Jerome Corsi’s Gazillion Dollar Lawsuit Against the Same Media Targets that Individual-1 Is Targeting

Jerome Corsi’s already frivolous lawsuit against Robert Mueller yesterday got still more sanction-worthy. On top of adding new defendants (including Jeff Bezos), he and his crack lawyer Larry Klayman asked for damages of [takes off glasses and peers closely] $1.35 trillion billions, of which $800 million million would come from Bezos, which — these fabulists claim — would be just 5% of his $140 billion net worth and not, instead, more than the richest man in the world is worth.

Admittedly, by the end of the day they had fixed these errors, now asking for an utterly modest $1.35 billion in punitive damages.

But I’m interested in what the amended complaint says about Corsi’s stunt.

Corsi justifies adding Bezos based off what is either an Infowars fabrication or an attempt to pre-empt a WaPo story that Mueller believes InfoWars paid Jerome Corsi $15,000 a month to keep him quiet.

In an email sent yesterday to lawyer Marc Randazza, the Washington Post’s Rosalind Helderman states, “I’ve been able to confirm that Robert Mueller’s investigators have been asking witnesses about the financial relationship between Infowars and Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone’s role in helping Corsi get his Infowars job.”

Asking why Infowars hired Corsi, Helderman states, “Mueller seems to be exploring that the job was hush money in some way.”

Corsi was hired by Infowars in January 2017 to set up a Washington bureau. His contract renewed in January 2018 but then the relationship was ended in June 2018. Corsi was paid routine 6 months severance pay.

Corsi was hired at a time when the Roger Stone-Corsi conspiracy theory nexus tied to Wikileaks was not even being circulated. Corsi was fired because of his failure to adequately establish a Washington bureau, his failure to maintain White House press credentials, and his generally poor work performance.

Recall that Mueller also seems to be investigating whether Stone sent Randy Credico work in a bid to get him to sustain Stone’s claim he was the go-between with WikiLeaks. And Stone has said some of his campaign finance expenses were about throwing people who needed money some work.

In yesterday’s complaint, Corsi names not Helderman, but Manuel Roig-Franzia, along with Bezos.

Defendant Franzia is an individual, a reporter of WaPo working under and at the direction of Defendant Bezos and is on information and belief a citizen of Washington D.C.

Corsi names Franzia (who has done extensive interviews with Stone) because he’s the one who called Corsi about the allegations. Corsi claims that the day after Franzia called, Alex Jones’ daddy stopped paying him $15,000 a month.

Furthermore, on January 17, 2019, Defendant Franzia on behalf of Defendant WaPo telephoned Plaintiff Corsi to question him about information that Defendant WaPo had obtained from unspecified sources in the Office of the Special Counsel that Defendant Mueller was investigating monthly payments, which were characterized falsely and maliciously published as hush payments to Dr. Corsi so he would not provide “incriminating evidence,” about Alex Jones, InfoWars and Roger Stone before Defendant Mueller and the grand jury. These hush money payments to Plaintiff Corsi were maliciously and falsely represented to be made by Dr. David Jones, father of Alex Jones of InfoWars.

Defendant Franzia grilled Plaintiff Corsi about details of his relationship with InfoWars, David Jones, and Alex Jones. He indicated that his sources in the Office of the Special Counsel, and working under Defendant Mueller’s direction, told him Dr. David Jones was paying Dr. Corsi to influence and/or suppress and/or misrepresent and falsify his testimony to Defendant Mueller’s prosecutors and/or the FBI regarding Alex Jones and/or Roger Stone, as well as other government authorities.

Defendant Franzia told Plaintiff Corsi that Defendant WaPo that he had learned from the Special Counsel that Dr. Corsi was still today being paid $15,000/month by Dr. Jones.

As a direct result of Defendant Franzia and Defendant WaPo’s actions, directed by Defendant Bezos and carried out by Defendant Franzia and WaPo, working in concert with Defendant Mueller and the other Defendants, the very next day Plaintiff Corsi learned from Dr. David Jones that he was being terminated and would no longer be receiving $15,000 per month.

