The “Liberal” NY Times Focuses on the Next Disastrous GOP Daddy

It is never enough for the “liberal” media. Despite how the “liberal media” gets relentlessly dumped on and marginalized by the right wing nut machine, they are ALWAYS there to hand out some candy to the nutters.

Here are the estimable Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns in the Only Bunk That’s Fits To Print Gray Lady:

WASHINGTON — Senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse have already been to Iowa this year, Gov. John Kasich is eyeing a return visit to New Hampshire, and Mike Pence’s schedule is so full of political events that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term vice president hoping to clear the field than a No. 2 sworn in a little over six months ago.

Well, crikey, good that the paper of record is covering this. What else they got?

It may get worse, said Jay Bergman, an Illinois petroleum executive and a leading Republican donor. Grievous setbacks in the midterm elections of 2018 could bolster challengers in the party.

“If the Republicans have lost a lot of seats in the Congress and they blame Trump for it, then there are going to be people who emerge who are political opportunists,” Mr. Bergman said.

Well, sorry I asked, turned out it was some entitled crap from a “petroleum executive”. Great call guys!

Swell. Excellent follow up to all those “Ignorant average Trump voters still ignorantly averagely love Trump” reports that are rampant in the beloved balanced media.

Today’s GOP, fronted by Trump and his ilk, is NOT an aberration, but rather the culmination of where the Republican party has been headed for decades, since at least Reagan’s bigoted opening salvo in Philadelphia Mississippi. It is the party of nationalism, racism, bigotry, scientific ignorance and revanchism.

But, hey, never underestimate the ability of the national media to keep on singing like they don’t know their actions helped put this country in the lurch it is in (Her Emails!!). And that their continued refusal to unequivocally call out the current President for the blithering dangerous loon he is, may lead to making the lurch far worse.

The answer to America’s ills do NOT come from the discredited daddies in the GOP, whether older like Mike Pence and John Kasich, or younger like Ben Sasse. We have seen this movie before, and it sucks in a very disastrous way.

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  1. Splashoil says:

    Seems worthwhile to remember those fighting D’s who depend on the Yes Men to correct the message. There are six States with Democratic governor and a Democratic legislature. May they get a clue before we are doomed to repeat history…..

  2. Splashoil says:


    Medicare for All

    Universal Basic Income

    Stop Corporate Lobbyists

    Win Elections

    Stop Sucking


  3. MaDarby says:

    Today is a day to celebrate our Constitutional Democracy, our freedoms and especially our “values.”

    Today 72 years ago The United States of America, its leaders with the democratic support the the people dropped a nuclear weapon on Nagasaki Japan instantly kill emulating 150 thousand people. Then it dropped (by the president of a “liberal” Democratic party) another nuclear weapon on another city full of innocent people. Today birth defects and genetic mutations are still occurring.

    And today Americans can celebrate its power with its war in Yemen where it using right now as I write, starvation and the spread of deadly and curable disease as weapons of war, spreading human suffering to vast areas of the country. We can celebrate that The United States of America has its military grip throughout the globe.

    The historical record of events between the two wars above is unambiguous. The United States of America EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 72 years has engaged in the brutal killing of people in various locations around the globe.

    The United Stated of America a “great’ constitutional democracy, operating under the “rule of law” under the authority of religious “exceptionalism” and conducting election after election has with the glowing praise and consent of its population slaughtered tens of millions of innocent people DAY AFTER DAY NON STOP for 72 years.

    Election after election the voters and citizens voted if favor of this slaughter, voted for the people who perpetrated and are perpetrating the vast assault on humankind this 72 year long slaughter far beyond any other nation in history.

    It is past time for the United States of America to stop this slaughter and past time for excuses – there is no justification for this spread of human suffering yet everywhere in the culture and reflected in its press we see the desperate attempt to avoid self reflection and to justify the continued dominance of the United States of America.

  4. earlofhuntingdon says:

    What can we expect from a “newspaper” that puts an ad sales exec in charge of the whole paper, while gutting copy editing and “buying out” many of its top reporters and leasing chunks of its own offices.  A reverse stock buy-back, so to speak?  The NYT substitutes content placement – commercials – and “manufacturing consent” in place of reporting.  It has made a tradition of it.

    I accept the premise that establishment Republicans are attempting an end run, sotto voce, around a president they never liked and supported with loathing.  The party would be doing more for the country if it removed from office for cause an obviously unqualified, lying, uninterested, self-dealing blunderer.  But I think it would find the principal decimating.

