Mid October Trash Talk

Welp, we had a good discussion about the reply function yesterday, but time to move on to some proper Trash Talk. We already have the college games in the book, and there were some surprising results. LSU dispatched the Dawgs of Georgia surprisingly easy, and Oregon took out the favored Washington Huskies. It wasn’t always pretty, but Jim White’s beloved Gators got another win, this time over Vanderbilt, who is often a thorn in their side. Auburn got smoked by Tennessee, did not see that coming. The unranked Sparty’s of Michigan State stunned #8 rated Penn State in Happy Valley.

And, in the don’t sleep on them category, Iowa State took out #6 ranked West Virginia. The Cyclones have a true freshman QB named Brock Purdy. Remember that name, because he is blowing shit up. Here, we kind of knew of Purdy from his exploits at Perry High in the East Valley. He is a true pro-style QB with incredible field vision,and he can flat chuck it. Last week, he threw for 5 TD’s and blew out the heavily favored and ranked Oklahoma State. Last night, he followed up with an 18/25 night with 3 TD’s against West Virginia. This kid has a future.

Okay, on to the pros. The biggest game is, of course, the SNF matchup of the white hot Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs in Foxborough to visit Bill Bel, Brady and the Pat boys. The question is whether the lethargic to start the season Pats offense is starting to wake up now with Josh gordon and Julian Edelman in the lineup. The presence of those two alone ought to help out the anemic running game, that is also starting to now show up behind Sony Michel. Huge game.

The Bears are in Miami to face the Fish, who are suddenly without starting QB Ryan Tannehill. That means it is Brock Osweiller time, and Khalil Mack is likely to feast on that. Arizona travels to Minnesota for Larry Fitzgerald’s likely last game in his home town. The Cards look better with rookie Josh Rosen at the helm, but hard to see them doing much against the Vikes’ solid defense in the noise factory there. The Chargers at Brownies seems curiously interesting. You’d have to take the Bolts, but Cleveland is actually playing real football lately, so who knows.

Steelers have been uncharacteristically dysfunctional this year and really need a win in Cincy against the Bungles. I think they will get it, but Cicny looks more solid than they usually do, so this could be quite a game. Speaking of dysfunctional, that describes the Broncos too, and it is hard to see them stopping the Rams, even though the game is at Mile High and there is white stuff on the ground. The Niners are at the Packers for MNF. Aaron Rodgers is still banged up on the knee, and is going to a bigger and stiffer brace. Still, that should be enough for the Niners in Lambeau.

Lastly, it is MLB playoff time,with both leagues into their championship series. The Brewers took game one from the Dodgers, but LA came back to win game two in the heartland. The series now moves to LA and it sure seems like the momentum has shifted to the Dodgers. In the ALCS, game one last night was yet another gem by Justin Verlander as the Stros took out the Sawx in Fenway. Game two features Gerrit Cole, a sneaky good pitcher versus David Price for the Sawx. A LOT is riding on Price, who can be erratic in the postseason, because Boston sure doesn’t want to roll into Houston down 0-2.

No F1 this week, so that is it.

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    • Pete says:

      We make up for it with our politics which sometimes involves football.

      I admit I like to watch Aussie Rules football when it is (rarely) on the tube.

  1. bmaz says:

    Jesus, it is Really snowing, with wet nasty snow, in Denver. Think the Rams gonna be running Todd Gurley a LOT.

    • SirLurksAlot says:

      the ski areas get a significant uptick in bookings when it snows for the Broncos game. there’s about four inches on the Saabs, nothing on the streets.

  2. DMM says:

    You weren’t the only one who didn’t see the Vols smoking Auburn a’comin’, but of course it would be the first game in forever that I had to miss seeing. Even in victory life conspires against me. ;)

  3. Peterr says:

    Having attended Northwestern when the Fighting Journalists set the then-record for consecutive losses, I was delighted to see the FJs extend Nebraska’s 0-fer season with a come from behind effort to tie the game, and then win it in overtime. I had to restrain my expressions of joy, however, as Mrs Dr Peterr is a Husker fan.

  4. Peterr says:

    . . . it is Brock Osweiller time, and Khalil Mack is likely to feast on that.

    Indeed. I love it as a Bears fan, and I love it even more for the fact that every great game Mack has is a sharp poke in Chuckie’s eye, and a poke in each eye when the RayDuhs lose.

  5. pseudonymous in nc says:

    First of three NFL games at Wembley — originally meant for Tottenham’s new ground, which isn’t yet finished — and so there’s going to be a lot of trash talked about the state of a grass pitch meant for association football. Especially because the stadium hosted a boxing match not long ago and that did its own damage.

  6. Bay State Librul says:

    A double pun
    Brooklyn Brewery vs Sam Adams
    Brooklyn Brewery said it will rename the pale lager on tap at its Williamsburg location as “This Sox Pale Lager”
    Headline from Business Insider: Pour Sport?

    The Red Sox played their worst game of the season. Ten walks and three wild pitches.

    David Price will try to salvage his $31Million a year contract tonight.

    Odds are on Price….

  7. jo6pac says:

    The raiders doing what they do best. The rumors are flying around that Carr and Cooper will be traded at the end of the season

    9ers are on Monday and I don’t have espn but then I wouldn’t watch any way.


    This is interesting and may be coming soon


    A little fun with music

    Todd – Rundgren – Tin Foil Hat (feat. Donald Fagen)

    Peterr  are on Mack and chuckie

  8. Trent says:

    The Dawgs have a fatal flaw this year which is hard to fix.  Crisis of confidence on both sides of the ball.  Coaching is not playing to strengths either.  Holyfield was running like a man possessed and wanted to carry the team.  Shitty play calling tried to establish a vertical passing game for a run game that was already there.  Freshman 5 star QB is going to get more PT (and should have yesterday) adding to the offense’s complex.