So rather than being cut off because Corsi testified against Roger Stone, he was cut off (in this fabulous complaint) because the WaPo is going to write that up.

While Infowars claims the hush money timing doesn’t make sense — because the payments started well before Corsi was subpoenaed — they actually time up to when Corsi may have deleted his pre-October 11, 2016 emails and when SSCI announced an investigation in January 2017. And Corsi seems to agree that his six months of severance got cut off (which he calls “terminatied”) sometime in the last month, in the wake of his revelations about his grand jury testimony.

Even as this is happening, Corsi is both trying to reassure Stone that prosecutors told him they would not be able to use his testimony that his August 2016 memo targeting the Podestas was a cover story.

And trying to back the Infowars/Stone claim that he was getting paid $15,000 a month not to work as part of a severance agreement.

And from this intra-rat-fucking fuckery, Corsi manufactures a $800,000,000,000,000 claim for punitive damages out of Bezos. And he does this, remarkably, even while claiming that Bezos’ company, Amazon, is a victim of the relentless Robert Mueller, because Amazon got a subpoena for a copy of the hard cover copy of Corsi’s book (which must differ from the online version that is already out).

Defendants have also threatened threatened, a distributor of Plaintiff Corsi’s new book, “Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller’s ‘Witch Hunt,’” published by Post Hill Press, with a subpoena to obtain a pre-publication copy of the hardback in-print version of the book when Defendant Mueller and the FBI federal could very easily obtain an already in print copy of the ebook and/or audiobook version of the same book on the internet. [my emphasis]

So Bezos is both villain and victim in Corsi’s fevered imagination. But being a victim won’t get him off the hook for $800,000,000,000,000 in damages.

I find the targeting of Bezos, coming in the same week that National Enquirer did a hit job on his affair, curious timing.

I also find one other detail of this amended complaint worthy of notice.

A big part of Corsi’s lawsuit is premised on the nonsense claim that Mueller leaks.

One of the paragraphs that got amended (the Ali Dukakis reference was always there) now works in a detail about last week’s BuzzFeed story, using the BuzzFeed story to substantiate Corsi’s claim Mueller leaked about him.

For instance, and as just one example, an article published by ABC News titled “Conspiracy Theorist Becomes Key Figure as Mueller Builds Case” contains confidential information regarding the grand jury proceedings about Plaintiff Corsi that could only possibly have come from Defendant Mueller.3 Consistent with the leaks concerning Plaintiff Corsi, it was recently revealed that a major leak concerning President Donald J. Trump was made by Defendant Mueller to BuzzFeed, namely that the president had ordered his private legal counsel Michael Cohen to lie to congressional committees over the Trump organization’s business dealings with Russia. After calls for a U.S. Justice Department investigation of this leak in particular – notwithstanding that the undersigned counsel had already filed complaints on behalf of Plaintiff Corsi and others concerning the Special Counsel’s continuing and harmful criminal grand jury leaks among other allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and illegality – Defendant Mueller, to try to cover his illegal tracks and head off a Department investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility and Inspector General — falsely repudiated what BuzzFeed had reported were indeed leaks from the Special Counsel.

That is, along with all the other shit in this complaint, Corsi is now suggesting that BuzzFeed’s story (which public evidence suggests likely came from SDNY sources) is proof that Mueller leaks because for the first time ever Peter Carr issued a correction probably in part to make it clear that Mueller wasn’t the source for the story.

And, curiously, Corsi makes that claim based on the representation that everyone was calling for a leak investigation on Friday. As far as I know, such calls really began when Rudy mentioned it on a Sunday show, which Ben Smith then pointed back to in his Reliable Sources appearance later that day.

Don’t get me wrong. I have zero doubt there will be a leak investigation into this story. But Corsi seems to have more knowledge of that than other people. Which I find curious, for a guy complaining about leaks.

Look, I don’t expect anyone to make sense out of this gazillion dollar lawsuit. It was never a serious lawsuit — not even when it made unsupported claims about NSA surveillance and media leaks. But yesterday it became far more of a messaging vehicle, a messaging vehicle targeting the same targets that the President is targeting.

