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Been in a rather heated matter all week, and Marcy has been traveling. Bottom line is, blogging has been thin here. Sorry about that. And this post will be only a band-aid, and I apologize about that as well. Problem is, while I was off heatedly litigating things, a friend eventually, who started out as judge who always treated me well while he was the Presiding Criminal Judge in Maricopa County…..has died. This was one hell of a man.

As to college, Texas A+M versus Alabama.

Pros, Pack killed the Bears, and only amplified in the process the problems with Aaron Rodgers and the entire Cheese team. Sad!

In other NFL news, There are a lot of good games, but few great ones. And Roger Goodell and the NFL are losing ratings because the are craven pieces of unattractive shit dominating the news. Irrespective of the superlative play of the NFLPA players. Goodell needs to look in the mirror for “what’s wrong” with the league he incompetently leads.

Frankly, screw the @NFL, baseball has some real and compelling excitement. The long suffering Cleveland Indians already have punched their ticket to the World Series. The battle between the Cubbies and Dodgers looks to be a League Championship Series for the ages. I grew up a Dodgers fan, but am firmly in the Cubs side now. Hey, if you have ever been to Spring Training in Phoenix, you KNOW the Cubbies rule. Let it so be this year in the NLCS.

Then there is the US Grand Prix. You’d think I would be all over this. And, yet, I never really have been. Austin is a great city, but COTA is a shitbag track, and as has been case for many decades, the US attempt at Formula One is total shit. Hey, they even tried it during the hottest part of the Phoenix heat once. Because THAT was a brilliant idea for “resurrecting” F1 in the United States. The Circus teeters between its old greatness and a Donald Trumpian like death spiral shitshow.

That is Trash. Love it or leave it.

UPDATE: A few quick words: A lot has been made of the Josh Brown mess with Goodell and the NFL this week. Oh, my, even the NFL owners are upset!!

Yeah, Jesus Fucking H. Christ, it is oh so predictable that the “Billionaire” asshole “owners” would get “upset” when their precious profits are on the line. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, new on the line between the NFL and reality on the Josh Brown case that was not there geometrically as to the Ray Rice case Roger Goodell and the NFL fucked up worse than a scumbag slimy Donald Trump Gropalo pick up artist in a classy bar.

When I say “mess”, I am being kind. How the NFL and NY Giants Security Offices operated in the Josh Brown case bears no, that is NO, relation to what I have seen out of professional professional pros sports security offices, including those of the NFL, over decades of years. Hey, it has been a few years, “maybe” they all became completely incompetent and ineffectual in that time. Draw your own conclusions, but I will not bet on that one.

Goodell and the NFL perpetuated as completed, falsely litigated, and unmitigated fraud on the world public with the idiotic “Deflategate” case, that did not even track basic physics, as can be imagined.

But, now, you should totally believe the NFL and the Giants’ John Mara that “Golly we never could have known that there was domestic violence here in the home of domestic violence and, yes, there is absolutely no difference between a white pasty ass kicker and a black running back.”

This is a pile of shit schticht that makes Captain Renault in Casablanca look credible. But, then again, that is Roger Goodell’s NFL, isn’t it?

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  1. Peterr says:

    I grew up a Dodgers fan, but am firmly in the Cubs side now.

    Welcome to the light. To truly cement this, you need to spend an afternoon in the bleachers drinking Old Style. Oh, wait — InBev has an exclusive contract on the beers now, and that means no Old Style. First they put in lights, and then add insult to injury by removing Old Style. Today would have been an absolutely great day for a day game, but nooooooooo. MLB can’t bear the thought of baseball as God Meant It To Be Played — in the daytime, on grass. (And the designated hitter is a tool of Satan. But I digress.) But Hendricks vs Kershaw should be amazing, and if the fans sitting fieldside can keep their paws off of any catchable foul balls, I think the Cubs will pull it off. I could not find any Old Style at our local store, so I’ll make do with some Bob’s 47 — Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewery’s Octoberfest beer.

    As to college, the B1G looks pretty tame this week, but the NotSoBig NotQuite 12 has an upset with K State taking down Texas.

    And the Fighting Journalists are up by 12 with 3 minutes left, after Kyle Queiro just pulled off an incredible interception. Gotta love it.

      • Peterr says:

        I grew up watching Bob Gibson, who was powerful as a pinch hitter, and I ran the scoreboard when Dave Stieb (a pitcher for the Blue Jays) hit somewhere around .400 as an outfielder in college before he moved to the mound his senior year.

        True story: when Dave was a junior, his older brother Steve was a catcher, a year ahead of him, and before Dave became a pitcher, the two of them would end the pregame throw-around by playing catch — Steve standing on the plate and Dave standing on the warning track. “Go ahead, run on us. We dare you.” Very few teams would. That year, Southern Illinois University was making a run toward the college world series. In the playoffs, SIU was in a jam late in a game, with opposition runners in scoring position, no one out, and no one in the bullpen warming up, when the coach went to the mound. I’m sitting next to the radio broadcasters, and they’re saying “Itchy [the coach] is going out to the mound, but there’s no one in the bullpen so he’s just going to calm down the pitcher.” Then he waved to center field, and in comes Dave. He threw his warmup pitches, and the batter stepped in. Steve would hold his glove here, and Dave would hit it. Steve would hold his glove there, and Dave would hit it. Dave threw nothing but fastballs, and the opponents knew he was throwing nothing but fastballs, and he struck out the side.

