Late Trash Is Better Than No Trash At All

It is a weekend well into December, so far that there is really no college football between now and the preternaturally expanded NCAA schedule of Bullshit Bowls That Don’t Matter season and the end of the year and real BCS bowls. F1 is over until the spring. Basketball is nothing but clacking about LeBron on on otherwise D-League team. Baseball is waiting for the winter meetings or whatever. In short, there is not squat but the NFL. So, here we go on a truncated, but necessary, Trash Talk because Scribe, rightfully, demanded it. There were other circumstances last weekend, and earlier today. Sorry about that, but every now and then things impinge on the trash collection.

So, this is going to be all NFL, and we shall start, apropos, with the Steelers. They visit the Rayduhs who are still squatting in their former home of Oakland. Hard to see Big Ben letting this slip, take the Stillers. Rams are at Bears, and with Khalil Mack rounding back into shape, I think this is a better test than most seem to, but, still, take the Rams. Vikes are at the Squawks for SNF, but Seattle is a tough joint, and the Squawks are on a serious roll. Sorry Minnesota.

Detroit at Arizona is almost comical. Which loser will win? Who the heck knows? And does anyone really care? Stupidly enough, the game of the week may be the 6-6 Eagles at the 7-5 Cowboys. There is no team in the NFC East that deserves to be in the playoffs, but someone has to win the division. With the Redskins starting [spin the wheel] Sonny Jurgenson (Sanchize) at QB at this point, it is really down to Iggles and Boys. I’ll take the Iggles in an upset at Jerry World. Colts at Houston is another interesting game. The way Deshaun Watson and the Texans have been playing, you’d be nuts not to take them. But Andrew Luck has been quietly starting to totally rip it up again, and the Colts’ O-Line has been protecting him to do so. This is in Houston though, I’ll still take the red hot Tejans.

Pats always have a problem in South Beach, but it is hard to see the Fins taking this one any more than it is to think the Raiders will pose a problem for the Stillers, even though Pittsburgh has has issues in the Bay Area before.

So, that is it for Late Trash. As a shoutout to Sean and Janis, very long time readers and friends I recently had lunch with, this weekend’s music is some Be Bop Deluxe.

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  1. Scully says:

    Under the circumstances I shared with poster Mulder  in a comment in a recent thread, I hope Bmaz or Rayne will give me a pass in revising my posting handle here to my real surname. Aside from my activity today, I found one 2016 post under Tom S.

    • bmaz says:

      This is good, and thank you Scully. But one under TomS since this one too? All we ask is that you pick one and stick to it. What we do not accept is multiple identities.

      You have posted four times in the last couple of hours, once as “Scully” and three times as “TomS”. Pick one. And, yeah, we can tell when you do not.

      • Tom S. says:

        bmaz, I thought further about it and I will pass on the X-Files option. Morley suggested Tom S.  when I shared my misgivings about the prominence my full name would receive in the course of my volunteering to read and approve every pending comment on his site. I noticed only after a couple of post submissions here yesterday you even offer an brief edit window. Those unfamiliar with akismet have little awareness how liberal your filtering set up is. Dealing with all comments either pending manual approval or initially categorized as spam was a PIA but I understood why Morley’s akismet was set up was so restrictively after dealing with the steady stream of trolls and his albatross of a litigation saga. I did not notice he wrote this column in July, advising that Kavanaugh has ended his 15 year suit in a 2-1 unsigned decision hours before he appeared on TV with his family, at the White House. (Excuse my timing, I saw you’ve had your hands full today.)  by Jefferson Morley, July 17, 2018.


  2. BobCon says:

    You’re dragging the NBA too much. The Warriors look less like locks. LeBron’s Lakers look likeable.Antetokuompo also amazes. And there is some other fun young talent too.

