The Nameless Non-Agents Arranging Rohrabacher’s Trump Meeting

Sean Hannnity, who himself met with Julian Assange early this year, then went on to champion the Seth Rich hoax, had Dana Rohrabacher on to push Rohrabacher’s efforts to broker a pardon for Assange in exchange for an alternative source for Wikileaks. When asked if he had a specific message for the president, Rohrabacher dodged, saying only, “We discussed what I would tell the president.”

But the funniest dodge came when Hannity asked Rohrabacher about meeting with the president. The congressman answered,

It is my understanding from other parties who are trying to arrange the rendezvous that a rendezvous with myself and the President is being arranged for me to give him the firsthand information from [Assange]

Not only do these other parties not have names, but ultimately, this meeting “is being arranged” like a loveless marriage.

You’d almost think Rohrabacher recognizes the legal problems here.

One wonders whether those nameless non-agents do?

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  1. pseudonymous in nc says:

    The “cop tense”, the passive voice, the future exonerative. A person-involved information transfer may take place.

  2. greengiant says:

    Surprise if it’s not Charles C. Johnson,  self proclaimed shielder of from Peter W. Smith’s can you verify Clinton’s emails fame.  One really needs a scorecard for all these “political” operatives and hackers.

  3. TGuerrant says:

    Note to John Bolton: Go get Julian to give you a sekrit and you, too, can rendezvous with the divine Donald!

  4. Peterr says:

    In eighth grade, I had an English teacher who would put sentences on the chalkboard and send five of us to the board to diagram them. This sentence would have been on the final exam.

    But the backpedaling and sidestepping is truly astounding:

    It is my understanding . . . (but I might be wrong) . . .

    from other parties . . . (who may also be wrong, or I may have misunderstood them) . . .

    who are trying to arrange . . . (this is their doing, not mine) . . .

    the rendezvous . . . (it’s just a little chit chat over coffee, you know) . . .

    that a rendezvous . . . (did I mention that it’s just a little chit chat over coffee?) . . .

    with myself and the President . . . (just two dudes, talking over coffee) . . .

    is being arranged for me . . . (I’m just along for the ride, you see) . . .

    to give him the firsthand information from [Assange] . . . (but as long as we’re chatting, I want to tell him about what I’ve gotten from this other guy I had coffee with).


  5. Ross says:

    This is hilarious, now we see the sore losers on the left are the new conspiracy theorists! Brilliant!

    There is far more evidence that Seth Rich was the leaker than this CIA Russian HOAX, that the masses have so easily consumed from the CIA owned MSM they “Don’t believe”. lol

    Legit just pawns of the establishment…All of you.

    Do the research. Seth Rich was the leaker.

  6. Rugger9 says:

    What’s more remarkable to me is the transformation of Rohrabacher from arch-Cold Warrior to Putin’s patsy.

    • somecallmetim says:

      The ongoing Rs reaction to Trump’s Russia connections is pretty much making this a new normal, Eurasia-Eastasia moment.

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