The Return of Football Trash Talk: Brady Versus the Ess Eee See

Oh, hai there, I am back from a very busy day at the law biz and then a long night at friend’s 60th birthday party. Complete with mini Michael Buble knockoff. Dude had everything but the voice recorded, and then sang the vocals. Weird. Anyway, football is back, even if only college this weekend. But there are some important goings on in the NFL too.

I like the move by the Vikes to get Bradford. The first rounder is a large price, but Bradford is a proven NFL starting QB, who occasionally looks very good. The AZ Cards proved three years ago what happens to Super Bowl level teams when they lose their starting QB, and it wasn’t pretty. The Vikes have a pretty good O-Line and Adrian Peterson. If Bradford stays healthy for the year, this could be a brilliant move. And if Bridgewater’s knee is as bad as feared, he may be dicey for next year too.

Man, the Houston Cougs destroyed the Sooners. I guess it is not that big of a shock, especially as the game was in Houston. But still. Houston doesn’t have the most difficult schedule, they may be in the mix late into the year. And for Bob Stoops,another one of those brain farts he has come to be known for.

UCLA has played a miserable game against Texas A&M. The Bruins have been a flaky team for a long time, maybe still are. LSU and Wisconsin on the hallowed Frozen Tundra is a pretty good game through one half, with the Badgers up 6-0; second half should be great. Alabama should dispatch the chain gang the USC Trojans are fielding this year pretty easily, as should Florida with UMass (this would be a better basketball game). Locally the Arizona Wildcats are hosting BYU in Phoenix at Cardinals Stadium. Year five is make or break for Rich Rod, and BYU is never an easy out. We shall see on that. Notre Dame/Texas and Ole Miss/FSU are featured Sunday and Monday games respectively; I’ll go with the favorites in both.

Some interesting cut downs in the NFL today. Kap stays on the Niners (but they did cut Jim Whit’s favorite, Jeff Driskel), but Sanchez was released by the Broncs and is already in Dallas. Sanchez is better than the current backup for rookie Dak Prescott, but the Cowboys better hope the rook is as good as he looked in preseason. But regular season NFL defenses are another thing, and the Cowboys may be in serious trouble. The Packers cut Josh Sitton, a very good O-Lineman and the Ravens Justin Forsett, very recently a 1,300 yard starting RB. Both are a little stunning.

The Jets are keeping four QB’s on their roster, and it is not clear that any of them are really winners. But that’s the Jets Jets Jets. And then there is the Pats, who have only four receivers on their 53 man roster, and two of them Amendola and rookie Malcomb Mitchell have injury issues as the season starts. So, it is not real clear who exactly Jimmy G will be throwing to while Brady whiles away his time cheering for the Wolverweenies. Of course, having a couple of tight ends like Gronk and Bennett sure helps things. And undrafted free agent DJ Foster, from ASU, who looked good in pre-season, is very adept at the slot from his college days and has a little experience outside to boot.

So, as I update this post, UCLA and the Aggies are in overtime and Phred’s Wisconsin Badgers have completed the upset of LSU. Tough start to the new season for Les Miles and the Ess Eee See. Let’s hope there is some well deserved hurt put on the Bama Tide later on tonight. Well, that is it. Thanks to Marcy for getting up a stub post while I was cavorting about. It remains in its entirety below. Music is a very early live take by the Stones of Mercy Mercy. It is very tasty.

The real (college) football has already started and yet Mr. bmaz says he has better things to do than post a Trash Talk.

So I’ve decided that since 1) Brady has donned a classic 90s hair doo so he looks like he did when he and I were both Wolvereenies 2) he’s headed back to his our stomping grounds to honorarily lead the team while he’s prohibited to even show up in Foxboro 3) Jim has already been yapping his mouth about the Ess Eee See, I thought I’d make this the first of a series of four tributes to Tommy, until Mr. bmaz gets around to posting something more substantive.

In another very important development, the FBI has just revealed that Hillary will have to stay away from the White House during her first four months as President because she was exonerated on the underlying crime but destroyed a few phones.

Hillary Phones

This may or may not mean Tommy Brady is bound to become President sometime later in life.


