Switzerland, Swaziland? IC Gets IP Geography Wrong in Russia Report

I’ve been busy taking my mom to cancelled doctors’ appointments, so my coverage of the various hearings today will be delayed, at best.

But I wanted to point to this study on the IC Joint Analysis Report from Europe. (French language version here)

It double checked the IP address locations included in the report against the actual location of the IP address, and found that in 18 cases, the IC report gave the wrong location. Most remarkably, for three servers located in Switzerland, the IC report IDed the location as Swaziland. In addition, the report mixed up Denmark and Germany.

That’s probably no big deal: just a typo, on top of some lack of familiarity with nation-state extensions (though these particular servers may deserve more focus).

But it is a testament to how quickly this report was put together.

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  1. bloopie2 says:

    In WIPO country codes, Switzerland is CH and Swaziland is SZ, while Germany is DE and Denmark is DK.  I have trouble with them sometimes; good thing I’m not “intelligence”, eh?

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