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This will be a Trash Talk mostly absent the real world intrusions of the last few weeks. Mostly.

But I had dinner a couple of days ago with a couple of people, both students, with a family and home in Puerto Rico. No, nothing there is going the way Trump duplicitously portrays it. It is just not. To argue otherwise is to prove a fool and ignorant. Here is the Washington Post with a reminder of what we all knew. The family we know lives in a part of San Juan that is upscale. It is the “nice” part. They still do not have power. Just barely got running water. Things are very much not good there. And will not be for a very long time. For this White House to have taken the victory laps they did is simply unimaginable. Then there is the Las Vegas shooting. That will await another day.

So, probably we should be concerned about whether or not athletes in America stand of kneel for the national anthem. Even in hockey they may not always, or they may raise a Tommie Smith fist, and idiots will probably be up in arms about that.

On to the games. Turns out, the Mean Green of Sparty did the nation a favor by slaying Kaptain Khaki and the Bo Merlots in the large abode. And Mark Dantonio reminded everybody exactly who is the best college coach in Michigan. Don’t sleep on Chris Peterson and Washington, they are coming, and he is one hell of a coach. And hate it all you want, Penn State may be in that rarified picture too.

As to the pros: I cannot say it any better than Gary Myers did, so I won’t, and will let him speak:

The NFL needs to start looking for ways for the Chargers to move back to San Diego. Team owner Dean Spanos should take the $650 million relocation fee he owes the NFL and put it towards a new stadium in San Diego instead. Fans are tired of corporate welfare and don’t want to pay for billionaires to get new stadiums so they can make even more money. Los Angeles was fine without a team for over 20 years and now they have two. The Rams are having a tough time getting re-established in the market. The Chargers are not wanted. They can’t even sell out the 27,000-seat soccer stadium that is their home until the new stadium is ready in 2020. Fans of opposing teams are making it feel like home games are road games for the Chargers… Rivers has not relocated his family to the Los Angeles area. He customized an SUV with video equipment and a driver and rides up from San Diego every day with backup QB Kellen Clemens. Rivers says the commute takes about an hour each way. They must be leaving early and coming back late to beat the usually horrendous traffic. “It’s actually been even better than anticipated. That’s one thing I’m thankful for,” Rivers said. “I’ve had no issues at all and really feel like I’m getting all the work done. It’s been as if, honestly, as if I was right there in San Diego, as far as the way we get to setup. So, it’s been smooth.”
Chicago’s Mitchell Trubisky is the third rookie QB now starting as he takes over for free agent bust Mike Glennon. Browns second-round pick DeShone Kizer won the job out of camp and Texans first-round pick Deshaun Watson was made the starter at halftime of the first game. Alex Smith is doing a good job keeping first-round pick Patrick Mahomes on the bench in Kansas City… Watson, by the way, was electric in the Texans’ 57-14 victory over the Titans last week throwing for 283 yards and four TDs and also running for a TD. The Texans traded up from No. 25 in the first round and also gave up their first-round pick in 2018 to move to the Browns spot at No. 12 to get Watson. Of course, Cleveland should have taken Watson. In March, they took Brock Osweiler’s $16 million guaranteed off Houston’s payroll along with adding the Texans’ second-round pick. If the Texans win the Super Bowl, the Browns front office should get Super Bowl rings… The Browns are 2-29 in their last 31 games, the worst 31-game stretch in NFL history.

I saw that this morning, and all of it were thoughts I had to start with. It is time for Trubisky. And Watson for the Texans looks like the truth. With a real franchise QB, the Texans could be scary good for a very long time. As to the Bolts, they really should go back to San Diego. It makes far more sense than LA for them. Thing is, I am not sure San Diego wants them back at this point. The blinding arrogance and lack of sensitivity of the Spanos family and the NFL owners/Goodell is so incredible that I am not sure the Chargers are now welcome anywhere, much less in San Diego. What a total oligarch cockup.

The Pats overcame the Bucs in one of the better and more memorable Thursday Night games to move to 3-2 for the year. Huge win, but Brady is still spending too much time on his ass from poor offensive line play. And, though the defense has been praised for their effort against TB, it really was not that much better. History reflects that Bill Bel defenses start soft and gel when it counts, but this one is nowhere near that yet. We shall see, but, for now, Bill Bel and the boys are 3-2 and on to the Jets Jets Jets, who will undoubtedly enter the game next week also at 3-2 because they play the Brownies today. The better question is whether the Bills circle their wagons enough today against the Bengals in Cinci to keep the lead in the AFC East, or if they fall to 3-2, and leave the Pats right where they always are. In the division lead.