This may be all this pack of rat-fuckers has left. But the specific form of their conspiracies deserves some notice.

As I disclosed last July, I provided information to the FBI on issues related to the Mueller investigation, so I’m going to include disclosure statements on Mueller investigation posts from here on out. I will include the disclosure whether or not the stuff I shared with the FBI pertains to the subject of the post. 

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  1. BobCon says:

    I think people are grossly over reading too much into what Corsi was asking for.

    It reads “$1, 350,000,000, 000.000 billion USD”

    Those spaces mean something. In other words, he’s asking for

    an initial $1 and then

    350,000,000 and finally

    000.000 billion USD

    In other words, he’s clearly asking for NO billions (stressed by all of the zeros after the decimal point.

    Corsi only wanted 350,000,001 for his sufferings. Seems much more reasonable to me. I can feel his pain.

  2. chicago_bunny says:

    Thank goodness there is someone here who can translate Dipshit to English for the rest of us. What do you make of the rest of the complaint? I can’t make heads or tails of it.

    In seriousness, it is quite remarkable the harm that a small group of morons has been able to inflict on our country.

  3. JVO says:

    I agree Corsi’s complaint is a “messaging” tool and it is obvious that it is coordinated with POTUS’ actions/statements. I’m just not sure it’s getting toward the end of the line of the rat-fuckery. I’m pretty sure these guys can keep the rat-fuckery going a lot longer – unless, of course, there is someone(s) who will make it stop.

  4. harpie says:

    Rozen writes: “wasn’t it Corsi, in his lawsuit, not WaPo, that circulated InfoWars “hush money” claims? WaPo has not published anything about it”
    Jonathan Swain responds:”Yes and before that, infowars published a spoiler”
    Links to: EXCLUSIVE: WASHINGTON POST WORKING WITH MUELLER INQUISITION TO FRAME ROGER STONE & ALEX JONES Paper set to publish false report that Infowars hired Jerome Corsi as part of “hush money” operation JANUARY 18, 2019
    I am so confused.

  5. Trip says:

    harpie, where is the screenshot, it’s missing in that link?

    Anyway, this was in her feed:
    Jake Gibson‏Verified account @JakeBGibson

    A source close to Manafort and his legal team says Manafort’s team filed under seal this morning. Now we wait to see if US District Judge Amy Jackson orders any part of this filing to be unsealed. There is a hearing coming up this Friday.

      • harpie says:

        This is what it said:

        Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. [3 gold stars] @ jerome_corsi 

        termination letter documents SEVERANCE PAY -contrary to the FALSE & DEFAMATORY leak circulated last Friday by WaPo, based on a MUELLER LEAK, I was NOT receiving “hush money,” I have NOT “flipped” on… 

        [There was also a screenshot of the termination letter.]

        • Rayne says:

          What a maroon he is. Manafort was indicted for payments made to buy Oriental rugs and pricey menswear. As if it’s not obvious there’s something being bought from Corsi besides his departure.

          • harpie says:

            Trip and Rayne,

            The first word in that tweet should have been “INFOWARS”. [Sorry this is taking so many comments to get right. ;-{ ]

            Rayne, can you see that Rozen tweet with the Corsi screenshot? …neither Trip, nor I actually have twitter accounts, so wondering if you can see something different.]

            • Rayne says:

              I looked earlier when you said 2Hours and it wasn’t there. Only her tweet with a link to his now-deleted tweet.

              Should be a rule of thumb for everyone interacting with these disinfo makers: Screenshot Before Engaging.

              • harpie says:

                I can still see it, I guess because I don’t have to refresh the page in order to see new tweets. Is there some way I can take a photo of what I see there?

                • Rayne says:

                  Don’t know if you are on a PC or Mac — in Windows I’d use Ctrl-Alt-Print Screen to capture then paste into Paint or other graphics app.

                • Charles says:

                  On a computer, Ctrl Shift Print Screen, then paste the clipboard into an editor.

                  Alternatively, pull out your cellphone and take a picture of the computer screen.