    • Tech Support says:

      bmaz reveals himself with that aside. For those who need it, here’s a handy guide to classifying someone’s understanding of the NBA…

      1. Non-Fan: “LeBron blah blah blah.”

      2. Casual Bandwagoner: “The Warriors are The. Best. Ever. And it will never end!”

      3. Serious League Watcher: “How about those Bucks?”

      4. EW level OCD armchair basketball analyst: “I would refer you to Zach Lowe’s podcast about why the Rockets have imploded.”

        • bmaz says:

          Yeah, hilarious. The guy has been here for four comments, over an entirety of four days, does not know jack shit about me and trots in with some ginned up glittering generality bullshit.

          And, by the way, as a native Phoenician, the Lakers fucking suck, and have always fucking sucked. It doesn’t matter that they brought in some outsider mercenary to try to regain some semblance of relevance. They still, and always will, suck.

          But, hey, only “Tech Support” can arbitrate how and where people can be NBA fans. I was at the Suns first game ever and was later a season ticket holder for nearly twenty years. But “Tech Support” is the arbiter of all NBA fandom I guess.

          “Tech Support” could have just made a nice post talking about the NBA, its virtues and current state of play, but instead decided to be a cynical and hollow jerk. Thanks for your expansive and brilliant contribution TS!

          • Tech Support says:

            Yup, I am super new… but I’ve read enough to know that even a nudge your way would open me up to a flamespray. Glad to you know you care enough to light me up for four paragraphs!

            This probably won’t be the last comment where my humor falls flat with you or I demonstrate a poor understanding of the details of Marcy’s research. If it’s any consolation you won’t need to mop up any partisan hackery or disjointed wingnut rants where I’m concerned.

            (Also, Giannis Antetokounmpo is amazing and though I’m not a Bucks fan I’m incredibly happy when any small market team breaks out and bends the league’s bias away from established superstars)

            (Also, Fuck the Lakers)


            • bmaz says:

              Well, we will agree with “Fuck The Lakers”, which was certainly not your initial buy in here.

              That said, fair enough, and welcome. Also, agree completely about smaller market teams and Antetokounmpo.

              Guy is truly spectacular. What he is doing is absurd and oh so cool. If it was in a major market like, oof, LA, it would be the story of the last few years.

              Sigh, the NBA is a mess. You may be right that the Warriors are in disarray, they clearly are now. Can they rally and be there at the end? I have no idea, but I sure should not write them off. From a long time ago (think college) I know Steve Kerr is a different kind of cat. I think, “think” most all of his players are too. Not going to bet on another title, but sure as hell would not bet against them.

              • Tech Support says:

                The chink in the Warriors armor is that the team that Kerr inspired to “play with joy” are now sniping at each other in public. Contract renewals are coming up soon.

                It’s very difficult to hold even the best teams together and this one is only going to get more expensive. Will Klay bail because KD stole his touches? Will Klay stay because KD bailed because got what he wanted from the Warriors (rings) and will jump LA to play with ‘Bron and bask in the cesspool of entitlement?

                I won’t predict a collapse but it smells post-peak to me.

                • bmaz says:

                  That is about right. I have no idea how it plays out. But if an enlightened soul like Kerr cannot keep such a team together, there is almost  no hope that it can ever happen again in the modern NBA.

  3. orionATL says:

    o.k. i gotta copy this over here where it fits:

    December 8, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    hey, it’s soccer time – u.s. national professional men’s soccer championship. mercedes benz stadium, atlanta. 70,00 fans, chanting and singing  in the stands like it was england or germany. fox sports coverage. atlanta united vs portland timber.

    is this the year, finally? espero!

    1-0 atlanta, martinez scoring as he lopes around the goalie and shoots across the goal.

    • pseudonymous in nc says:

      MLS is what it is in terms of quality — better than it was, not as good as it ought to be — but the rise of Atlanta Utd and the crowds they pull in to the stadium — plastic pitch notwithstanding — is quite something. How the league copes with a team that could potentially keep winning for years is another question.