In other games, the Cards at Iggles is interesting. Philly has been in a breakout so far. The Cards have sucked. I think the Eagles win this pretty easy, but Cards are one of those outliers that, if they catch fire, can flat kill you. Don’t think so this week.

Detroit at Carolina ought to be pretty interesting. What kind of routes will Cam the misogynist man run? But I’ll put my dimes on the Kittehs, because they are a better team. Titans at the Fish was going to be great, but Mariotta is hurt, now maybe a tossup. Best game, probably by far, is the Cheesers at the Boys. I’ll call it a tossup. It is not a make or break game for either team. It is, however, one of the more underrated rivalries in the NFL over the last two decades. That is must see TV.

Today’s music is by The Killers. It seems a weird name for the band in light of what just happened a week ago in their home town of Las Vegas. But they have been rocking, and carrying the banner of Nevada and Las Vegas since they broke out with Hot Fuss in 2004. The band is ridiculously good, and have been from the start. If you do not know The Killers, you should, give them a try. So, let us rock on for another week.

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  1. dakine01 says:

    Although he did try to hold up both Boston & Hartford for a new stadium in the late ’90s, Bob Kraft did in the end wind up funding the entire construction of Gillette Stadium (though the state did kick in some infrastructure/road/sewer upgrades.)

    Let’s hope a few more (all?) cities stand-up and tell NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB owners to p*ss up a rope when they hold up the taxpayers for their toys. /rant.

    At least Kentucky & WKU held on to win last night.  It’s still early but the Mike Sanford era at WKU is not looking near as good as the Jeff Brohm era.

  2. bmaz says:


    Interesting as to the stadium issue. When the Diamondbacks started, they were owned and controlled by Jerry Colangelo, as benevolent and decent as any sports team owner could be. He brought the Suns downtown, and was determined to place the new baseball franchise there too. Those moves led, truly to a renaissance of downtown Phoenix that is still paying dividends. The benefit has been incalculable overall.

    But Colangelo sold the interest more than a few years ago, and the current owner, a worthless banker jackass named Ken Kendrick, is agitating for a new stadium in spite of the absolutely gorgeous ballpark that the taxpayers willingly helped Colangelo build. Does it need a little upkeep? Sure all such facilities do. But, despite the bland exterior, it is absolutely fantastic inside. I mean really great. That Kendrick wants a new place, when his team has that current home is sickening. It is the grossness of excess. And that is exactly what most team oligarchs seem to demand these days. You want it? Pay for it yourself. Enough is enough.

    • dakine01 says:

      Boston & MA have made a habit of telling owners to f*ck off.  They forced Delaware North (Bruins owners) to fund the new Garden in the ’90s and refused to let the Red Sox have a new downtown OR waterfront stadium for the previous owners, forcing the current owners to get creative in re-modeling, leading to the Monstah seats and such.

  3. jo6pac says:

    Well the 9ers are playing someone today it tied 3-3

    Once again the Raiders are playing without their starting Q who knows what will happen.

    F-1 didn’t watch and once again FA starts from the back and fights way to 11 at the end. I do hope the engine for next season is plus.

    These races is fun to watch and the leader crashes out on the last lap and small team wins.
    Click on Betty Klimenko link at the beginning of the story it’s pretty amazing story of her life.
    Yes another billionaire owner what to use taxpayers money nothing new there.


  4. Pete says:

    Maybe U of M will once again bring to mind Miami and not Michigan. Too soon to tell but the game in Tally was a throwback to those games of yore.

  5. Bay State Librul says:


    You got me. Made me laugh and I’ll have to start drinking after the 1st inning. Usually we start at 4PM

  6. Peterr says:

    Apparently kneeling during the national anthem caused Pence to leave the stadium in Baltimore (at Trump’s direction). Who knew that simply taking a knee can force the VP to pack up and go away?

    Hmmmmmm . . .

    *strokes beard thoughtfully*

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

    If the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus took a knee before Trump’s State of the Union address, will he just leave a copy at the speaker’s desk and go back to Mar-a-lago?

    /asking for 49 friends

    *takes off glasses, polishes them with a clean cloth*

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . .

    If Lin-Manuel Miranda stood at the gate to the White House and sang the national anthem, while two dozen large African-American men knelt silently next to him, would that cause Trump to resign and leave the WH?

    /asking for a friend

    *rubs hands together fiendishly*


  7. Bay State Librul says:

    Price is on fire. How long does he pitch? Fuck it pitch until the 8th and bring in the closer (Kimbrel)

  8. scribe says:

    Odell Beckham, Jr. has now encountered the wrath of the Football Gods.  At Philly a couple weeks ago, you’ll recall he made like a dog at a hydrant towards some Philly fans as his TD celebration.  To their credit, the Philly fans did not come out of their cheesesteak stoop and ignored his antics.

