Trump Is Who He’s Always Been, And Trump Is the Epitome of the GOP; They Have To Own Him

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has come up with another scoop. While scraping for video clips does not seem to be Fahrenthold’s strength, like the KFile boys who bolted Buzzfeed in the middle of the night for the apparently greener pastures of CNN, this clip posted by the Washington Post is bigger than anything that has come before. It doesn’t matter if it is by weight, timing, or the clear combination of the two, it is simply huge. Game changing.

The most striking thing, however, is not that this video exists, nor that it has emerged to public view, it is that the Republican party worthies and press seem to think it is shocking. Seriously, this information, and the Donald Trump it reflects, is exactly who Donald Trump is, and has been, for decades.

Donald Trump is a once and forever informationally ignorant, self serving jackass extreme narcissist. But he has been that for decades to anybody paying attention. Trump was the leader from the start in the Republican primary, and was the easy winner of their nomination. Why? Because the votes on the ground count, much to the consternation of supposed “sane party elders”, and the votes on the ground made Trump an easy winner. He is exactly what the current Republican GOP party embodies at its heart.

Watching holier than though instant moral compasses (well oiled craven weathervanes?) like Jason Chaffetz, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch and Paul Ryan squirm and proclaim their shock, like grubby kids with their hand stuck in the cookie jar, is hilarious. What convenient souls they are to suddenly have the inclination of what they have all sowed and reaped for years. They doth protest too much; Trump is them, and they are Trump.

I came home late, but still managed to hear at least two tellings of the story of how John Rhodes, Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott went down the Hill and gave the hook to Nixon when it was time, with the ideation that such a similar scene could end the Trump moment now. Those are the crazy fever dreams of people like Chris Matthews, David Gergen, Mark Halperin and the rest of the Beltway cocktail weiner gobblers.

Not gonna happen. Rhodes, Goldwater and Scott were men of a different time and more stout character. There are no analogues today. Jason Chaffetz and Mike Lee can conveniently preen and bluster all they want. It is bullshit, as it is with almost all of the rest of today’s Republican party. They do NOT get to suddenly walk away from the monster their party has spent decades creating. They own Trump, Hannity, Roger Ailes, Fox News, Breitbart and Limbaugh. It is who they are, and nobody should forget it.

The Republican party of today has relentlessly stood against women’s rights and ability to control their own bodies, equal rights and protections for LGBT citizens, fair treatment for minorities and immigrants, and the right to vote for anybody other than middle aged fat white men. The current Republican party think that they are the only “suspect class” due “equal protection”, and not the minorities, races, genders, sexual identities and other endangered classes the civil rights laws were designed to protect.

This is exactly what makes the instant kvetching in the GOP aisle over Trump last night so fatuous. It is a boatload of opportunistic self serving fraud. Not for one second should anybody accept that Trump is the sudden exception, he is unequivocally what the GOP has been growing into for years. The modern Republican party has long championed racism, bigotry and misogyny; Donald Trump is just the point of their spear. To the extent there are any “honest brokers” left in the GOP, they are still guilty of benign neglect that allowed the ugliness that is the Trumpian GOP to fester.

The GOP cannot run from Donald Trump, he is who they are now. The last minute panicked contrition of the very women blaming and shaming, racists, bigots and oligarchs that claim to speak for the GOP cannot shed the snake skin of who they are, and what they have created.

Oh, and by the way, the fever dreams of the Chris Matthews and Mark Halperins of the pearl clutching Beltway set are not going to get their wish. It is too late for Trump to be replaced on the ballot by the grand poohbahs of the GOP. As election litigator extraordinaire Marc Elias points out, the ballots for the military and overseas voters have already been sent out pursuant to the UOCAVA, i.e. the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act. Locally, the Arizona ballots are putatively at the printers and being mailed out within five days. Many other states are either on that timetable or ahead of it. In short, the voting has begun. The die is cast.