      • orionATL says:

        yeah, it is a pleasure to see some movement toward greater acceptance for pro soccer, but, as with all pro sports, each year’s team is a fragile creature. players and coaches come and go. teams gel – and melt the next year.

        i just hope the crowds stick with the team. what media accounts seem to ignore is that atlanta is a big hispanic town as well as standard anglo, with a sizeable population of west african immigrants – a good, enthusiastic, energetic fan base to go with us anglos – and undoubtedly less fickle.

        • Watson says:

          Don’t sleep on today’s Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plate. It’s the Buenos Aires ‘darby’ that was postponed and its venue changed to Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium after River fans attacked Boca’s bus as it tried to enter El Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires on November 24. Fox Deportes or Telemundo, 2:30 pm ET.

      • BobCon says:

        MLS would be better off if the soccer world was a bit more forgiving of innovation. I think it would be the perfect place to experiment with things like liberalized substitution rules, alternatives to PKs for tie breakers, new types of penalties, things like that. But they want to be seen as serious international soccer, which means they stay in lockstep with the big leagues abroad.

        Maybe the solution would be to rethink the way they are structured as an NFL-style league with no serious secondary league, and start expansion on a minor league level, but more seriously than the NBA’s development league. They could use the minor league to experiment with both players and rules changes, and promote both if they show value. I think MLS is probably smarter, at any rate, going to something like 24 Major and 16 Minor structure than a 32 Major 0 Minor structure. Owners, no doubt, disagree.

        • Watson says:

          My two cents on experimenting with the rules of ‘futbol’:
          The best part of soccer to me is the amazing things that world class players can do with the ball. But the way the game is played, you can watch a whole match and not see one good trick. It’s as if in basketball the defense was allowed to tackle LeBron or Steph Curry as soon as they touch the ball.
          My prescription: Open up the game. Reduce the number of players from eleven to ten, and eliminate most ‘tackling’ by prohibiting defenders from leaving their feet when they make contact with a player who has possession of the ball.

          • BobCon says:

            Another possibility is to allow refs to call for NHL style power play penalties. Refs are understandably reluctant about issuing red cards because they have such a big impact on the game, but the result is there is very little disincentive for brutal play as long as it’s not close to your own goal. I also think freer substitution would help a lot.

            The big issue is that there is no way to know — soccer is so wary of change that testing out new rules rarely happens.

          • Kick the darkness says:

            I like watching the old Garrincha and George Best clips, but the game is just so fast now in EPL etc that dancing with the ball can actually slow the attack up a bit.  So the art is more in the interconnection, off the ball movement, forcing the defenders to make decisions and breaking them down.  Which is fun to watch too.  Still, it great to see the best of the best take people on one on one.  If you’ve never watched futsol it’s fast and flashy.

      • Kick the darkness says:

        Weekend gone but loath to pass up chance to trash talk on the beautiful game.  No horse in the race this year with LAFC gone.  Made a good run for their first year.  Their new stadium is beautiful.  Overall, indicators looking up for MLS.  Except plastic pitches like you say.  That shit has to go.  When the floorboards of your car have half an inch of those little rubber crumbs rather than good honest mud. US soccer getting there slowly.  One kid at a time.  MLS needs to sink their money into quality coaching for youth development rather than salaries for aging overseas superstars.  Gotta love those transfer fees.  Least that’s my take.

  4. Rapier says:

    29 degrees and a steady northerly draft in nighttime Soldier Field is going to leave the Rams feeling a little empty, small and slow on that perennially crummy grass. They played one game in the cold last year in Philly, and lost. No way they want it as much as the Bears either.  One never knows in football of course but this is one for the taking.  Then too the Bears have Tarik Cohen.

    • Ed Walker says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s cold and windy, and if the wind shifts to the Northeast, off the lake, it will feel like sleet even on a cloudless day.

      • bmaz says:

        This is fair analysis by you and Rapier. There is a reason people don’t like to play in Green Bay in the dead of winter, but the same applies to Soldier Field.