                  If the webpage is on a cellphone, see here

                  General procedure seems to be home+power or volume.

  6. DaBrownOne says:

    I really hope you use that image for all your Corsi/Stone stories. I suspect that there was an early draft of the lawsuit that lists Mueller as a defendant, and a victim of the defendants, because the Amazon Washington Post keep calling him for comment

  7. Trip says:

    I wonder why the Pecker is still kissing Trump’s ass by running the Bezos’ affair. Unless he just really hates him all on his own without kowtowing to Trump.

    • BobCon says:

      There sure seem to be a potential for parallels between Saturn and his sons on the one hand and on the other hand Don, Don Jr. and Eric – and with Barron being constantly sheltered from his father by Melania.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      I know Saturn, Mr. President, and you’re no Saturn.  He doesn’t need the special sauce or sesame seed bun, or the diet cola chaser.

    • BobCon says:

      Isn’t Friday the usual day? I wonder if this is a sign they’re busy (I realize it could just be a scheduling quirk, but that’s no fun to speculate about).

        • pseudonymous in nc says:

          e.g. Manafort has his hearing on Friday morning, after ABJ said that he couldn’t skip it this time. Jeannie Rhee’s on that case, as well as taking a lead role in the Stone-Corsi-et al whatnot.

          (And we’re still waiting on the Andrew Miller appeal.)

  8. Eslinger says:

    The name of Marc Randazza, included in the first WaPo excerpt, caught my attention. Randazza is Alex Jones’ attorney, and was recently featured in a HuffPost article which detailed a career filled with rancid behaviors.

    How long will Jones be able to pay Randazza’s legal fees? Assuming that Jones is not currently flush, who is fronting the cash and why are they doing do?

  9. Mulder says:

    When I first heard about the WaPo report on hush money to the good Doctor, I searched the site but didn’t find anything. Now I know why.

    Did they say defendants threatened threatened Bezos because he is a victim/villain and so deserved a double shot of uh, threat?

    Days like this I wish I was a lawyer.

    • Avattoir says:

      Days like this I wish I wasn’t.
      Even just trying to write a proper piece on someone like Corsi risks not just the writer but all her readers contracting swine flu and a taint from which not even a hazmat suit can insulate.

      Maybe there needs to be a specialized unit of Emptywheel Enterprises dedicated to dealing with the likes of Corsi, filling not a Hurt Locker but a Stink Bag.

  10. Rugger9 says:

    OT but not surprising, it seems that Kaiser Quisling thinks he can barge into the House like Charles I barged into the Commons in the 1600s.  He’s wrong (so was Charles who lost his head years later).  Pelosi withdrew the invite, and since KQ still blathers on about needing emergency powers and walls to stop caravans so I find it hard to square with the idea it’s safe enough for the SOTU where almost everyone will be there.

    • Alan says:

      lol, Cohen gracefully backed out, and strengthened a case against Trump for witness intimidation

      “President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen said that he will postpone his scheduled Feb. 7 testimony before the House Oversight Committee due to “threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. Giuliani,” as well as his cooperation in ongoing investigations, Axios reports. Said Cohen’s lawyer: “This is a time where Mr. Cohen had to put his family and their safety first.””

      • viget says:

        Any chance Cohen baited him into doing it (threatening him)?  And that Cohen has recorded proof of it?

        Doubt that Trump and his legal team are that stupid, but maybe he just had a Col Jessup moment?

        If so, that’d be one hell of a sting operation.

        • Alan says:

          no, yes and their entire existence seems to be a Col. Jessup moment.  But if you think Trump/Giuliani told Cohen that they will break his legs, kill him, or rip the eyes out of his head and piss into his dead skull, you will be disappointed.

      • Trip says:

        strengthened a case against Trump for witness intimidation

        But who will be bringing this case? If congress can’t interview people because they are motivated/thwarted by threats, where does that leave us?  Trump isn’t going to be indicted for anything by Mueller, as we have been told ad infinitum. The ‘report’ supposedly won’t be answering all of the questions.

        • BobCon says:

          The general consensus only holds around indicting a sitting president. 2021 is broadly seen as fair game.