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  1. emptywheel says:


    Gotta say tho, watching this video, I’m reminded by the number of these kids who were very good students, including Tommy Hendricks (per a very good friend of mine who taught him African literature). Lloyd Carr may have lost his touch against OSU, but he sure made sure these kids got an education.

  2. scribe says:

    Ahhh. Trash. Oscar the Grouch couldn’t be happier about the trash landing here.
    It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll be quick.
    1. Cheatin’ Bill and his Cheating Cheaters will go 12-4, 2-2 without Brady in his 1991 haircut and 10-2 with him.
    2. The great QB controversy in NE will not involve Brady, but rather Brissett and Garop. Brissett looks to be made in the Cam Newton mould and played better every week. I think his upside exceeds Garop’s.
    3. The AFC will come down to my Steelers and the Patsies.
    4. Tony Romo will return later in the season, only to have a defender walk off the field with his right leg after pulling it out of his hip. Jerry Jones will bring him back, equipped with a bionic leg whose control systems the Russians will hack, making him run in circles.
    1. James Harrison. He never did anything wrong. Even King Roger the Clown has to agree. Or else.
    2. Bill Parcells. Tony Romo is the greatest mind-f*ck in Parcells’ career full of them, only he spun his Jedi mind-tricks on Jerry Jones instead of a player. He got Jerry to believe in Romo and Jerry continues to believe about a decade later, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. Revenge on Jerry is sweet, Tuna.
    I’m really beat. More later.

      • scribe says:

        If Jerry’s son has his way, Dak might supplant Romo The Fragile. But Jerry will win that internal battle and, yet again, lose the war. Like I said upthread, Parcells turned his Jedi mind tricks loose on Jerry and Jerry cannot believe other than Romo is the best QB evah. I think Parcells did it in revenge for all of Jerry’s meddling when Parcells was supposed to be in charge, which basically resulted in Parcells punching out (though they didn’t characterize it as such).

  3. JohnT says:

    Earlier this afternoon …
    Long shot of a farm house surrounded by green pastures outside of Hattieburg Ms., Brett Favre is sitting on his lawn tractor w/ a beer in one hand and a football in the other. Favre is talking to a childhood buddy about the coming HS football season and the prospects on the team. As they’re talking, they see two SUVs come driving up the long driveway. The SUVs come to a stop. Jared Allen and Mike Zimmer get out of one, and Rick Spielman, Anthony Barr, and Harrison Smith get out of the other. Allen, Zimmer and Spielman step forward
    Jared Allen: Hey Brett, how’s it going? I gotta be honest, being retired sucks donkey “ds”, you ready for one last run?
    Brett: Well …
    (not fer reals)

  4. Peterr says:

    Kaepernick’s non-standing has apparently created a hostile work environment for off-duty Santa Clara police officers working at 49ers games. At least that’s the official stance of the SC Police Officers’ Association.
    As DeRay Mckesson notes, “It’s telling that when you say that the police can’t just kill people anymore they say they’ll stop working.”

    DeRay also retweeted an item from Mike Beauvais: “I don’t think the Santa Clara Police Union has read the PD’s own code of ethics” with an image attached of the code that begins “I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships influence my decisions . . .”

    • bmaz says:

      Some news and notes for this week have been inserted at the top of the main post. Hey, how bout them Badgers?

      • bloopie2 says:

        I’m curious. I don’t understand why you are going to pay attention to the NFL this year, after all that the league has pulled in the last year or two and, especially, after all your bitter criticism of the league. Giving them your eyeballs, and ratings, and attention? Why?

  5. bloopie2 says:

    This is good—college trash talk. No more watching NFL games, after all that the league has pulled in the last year or two. I mean, it’s one thing to follow and critique their legal shenanigans, but surely there’s something better to do with a hundred or more hours of my time than to make it a burnt offering to the billionaire owners so that Goodell’s lawyers can screw the players even more. We’re all boycotting, right? Right? Or are we kneeling in submission yet again?

  6. bloopie2 says:

    Roger Goodell is only 57 years old. With such great fans, he can stay in power for another ten years or more. Yea! Don’t ever change, now.
    Of course, I’m a Browns fan, so it’s easy to swear off for a year or ten.