    • Rapier says:

      Nagy has done a great job but if he does not abandon that visor cap I have no choice but to demand his dismissal.

  5. Peterr says:

    We’ve been having late trash around KC for the last couple of weeks, as ice-covered streets and garbage trucks do not mix well. Still, it’s not like the food scraps in the bags on the curb are going to start smelling in the 25 degree temps because they have to sit there an extra day or two.

    Speaking of which . . .

    The Ravens and Chefs should have no weather-related problems on Sunday, but when the Rams come to town on Thursday, it could be dicey. Forecasts for Thursday evening are shifting back and forth from rain to ice to snow . . .


    • Pete says:

      Army beat Navy and Trump was there to toss the coin.  Probably had this picture on both sides.  Heads he wins. Tails we lose.  That too shall pass soon methinks.  I didn’t watch.

      • David Karson says:

        Except for the coin toss, it was a Great Game and probably the biggest school rivalry in college football.  Both military academies demand their cadets to “not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do”.   Given that, hard to see why they invited Trump for the coin toss. LOL!

  6. hollywood says:

    I saw Be Bop Delux once back in the 70s.  “Fair Exchange” was their hit then.  Bill Nelson was impressive.

  7. Rosalind says:

    Ahem. Seattle was awarded the next Hockey franchise. Now to the naming! Seattle Sockeye, Rein, Starpucks, Summit, Run-Abouts. Traffic, Barracudas and fan favorite: Kraken!!

  8. Pete says:

    @Tech Support
    Knows the Giannis Antetokounmpo story, how good he is and how good he can be if he keeps his head right. He’s still learning.

    • Tech Support says:

      Honestly it’s shocked me what a good team they’ve put together. It’s not unusual for a chronically bad team to pick up a transcendent player through the draft, and then fail to put anything meaningful around him for years until he finally gets fed up and bails (lookin at you, Pelicans).

      When they had just drafted Thon Maker, and they still had Jason Kidd as their HC, it looked like that usual script of waste and failure was destined to play out one more time. What they’ve managed to do in the last two years is really admirable. Khris Middleton and Malcom Brogdon are solid complimentary pieces and getting Brook Lopez for dirt was a coup. Budenholzer is from the Greg Popovich coaching tree and it shows.

      (Getting Brook Lopez for dirt was also an indictment of the Lakers utter failure to utilize him appropriately. As said above, Fuck the Lakers.)


      • bmaz says:

        Hi there “Tech Support”. You mean Jason Kidd who beat the shit out of his wife here in Phoenix?

        Is THAT the Jason Kidd you are relying on for your genius shit?

        I actually know a little about this. You want to prop up wife abusers? Well do you? You seem to be a mouthy little new addition to this blog, let’s see who you are as a human.

        • Tech Support says:

          So I’m usually willing to take responsibility for people misunderstanding what I write but I think your knee popped up in front of your eyes.

          My whole point was that the Bucks were stinking it up while Kidd was coaching for them and wasting the Greek Freak’s talent in the process. That really didn’t necessitate me breaking down what a godawful human being he is. But if it’ll make you feel any better, I took some Nelson Muntz HA HA pleasure in watching him exit the league as a failure.

          Mike Budenholzer is one of the better coaches in the league. ATL was stupid for letting him go unless it was clearly understood that he wasn’t going to help them tank. MIL is much better now for the coaching change. That was what I was getting at.

          If you want to know who I am as a human, at least through the lens of NBA basketball, then I’ll tell you that I’m a Portland Trail Blazers fan who joined most of the city in turning our backs on the Jail Blazers. Today I basically cling to the relatively high character of our team up and down the roster (and Damian Lillard as an ice cold killer on the court) as a substitute for believing that we’re actually going to accomplish anything meaningful in the postseason. 1st round exits aren’t sexy, but at least they spare me from the gallows humor loyalty required to be a Kings or Nets fan.