          That’s not to say the Cohen threat is fair game, but Trump has no reason to think he has an unlimited supply of get out of jail free cards.

          Yes, there is the Pence pardon scenario, but given the threat of state action and the exposure of the Trump org, don’t assume Trump even goes there. Don’t assume Pence is onboard, either.

          • Trip says:

            Too much damage by then. We need to get the wheels in motion now. I’m completely onboard with impeachment hearings.

            Aside: Cohen will be going to prison soon. Then the opportunity is gone.

    • Trip says:

      I’m of two minds here: maybe it’s better that Cohen doesn’t testify right now, but on the other hand, Trump is more emboldened now by making threats. I’m not at all comfortable with the latter.

  11. cfost says:

    “Intra-rat-fucking fuckery.” Lol that phrase is going to stick with me for awhile. But isn’t this how it always goes with incestuous and cannibalistic ratfuckers?

    I smell an elaborate diversion. IANAL. If I read DOJ Manual 1-13.100 and 28 CFR 600.8 correctly, Mueller is obliged to send reports to the AG (or DAG or Acting AG) about events that are “likely to generate national media or Congressional attention,” and also “major developments in significant investigations.” Not sure how much detail someone like BDTS Whitaker is getting from these reports, but might it be enough for him to pass it along to DT, and thus keep DT informed? The ratfuckers would know this. They also know that the MAGA crowd don’t know this. They know that DT’s entire political existence is predicated on the MAGA crowd’s demand for outrage (and not for facts). So the ratfuckers got together and decided to make some outrage. Dazzling is quite beyond their abilities, so now they are trying to baffle with BS. They wanted to make a (false, but effective) connection between “defendant” and names like Bezos and Mueller, and they wanted to make it plausible. As far as leaks, I’m thinking the WH is the leaker. Yes, they are targeting DT’s perceived enemies.

  12. cfost says:

    ”Could only possibly have come from Defendant Mueller.”  First, what exactly does that mean? Second, if it means that Mueller is the only possible source, is that not obviously false?

  13. punaise says:

    Adding to his previous comments responding to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) cancellation of the State of the Union address until the government reopens, Trump on Wednesday slammed the move by Pelosi as “a great blotch” on the country.

    “Take that, be-lotch!” he added.

    • earlofhuntingdon says:

      I do not think that Ms. Pelosi cancelled the SOTU.  She declined to allow the president to use the House chamber as a venue to give it. Just as Chief Justice Roberts would be within his authority to deny the use of the Supreme Court chamber for the same purpose.

      Mr. Trump is free to offer his mandatory report to Congress – House and Senate – in writing or in a forum that will have him.  Madison Square Garden, Washington National Stadium, a closed national park.  Nobody there either except unpaid staffers and people violating the law and leaving their doodoo in the wrong places.

  14. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Nancy’s letter was clean, straightforward, direct. Unlike Mr. Trump, she knows how to read and how to write in full sentences, with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    She was careful to keep her action within her authority as Speaker of the House, a constituent part of an independent co-equal branch of government:
    The House will not pass a joint resolution, necessary to allow the joint use of the House chamber for the SOUA, until government opens.

    The USG can ill afford to spend millions on a state visit from Mr. Trump to the Capitol Building. His unpaid protectors and hangers on number in the hundreds, even when he travels to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue to read a speech. Many hundreds more are on call.

    The USG can ill afford to assemble both houses of Congress, the members of the Supreme Court, the president and his Cabinet, and their high & mighty visitors to hear Mr. Trump lambaste a single party for its recalcitrance, while fabricating his own innocence in bringing about and prolonging a shutdown that pauperizes nearly a million government employees and threatens to pauperize millions more.

    The House cannot enable Mr. Trump’s pretense that all is right with the world, when it clearly is not, simply because he longs for a night in front of the lights and cameras to display his Greatness to the multitude. That dog will no longer hunt.

    And this is not about Trump keeping a campaign promise. No bidnessman this or that side of Jeffrey Skilling has broken more promises and luxuriated in it. Mr. Trump is trying to keep the government investigatory wolf off his back, while he sends his shrinking base out to hunt it.

