Scary Trumpalo Clown Trash Talk

clown-badAs you may have heard, there are scary things afoot this election season. But, no, it is not just the terrifying Trumpalos plotting to execute Hillary Clinton if their cherished Trump is not elected Sexual Molester in Chief, it is also the scourge of the more traditional clowns:

You’ve probably heard of the “killer clown” sightings and threats that are stoking fear around the U.S.

The “killer clown” hysteria began in late August, when unsubstantiated rumors surfaced in Greenville, South Carolina, that creepy clowns were trying to lure children into the woods. Those rumors were followed by reports of scary clown sightings in North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Colorado and several other states.

Sure, there are hoaxers,…..BUT:

Though most of the scary clown sightings haven’t been confirmed, or have turned out to be hoaxes, a few have been real. In Kentucky, a 20-year-old man was arrested for lurking near an apartment complex while wearing a bloody clown mask. And earlier this month in Roseville, Michigan, two 18-year-old women were arrested for dressing as clowns and chasing and frightening two 14-year-old girls.”>Though most of the scary clown sightings haven’t been confirmed, or have turned out to be hoaxes, a few have been real. In Kentucky, a 20-year-old man was arrested for lurking near an apartment complex while wearing a bloody clown mask.And earlier this month in Roseville, Michigan, two 18-year-old women were arrested for dressing as clowns and chasing and frightening two 14-year-old girls.

clowntrumpThen there is the ass clown that is Trump.

The Trumpalos following The Donald give new meaning to the thought of a truly insane posse.

Again, from the link above:

Amid the panic surrounding scary clowns, some schools are banning clown costumes this Halloween. The superintendent of Montclair Public Schools in New Jersey asked parents not to allow “children to dress up as clowns at any school event due to the possible disruption and fear it may cause.”

Some schools in Connecticut, Colorado, California, and other states have also banned clown costumes this year to avoid creating a panic.

Wonder if the school is similarly banning Trump costumes, because that it the real scary clown in our lives currently.

Anyway, on to the games for this weekend:

For the “student athletes” the two marquee games are clearly Alabama at Tennessee and Ohio State at Wisconsin. Hard to see how the home cooking in Knoxville and Madison, respectively, will be enough to carry the home dogs. Both going to still end up under. Of the two, the Badgers have the better shot. I am rooting for them because it is our friend Phred’s team, but still hard to see. Other games on the schedule that may be good: Ole Miss at Arkansas, UCLA at Washington State and Arizona State at Colorado. In any normal year, the Devils would be favored by about 20 over the sad sack Buffs. This is a weird year in the PAC though, and Colorado is tough, especially in Folsom Field in Boulder. I’ll take the Buffs, sadly.

In the pros, The Bolts already upset the Donkos on Thursday Night. The Jets are here in Phoenix to take on the Cards in the Big Toaster for Monday Night Football. Cards have just been off all year, and I don’t see that such is improving yet. Carson Palmer is back from a concussion, so I guess you have to favor the BirdGang, but hard to have much confidence. Lot of interest in the Cowboys taking to the Frozen Tundra in Lambeau. If Dak Prescott can pull of that kind of win, he may never give up the starting QB job, even when Romo eventually returns. Hey, it happens, just ask Drew Bledsoe about that Brady kid.

The Eagles visit the capital to see the Skins. The skins are a surprising 3-2, with the two losses coming to good teams, the Steelers and Cowboys. Philly is 3-1, and got a LOT of early press, but then got exposed somewhat by the Lions last week. This is a pick em and should be a good game. Hard to see the Bungles beating a still pissed off Tom Brady and the Pats in Foxborough. The Rams at Lions may also be a strangely good game. Betting on the Kittehs is never smart, but I am going to.

Music this week by Smokey and the Miracles in keeping with the clown theme.

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  1. Mary Ellen Sandahl says:

    I just listened to a BBC Radio 4 program, “Newsquiz”, which takes a satirical look at the week’s news every Friday. Seems the Brits are also suffering from  Scary Clowns, and apparently their clowns are usually young men, sometimes toting knives or other hand weapons, who lurk near schools and playgrounds. They didn’t say when all this began — but in a way their emotional upheavals of Brexit are related to ours with Trump. Google seems to date the US phenom back to this summer, with the UK following from August on. Apparently a clown masked person stabbed a young man in the shoulder in Sweden yesterday. There have been Australian reports too. (I keep thinking about 4chan and Pepe et al, but maybe actually going out and menacing real people, even while masked, is too RLish for them.)