          Do you read Valley of the Suns on SBN? They’re an angry bunch over there too.

  9. burnt says:

    It was fun to have lunch with you bmaz. Bittersweet is out acquiring tuna melt supplies while I get the kitchen ready. I’ve queued up the Pack for her return. Both teams look a bit sloppy, however, the Pack is driving nicely now. It’s a blindingly bright Sunday here on the tundra and a crisp 18F with the windchill which means we are dreaming of riding our mountain bikes in the saguaro of Tonto National Forest.

  10. orionATL says:

    the falcons would have done a lot better against the pack if ryan hadn’t kept hitting his receivers in the hands.

    but that’s ok cause the packers were my first love decades and decades ago. i can’t begrudge them a needed win.

  11. scribe says:

    Well, I’m finally in.  Been in meetings all day long re a non-profit where I serve on the board.  I get out of the car with the Patsies on the radio, and their radio homers going on about going into the Steel City next week as a 10-win team, the latter distinction for the 16th year in a row.   A mark of consistency possibly unparalleled in football history.

    By the time I get into the living room, the football channel is showing Dolphins dancing in the end zone, doing snow angels on the Miami grass, weeping and smiling through the shock.  Something about “the laterals were legal”.  And the final score, Miami wins.

    Cheaters never prosper.  This Stillers fan smiles.  Serves them right.

    So now we have RGIII in as a receiver in the Crows-Chefs OT tilt.  OK.  Whatevs.  At least Daniel Snyder won’t be there to ruin his knee.  Down to 2:00 in that game, with the possibility of a tie looming.  Hmmm.

    Some of the best news this week was from off the field.  As shown in this video, Stiller LB Ryan Shazier has moved along in his rehab from a brutal spinal injury a year ago.  He is deadlifting weights, and not insubstantial amounts.  I’m fairly fit, have been all my life, and think I never could have lifted that amount of iron.

    If ever you doubted the existence of a God, call him/her/it what you will, that video should dispel all further doubt.  If you ever questioned the power of football to inspire, to raise spirits, Ryan Shazier lifting heavy weights only months after being paralyzed making a tackle should answer your questions.

    KC just won, beating the Baltimore team with less than 1:40 left in OT.

    A phone call.

    Where was I …

    Oh, yeah.

    As noted above, what looks to be the Big Game today is Iggles at Owboys.  The schedule turning to this game led to a short-lived outbreak of trash talk and bulletin-board material, brought to a halt (on the Iggles side) by their coach telling them to knock it off.  Some of the PA papers took up the cudgel, reminding us of the top 20 Owboys chokes and such.  #1 on most surveys was Tony Romo fumbling the ball, looking like Garo Yepremian trying to throw a pass.

    I enjoyed that play.

    Another article in a PA paper polled the readership: “Which Iggle player would be the best one to dance on The Star?”

    Talk among yourselves.

    I sincerely hope the Iggles find a way to win;  the Washington team lost badly to the G-men and, before this is all done, it could come down to tiebreaker levels way past “record against divisional opponents”.  Just so long as the Owboys lose.

    As to my Stillers, last week was a debacle with considerable assistance of the refs.  I cannot wait until sports betting is nationwide, soon to be followed by scandals involving corrupt refs nudging games one way or another with judgment call flags.  Even if they only stop the clock until the flag is picked up it can make a difference.  And if you thought the delays coming from “gotta call New York” were bad now, just wait.

    And the Owboys cough up an INT in the end zone.  Ahhh.

    I’ll post more in a bit – I wanted to get something up before halftime.

    • Bay State Librul says:

      You are mean.

      Are you sure you didn’t vote for Don the Con?

      No sympathy for the Patsies?

      I’m still in shock.

      On to Pittsburg.

      I was impressed with Gordon in the post -game interview.

      Sounds like a changed man.



