, PCLOB has been pursuing this issue since 2013.

But one thing hasn’t changed. 35 years after Ronald Reagan ordered the intelligence community to come up with such procedures, Treasury continues to operate without them (and DEA continues to operate with badly outdated ones.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 4.10.40 AM

It’s almost as if Treasury doesn’t believe it needs to comply with the terms of Saint Reagan’s EO.

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