  15. earlofhuntingdon says:

    The House would be foolish to subpoena Mickey Cohen for a hearing before he goes to prison.  While a guest of the Fed, Mr. Cohen can be called before the House at any time.

    As bmaz has explained, it was wise for Cohen to delay his February hearing.  There is much more legal work for the SCO to do and there are many necessary hearings that House committees should hold that do not require Mr. Cohen’s presence.  Set the stage, Democrats, before starting the music and bringing on the actors.

  16. Rusharuse says:

    Every picture tells a story don’t it?

    “Saturn Devouring his Son, one of Goya’s most horrific and unforgettable images, belongs to the series of so-called “Black Paintings.” These murals were painted by Goya directly onto the plaster walls of his farmhouse (known as Quinta del Sordo, the “Villa of the deaf man”) – situated on the banks of the Manzanares river near Madrid – which he had purchased as a final retreat in 1819. To begin with he decorated the walls with more uplifting images, but over time he overpainted them with a set of far more violent and disturbing pictures, which no doubt reflected his increasing depression and paranoia, as well as fears about his own approaching death.”

    “Goya did not write about these paintings, is not known to have spoken about them, and made no effort to name them. Names were chosen by other people years after his death, based upon the presumed content and meaning of each work. Moreover, the pictures remained untouched on the walls for almost 50 years: it was only in 1874 that they were transferred from the walls to canvas”

  17. earlofhuntingdon says:

    Trip, Mr. Melber and his guests released enough hot air to fill all the balloons needed to transport the inhabitants of New York to the Emerald City.

  18. Trip says:

    Aside/update: The raid on the alderman in Chicago (who helped Trump with tax appeals) had nothing to do with Trump

    Solis secretly recorded fellow Ald. Burke to help feds in criminal investigation
    Retiring Ald. Danny Solis (25th), the powerful chairman of the City Council’s Zoning Committee, has secretly recorded more than a dozen conversations with Ald. Ed Burke (14th) over the last two years, including at City Hall, to help federal investigators build their corruption case against him, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned…Federal investigators have focused on Burke allegedly using his influence as chairman of the City Council’s Finance Committee to drum up property tax appeal business for his private law firm.
    Some of the meetings Solis recorded using an electronic listening device took place at the suite of offices reserved for the Finance Committee chairman on the third floor of City Hall.

    • Rayne says:

      That we know of. I’m betting you don’t recall Trump’s weasel work on property taxes in New York and his subsequent complaints about taxes in Chicago.

      • Trip says:

        That I don’t know about Trump’s tax fuckery. I’ve commented on this multiple times including linking archived news from the 80s, as well as stuff in between.

        • Rayne says:

          Dude. Seriously? I’m the one monitoring your comments for copyright infringement.

          My point wasn’t that you didn’t know about Trump’s tax weaseling history. The point I made about the Chicago alderman is that whatever is now published may not reflect what other criminal tax matters may yet be under investigation in which the alderman was involved — possibly including Trump’s real estate. Making a claim that the alderman’s case has nothing to do with Trump is getting way out ahead.

          We haven’t heard much yet about Trump’s “tax fuckery” elsewhere during the course of SCO’s operation, whether tax matters arising in the course of their investigation may have been handed anything off to other districts.

          Given the intersection of Firtash and Federal Savings Bank in Chicago, I think I’m going to keep my eyes open.

          • Trip says:

            I didn’t rule out future possibility, but the reporting currently is that the investigation centered around the alderman’s personal corruption/criminality. Whether that extends to Trump at some future date remains to be seen.

            I was replying to this comment:

            I’m betting you don’t recall Trump’s weasel work on property taxes in New York and his subsequent complaints about taxes in Chicago.

            I have extensively followed Trump’s fuckery in the NY tri-state. I also know some things about Chicago.

  19. Klaas Muizelaar says:

    Wish you would not use one of Goya’s darkest and most terrifying paintings as a cartoon for an article on the shenanigans of a pack of ratfuckers.

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