    • bmaz says:

      The clowns are everywhere!

      Oddly, fear of clowns has always been a thing with some people. There is even a term for it “coulrophobia“.  I never quite got it, but it is out there apparently.

  2. bloopie2 says:

    I’m watching “Diners Drive-ins and Dives” and they just featured a place called St. Francis on Camelback Road.  It looks really good—creative food cooked in a wood fired oven—pork dip, olive oil pancake done baked in a cast iron skillet with caramelized onions, etc.  Been there?

    • bmaz says:

      No, not yet, but have heard great things about it. And it is just about 3-4 miles west of Casa de bmaz, so I guess i should get over there.

  3. martin says:

    My the history of Trash Talk.. no comments??????????

    Regardless, yes, bmaz, the nuclear Clown of Meltdowns is finally reaching his Chernobyl.  Fortunately,  Clinton’s political Hazmat teams will be glad to broadcast, in minute detail the minute by minute fall of the premier posterchild of “Psychosis of Murika”.  God..make my day.

    Which, btw, is only a small inkling of the scumsucking moronic dumb fuck idiocy of mainstream America.  I saw it today. In a small town pizza place in the land that time forgot Michigan. Two, of the most repulsive, fat, incomprehensibly stupid, ugly, redneck morons I’ve ever had the unlucky moment to witness.   Pulling into the parking lot, in the dumbest, big wheeled pickups, with Trump flags waving from antenna on each of 4 corners of their stupid trucks, with MAGA/Star spangled music blaring from speakers mounted on the sides of the bed, waving American flags out the windows.  And then, debarking into the pizza place, intimidated all the patrons with loud, raucous warnings that the patrons BETTER vote for Trump..or else.  Whatever “else” meant was beside the point. Every single patron exited in fear. I, personally called the police… and then left as fast as I could.  No telling what these scum sucking Trump supporting morons would do. All I know is.. something is happening in America that is out of a page from Nazi’s -R- Us.. in small town America.  At 7o years old, no one could have ever convinced me this would happen in my lifetime. But it is.

  4. martin says:

    Holy shit.  Ok, I was wrong. During the time I was typing, other commenters posted their thoughts.  But nothing about FOOTBALL.  bmazing. Things are achanging.

  5. bloopie2 says:


    Speaking of football and trash talk, it’s clear as a bell
    that my Cleveland Browns are trash.  But I’m
    still having fun this fall, with the Indians on track to give the town their second
    championship in one year.  Baseball is
    such a different viewing experience from football–a slow, deliberate, one on
    one match, both pitcher and batter showing exquisite motor control.  Sports is great stuff, even better than the Hallmark Movie Channel !


    • Bay State Librul says:

      “I had bad days on the field. But I didn’t take them home with me. I left them in a bar along the way home” Bob Lemon

      When I think Indians, I remember pitching — Feller, Wynn, Garcia, and Bob Lemon.

      I also picture Willie Mays’ catch off of Vic Wertz in 1954.

      Like to see Cubbies v Indians classic.





  6. witters says:

    The rest of the world watches US ‘progressives’ welcome a woman of demonstrated evil to power.  And in tones of such moral smugness that the horror becomes explicable.

    • bloopie2 says:

      It is, to an extent, sickening, yes.  Still, that’s what our political system allows.  So many times we crow about the superiority of our system; well, nothing’s perfect.  We can hope that Hillary will result in a Supreme Court that is progressive, if not an Executive Branch that is so inclined.  Were the system set up so that we could obtain all we wanted with one election, then mayhaps next time we would complain about that very fact when “the other guy” got in.
      The King James Bible says “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life”  Sadly, it’s not that easy in the earthly realm.

    • P J Evans says:

      If you’re not terrified by the prospect of Trump, like most of the rest of us, you’re missing all the important stuff.

      • lefty665 says:

        Problem is Hillary’s every bit as terrifying, and that’s important stuff. There’s no lesser evil this year, just variations on terror.

        Help start a political revolution like Bernie advocated, vote your beliefs. Don’t encourage either of them, work and vote 3rd party.

  7. lefty665 says:

    Hey bmaz, as much as it pains me, my head tells me Iggles. They won’t stop running on the ‘Skins like the Falcons did last week.  Wentz and Cousins have similar QB ratings but Wentz has actively been helping Philly win games.  Cousins hasn’t found his groove yet. He was wild high/long last week, and that’s a bad sign. Washington’s defense has been getting better, but so far the differences have been marginal.