        Then he did it again the next inning.

        When Dave was drafted into the American League, I cried. He had a great bat, and MLB took it away.

  2. Bitter Angry Drunk says:

    Truly, sorry for your loss, bmaz.

    NFL and declining ratings is an interesting discussion. Sadly though, it’s pretty clear that more fans are offended by Colin Kaepernick and Odell Beckham than Josh Brown and the league’s self-serving, cynical way of handling DV cases.  I doubt any of that is more than a blip on the ratings, though. I’m more on the side of “Mark Cuban nailed it.” I think a lot of people have reached a fatigue threshold with the NFL. With all the prime-time games and the early London games (like this week), following the league the way you once may have is a chore. Once the fatigue sets in, then it’s a short step to becoming offended by whatever else you choose to be offended by, whether it’s Kaepernick, the lack of great teams/star power, the concussion factor, or the league’s general BS.

    And since you mentioned MLB, what the hell is going on with every game taking four-plus hours now? And what about the weather in Cleveland and Chicago next week? (Yes, the Cubs will somehow score a run off of Kershaw and win tonight.) These baseball playoffs have been fairly enjoyable, but they have some big problems and no obvious solutions from what I can see…

  3. bloopie2 says:

    As a (former) 50+ year resident of Cleveland, I can only say that it’s Nirvana now, what with the Cavaliers winning the NBA and the Indians on track for an MLB title. But why is it so hard (for anyone, not jut Cleveland) to put together a championship football team, as compared to the other sports? Is it quarterbacks? Every year there are lots of elite pitchers, but they only seem to prevail for a few years, while across time there are only a handful of elite quarterbacks, and they seem to last and last. Perhaps it’s time to make the game less quarterback-centric, even out the playing field?

  4. Peterr says:

    Re Judge O’Toole . . . 13 years as a federal public defender is a helluva training ground for being a judge. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone with this kind of background on SCOTUS.

    • Peterr says:

      I don’t know what the line is between legal and illegal behavior for private security services, but I’m reasonably sure the folks the NFL uses are often on the illegal side of that line, whether they are prosecuted for it or not.

      • bmaz says:

        Hmmm, dunno about that. I have dealt with them before though. From multiple leagues. But the NFL and NBA were always the most competent. All I significantly encountered were former secret service, FBI, DEA or heavy duty local detective level people. Very competent. And knew how to schmooze any local cops. The thought that they just “couldn’t have known” on either the Brown or Rice cases is fucking laughable.

        I said this couple of years ago about Rice, and I’ve said it lately on Brown. The Giants and NFL position is a joke. Please.

        • Peterr says:

          They may be competent from a lawyer’s POV, but they scare the hell out of battered spouses. The bottom line is they work for the NFL, not for victims or the government. Their whole deal is to Protect The Shield.

          In that regard, I view them with a great deal of disdain. They are nothing more than a well-armed PR department.

        • Peterr says:

          I’m confused.

          You say the NFL security folks are “the most competent” and then turn around and say “the Giants and NFL position is a joke.”

          Are you saying that the security people know their jobs but that the NFL brass that employs them doesn’t give a damn about what they say and do?

          • bmaz says:

            Oh, yes, they are indeed protectors of the shield and the team/players. As to competence, they are when they want to be. What I am saying is that they don’t always want to be. If they had really wanted the Rice video and Brown DR’s, they would have had them. They didn’t.

  5. bloopie2 says:

    Speaking of the aashole team owners. Before the next bargaining period, the NFLPA ought to spend some money on opposition research. Those billionaire owners have got to have skeletons in their closets. Dig up the stuff to hold over them. Why not? It’s a violent business, after all.

    • Peterr says:

      What’s the hold over them?

      The owners don’t stand for re-election. The owners don’t worry about public opinion at all, unless they’re trying to get a new stadium deal, and even then they’re happy to move their team if they don’t get their way. Thye don’t give a damn about what people think of them, as long as they bring in the Benjamins.

      See “Irsay, Jim” or “Bidwell, Bill” or “Kronke, Stan” or “Davis, Al”.

  6. emptywheel says:

    I’m in France right now (in fact, sitting with Ed having croissants). So I admit being out of the loop.

    But can someone confirm for me that I saw a score indicating Penn State beat Ohio State yesterday? Thanks in advance.

      • Peterr says:

        Nothing that mattered.

        But to get back to Marcy’s question, it appears that is indeed the case. The next question is what does this mean for next week? Will the Sweatervests be so demoralized that the Fighting Journalists will have their way with them, or will they be so pissed off looking for redemption that the FJs are in deep, deep trouble?