    Bmaz is right.  Trump is no aberration: he is the obvious consequence of today’s establishment parties, both Republican and Democrat.

    As for the supposed angst over whether there is a deep state, in this case opposing Trump (or deposing Nixon), it would seem as obvious as the new skyline of tall commercial buildings obstructing the once human-scaled architecture of DC (barring a few public buildings and the envy inducing Washington Monument).

    Its existence predates Trump’s presidency by generations.  Its attitude about the rest of us was pithily suggested in de Niro’s, The Good Shepherd, as ironic a title as Halberstam’s, The Best and the Brightest.  Matt Damon’s waspy, ivy leagued top spook character coldly recruits a Mafia don for help.  The blacks, Jews, Italians, Irish, says the don, have their consoling cultural blankets to help them cope; what does Damon have?  “The United States of America.  The rest of you are just visiting.”

    • bmaz says:

      Exactly right about the gutting of the copy editors, it is already evident. And the newsroom is being thinned out too. Still some great reporters there, but it sure isn’t what it once was.

      • Rugger9 says:

        And, the content still has to make it past the RW editors.

        There’s a reason Glass got hammered by the NYT and JudyJudyJudy did not (until she became inconvenient).

        Also, all of the above names have backed Caesar Disgustus’ agenda.

  5. M says:

    Really, the Times is little more than a 1% clickbait operation, producing just enough quality journalism to maintain its reputation. 99+% crap.

  6. Hieronymus Howard says:

    Anybody ’round here heard of the Awan Bros.?  They were putative sysadmins & compromised the House of Representatives.  PWNED ’em.

    Happened to be listening to an old No Agenda podcast, episode #911 from March 12, 2017.  That’s when No Agenda “broke” the Awan Bros. story.  So that’s four months MSM sat on it without saying boo.  Maybe they thought it would just go away.

    Has MSM reported that we now have U.S. “boots on the ground” in Yemen?  Had to find out about that tidbit from

  7. Hieronymus Howard says:

    Did I kill it?  :-P

    Yep, killed it dead.

    So this must be the next “open thread.”  Which means I get to leave this here.

    One maintains various word lists as hobby projects.  Latest is a partial enumeration of those word pairs which cleave together into a compound word when used as a modifier (adjective).  Enjoy:

    a backyard barbecue
    a fallback strategy
    a grassroots campaign
    a handwritten note
    a hardcore liberal
    a hardline view
    a longtime associate
    a mainline route
    a moneymaking scheme
    a newfound love
    a strawman argument
    a throwaway account
    an everyday occurrence
    an underwater paradise
    backdoor vulnerabilities
    commonsense governance
    endpoint security
    groundbreaking research
    highbush cranberries
    longstanding policy
    manmade materials
    our everyday lives
    our hardworking staff
    overall economic growth
    secondhand merchandise
    standup comedy
    your mom, the backseat driver

  8. Karl Kolchak says:

    Just like how the “liberal” Times helped lie us into the Iraq War (yes, real fake news with real life consequences!). The NYT is and always has been establishment propaganda.

  9. Evangelista says:

    I am not ignorant, average or a Trump Voter, but I am learning to love Trump.  It is a strange love, theatrical not emotional, carried on P.T. Barnum notes, Ziegfeld Folly-lols and Vaudevillain strains.

    Especially since our Don has teamed with Nrth Korea’s Jong.  Is that a great team, or what?  Two live lunatics who could not pass in the night.   Better than the Bickersens, like might be imagined if Cheech and Chong had been on meth-amphetimoids instead of cannaboids.

    If I am able to join myself to he 144% of voting age Californians who are registered voters, before the next Trump election comes around (2020, isn’t it, if events carry through on the normal course?  Or sooner, if they impeach him and we have to over-ride Congress to return him to office mid-term…), I will immediately inform Diebold that I expect them to vote me for Trump then.

    Does anyone else notice that Trump and Kim bring out the best in each other?  The most live and lively dialogue available, and not fake.  They are the stuff the fakers fake trying to make.

    Sorry if this is off topic;  I just had to gush somewhere.

    And I had to write here anyway, bmaz:  I wanted to bring your attention to a technical glitch:  The YouTube video clip thing you put at the top of your article doesn’t have any sound…

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