    • Pete says:

      I am sure there have been other improbably wow plays in NFL lore – heck one even has to include the Stiller’s Immaculate Reception in any list – but I happened to be at the Dolphins-Chargers game Jan 2, 1982 ( which I believe up until then was the longest game played.  In that one, the last play of the first half with the Fins seemingly out of it at 24-10, there was a double lateral: Strock to Harris to Nathan for 24-17.  Then early in the 3rd a Miami TD nots it up and we’re off to the races.  Not the drama of a last play desperation like yesterday.  You’re welcome all of you who benefitted. Big weekend coming up for the Stillers at home.  I’ll be watching and rooting for a Stiller win.  The home field vis-a-vis Stillers and NE may still be a tad cloudy even if the Stillers win though.

    • bmaz says:

      Joined completely. It is all such crap. I’d love to take the Maranello side, but cannot.

      Vettel was even a bigger asshole than Hamilton this year (not an easy task). Kimi was the only admirable person out of all that, and look where it got him (though think LeCerc will be good).

      • quebecois says:

        LeClerc looks extremely talented and Ferrari will suck the life out of him.  They’re expertise at that is extensive.  Hope Verstappen will have a car that will be able to take him to many victories.  Hope some see the talent that Stroll is, instead of always talking about his owner dad.  More hope for Ricciardo and his Renault engine.

      • Peterr says:

        I’m just gonna drop this in here . . .

        Rodgers just set the NFL record for consecutive passes without an interception. The old record, set by Tom Brady, was 358 straight passes without a pick. When Rodgers hit Randall Cobb for a touchdown in the third quarter today, that was his 359th straight pass without a pick.

        Talk amongst yourselves.

        • bmaz says:

          Yeah. His touchdown to interception ration this year is 23:1. That is just ridiculous. And in a year  that pretty much everybody, me included, considers to be an off year for him.

        • Pete says:

          The Pack is my First Love – still – from when I discovered football as a young-in. But they ought not get too giddy over Philbin’s 1-0 record. Philbin coached the Dolphins – my second love – so I know things.

  12. Trip says:

    This isn’t sports-related (but is trash talk) and Marcy’s latest article has so many comments, I don’t want to add to volume there, so I hope it is okay that I post this here.

    Price-fixing on generic drugs, which was supposed to spur “lower prices via competition, free market”:

    Investigation of generic ‘cartel’ expands to 300 drugs

    How can anyone discuss healthcare and healthcare costs when the market is artificially inflated in a racket?

    And more lobbyist ‘fixing’

    Establishment looks to crush liberals on Medicare for All
    The coalition that fought Obamacare repeal has fragmented as the party tries to follow through on campaign promises.

    Deep-pocketed hospital, insurance and other lobbies are plotting to crush progressives’ hopes of expanding the government’s role in health care once they take control of the House. The private-sector interests, backed in some cases by key Obama administration and Hillary Clinton campaign alumni, are now focused on beating back another prospective health care overhaul, including plans that would allow people under 65 to buy into Medicare…The Partnership, some of whose members began discussions within weeks of Senate Republicans’ failed Obamacare repeal vote in July 2017, is planning to launch a campaign featuring ads, polling and white papers playing up the private sector’s role and warning against further disruptions to the health system, people involved with the group said. Avalere, a consulting firm Democrats often leaned on to highlight the dangers of GOP repeal bills, is producing research for the coalition.
    Avalere founder Dan Mendelson — a former Clinton White House official — declined to comment on the firm’s work, citing a policy of not talking about its clients.

  13. scribe says:

    Well, the Iggles wound up losing in a strange way.  Going into the OT, the Owboys played a strategy somewhat different from the way I’ve seen other teams play the OT.  They went with the ground game and casually ran a full 8 minutes off the clock before getting into position for the TD.  I am compelled to commend them on their clock management of the OT, seeing as how it left the Iggles a very few seconds to do anything, assuming they got the ball back.