    • bmaz says:

      If forced to bet, I’d think that too. They really seem kind of matched up in a lot of ways. Wish that game were on here.

  8. Rosalind says:

    A few years back I learned my neighbor growing up was Tom Brady’s lifelong mentor, Tom Martinez, the longtime coach at College of San Mateo. There were several articles at that time about “Tommy” helping Coach Martinez find a new kidney. Unfortunately he died before a match could be found. I just came across this article published during the search, and am once again struck at the image of Tom Brady superstar Quarterback, flying his old coach to Boston to help him correct throwing issues – and Bellichick being cool with it. The two – and their families – really had an amazing relationship.

  9. P J Evans says:

    lefty665 says: October 16, 2016 at 11:42 am

    That’s WHY I’m voting for Clinton. I paid attention to Sanders, and I don’t think he’s a qualified as she is. He’s especially weak in foregin affairs and everything that doesn’t directly affect old white men.

  10. Bay State Librul says:

    PJ is on the mark
    Be a lefty and vote for Hill
    BTW, Gronk with 162 yds and one TD
    Pittsburgh next

    • lefty665 says:

      So what is it y’all like most about Hillary?

      Is it the pathological lying, you know, a “Public policy” and a “Private policy” on every issue?

      Is it Wall Street uber alles, that guarantees that 99+ percent of us won’t get a fair shake while she lets Wall St regulate itself?

      Is it foreign policy experience that is all bad, do you really want her and her neocon buddies to get us into a nuclear war with the Russians, or chortling at more heads of states murdered like Gadaffi with a bayonet up his butt? “We came, we saw, he died”.

      If you two like any of those things, I am glad I am not associated with any political party y’all support.

      Saw a comment the other day that about sums it up, to the effect: Hillary was a Goldwater Girl in ’64 and has gotten everything else wrong since too.

      So go ahead, you and the Trumpers vote your fears of the other and misbegotten fealty to evil. Nothing will get fixed when one of them wins. In 2020, if we live that long, things will be even worse and the alternatives even more horrid.  My guess is that you two will be shocked, shocked, but it won’t be a surprise to the nearly 2/3rds of the country that can’t stand either of them.

      ps, bs librul real lefties won’t vote for Hillary any more than they’d call themselves “librul”.  You might try actually being liberal and voting Green, you might like it.  PJ the Green ticket is headed by a woman so you can have your cake and eat it too.

      Try voting your beliefs and hopes not your fears and anger. Change is a long road and it starts at this election.

  11. bmaz says:

    Wel, pretty ugly day for the Packers, Steelers and Eagles. Wonder where Scribe is when i need to commiserate with him?

  12. Peterr says:

    Driving back from a family wedding, listening to the Rayduhs v the Chefs.

    When a 350 pound defensive lineman catches a TD pass in the mud and the rain, you know things are going your way.

  13. P J Evans says:

    PJ the Green ticket is headed by a woman so you can have your cake and eat it too.

    My brother, who is rather farther to the left than I am – and I’m left of center – left the Greens for the Democrats years ago. They’re not competent as a party. Stein isn’t someone I trust (see: anti-vax and WiFi), and her running-mate is worse.

    FFS, open your eyes and see that you’re advocating for Trump to win.

    • lefty665 says:

      “and I’m left of center –” is as you said “What a load of bull you’re spreading around.” You’re delusional if you think either of the right wing, DLC, Repub wannabe, NeoLib Clintons has anything remotely in common with left of center.

      I don’t vote with my genitals which is what you seem to be doing.

      Vote any damn fool way you want to, you don’t need my approval. But, don’t delude yourself that you’re doing anything but empowering Hillary’s corruption, greed, blind ambition, neocon war mongering and pathological lying.  Hillary is as bad as Trump.

      If we don’t get a start on the road to change this time, next cycle the swings will be even wilder, and you’ll likely be even further into la la land.

  14. Evangellista says:


    I know that you ain’t happy when I byte through more bits than you like to see me chew through, so I was going to give you some gas for using up a double portion of electrons doubling your block quote of an‭ ‬18‭ ‬year-old‭ ‘‬women‭’ ‬molesting‭ ‬14‭ ‬year-old‭ ‘‬girls‭’ scary-‬clowning at them. But then I tried the EWheel Site block-quote feature to quote some Bible to you, instead of attempting to defend the at least Judeo-Chrisian recognized superior leadership abilities of‭ “‬Sexual Molesters‭” ‬as‭ “‬Chiefs‭” of States (from 2nd Samuel, Chapter 11) and had the EW block-quote feature not only double, but split into three parts and double each. This time, apparently, it is a site quirk.