    • Peterr says:

      I’m a Cubs fan. Swearing off a year or ten is nothing.
      And the Fighting Journalists go down to defeat in an ugly game. Sigh.

  7. bmaz says:

    Man, the “A Football Life” on Brett Favre is really good. On CBS tonight, guessing will be replayed on NFL Network.

  8. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Thanks for the Coog comment. That was a great game. Not only did our ‘little’ G5 team spank the Sooners; we filled a 71,000 seat stadium and had the highest rated opening weekend game on Houston TV ever. With a 12.8 rating it handily beat last season’s highest rated game of the season between A&M and Alabama (8.9). I’m sure the Big XII took notice.

    • Peterr says:

      Mrs Dr Peterr’s favorite teams are Nebraska and whoever is playing Oklahoma. She is a happy camper.
      Yes, I’m sure the Big XII took notice, but the question that some/many are wondering about is “what would Houston bring to the conference?” It’s not like they need help in recruiting or getting television eyeballs from Texas. Not to say that the Big XII won’t look at Houston or ultimately offer them a spot, but the Cougars competitive strength is not the first question the bean counters . . . I mean Athletic Directors and University Presidents . . . will look at.

      • GulfCoastPirate says:

        As of now the Big XII has lost Houston to the SEC. IIRC the Big XII only had 2 of the top 12 rated games in the Houston TV market (8th largest in nation) last year. Everything else was UH, LSU (remember we have a large population from Louisiana after Katrina) and A&M. They are also steadily losing recruits to the same schools. Fewer and fewer Houston area recruits are signing with Big XII schools. With UT down no one around here really gives a rats ass about the Big XII.

        Apparently the Big XII has a deal with ESPN that if they expand then the amount of dollars going to the conference goes up in order to pay the new schools. Going to 12 schools (or more) may help solve their problem of UT and OU potentially wanting to leave because of the lack of a season ending championship game between two divisions. Anyway, we’re keeping our fingers crossed. It’s hard to compete when you get about 20 million a year less from football.

        The other rumor we heard was that PAC presidents and the commissioner have been snooping around and have met with our officials. Not sure how they make that work but the word is they like us because of our diversity in the student body (similar to UCLA), our access to petroleum/medical markets/companies for some of their students and they want to have some games for their TV partners in the central time zone. A lot of us really like that idea (more than the Big XII) but just don’t know how they make it work because of the distances involved.

        • bmaz says:

          I don’t see how it works for the Pac either. That said, they were looking at Oklahoma some years back, so who knows.

  9. scribe says:

    Calling all grammarians!
    I am getting a bumpersticker made. My old one “Jack Lambert is the defender of all that is right.” is worn out. I would like some expert here to doublecheck my grammar. The planned text is presently

    I stand with James Harrison

    and likewise will not help extinguish a flaming Roger Goodell.

    Any constructive comments are welcome.

    • Peterr says:

      I think it’s grammatically correct, but kind of unwieldy. Perhaps eliminate “likewise” and replace it with ” . . . and with him, will not extinguish . . .”
      Will there be artwork to go with the text?

        • Peterr says:

          I was envisioning a variation on the unlicensed but ubiquitous window sticker that features Calvin taking a pee on something.

  10. scribe says:

    Notre Dame playing football on a Sunday evening?
    What would His Holiness say? (I know: “you’re bringing in cash. Just make sure the Home Office gets its cut.”)

  11. martin says:

    Only a lawyer would post his world view of football. After all.. it’s a game.. same as the “rule of law”. In his world.. he walks into a court room in terms of scrimmage and yards of advancement. I’d invite his clients to see his world.

    • Peterr says:

      Of course a lawyer would post his world view of football. After all… it’s a billion dollar business run by a clique of oligarchs with a vested interest in enriching themselves at the public trough.
      And then there’s the NFL, which does the same thing.
      I’d invite football fans to see this world.

  12. bmaz says:

    Wow, the Bears just released their long time kicker, Robbie Gould. That is kind of surprising.
    ARRRRR!!! The Gulf Coast Pirate has sailed in. I have missed you.

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