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Worthless College Football and Meaningless NFL Week 17

Welp, here we are. Thanks to a giant jerk like Mark Emmert, and his likewise toadies in the NCAA, college bowl games have been made meaningless so that a doped up, fake, “final four” can occupy two of the four biggest “bowl games” and a third can, impliedly, produce a so called “champion”.

What a joke. it is a bastardization of everything that was ever good about college football. Like a glory whoring Donald Trump, ESPN sucks all the oxygen out of the entire endeavor, and in so doing, makes it all impossible to care about. What a shitshow. Alabama beat Washington, and, as we speak, Clemson is up 10-0 on the Urban Meyer Criminal Dockets, errr, Buckeyes here in Phoenix. The Big Toaster, that is regularly crazy for Cardinals games, look deader than a doornail. Sad!

Whatever. It is really hard to care. The only thing I hope for is that Mark Emmert finishes his life in prison for his sins. And has Roger Goodell as a forever eternity cell mate. Now that would be “justice”.

Okay, on to the pros.

The, by a light year, best week 17 NFL game is between the Green Bay Cheese Packers and the Deetroit Kittehs. The game is in Motown. It is for the NFC Norske Division Championship. May even get the attention of Ms. Wheeler. Fatty Matty versus the Discount Doublecheck. Not in Lambeau, but in the home of Joe Louis’ fist. I am picking the…..Kittehs!

Other than Pats at Dolfish, there are really not even any other games that matter, and that is only for the guarantee of home field advantage in the AFC. Guess you could put Raiders at Donkos and Chefs at Bolts in there, but it seems like fake news to try. Also, too, Tony Romo may play. Yey.

Music this week is by Chicago Transit Authority. Apparently CNN is doing some doc-u-thingy about the band. You can laugh now, but in their early heyday, Chicago kicked serious ass. I can still remember where I was the split second I heard Terry Kath had died. Yeah, he was really that good of a guitar player. Chicago went on to have a lot of chart topping hits after Terry Kath, but they were never the same again. Look at his guitar playing on 25x6x4. Incredible.

Happy new years.

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