    I blew off the effort and just quotes quote the verse for you here:‭

    “1.‭ ‬And it came to pass,‭ ‬after the year was expired,‭ ‬at the time when kings go forth‭ ‬to battle,‭ ‬that David…tarried still at Jerusalem.
    2.‭ ‬And it came to pass in an eveningtide,‭ ‬that David arose from off his bed,‭ ‬and walked upon the roof of the king’s house:‭ ‬and from the roof he saw a woman washing herself‭; ‬and the woman‭ ‬was very beautiful to look upon.
    3.‭ ‬And David sent and enquired after the woman.‭ ‬And‭ ‬one said,‭ ‬Is not this Bathsheba,‭ ‬the daughter of Eliam,‭ ‬the wife of Uriah the Hittite‭?
    4.‭ ‬And David sent messengers,‭ ‬and took her‭; ‬and she came in unto him,‭ ‬and he lay with her‭; ‬for she was purified from her uncleanness:‭ ‬and she returned unto her house.
    5.‭ ‬And the woman conceived,‭ ‬and sent and told David,‭ ‬and said,‭ ‬I‭ ‬am with child.
    6.‭ ‬And David sent to Joab,‭ ‬saying,‭ ‬Send me Uriah the Hittite.‭ ‬And Joab sent Uriah to David.
    7.‭ ‬And when Uriah was come unto him,‭ ‬David demanded‭ ‬of him how Joab did,‭ ‬and how the people did,‭ ‬and how the war prospered.
    8.‭ ‬And David said to Uriah,‭ ‬Go down to thy house,‭ ‬and wash thy feet.‭ ‬And Uriah departed out of the king’s house,‭ ‬and there followed him a mess‭ ‬of meat from the king.
    9.‭ ‬But Uriah slept at the door of the king’s house with all the servants of his lord,‭ ‬and went not down to his house.
    10.‭ ‬And when they had told David,‭ ‬saying,‭ ‬Uriah went not down unto his house,‭ ‬David said unto Uriah,‭ ‬Camest thou not from‭ ‬thy journey‭? ‬why‭ ‬then didst thou not go down unto thine house‭?
    11.‭ ‬And Uriah said unto David,‭ ‬The ark,‭ ‬and Israel,‭ ‬and Judah,‭ ‬abide in tents‭; ‬and my lord Joab,‭ ‬and the servants of my lord,‭ ‬are encamped in the open fields‭; ‬shall I then go into mine house,‭ ‬to eat and to drink,‭ ‬and to lie with my wife‭? ‬as thou livest,‭ ‬and‭ ‬as thy soul liveth,‭ ‬I will not do this thing.
    12.‭ ‬And David said to Uriah,‭ ‬Tarry here to day also,‭ ‬and to morrow I will let thee depart.‭ ‬So Uriah abode in Jerusalem that day,‭ ‬and the morrow.
    13.‭ ‬And when David had called him,‭ ‬he did eat and drink before him‭; ‬and he made him drunk:‭ ‬and at even he went out to lie on his bed with the servants of his lord,‭ ‬but went not down to his house.
    14.‭ ‬And it came to pass in the morning,‭ ‬that David wrote a letter to Joab,‭ ‬and sent‭ ‬it by the hand of Uriah.
    15.‭ ‬And he wrote in the letter,‭ ‬saying,‭ ‬Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle,‭ ‬and retire ye from him,‭ ‬that he may be smitten,‭ ‬and die.
    16.‭ ‬And it came to pass,‭ ‬when Joab observed the city,‭ ‬that he assigned Uriah unto a place where he knew that valiant men‭ ‬were.
    17.‭ ‬And the men of the city went out,‭ ‬and fought with Joab:‭ ‬and there fell‭ ‬some of the people of the servants of David‭; ‬and Uriah the Hittite died also.
    18.‭ ‬Then Joab sent and told David all the things concerning the war‭;
    19.‭ ‬And charged the messenger… …
    23.‭ ‬And the messenger said unto David,‭ ‬Surely the men prevailed against us,‭ ‬and came out unto us into the field,‭ ‬and we were upon them even unto the entering of the gate.
    24.‭ ‬And the shooters shot from off the wall upon thy servants‭; ‬and‭ ‬some of the king’s servants be dead,‭ ‬and thy servant Uriah the Hittite is dead also.
    25.‭ ‬Then David said unto the messenger,‭ ‬Thus shalt thou say unto Joab,‭ ‬Let not this thing displease thee,‭ ‬for the sword devoureth one as well as another:‭ ‬make thy battle more strong against the city,‭ ‬and overthrow it:‭ ‬and encourage thou him.‭”
    ‭ [2nd Samuel, Chapter 11, King James Version, for it being the ‬most poetical in English (to make it a pleasanter read for the Puritan, of all stripes and types, including the proselytizing agnostic and atheist, except those who can’t read)].

