October 19, 2018 / by bmaz


Going To Cut Khashoggi Into Little Pieces

As a terrible week comes to a close, Trump’s supporters, both in Congress and the insane right wing press, are now out pushing scurrilous and scandalous bullshit about Mr. Khashoggi, not to mention now playing up the celebration of Trumpian Congressional asshole like Gianforte physically assaulting innocent reporters like Ben Jacobs.

So, here we are. Here is what “journalists” like Chris Matthews and @MSNBC are propagating. It was just a “fistfight” gone wrong! Yep, that is the ticket. In fairness, Matthews pulled back just a tad after that craven open and display. But not much.

So, why is this where the big media is, much less the so called “liberal” haven of MSNBC?

It is all total bullshit. But, thanks to the cowardice of the “independent media”, it is all a joke. Do not even get me started about the joke and lie that was the visit of Chuck Todd and his show “Meet The Press” that supposedly happened here yesterday. It was a total fraud. I tried to arrive almost three hours ahead of time to what Todd and his bleating PR machine advertised as a chance for people of my neighborhood to “participate”. What a lie, and what a joke.

It was everything but that. But, hey, Todd, @MSNBC and @CNN are going to dissect this story like they ought to while, at the same time, propagating the beyond incredible horseshit coming out of the White House and the KSA in total coordination that is insulting to any human’s intelligence.

Almost like it is a conspiracy.

By the way, where did Jared go???

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