Also, via Philip Bump and Dave Weigel of the Washington Post:

More than 34,000 Republican voters have already cast their ballots for the 2016 general election according to the U.S. Election Project, 8,000 of them in the battleground state of North Carolina and another 5,000 in Florida. Not all of those ballots were cast for Donald Trump, it’s safe to assume, but it’s more than likely that most of them were. And that, in a nutshell, is why it’s far too late for the Republican Party to dump Donald Trump from their ticket.

More from Bump, Weigel and the WaPo:

Josh Putnam, a University of Georgia lecturer and expert on the machinations of the parties, told me at the time that the rule at issue was Rule 9. Rule 9 reads:

The Republican National Committee is hereby authorized and empowered to fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise of the Republican candidate for President of the United States or the Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, as nominated by the national convention, or the Republican National Committee may reconvene the national convention for the purpose of filling any such vacancies.

Death, declination or otherwise. No “because we want to” clause.

“Let’s be clear here: The rule is intended to fill vacancies, not to lay the groundwork for a replacement,” Putnam said. “Some have speculated that ‘otherwise’ is ambiguous. Taken out of context it is. However, under the provisions for filling vacancies, it clearly fills in any gap between death and declination (i.e.: an incapacitating illness, but one that leaves the nominee neither dead nor able to decline to run further). And that was the intention.”

Weigel and Bump are superb reporters, and put up a compelling article on a short deadline. But, when it comes to election law, there is nobody better than Rick Hasen. Rick actually contemplated this scenario back in August, over two months ago, when the switch would have been far easier than it is now with ballots already outstanding. His conclusion was that it would be beyond difficult. And that was then, much less now.

But what if the ballots stood as is, could the GOP “electors” find the unanimity to cast enough electoral votes for some person other than Trump? Hasen, at his excellent “Election Law Blog” linked to some thoughts on that effectively imaginary scenario by Ned Foley:

As I write this on Friday night October 7, there is renewed talk of GOP leadership disavowing Trump. True, Trump will still be on the ballot that we citizens cast. But suppose the GOP leadership publicly announces that it will ask GOP electors, when they meet and vote on 12/19, to cast their presidential vote for Pence. Then some GOP-leaning superPACs spend a lot money before 11/8 informing voters of this plan.

Suppose this plan is successful, insofar as it causes on Election Night, 11/8, the media to announce that GOP electors were chosen in enough states to amount to 270 Electoral College votes. Then on 12/19, the GOP electors all do as intended according to this plan: they cast their official Electoral College votes for Pence, not Trump. Pursuant to 3 U.S.C. 9-11, these electors all sign their certificates showing Pence as their choice and send the certificates to Joe Biden, as President of the Senate.

Now, someone might claim that some of these electors violated a previous pledge they made to cast their Electoral College votes for Trump. Maybe this claimant even arranges to send to Biden a separate set of Electoral College votes cast by replacement electors who were substituted because the faithless electors violated their pledge. (This move would be reminiscent of 1876.) We can assume that the claimant wouldn’t send to Biden 270+ Electoral College votes for Trump, but some number short of 270 in the hope of depriving Pence of the presidency.

What would happen when Biden receives two conflicting sets of Electoral College votes from some states, one set for Pence, and the second set for Trump?…

Long story short: There is no way out from Trump for the GOP. They are stuck, and they got there the old fashioned way: they earned it. The Republican Party cannot hide form this event or pretend it is a mistake. It is the culmination of where the Republicans have been headed since the days of Nixon and Lee Atwater. The GOP has tried to mask it with duplicitous bleating about social conservancy and family values, but the truth is out now. It is all about preservation of white bigotry and privilege, and shifting of income and wealth to oligarchs and corporations. When Trump feigned to support that, and the maintenance of women in second class subservient status, the Republican party was willing to ride that horse. Now they want off. Don’t let them.

It is time for change, and that will not, and cannot, be furthered by letting the party of bigotry, hate, misogyny and income inequality off the hook because their avatar has been exposed.. Make them own what they built and earned.

