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Grab Your Phone and Dial Now: NO on Farr [UPDATE]

[NB: Check the byline – this is Rayne. Updates appear at the bottom of this post.]

Look, these Senate Democrats will explain why they will vote NO on Thomas Farr for federal judge better than I will:

Amy Klobuchar

Elizabeth Warren

Richard Blumenthal

Sherrod Brown

Kirsten Gillibrand

Cory Booker

Chuck Schumer says the Democrats are united and voting NO.

But here’s the thing: Shit happens. People slide when they think they have cover, when nobody’s watching.


You have a GOP Senator or Senators?

CALL THEM AND TELL THEM NO ON FARR because we are watching their votes closely when it comes to Trump’s policies and nominees. We are watching for senators who aren’t supportive of civil rights and voters’ rights.

These GOP Senators are particularly at risk — if they don’t retire — because they are up for reelection in 2020:

Dan Sullivan (AK)
Tom Cotton (AR)
Cory Gardner (CO)
David Perdue (GA)
Jim Risch (ID)
Joni Ernst (IA)
Pat Roberts (KS)
Mitch McConnell (KY)
Bill Cassidy (LA)
Susan Collins (ME)
Steve Daines (MT)
Ben Sasse (NE)
Thom Tillis (NC)
Jim Inhofe (OK)
Lindsay Graham (SC)
Mike Rounds (SD)
Lamar Alexander (TN)
John Cornyn (TX)
Shelley Moore Capito (WV)
Mike Enzi (WY)

MAKE THE CALLS RIGHT NOW — the Senate is supposed to invoke cloture any time now on Farr.

Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121

ADDER — 1:30 PM EST — In case you’re  not up to speed on Farr’s background and you don’t want to listen to the Senate Dems’ speeches linked above, here’s a backgrounder by Ari Berman at Mother Jones. In a nutshell, Farr exemplifies everything wrong with North Carolina’s politics — utterly racist and dishonest to boot.

UPDATE — 2:06 PM EST — Cloture was invoked; the vote is tight, forcing VP to cast the deciding vote. (Time stamp on tweet below is PST for some reason.)

CALL YOUR SENATORS ESPECIALLY GOP ONES. Make them own this vote when they finally confirm Farr.


Treat this as an open thread.


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    • Rayne says:

      Thank you — hope you mean you contacted your senators as it’s the Senate which confirms nominations under their constitutional duty to advise and consent.

        • Rayne says:

          Please keep me posted on any remarks they may make about Farr if you happen to run across them in the news, in their Twitter feed, or if they respond by mail or email to you. I’m going to keep track of GOP senators in particular, and I suspect you may have one up for re-election. Let’s pin this vote to them. Thanks again!

    • Rayne says:

      First, the vote earlier this afternoon was to invoke cloture. It’s not the final vote for confirmation.

      Second, it looks like Flake may have been outmaneuvered on his latest attempt according to VICE though he said of the bipartisan effort ““We’ll continue to do so until this vital investigation is completed…”

      Keep calling and recording GOP senators’ position on Farr’s confirmation. They are notably quiet about the bill to protect Mueller *and* Farr’s confirmation.

  1. G Holland says:

    From Washington Times recent post (
    “Senate Republicans overcame a Democratic filibuster Wednesday to advance the nomination of Thomas A. Farr — though his confirmation is not certain, with the Senate’s sole black Republican signaling he’s not a definite supporter in a final vote looming Thursday. The GOP surmounted the filibuster on a 51-50 vote, with Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican, backing Mr. Farr. He would not say publicly whether he’ll be on board when it comes to the confirmation vote to install Mr. Farr on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. “I am comfortable with my vote far and intend to do my homework and research,” Mr. Scott told reporters, adding that he wants more sensitivity to issues of civility and appearances of voter suppression.”

    I am ashamed to live in South Carolina.

  2. C Heyward says:

    This got/is getting virtually zero press in SC. What little is out there is surface level and buried under bigger headlines. I read your twitter and called Scott’s office on Monday. Our primary newspaper (Post and Courier) has only 1 tiny opinion piece on this issue. I get that its football season, Clemson is doing very well and people love to read about Dabo Sweeney, which is the topic that gains the most front page real estate in this sate; however, you would think room could be made for stories as important as voter suppression. No local journalists are forcing Scott to speak to directly to SC about this issue. It gets a footnote in the nightly news. Most people here are completely tuned out. If you have any connections with local journalists in SC, maybe suggest to them that they make this story a priority.

  3. Jenny says:

    I called Scott’s office yesterday. I asked why Scott would reward bad behavior to Farr who’s extreme voter ID law (2013) was struck down by federal appeals court? The court said the law targeted black people with “almost surgical precision.” As a teacher I am appalled. Do not reward bad behavior. Vote NO Mr. Scott, take a stand for equality.
    Scott office number is: 202-224-6121

  4. Eugenia Floyd says:

    Everyone who can, please send an email to Senator Tim Scott (R, SC), [] to thank him for voting against Farr and sinking the nomination. Scott may not be our friend on many issues, but he bucked his party here and deserves to be commended. We now know he is a senator we can reach out to to address similar nominations if they are put forward.

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