London Calling: What Is The NFL Doing? And other Trash Talk

Arighty then, this is going to be an abbreviated Trash Talk. I saw the Twitters yesterday, but spent the great majority of the day from early morning here, to mid afternoon, by which time I had some heat stroke and was paralyzed.

Sorry about that! So, for today’s Sunday games, the abbreviated topic will be the status of Goodell and the NFL’s insistence on games in London. The NBA tried forcing basketball on China when they sensed Yao Ming was a an entry card. But the NBA has, properly, backed off that aggressiveness out of common sense. A lesson the NFL has not learned from a disastrous series of shiftiest and worthless “games” they have put on in Sleepy Old London Town.

Today’s game between the Skins and the Bungles may be the first exception I have ever seen, certainly at least remembered. Not that I can see the end of that game, of course, because the freaking unbendable, Catholic school mark like jackasses inhabiting 345 Park Avenue with fatuous Roger Goodell don’t give a shit about actual football fans and have shifted me, after hours, to the first useless minutes of the Cardinals/Panthers game. No, because bottom dwelling pissant souls like Goodell and his office only care about the gross millions of dollars they are liberating FROM the fans, not about the best interests OF the fans.

What a crock of shit.

In fairness, not sure how much better the slate of games today is in the regular domestic NFL. Pats versus Bill is interesting to see how much Tom Brady and Bill Bel want to kick the shit out of Rex Ryan and the gnats from upstate NY. Jets v. Browns??? Hahaha, not. Lions/Tejans may be a surprisingly fair fight, we shall see. Raiders versus Rapies and the Bucs? No thanks. Chargers/Broncs? Get the fuck out.

Packers at Falcons and Eagles at Boys on SNF are the only real discussion points this week.

Oh, yeah, and already, the Arizona Cardinals look simply pathetic. NO professional team ever in Phoenix has ever prospered and been competent that was not owned by Jerry Colangelo. Rule still holds.


Music this week by the Clash. As if you didn’t know.

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    • bmaz says:

      Actually, I LOVE the F1  Mexico venue. Doesn’t mean will be a good race, but that is the rules/equipment constraints, I think MEX is a worthy circuit.

      • jo6pac says:

        I agree on the track I was worried about the changes but they have been for the better. They have great fans in Mexico unlike Amerika were Taylor Smith had to show up to save the race. The race other than ferrari get the wheels on the cars every time correct, nothing to see here.

        Raiders #1 in penalties and still win the game go figure. Oh my Ron J misses 2 chip shoot field goals.

        Back to drinkkkkkkkinggggg whineeeeeeeeee.

        b2, they do know how to Win.

  1. bloopie2 says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m a non-Patriots AFC fan, but I can’t see how it is still interesting to watch Tom Brady. He’s a machine, not a human. What’s the point any more?

  2. lefty665 says:

    As I expect you know, you didn’t miss much with the denouement of the Skins n Bungles. An anticlimactic overtime tie. Officiating sucked and Goodell’s an asshole. I liked football better when there was always a winner.

    • bmaz says:

      Heh, I, unfortunately, being somewhat tied to the Cardinals, cannot bitch about a tie after last weekend’s debacle with the Seahawks.

      Speaking of the Cards, pathetic effort against a very beatable Carolina team today. Speaking of the Squawks, thank god they lost too to the Saints.

      As to Tom Brady, how can you not give him credit for what he has been doing? Out the first four games of the season, and, to my eyes, looks like a potential MVP for the year already. If it had not been for wrongful Deflategate, I could easily hate on the Pats. Not after that, though. Brady, Bill Bel and the Pats will always be heroes to me now.

      • lefty665 says:

        I’ve never been a Brady or Pats fan. But, it’s been wonderful to see Brady come back tanned, rested, ready and playing incredible football. I second your potential MVP.

        Goodell’s ability to prevail in Deflategate in flat denial of science continues to astonish me. Boyle must still be turning in his grave.

      • emptywheel says:

        Yeah, both Dungy and Rodney Harrison were just saying Tommy’s the leading MVP pick.

        Which would be awesome punishment for Goodell.

        • bmaz says:

          Oh, wouldn’t it be be beautiful to see TB12 collect up both the MVP and SB trophies? That would be just about perfect.

  3. bloopie2 says:

    “If it had not been for wrongful Deflategate, I could easily hate on the Pats. Not after that, though. Brady, Bill Bel and the Pats will always be heroes to me now.” A “hero”? Nah, they’ve done nothing heroic. Do give him credit, and even cheer on him and his team for a year, to show up Goodell. But that’s all. And stop watching the damn games–every hour you spend in front of that TV is money in the pockets of the league.

  4. Quebecois says:

    The Mexican Grand Prix was mostly boring, last ten laps were somewhat exciting.  Vettel has a potty mouth, Verstappen will be the best in two years time.  But the after race was AWESOME!!!!!  Verstappen is shooed away from the podium, Vettel is rushed to the podium complaining like a victimized christian.  Meanwhile, Ricciardo is saying that Vettel moved on him during braking, once the tv cameras are out, F1 penalizes Vettel for his dangerous move.  F1 is run by clowns.  Happy Halloween.


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