Under Tom’s Thumb Conference Championship Trash Talk 2018

Here we are in the penultimate weekend of the professional football season for 2017-2018. The final four. And, usually, a far better weekend of football than that of the Super Bowl.

The early game is Jacksonville at New England. There has been a lot of chatter about this one. Started with chatter about the Jag’s awesome defense and D-Line ability to get to and rattle Brady. And, to be fair, Brady is nowhere near his usual self if you can really put the wood to him. But then things went bonkers with news of the injury to Tom’s thumb. Hand. Whatever. If Betty Grable had “Million dollar Legs”, you have to wonder what Brady’s right hand is worth. Word is, however, after not doing much in practice Thursday, he back at it on Friday and looking good. Pats are favorites by 7.5, and that seems about right. The Jag’s defense sure seems to be everything advertised. Calais Campbell was panned as costing way too much for Jax to pick up off the Cardinals in free agency. All he has done is have an all-world season and be in contention for defensive player of the year. Jalen Ramsey is almost as good as his mouth says he is. So, the defensive edge goes to the Jags. But Tom Brady, bum thumb or no, just has way more savvy and mojo in big games than Blake Bortles does. The fact that Pats killer Tom Coughlin is with Jacksonville now gives serious pause. But as appealing as it seems, no way to bet against New England.

The late game is Vikes at Eagles in Philly. Hey, a lot of folks thought this game would be Atlanta at Saints. The number one seeded Eagles were even home dogs against Atlanta, but they won a hard fought game. Same for the Vikes, who literally needed the “Minneapolis Miracle” in the last second to emerge. But emerge they did. And now they are favorites by 3.5 over the, yet again, home dog Eagles. Not long ago, Nick Foles and Case Keenum were both on the Rams. Now they are squaring off in the NFC Championship game. Keenum is on a far more, and better, roll than Foles. My prescription is same as last week for Philly…take the shackles off and let Foles rip. You are going to either win or die, might as well let him play. They did not really do that last week and still managed to eek out a win. Maybe their defense is that good, we shall see. I’ll take the Vikes though.

Okay, that is it, let er rip. Music is, obviously, by the Stones. If you have super vision, and look close enough, maybe you can spot me just left of center stage, about ten to fifteen people back. It was a hell of a beautiful day.

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  1. Rugger9 says:

    One oddity from the season is how the Niners and Pats traded QBs (starter for backup) and I’m guessing that the Evil Elf is regretting shipping Garoppolo to  SF to get Hoyer (of the 0-9 start) to back up Brady.  It could also be elfish gamesmanship as well, but the CW is that if Brady is himself or close to it, Jax is losing by double digits.

    Foles is better than most think, but the question for me is whether the Viking defense can stop him.  I think the answer can be found in how they stopped Brees for an entire half (something that was pretty rare) so it will be the first home team in the Super Bowl since SF beat Miami at Stanford.

  2. Pete says:

    There is also much interest the K9 competition going on in bmaz’s household.

    Upstart Q of the underdog Labradoodles (see what I did there, but really Labradoodles?) seems to be holding her own versus the older but experienced Kiki of the Samoyed Shedders.

    Early reports of Kiki trying to intimidate the much younger and agile Q by stalking, geezing, and swatting her seems to have had little effect as Q was reported to enjoy chewing on a Trump doll clearly getting rid of any horse – or is that dog – collar tackling impulses.

    Q showed increased confidence by moving from the Trump doll to pulling the lead Samoyed Shedder’s loose hair out with her teeth while Kiki just leered at Q with that WTF, I have more loose hair than you could ever pull out, look

    Stay tuned as this one will likely go well into the fourth quarter.

    – Pete (proudly owned by two German Shedders and is pretty darn old himself so has a soft spot for Kiki but also loves upstart young dogs – even Labradoodles – but wonders do Labradoodles shed?).


    • Valley girl says:

      Pete- thanks for the hilarious take on pictorial evidence provided by bmaz. The family of my HS best friend had seven Samoyeds- at the same time, in a rather small house! A whole pack of Samoyed Shedders!

      No dogs myself, but neighbors have a Great Pyrenees puppy who absolutely loves me so much that when she sees me, her first move is always to run over and jump up to give me a full on full body doggy hug. And, this is one big white puppy!


