October 22, 2017 / by bmaz


Random Trash

Was out and about much of yesterday, so Trash is late and will be short.

We learned a couple of things yesterday. Thing one: Ed Walker’s Fighting Irish are for real. Thing two: Marcy’s Bo Merlots are not. And, at least here, there was pure shock that the ASU Sun Devils could go up to Salt Lake and roll over an always decent Utah team 30-10. That was….unexpected. Rather uneventful day other than that. Man, Penn State looks good though.

In the pros, the game of the day might not even be in this country. The Rams and Cardinals are playing a rare London night game. Which means it is on regular time here 1 pm in the east and 10 am in the west. Adrian Peterson gave the Cards a badly needed jolt last week, it really changed everything about their offense. The Rams have quietly been playing very solid ball this year though, so this could be a really great matchup. And then throw in that they are division rivals that have a serious dislike for each other.

Other games of note include, of course, the Super Bowl rematch between the Falcons and Pats in Foxborough for the Sunday Night game on NBC and the Skins at Philly for the Monday Night game on ESPN. I’ll take the home team in both. Kirk Cousins has been playing really well, the Skins could make that pretty interesting. The other game that really interests me is Saints at Packers. It is home at Lambeau, and Brett Hundley has now had a full week to settle in as the starting QB. But can he put enough points on the board to top the high flying Saints and Drew Brees? The Saints hung up 52 on the Lions last week, and Detroit may have a better defense than the Pack, so it doesn’t look good for the Cheesers.

In case you missed it last night, the Houston Astros knocked off the mighty Yankees in a thrilling game seven for the American League crown. So the World Series is set with Houston and the Dodgers. I still think of them both as National League teams, even though the Astros have been in the American League for quite a while now. Great pitching for both teams, just what you want in October.

Lastly, this week is the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. Unless you follow Sky Sports and the BBC, you wouldn’t even know that Formula 1 is here; it just doesn’t get covered in the States. That is incredibly sad. Anyway Hamilton now has an all but insurmountable lead over Vettel in the drivers points race, and he will, again, start from pole. Followed by Vettel, Bottas, Ricciardo and Raikkonen in P2-P5. Alonso qualified at P8, and McLaren is quietly getting better. The McLaren chassis is actually superb. If they had a Mercedes engine, they would be challenging for wins consistently. Which is why Mercedes refuses to give them engines.

Music today is from the Dead, with one of the better (if not the best) live recordings of Promised Land. Rock, chalk and trash talk peoples.

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