    Love that Highwayman album.   Just about wore it out back in the day.

    If you’re a Waylon fan, do yourself a favor and check out Sturgill Simpson.

    Dude sounds just like him on some songs and is a throwback to when country music was real.  Writes his own songs.  Sings & plays ‘em too.

  9. Trent says:

    Falcons are gonna have to get real creative to lose this one.  Up by 9 under 4 to go.  “Crab Legs” has his team in the red zone so its very doable.  Should be another epic collapse.

  10. Trent says:

    Dirty birds survived, barely.  Bryant was clutch with a 58 yard FG after the bucs got it to within 2.  Falcons up 5 with a little over a minute left.  Crab legs drove his team to the red zone with no TOs.  A crazy-ass fumblerooski last play almost worked for the bucs…almost.  Too bad that W is too late mean much.  Tough to be an ATL sports fan.

    • bmaz says:

      Heh, better than being a Miami fan about now. Were one yard away from an overtime TD and win…..and fumbled into the bears end zone. Ooof.

      • Pete says:

        Miami Vice drama.  We just wanted last year’s kicker Parkey , who now plays for the Bears, to miss so we could win with 3 seconds on the clock. On to further mediocrity….

  11. scribe says:

    Well, that Stillers game was interesting. The refs almost took the game away, calling JuJu’s TD a “down by contact” at the 1/2, but somehow Ben and Co. pulled it out. Helping considerably: the poor sportsmanship gene in the Bungles. The Stillers’ final drive would have stalled but for a dumb penalty by Cincy’s D. That, the Stillers’ O-line protection was simply magnificent, and the Stillers’ O just plain beat up on Cincy’s D. They put a number of Cincy’s DBs on the sideline, hurt, at critical points.

    And James Conner had another 100+ rushing yard game. LeVeon Who?

    This Stillers’ fan smiles.

    The Cheating Cheaters of Cheatertown will be on shortly, which is what it is. A good draw for the networks.

    I was going to say something about the bullshit fine imposed on Watt the Younger for a non-hit on the QB last week, atop another bullshit roughing the passer penalty, but thought better of it. Didn’t want to insult the people, animals or manure piles who’d share names with King Roger the Clown and his minions.

    Anyway, there’s a cable channel way up in the 4-digit range that’s running the old Avengers series (we’re getting Honor Blackman episodes) back to back with Patrick MacGoohan as Danger Man. Better than watching Biebs slice and dice again. And I’m realy bushed today, anyway.

      • tinao says:

        Looking good, damn my stillers got it done again.. optimum word. Thanks for the the calls but business got done!

    • tinao says:

      Oh gee whiz the boyz got it done again. Got home late to see the end, tick, tick, tick. Good JuJu.

      Would also like a refresher coarse to know what i delete on the posting tag of utube to make it available? Anyone… Old Steeley Dan fan.

  12. Jim White says:

    What a fun weekend here in Gainesville! We had a terrific visit from roving Emptywheel reporter Rosalind. Yesterday we enjoyed the Gator comeback on the tube and then went for a tour of campus highlighted by a couple of large gators in Lake Alice and perfect timing for the emergence of the massive bat population from the bat houses. That was followed by an outstanding dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant.

    Today was a trip down to St. Petersburg to take in the Bill Graham and the Rock & Rol Revolution exhibit at the Florida Holocaust Museum. What a treat to get Rosalind’s personal stories of her time working for Bill.

  13. Tommy D Cosmology says:

    My youngest is taking me to the USGP Formula 1 race!! She pulled forward her 13th birthday present, her Christmas present, her allowance, and turned down 21 Pilots tickets. I have no idea where this phase came from, but I hope it sticks!  Her idol is Claire Williams (her middle name is Claire, but that’s a councidence).

    • Peterr says:

      Be careful what you ask for, Tommy . . .

      Youngest at age 16: “Daddy, now that I have my driver’s license, I want a car. But not just any car . . . You can lump together my 16th, 17th, and 18th birthday presents, the next three Christmases, and a couple of favors you’d give me anyway, and we’ll call it good.”

  14. new-radical says:

    I’m on the other side of the world, so I only get to comment after everyone else has gone to bed. It’s hard to get into the conversation.
    In the spirit of trash talk – fuck you!,
    Your crazy democratic system has failed, so get a hold of yourselves.
    The Founding Fathers were slave owning upper-middle class… what-ever’s, wake up America before we all go down the gurgler.
    We (the rest of the world) don’t have a vote, but we have to put up with your shit!,

  15. Bay State Librul says:

    Mid-October in New England.  No Trash Talk required.

    Oh, what a night
    Such pure delight
    What a very special time for us
    As I remember, what a night

    Lyrics by the Four Seasons (Pats, Sox, Bruins, and Celts)

    Tacky alert: — Can you call them the “Sox” or “BoSox”.  Forgot the accent, it’s no longer cute

    “Recently media have begun to call them the “Sawx”. However, most New England fans refer to them as the “Sox” — signed:  the picky, picky department.

    Thanks for listening

      • Bay State Librul says:

        “No matter how the Red Sox’ and Patriots’ stories end this season, we’re not going to forget the plot twists of October 14, 2018.” Chad Finn

        How about a compromise…. call the Sox by their real name “Boston Red Sox Baseball Club Limited Partnership…. John Henry gives you thanks.

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