NFL Week 11

Week 11 of the National Goodell League is upon us. Once again there was little of interest in the student athlete part of football, but I will summarize briefly.

In the NCAA, Houston unceremoniously dumped the once darling of big conference outsiders, Louisville, and did so before Saturday. So, that is over. The always mighty regular season chumps, Ohio State, eked out a win over the unusually lowly Michigan State Spartys. No,Michigan did not look that good in holding serve against Indiana, but hold they did. Next week’s meeting with OSU will now be portrayed as the most epic thing in the now Trumpian world. It is not. Colorado has quietly had a very good season, especially if you know Buffalo football (I do). Penn State and Oklahoma (I miss Freepatriot) are also showing some mettle. And, still, I wonder if USC may not, by playoff time be the team that, but for their early record, ought be there. Sam Darnold’s emergence has put the Trojans on a different plane. After next week, heading into conference championships, I will really start to care.

In the NFL: Panthers topped the Saints on TNF; didn’t think that would happen. Bills and Bengals may be a game to watch, Wagon Circlers have early lead. Brownies aint gonna beat the Stillers, even in wounded state Pittsburgh is. Ravens at Cowboys will be interesting in that Dak Prescott is newly and duly anointed as THE QB for Dallas. But Flacco has a SB ring and has been called out. Could be trouble for the Boys. No, the Eagles and their rook QB are not going to beat the Squawks in Seattle. Squaws are getting dangerous about now. Fish at Rams? Please.

Packers at Skins will be a truly telling game. For all the love of Rodgers, the Pack are in disarray and nobody EVER questioned Favre’s desire, heart and team camaraderie. Never. Mr. Olivia Munn Discount Doublecheck has a thing on his hands, and I am not so sure the Skins are not a better team right now. That will be fun. Texans at Raiders on MNF might be really fun. Gotta pick the Raiders here, but the Texans are better than you think, and if Osweiller ever starts clicking, they could be really scary. I really do look forward to this MNF game, for once.

Music this week by Pink Floyd wondering who the Trumpalos will be gunning for, and hoping it is not with nukes.

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    How about the speculation on the University of Texas football coaching position, and how the boosters are apparently pressuring the process. Why do “boosters” control (or at least have a big say in) the hiring of a coach–isn’t the budget big enough that booster contributions are a relatively small part? Sound like micromanaging by idiots. “The SMU loss was extremely troubling to Texas’ boosters because it was to a perceived “lesser school” in the state, sources said.”

    • bmaz says:

      Charlie Strong is toast. Not a judgment call on him, it may or may not be deserved. But I would be pleasantly shocked if he lasts beyond this season. I have my own issues with ASU’s Todd Graham, who has had longer, and progressively done less with what he inherited, than any coach currently around. It is pitiful. But, then, ASU does not have quite as arrogant and self important of boosters as Texas and Notre Dame. We shall see.

  2. jo6pac says:

    Once again you leave the 9ers out of the TT and my feeling are hurt;) Its not like they will have chance but they did look better last week.

  3. bmaz says:

    Welp, the Cardinals truly sucked, and the SeaSquawks are KILLING the Iggles.

    Okay: KILLED!

    Ugh. Brutal. Wish Scribe were here to comment, and never meant anything more sincerely. I miss Scribe.

  4. bmaz says:

    Wait, did Al Michaels just say that Kirk Cousins has more 300 yard passing games than any QB in Washington Football Franchise history??

    Whoa, that is…..nuts.

    • bmaz says:

      Okay, been instructed was Mike Tirico, not Michaels. My bad. Ought to know better, and I do, just was not paying sufficient attention.

      Still, Cousins is the all time Skins leader in 300 yard games? Of all time, ever??

      • lefty665 says:

        Yep, he passed (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) Jurgensen for 300 yard games a couple of weeks ago. Hell, he had something like 575 yards last week alone. Also, at about 85 yards last night (late 1st qtr) he broke into other NFL elite company, although the stat escapes me now.  He looked like the latter part of last year last night. Too bad it took him half a season to get there this year.

        ‘Skins were 4 for 5 touchdowns in the red zone last night, at least a hint they’ve found a cure for the red zone yips. Best yet, they played through the 4th quarter and didn’t turn it into a nail biter. Their record in the last 16 games is their best since Joe Gibbs ’92-’93 Super Bowl era teams. That’s generational stuff. For all their warts, and inconsistencies, they’re getting better. Currently they’ve got a playoff wild card spot. If they hold onto it that’ll be postseason two years in a row.  That  also has been a long time for them.

        Are they for real? Thursday against the ‘Boys will tell. They’re 6.5 point underdogs, and that may not be enough. They missed their best chance when they booted their first game. OTOH, the cowboys and indians division rivalry goes back a long way and has held a lot of surprises over the years. My head tells me Dak will dissect the secondary and that won’t be pretty.  Is he scary amazing or what?  It saddens me that we won’t be seeing Romo.  Should be a game worth watching.

  5. Jim White says:

    Come on now, Mr. Maz! I realize that I’ve been scarce around here, but how could you have failed to mention my Gators’ glorious win over LSU? I’m sure you remember all the beefing from the “Swamp People” as one of my Twitter friends calls them when the originally scheduled game in Gainesville was cancelled as Hurricane Matthew was passing through the area. And then they whined their way through the “negotiations” over rescheduling and insisted that the rescheduled game be played in Baton Rouge. Jeremy Foley agreed as his final act, prying out of them agreement to put the next two games in the series in Gainesville.

    And THEN, the LSU team started flapping their jaws in the days leading up to the game, accusing the Gators of being afraid to play them. Despite being two touchdown underdogs and with their top three tacklers for the season out of the game due to injury, the Gators played the game of their lives. Consider a 98 yard touchdown pass. Consider the Gators stopping LSU on fourth and goal from the one yard line as time expired! The game simply couldn’t have been scripted better, and the win clinched the SEC East championship.

    I had begun to have some doubts about McElwain after a very lackluster performance in the Arkansas game, but he completely turned the team around and has them now playing their very best as we get into the drama of the end of the season. Next week, off to Tallahassee. FSU, although ranked a slot or two lower, will be favored at home, but the Gator defense will be playing with a lot of confidence. Should be a really fun game to watch.

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