    Which almost happened.  Had that pass which turned out to be the winning TD bounced just a little differently, we could have seen the Iggles player lumbering the full length of the field to score, or at least set up a winning FG.

    Oh, well.  Didn’t happen.

    As to the Stillers, I note the in-game and post-game commentary on one of their leading message boards is best summarized by this post:

    Disgusting performance against one of the worst teams in the league.  I consider myself fortunate I did not watch it.  One of those retina-sears I can do without.

    Next week, we get Cheatin’ Bill leading Biebs, Gimpy Gronk (did you see him trying to run down that Miami RB during the last play – scary gimpy), Secret Squirrel Edelman, and the rest of the Cheating Cheaters coming into the Ketchup Bottle.  That may be just the excuse I need to go next Sunday and trim the Christmas tree or something, instead.  I have no expectation of a good result, and after the game Cheatin’ Bill was talking about people who “didn’t do their job”, a sure sign of the axe falling somewhere, soon.

    In other news, the result of the night game, in which Da Bears won, pleased me.  I didn’t watch, more because I was sleeping, trying break a fever and to get ahead of – or at least a handle on –  a cold/flu that hit me earlier in the weekend.

    Later, folks.

    • Eureka says:

      Take care, scribe- hope you are winning that battle.  (Reminds me of a seasonally apropos info nugget re a specific form of zinc- acetate– which, when slowly dissolved in the mouth (vs the candied gluconate drops) can fill the oro-/naso-pharynx and better prevent viral attachment.)


      As to that strange Iggles loss- which was book-ended in regular play by a couple of awful ref calls, speaking of New York (and which I had planned to pan had they won, so fair to complain now as I am)- sigh.  I thought they might and should have pulled it off, even with the strained but hard-working D (and with but babes on the field).  My hope sparked when I caught a shot of Foles roving the sidelines.  Wentz is just not moving enough, I assume from the knee, but maybe confidence- I am wondering how much of his magic depended on the prior OC and QB coach.  (Mr. Eureka has been concerned  about those coaching losses since February, and thinks Pederson maybe basked a bit in their play-calling glory.)  It was just a bad loss to take pre-Rams; doesn’t help with that calculus at all…


      Fortunately, I have a strong stomach for long odds.

    • Eureka says:

      PS:  LOL on the SteelersFury post- the comment immediately above the one you linked was pretty sharp, too.

  14. Tom S. says:

    bmaz, did you happen to know JR Augustine, Jr? In the course of posing this question, I was saddened to learn thru a search that his dad passed and then Jr. suddenly followed. He extended himself, 15 years ago, providing some pro bono services (before his own problems put me out of touch with him) to me without my requesting such generosity after I contacted him upon learning we both had a similar experience from a Marley client. (Please delete after reading if you have no familiarity or do, but prefer to reply directly)

  15. Kick the darkness says:

    Been listening to uke music walking the dogs at night looking at christmas lights in what passes for winter in SoCal.  I’ll throw some out in case anyone is already familiar or wants to bite.

    Big Iz owns this one: ttps://

    Early Jake Shimabukuro clip.  Sometimes he sound a bit mechanical to me, but on this one he gets all the wave under his board: ttps://

    And one from David Lindley, master of all things with strings.  About half way through the clip he puts some uke steel in his lap and gets down on Mercury Blues. ttps://

    • rosalind says:

      ah, fav uke spot in L.A. is U-Space in Little Tokyo run by Jason Arimoto. saw Jerome Koko perform there and reveled in his “day I met Iz down at the beach while walking home” story.

      • Kick the darkness says:

        Will have to check it out next time in that neck of the LA woods.  One more then with Jake and the Makaha Sons. Sort of an audio equivalent of a stroll on the beach.  Jake’s a lanky kid with a bootcamp cut like my dad used to give me.  Can’t figure out if there’s a setting to link without the video embed, which don’t like cause clutters up the page, so cut first letter.


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