        Open another bottle of wine, and then get back to us on this, please.

    • bmaz says:

      This won’t help you much, but the robot guard thing got even me the other day. And ate my damn comment in the process. Yes, we need to work on that a bit.

  7. lefty665 says:

    bmaz, I feel for you. It’s especially painful when we lose friends who were professional relationships too.

    You’re too kind to [email protected]#$%^&* Goodell.

    ‘Skins/Kittehs may be a good game, depending on which Washington team shows up. Likely a well matched pair of not great teams, and Cousins close to his hometown in Holland. ‘Skins running back Jones tends to dance rather than run. He’s like RG3 in that he was so good as a kid he could play however he felt like. That has not worked so well for either of them in the NFL. Jones got better last week after being benched for hard running backup Kelly. We’ll find out if the lesson sank in or if he needs more time sitting to figure it out. Altogether they put 230 running yards on the Eagles last week, close to 3x the average they’ve allowed this year. That’s not shabby and very un’Skin like. Defense keeps gradually improving too. Like last year they get better when McCloughan fills in after injuries. He’s amazing, he’s apparently been able to keep Snyder’s paws out of things and Brucie Allen from screwing up too. He’s the best thing that’s happened to them in the last 20 years.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Bradford plays against the Iggles. Vikes ought to win that one. Good as Wentz has been, teams have had a chance to figure out he struggles with pressure so they’re giving him a chance to experience it. Iggles need to give their rookie right tackle some help. ‘Skins abused him last week which is where a lot of the pressure on Wentz came from.

    • bmaz says:

      Pretty fine analysis I think as to both the Skins and Eagles situations. Wentz seems to be all that was advertised. But that doesn’t mean he is going to magically sail through his rookie year. Even Elway and Manning did not do that.

      • lefty665 says:

        Thank you, I was just trying to fill in with a little trash, but boy I missed the outcomes. Iggles rocked and the ‘Skins pooped.  Looks like coaching, offensive and defensive coordinators in particular,  but they’re Gruden’s boys. Like the old Chinese saying goes, “A fish rots from the head”.  We may be headed back into drama land in D.C.. This time with players dissing the coaching and the coaches pissing back. From the quotes that hit the early post game stories it may be a long flight to London tonight in what seems like a small plane.

        Here’s a link:

        • lefty665 says:

          ‘Skins GM McCloughan is assembling a team of guys he likes, “football players” he calls them. Maybe next year he’ll start assembling a coaching staff with similar attributes to go with them. If I was a coach I’d be nervous when solid veteran players grouse publicly about being coached into losing games.


  8. bloopie2 says:

    The Gods have spoken. The battle lines are drawn. Chicago against Cleveland. Cleveland against Chicago. (The Midwest; fuck you, east coasters.) Endless drought lovable losers against basketball king butt of everyone’s jokes. Century old park against the most loyal fan base in sports. Windy City against Snow Belt. Joe Maddon against Tito Francona. Excellent starters against the best reliever (A. Mitchell has faced 68 hitters in his postseason career and has allowed 0 (zero) runs.) It’s time. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.
    Cleveland. Born and raised, great place to live, will love it always. Go Tribe!

  9. bloopie2 says:

    Hey, I was wondering about this all-the-food-on-the-Internet-went-bad-because of-my-refrigerator thing. If the Internet is down, can I still watch TV (on cable, not on the Internet)? Can I still watch a movie (at a theater)? Read a book (on paper, or even Kindle)? Walk the dogs or enjoy the world outside (remember “outside”)? Go to the store (à la pre-Amazon)? Cook a meal and eat it with my family (Mom’s recipes are still on paper, after all)? Exercise without a wristband? Clean the house without a robot? Spend time with friends and family (in person, not via Facebook or Twitter)? If the Internet is down, can I do something or think something, without immediately telling others about it? Can I get through a day, without knowing what you have done and thought?

  10. What Constitution? says:

    Just answer the prayers and let Wild Thing throw out the first pitch in Cleveland.  I don’t care if he’s high, as long as it’s “juuuust a bit outside!”

  11. quebecois says:

    Hey bmaz,

    COTA is truly a crappy track, one of the worst.  So hard to get motivated for F1.  F3 was excellent this year, Stroll won.

    Do they still have a concussion tally website for the NFL?



  12. CTuttle says:

    Wtf just happened in the Big Toaster, bmaz…?    Both Kickers scored the only points, and then both f*cked up easy chips shots to win the game in OT for a 6-6 tie…?  ;-)


    • bmaz says:

      I have no idea. The Cards kicking game has been horrible all year, but on FG’s and PAT’s, that was more due to a horrible long snapper. He has been replaced. just some kind of weird vortex last night I guess.

  13. Bay State Librul says:

    Early voting arrives in Mass.
    I voted for Hillary, and every other Democrat I could see.
    Question 4 on the ballot was easy: Should Roger Goodell be impeached?
    Where is Scribe and his Steelers?
    Look forward to his take on the Pats v Pitt game.

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