    But, still, you remember those things called “fans”.  They who buy the tickets, concessions, and merchandise the League pushes.  Their entertainment dollars.  Many of them going to buy a piss show.

    Yes, the League fined him.  Yes, the Maras expressed their displeasure.  Yes, his coach was going to deal with him directly.  Yes, talk radio and the tabloids had some fun with him.

    The Football Gods were not satisfied.  Not even after sharing a cheesesteak with the Philly fans, something that would satiate all except the heartiest of eaters.  So, now, the Football Gods broke his leg.

    On a pretty-meaningless play late in a game between two 0-4 teams.

    Serves him right.

    On the debacle that was the Steelers game, I have no explanation.   Other than “two pick-sixes will do that to you.”

    Speaking of pick-6, if you want a real head rush try this:  take your lottery ticket and start checking it against the list of winning numbers.  When the first number matches, ok.

    When the second number matches:  WTF?

    When the third number matches:  apoplexy.

    When the fourth number does not match, a wave of tension departs.

    When the fifth number does not match, further relaxation – it’s only 10 bucks or so.

    And then, the Mega-ball … matches!  Woo-hoo!

    A quick look at the prize table tells me it’s “only” fifty bucks, but still 3 and the Mega-ball is about as good as I’ve ever done.  I feel special.

    • bmaz says:

      That is about $45 more than I ever won on a lottery ticket. And pretty sure I lost that one before redeeming it.

      I may not be a competent lottery player.


  9. Peterr says:

    Iceland is on the verge of qualifying for their first World Cup. On Friday, Iceland delivered a smiting of Turkey to put themselves atop their group, ahead of both more established teams like Ukraine and Croatia. From the ever-entertaining twitter feed of the Reykavik Grapevine:

    Reykjavík Grapevine‏ @rvkgrapevine Oct 6

    Amongst the the tribes, that #TUR player is known as Burak The Diver, He Who Falls Like A Feather, The Ballet Tripper, Last Of His Name.

    * * *

    Reykjavík Grapevine‏ @rvkgrapevine Oct 6

    Hannes leaps like a humpback’d whale breaching the surface of the glittering sea on a windy morning in Eyjafjörður. Good save. #ISL 3-0 #TUR

    All that stands between them and a spot is lowly Kosovo. The Smiting commences tomorrow at 12:45 ET. Even if you are a non-soccer person, the Grapevine’s twitter feed is truly delightful.


    • bmaz says:

      The weird thing is, the Chiefs actually look every bit as good as their record shows. On both sides of the ball.

        • scribe says:


          This is Andy Reid we’re talking about, the man who can’t manage the clock.  period.  Remember the debacle at the end of the Iggles-Pats Super Bowl?  Same Reid.  The clock will jump up and bite the Chefs in the ass at the least opportune moment. Guaranteed.

          • bmaz says:

            Last I saw, Leonard Fournette was still galloping up yardage in the vaunted Pittsburgh secondary. Also, I  think Big Ben had as many interceptions yesterday as the Chefs have wins today. Just saying……

          • Peterr says:

            Those memories are what make these first five games so impressive in that regard.

            Lots of folks around KC are asking “where has *this* Alex Smith been hiding for the last several years?” but I’m more amazed at Reid’s failure to step on a rake with his use of timeouts and other clock-related issues.

  10. Quebecois says:

    Quite the sad weekend for Vettel.  As Ferrari was getting stronger for the last few races, I guess they went just a bit too far in their development and screwed the pooch on electric power management.  And that is how you lose a championship.  Suzuka and Francorchamps are still my favorite tracks.  Happy for Verstappen who’s had the unluckiest year, he does good.

  11. ThreeDayCondor says:

    So sorry to go back to “the archives” of two weeks’ past trash talk, here — but BMaz is right: day by day, 45 gets closer and closer to violating… 18 USC 277.

    Most recently, he threatened the NFL’s tax advantaged status — if the owners didn’t start punishing the spreading “take a knee” movement. That’s a (near) official act.

    Of course, we all know the Donlad is still smarting — from (decades ago) seeing his USFL NJ Generals (along with that league) go bankrupt, after wining a three dollar verdict (i.e., losing, actually) in an anti-trust suit against the very same NFL owners — a suit that cost millions in legal fees — all at the Donald’s insistence.

    This is all about settling that old score, in my opinion. Hushing now — but here is the Donald’s “official Presidential statement” by tweet:

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