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  1. martin says:

    Thank you bmaz.  Sent a link of your post to my stupid sister, who’s been Trumpeting  since day 1 of his campaign. Now she’s trying to convince family and friends on Fakebook,  she never really meant to vote for him.

    So, just in case she visits here and reads this …eat shit sis. You own him…lock stock and bullshit.  Meanwhile, every last FB post you made praising every insidious thing that came out of this scumbag’s mouth will haunt your lying ass for years. I’ll see to it personally. Btw..did I mention.. eat shit?

  2. Fiddlin Bill says:

    I agree with all of this.  But I do wonder about the helpful coincidence of this story appearing more or less at the same moment that HRC bankser assurance speeches finally reach the public eye: assertions by Mrs. Clinton that whatever she might say to the hoipolloy, she favors a classic Adam Smith economics on a world scale.  On some other day that might have been a bit of news, eh?  Almost makes me feel just a bit manipulated.

  3. Petrocelli says:

    Brilliant as always, bmaz. The GOP has spent decades creating this monster and must pay at the ballot boxes.

    • Peterr says:

      I suspect they will, in a couple of ways.

      One is this will increase the cognitive dissonance in the evangelical community. They want to win — badly — but they are finding that saying “I’m voting for Trump” is something to apologize for rather than trumpet. As a result, I expect a non-trivial number will stay home. Not skip the top line on the ballot, but not vote at all. If so, that makes life rough for downticket candidates who need their support, like Roy Blunt (Senate race) or Eric Greitens (governor’s race) here in MO.

      Individual Republicans will also pay a price, as Paul Ryan is finding out. After spending months defending and enabling Trump, they are really hurting today. Every time they step out in public, they are going to be asked about this. Not about their own campaigns, not about their issues, and not about their opponent’s failings and flaws. They will not be able to control their own message, and that hurts badly.

      The only GOP candidate I can think of that this might help is Mark Kirk in Illinois, who can run commercials ’til the cows come home saying “I told you Trump was dangerous months ago, when everyone else in my party was falling in line behind him. I’ve proven that I’ll take the unpopular stand when it is necessary — and today you can see that I was right!”

  4. Peterr says:

    From the mouth of Trump comes the ultimate “shorter GOP”:

    “And when you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.”

    When you’re a Big Bank, you can do anything, and ordinary mortals be damned. (See the GOP opposition to the creation and operation of the CFPB.)

    When you’re Big Pharma, you can do anything, and ordinary mortals be damned. (See the GOP opposition to allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.)

    When you’re the Big Gun Lobby, you can do anything, and ordinary mortals be damned. (See the GOP opposition to even the most minor of gun regulations.)

    When you’re already big and want to get Bigger, you can do anything, and ordinary mortals be damned. (See the GOP opposition to any kind of anti-monopoly regulations or actions.)

    It’s the Leona Helmsley Principle applied not just to taxes but to life: rules are for the little people. Trump simply takes this to its logical conclusion.

    • Peterr says:

      See also Chris Christie and shutting down the bridge, or Rick Snyder and the poisoning of Flint’s water. “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

      Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      Ironically, Trump, who gets little right and has much in common with George W. Bush, accurately describes the free pass given to those with money and clout, when lesser souls would be out of a job, have no credit, or be thrown in the slammer.  Trump, like Shrub or (with more guile) Cheney, is admitting to the corruption that brings him power.  One would hope that the electorate forcefully expresses its displeasure.

    • Peterr says:

      Quite frankly, the best GOP could do would be a longshot play using the electoral college. They’d have to make a big public effort to tell folks something like this:

      “Trump’s name will appear on the ballot, and there’s nothing that can change that. But when you vote for him, you’re actually voting for the Republican slate of electors from your state. We have pledges from these folks that they will cast their electoral college votes not for Trump, but for ______ instead. Pull the lever marked Trump, but know that Trump will not get a single electoral vote.”

