October 13, 2018 / by bmaz


The Reply Button

Dear readers and commenters. Thank you for your relentless advisory that “The Reply Button Is Not Working”.

That is swell. But here is the deal, we are not guarantors of blog commentary perfection for you.

This is a blog that does not impinge on you, the reader and occasional commenter, with advertising of any sort. Much less the invasive horse manure that makes most blogs hard to even engage with (Yeah, go check out Talking Points Memo now).

We do not do a lick of that. Not.One.Lick. So, when you bitch about “golly the reply function does not work”, please stop and think about what happens behind the scenes.

I spent most of yesterday on my day job, and STILL got many dozens of notices of attack on this site.

If your “reply button” doesn’t work, instead of whining about it, note the name of who you are responding to, and the time of their comment you are responding to, and then respond to it.

How hard is this?? There are a LOT of people here that remember when such was the ONLY way you could respond to another commenter. If you cannot do this during the occasional moments when our “reply button” is not serving you well enough, suck it up.

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