    I reckon you can recon’ize that if Donald Trump was a real off-hand woman-user and sexual predator,‭ ‬even if not up in the King David Class, for not having ever arranged to off a husband. He would still qualify by Jewish and Judeo-Christian standards to hold office. As would Hillary, too, though she is only an opportunistic murderer, without the sexual predator component. King David is one of Judaism’s and Judeo-Christianity’s universally recognized Greats.‭

    You undoubtedly noticed the‭ ‘‬if‭’ (after “recońize”) ‬in the paragraph above, which is for Donald Trump appearing to be sexually predatory only in hysteria, not in reality. Being associated to Law, you are, undoubtedly aware of the American female’s unfortunate predilection to falsely accuse ‘rape’, documented in lynch-mob lore and history, both, and by the Innocence Project and DNA evidence analyses in cases where legal-system malefactors, like their lynch-mob and lynch-law predecessors, insist on precedence for their prejudices.

    You might also recall a case, not a ‘legal’ one, more or less recently wherein the publication “Rolling Stone” was lured in to join in a smearing of a university and condemning of a fraternity and the in-print lynching of a university student by an American woman lying for reason, in her assertion, that the subject is so important it is OK to lie about it.

    Of course we let these women things vote, and run for office; have you ever seen a picture of a real lynching lynch-mob? Or listened to a politician (I am excepting Barack and Hillary, so you can’t dodge out of the question here saying they are ‘minority’)? Rope-and-tree lynch-mobs were male, and most politicians have been male, so women lying and false-accusing are only half the problem (hang around a District Attorney office a half a day or so to see how much a part they play).

    It’s only a toss-up between if the American System is rigged or psychopathic sick if you are falling over backward trying to not offend ninety percent of the offenders. Leave out inevitable percentage of really-happened cases and set aside the “I did something awful and somebody’s got to pay to erase any responsibility from me.” ones and look at the women who crawl out of the woodwork to accuse for some or another cause, financial, political, fifteen-minutes in the lights, whatever, the ones accusing Mr. Bill as well as Mr. Trump just now, for examples (Hillary defending Bill indicates some kind of open arrangement there, which is nobody’s business but theirs, except when it provides apparent “opportunity” to a predatory female, or one guilt-ridden by her having been a slut back in the ‘Sexual Revolution’ era, when it was the norm): Everyone of them claiming right to recognition in the tabloids, and by the ever-ready torch and pitchfork pack, to be a Miss Peaches,‭ ‬who wouldn’t lie about being raped,‭ ‬even if she was still virgin‭”, and have her “honor” redeemed. And, of course, there is an ever-ready supply of cant-catalyzed Chauvinists ever ready to take up the cause to protect her, if their is an accused to beat up or lynch and believing Miss Peaches will make the character assassination or murder OK, or at least a crime of chauvinistic protection.

    ‭Look at the present case with the hounds belling after Trump. You ever see such a bunch of prosecuting attorneys, all of them as sure of their convictions and mindless in their pursuits as the paid ones? There is your clown show.

    • bmaz says:

      Yet another rambling pile of disjointed mush. You really need to find a life, because wasting yours and ours with this manifesto level tripe is a useless exercise.

  15. Hieronymus Howard says:

    A parade of pitiables
    A travesty of trumpables
    A cesspool of insufferables
    A composite of incompatibles
    A cornucopia of contemptibles
    & an agglomeration of disagreeables

  16. P J Evans says:

    lefty665 says: October 17, 2016 at 3:32 pm
    Thanks for the insults and the condescension. GFY. Sideways. With a cholla segment.And then do the effing research so you can tell Trump from Clinton.

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