      Like I said, it would be a big longshot play. But honestly, that’s the only play they’ve got. As a GOP bigwig recently said in another context, when you’re living in hell, what have you got to lose?

  5. P J Evans says:

    I’d call “extreme misogyny” misleading. By Trump’s own public words, this week and earlier, he’s committed sexual assault and is a predator. That’s what “grabbing her p****y” is. (It needs to be said, a lot, because the media covering this story keep losing that part.)

    The [email protected]#$%^&*()_#$%^&* belongs behind bars.

    • Peterr says:


      For all the attention given to the naughty words that Trump said, he’s admitting to predatory behavior.  He’s talking about his ACTIONS.

  6. What Constitution? says:

    Amen, bmaz.   And I presume the reason we haven’t heard from Rudy Giuliani about this most recent shtick is because Mr. Giuliani  has been committed to a padded room and is wearing a straitjacket at this moment.  Apparently committed by his own daughter, who I understand has announced that she will be voting for Hillary (that last part, at least, is believed to be true).

    • P J Evans says:

      Clinton hasn’t committed any crimes. She hasn’t said anything that would even come close to admitting criminal acts.

      Make sure that the universe you’re talking about is the same one you live in, before you make an even bigger troll of yourself.

      • martin says:

        Clinton hasn’t committed any crimes.

        Says one while thumbing though his newly acquired edition of “Tying Shoes for Dummies”.


        fuck. If denial were weather you’d be the red spot of Jupiter.


  7. wayoutwest says:

    We can finally put to rest the rumor that Trump is or ever was a SNAG and his attempt at the male bonding ritual, celebrity version, seemed to me to be him channeling Bill Clinton. The Clintonoids are howling at the moon and feasting on this political red meat while projecting the myth that their guys and leaders represent the  SNAGS and  with such shining examples such as JFK and Slick Willy who could argue with them?

    It appears this video was held until it could be used to deflect attention from the Podesta email leaks where those brilliant Red Queen minions had listed all of her worst admissions of being a lying tool for the banksters in an easily hacked format.

    Trump has been damaged by his midlife machismo display but what we are seeing or not seeing in the news is the real attack on what little democracy we still have.

    The Red Queen through Podesta is denying the validity of these emails and pointing again at Putin while the MSM has mostly ignored the damning information in them if they are mentioned and they even have the head of Homeland Security colluding with them to suppress this critical voter information without any knowledge or evidence of who did the hacks only a religious like ‘belief’ they can blame it on Putin.

    This widespread collusion by the organs of power in our society to control the news cycle and suppress valid information is the real manipulation and attack on our election.

    • Bill Michtom says:

      I don’t know what you consider to be the MSM, but there has been plenty of coverage, both on the details of the emails from the DNC, HRC’s personal server emails,  the comments from Comey, his announcement not finding prosecutable offenses, and on and on.

      As much as I loathe both Clintons, won’t vote for HRC, and didn’t vote for Bill in ’96, your ‘Red Queen’ rants seem more about you than her.

  8. bowtiejack says:

    “Donald Trump is a once and forever informationally ignorant, self serving jackass extreme narcissist.”

    Nailed it.

  9. Splashoil says:

    Voted twice for WJC even as devastating allegations of predatory behavior were known. Far worse than anything linked to Trump. This time HRC will not be supported here. Trump the bogeyman cannot scare me into another vote for the Clinton dynasty. No can do! Thomas Frank and Moon of Alabama cover the list of why the Democrat Party does not speak for me any more.

    • bmaz says:

      Well, golly, that certainly sounds like a great reason to give control of the Supreme Court to the right wing nut jobs for the next 30 years or so. Very compelling!

    • Bill Michtom says:

      The Clintons are not a dynasty, which is “a sequence of rulers from the same family.”

      HRC has held elected and appointed office neither of which qualified as a ‘ruler,’ and Bill & she are one couple of the same generation.


      The Bushes ARE a dynasty: Prescott Bush, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush: father, son, grandsons, including two rulers of the country and two rulers of states.


      Get it?