  3. Bay State Librul says:

    Thanks, BMAZ

    I love the Stones and Springsteen.

    How about Glory Days if the Patsies head to the Twins country

  4. Bay State Librul says:

    Wednesday Brady cut his thumb (4 stiches).

    Papa Kraft  races back on his private jet. (Gulfstream 2015 G850, 12 seater, worth $70 Million)

    What the fuck – Kraft has issues. If you hadn’t traded Jimmy G, you bastardddd!. Pay Jimmy G

    Were you in Florida for Don the Con’s gala fundraiser?

    Love the Patsies, Hate the Owner
    “The Patriots owner was asked if his heart skipped a beat when he received the news.
    “More than my heart,’’ he said. “I was in Florida for a day and a half and I was out at a restaurant and I got a call from my favorite quarterback. FaceTime. Saw his situation. So then I got up here quickly to see firsthand. I saw him throw a few out at practice and it made me feel a lot better. But it’s still a challenge. It was unfortunate . . . So now we hope for the best. He’s a real competitor, as we all know. We have a pretty good balanced team. Sometimes these issues help you bring a team together.’’

  5. bmaz says:

    Jeebus, from Patriots beat writer Mike Reiss of ESPN:

    Some additional context/information: On Tom Brady, he required more than 10 stitches after sustaining a cut on the inside part of his right throwing hand near the thumb Wednesday, per source. Those at practice described a bloody scene.


  6. Peterr says:

    But as appealing as it seems, no way to bet against New England. . . .

    . . . I’ll take the Vikes though.

    So therefore, it will be the Jags and the Iggles in the Super Bowl. Am I reading this right?


  7. scribe says:

    Well, so far Biebs seems to be dinking and dunking the Jags to the 10 – nice 21 yarder on a 4th and 2 – and taking the 3 after the Jags forced a couple short losses.

    James Silverback Harrison in on the first tackle. No longer a starter, though. Riiiight. And playing every down.

    Fuck you, Mike Tomlin.

    Fuck the NFL.

    • scribe says:

      James Silverback Harrison sacks Bortles, causes fumble (recovered by Jax).

      Too old.  A vintage car you only take out on nice days and leave in the garage on others.

    • bmaz says:

      New England may get blown out at this rate.

      And while I wasn’t going to bet on them, after the offense Jags put up last weekend, guess am not surprised at how this is going today.

  8. Trent says:

    Shipping up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys on the outtro.

    A live version would have been better but at least they’re awake in the truck.

    Anything/anyone cool ever come out of Jax?

  9. Trent says:

    Good to know. One More From the Road was the 1st CD I ever bought but switched to a Neil Young fan long time ago. It was recorded live at The Fox in Atlanta. If you’ve never been there it’s worth a visit next time you’re here. Built in late ‘20s with cool Islamic architecture. The inside is epic.
    Thought the Brothers were from Macon…learned something new.

    • bmaz says:

      Allmans are originally from Macon GA, but have some ties to Jax area. Best I could do! Not a lot of other talent from there.

  10. Bay State Librul says:

    A conjugation ode to Scribe, and to the other 44 states.

    Philadelphia is flying, Philadelphia had been flying, Philadelphia may have flown. Philadelphia flew.

    Philadelphia dawdles, dillydallies, dances, and vanishes.

    10:55 PM EST, February 4, 2018

    Patriots beat Eagles.

    “The red, white, and blue confetti floated in the sky and dropped ever so gently on their latest field of dreams. There were hugs, pats on the backs, and family moments with children hugging their hero dads, and wives kissing their hero husbands. There was Bill Belichick, Matt Patricia, and Josh McDaniels, the brain trust of the Super Bowl LII champions embracing for the final time, with Patricia off to Detroit and McDaniels off to Indy.

    The Vince Lombardi Trophy was touched, kissed, and embraced like a loved one.

    The New England Patriots, draped in blood, sweat, and tears, won the Super Bowl for the 6th time, beating the Philadelphia Eagles, 27-24, last night before 66,655 at US Bank Stadium.

    Source: With a little help from the Boston Globe on 2/7/05

  11. Christopher OLoughlin says:

    To old to bet:

    4FEB18 Herstory repeats herself. Too bad underdog’s Patsies will do it again and again and again.

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