  10. arbusto says:

    This is just another in a long line of amoral, illegal behavior exhibited by Trump.  It hasn’t moved the goal posts yet, and if the polls after the debate are any indication, his grab them by the short hairs and they’ll follow you anywhere may not either.  How may Trump followers of the female persuasion are cast in the same mold as Phyllis Schlafly and Leona Helmsley and could care less about misogyny.  And let’s also remember the Bubbas that agree with our boy

  11. Peterr says:

    The RNC is starting to react to this news:

    In an email from the RNC to a victory program mail vendor, with the subject line “Hold on all projects,” the committee asked the vendor to “put a hold” on mail production.

    “Please put a hold/stop on all mail projects right now. If something is in production or print it needs to stop. Will update you when to proceed,” Lauren Toomey, a staffer in the RNC’s political department, wrote in an email that was obtained by POLITICO.

    The question I have is whether this is simply a “don’t send anything until we know what the hell we’re going to say!” order, or if this is the first step of trying to distance themselves from Trump and use the money earmarked for the presidential race in efforts to hold onto the Senate.

  12. bmaz says:

    It appears to just be a pause to retool the message given the last 24 hours, not a dropping of the effort.

    • Peterr says:

      I don’t know, bmaz. The on-background statements from GOP leaders that are being reported are that this is sticking a knife in the GOPs chances to take the WH, and that the presidential race is over in their view.

      I suspect they will wait until tomorrow night and then decide whether to pull the money permanently, or if they will retool and jump back in.

      It could also be a way to quietly put pressure on Trump to throw himself on his sword.

    • Peterr says:

      Per Business Insider, it seems that some of the proles at the RNC are acting up . . .

      Some staffers inside the Republican National Committee are rebelling and “defying orders” to continue working for Donald Trump, according to a source familiar with the situation.

      “They’re dropping their duties to the campaign,” the source told Business Insider. “Turning their attention to Senate/House.”

      “Folks at the RNC are disgusted,” the source said.

      “Expect RNC [staffers] to start leaving if Reince doesn’t act,” the source added, referring to party chairman Reince Priebus. . .

      Sounds like perhaps this halt to the messaging work may be the RNC trying to buy some time to calm down the help.

  13. Peterr says:

    How could this get worse for Trump? Mark Cuban points to something I hadn’t seen from anyone else yet:

    Mark Cuban@mcuban 15h15 hours ago

    Donald Trump’s actions have made any Trump emp who doesn’t quit immediately, toxic and unemployable by anyone else. Expect a mass exodus.

    If there is an exodus of mid-to-senior level Trump employees, that will be stunning. Cue Donald screaming about disloyalty and backstabbing.

    Also, Cuban adds this:

    Mark Cuban@mcuban 15h15 hours ago

    Every single @realDonaldTrump hotel and golf course is toast. Done. Over. Bernie Madoff now has a better brand.

    Trump may still get a warm welcome from Billy Payne and the Good Old Boys at Augusta National, who long for the days before they bowed to political pressure and admitted women to membership.

  14. lefty665 says:

    Wow, bmaz that was a world class rant! I say that admiringly as one who indulges in the form.

    I’ve been waiting since ’64 for the right wing dingbats and loony tunes who took over the Repub party to get what they deserved. It appears they finally have through self immolation. They have had very little help from the Dems who, since at least ’92, have been mostly Repub wannabes and aspirational assholes.

    This cycle started with good prospects for the Dems to regain control of the Senate. That was due to simple numbers, they are defending 10 seats to the Repubs 24. Now, due in large part to the focus on demonizing Trump and allowing the other roaches to skitter away from the light it is likely the Repubs will retain both houses of Congress. Nice job Dems, not.

    Oh woe is us wail the Dems, how will Hillary execute her agenda with a Repub Congress? The answer is no problem, she’ll work her right wing, DLC, Repub wannabe policies across the aisle hand in glove with the Repubs. If the recently published emails are real she favors having wall street regulate itself because it knows more about finance than anyone else, Glass-Steagall was ineffective. She touts being out of touch with real people because of her fabulous wealth, favors tax cuts for the rich, spending cuts for the middle class and raising the SS retirement age by adopting Simpson-Bowles. She favors pipelines and trade pacts, NAFTA and MFN for China were good deals. And, insult to injury, we can know we’ll never get the truth from her because she advocates two faced policies on everything, one public and one private. None of it is expressed in misogynist, schoolboy crudity, but it is every bit as obscene.

    For the Repubs it’s a twofer. They get shed of Trump and back to fat cats as usual. With a NeoLib in the White House and the Repubs running Congress they get their agenda too. The rest of us get the short lived joy of watching Trump and the presidential ticket burned at the stake. Then it’s back to the same old right wing coalition screwing the country, and with its NeoCon allies the whole damn world too.

    Dems better be careful what they wish for as it looks like they may get it. There is no lesser evil this time, only very different versions of horrid. Americans think more highly of Putin than either Hillary or Trump. That his unfavorables are in the high minus 30s, theirs both in the minus 40s, is a message.

    Thanks again bmaz for a wonderful rant. Maybe we’ll also get to see Schneiderman put a fork in Trump before the election over his “charity”. Sort of the cherry on the sundae.

  15. Peterr says:

    Looks like Marcy may have company on the “Cable News Pottymouth” blacklist. From The Hill (video at the link):

    “Every single Republican is going to have to answer the question, ‘What did you do the day you saw the tape of this man boasting about grabbing a women’s p—y,’” Ana Navarro, a GOP strategist, told a CNN panel.

    Prominent Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes asked Navarro not to use the pejorative word.

    “My daughter is listening,” Hughes said.

    “Well, you know what Scottie, don’t tell me you’re offended when I say p—y but you’re not offended when Donald Trump says it,” Navarro shot back. “I’m not running for president, he is.”

    CNN anchor Don Lemon cut to commercial, ending the tense moment.

    When the show returned, Navarro was no longer part of the panel, and Lemon explained that she had to leave.


    Meanwhile, come October 27th, I’ll be looking forward to this. (Gotta love the hashtag!)

  16. Splashoil says:

    HRC did mention a certain Constitutional Scholar, IIRC for a Supreme Court nomination. Not much oxygen in the room even so.

  17. Teddy says:

    Excellent summary of the legal state of play.

    I take exception to the characterization of Weigel as s “superb reporter” because he’s nothing more than a transparent GOP brown-nose who somehow — perhaps through his singular unattractiveness as a human, inside and out — convinces the Republicans he baits to speak with him that he sympathizes with their abhorrent viewpoints.  Why they speak with him when he then parrots their lines to “liberal media” outlets with his patented pancaked smirk is beyond me.  He’s no plagiarizer, like Ben Domenech, but he is one of Christopher Hayes’ rehabilitated lads whose continued exposure I simply cannot fathom.  Not as bad as A-level JuiceBox crew, but certainly aspirational thereof.

  18. bloopie2 says:

    His wife (daughter?) said, “I forgive him,  you should forgive him, too.”  But it’s not a question of forgiveness; it’s not a one time thing he did.  Rather, it’s what he is, was, and will always be.  Forgiving is irrelevant.

  19. bloopie2 says:

    “I apologize if I offended anyone.”  “If”?  What do you mean, “if”?  Don’t you know whether people are offended?  Don’t you know what are the norms of civil society?  (Whether or not you follow them.)  Oh, and how about, maybe, “It was wrong”?  Or do you not believe it was wrong?

  20. Bitter Angry Drunk says:

    Ya all know how off of Florida those two hurricanes might run into each other, and no one knows what in God’s name will happen if that occurs? That’s this election.

    bmaz’s freak-out — and all the other freak-outs appearing throughout the Internet now — completely miss the point. Trump supporters have already rejected the Republican Party. They sure as hell didn’t reject the Rs for all their racist dogwhistling over the past 40-some years. They rejected the Republicans because — unlike many on the left — they’ve at least partially caught onto the scam. Both corporate parties serve only the elites who fund them. They’re convinced that Trump is an outsider and is the only one who’s willing to do what they feel needs to be done. Never mind that that’s delusional. Just understand that no one who’s voting Trump is voting for him because of the R next to his name. So no, the Republicans don’t have to own Trump. If they’re fucked, they’re fucked because they’ve aliened their base. (Though I doubt they’re really that fucked because when push comes to shove, Trump supporters will continue to vote R at the state level, which is where the Koch drones do the most damage anyway.)

    Also, you want to hang “pandering to racists” entirely on the Republicans? You recall Bill Clinton dismantling welfare, yes? Or showing up at Ricky Ray Rector’s execution to make himself look tough on crime? Or the insanely cruel sentencing guidelines he helped usher in? You recall his philandering, the distinct possibility that he’s an actual rapist, and the fact that he shared private flights with a rapist? You recall Hillary talking about superpredators? Or that she started out as a Goldwater Girl and hasn’t been on the right side of any goddamn thing since?

    Write all you want about the loathsomeness of Donald Trump. There’s certainly a lot of material there. But know that you’re not changing anyone’s minds, and that — with or without Trump — the country’s going even further right.

    Two hurricanes on a collision course. We’re all fucked.

  21. martin says:

    Oh, and how about, maybe, “It was wrong”?  Or do you not believe it was wrong?

    Holy fucking shit.  Wait a minute here bloopie. This scumsucking sack of maggot shit has admitted to thinking, he has a RIGHT, to sexually assault women ..because.. he is a goddamned STAR!!! And probably has done it numerous times, simply because the women within his sphere of existence are just as superficially susceptible to dominant males with tons of money, sexual advances.  In reality .. all it will take is a johnny come lately female with proof Trump raped her. I suspect that is next in this bizarre Twilight Zone of 2016.

  22. martin says:

    Two hurricanes on a collision course. We’re all fucked.

    Not me.  I don’t give a shit who wins, because I’m already at the bottom of the barrel, and at 72 yrs old, have learned how to live within my means.  Meanwhile, the Dumbest Country on the Planet is facing a Mathew level social hurricane of biblical proportions, no matter who wins.  Meanwhile..Murika is in total denial. PERIOD.  If it wasn’t, those who understand what is coming would be forming brigades of armed citizenry around WDC… ready to drag these wannabe tyrannts out of their granite palaces, ready to burn them alive in the streets. Unfortunately.. they wait to vote. Hahahahahaha….hahahahahahaha..  hohohohohohoho..hehehehehehehehe… hahahahahaha. … Meanwhile, the political .01% of Murica raises their middle finger to the 99% while raising glasses full of $4k per bottle of champagne, confident their control over the political process will save them from total anarchy.  Cue.. Piketty.

  23. Evangelista says:

    Damn!  What a QUANDARY!!

    We got to decide now between a United States President who got taped talking locker-room trash braggadocio about pussy-grabbing back in 2005,

    Or one who got video’d in 2011 laughing and clapping at the leader of the then most economically, socially and intellectually advanced nation on the African continent getting a knife run up his arse.

    MAN!!!  What a DIFFICULT Choice!!





    (this short-form post brought to you by Time Constraint, LLC)

    • bmaz says:

      Who mentioned “Citizens United”??

      “Lol” yourself. If you think the purview of the Supreme Court over the lives and interests of Americans is as shallow as the Citizens United decision, that pretty much explains your silly posture above. Good to know.

  24. greengiant says:

    Disgusted by it all I am. We are a nation of enablers. Will someone prioritize these FUBARS. A few random examples… A million? people in prison every day on average for the last 45 years because Nixon and Ehrlichman created a campaign to discredit minorities and hippies. Kerry talking about war crimes in Syria while US supports civilian deaths in Yemen. Journalists and whistleblowers suicided.

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