Whip It Good: Crack That Whip [UPDATED-5]

[NB: Check the byline, thanks. Updates will appear at the bottom of the post before the whip count table. /~Rayne]

I was really torn about sharing this video — watching it induced a wicked flashback to my salad days. As problematic as the images in it are now, the lyrics are effective and the tune snappy.

Just the thing to get you pumped up to make a phone call to your representative. Now crack that whip!

Since the last Whip It post we’ve picked up these Democrats in support of an impeachment inquiry:

Rep. Lauren Underwood IL-14 (rated R+5*)

Rep. Anthony Brown MD-4 (rated D+28)

Rep. Ben Ray Luján NM-3 (rated D+8)

As the current Assistant Speaker and former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair during the last session, Luján is the highest ranking representative to commit to date.

According to POLITICO’s most recent count, we’re at 131 Democrats in support of an impeachment inquiry.  We need 87 more to pass an authorizing resolution.

We’re entering the tough slog. It’s not going to be pretty when representatives are offering tepid support in spite of their very blue district, or flipping only after claiming their district is too conservative. I’m rather annoyed at Anthony Brown, for example, whose district is D+28 — ridiculous to string this out so long and make such a tepid statement when declaring support.

There are 104 Democrats who have not yet committed to supporting an impeachment inquiry. This means 17 Democrats can remain uncommitted and a resolution would still pass.

But there are 75 Democrats in districts ranked D+0 or better who have yet to get behind an inquiry. There are no excuses for this; surely they can see the 2018 wave will continue, especially as a recession begins and Trump continues to put the nation at risk nearly every damned time he tweets.

12 of the 29 Democrats in R+1 or worse districts must also eventually give their support. They will lose their existing Democratic base if they don’t. If they don’t already see obvious reasons why an impeachment inquiry must begin, they need to be primaried for having failed their oath of office.

You’ll notice if you haven’t in past Whip It posts that I’ve given up on the House GOP members. They are wholly committed to a transnational organized crime syndicate’s omertà, willing to kowtow to foreign entities to obtain continuing support, willing to turn a blind eye to the many gross failings of the Trump administration.

They’re willing to let farmers lose their farms, workers lose their jobs, constituents lose their health care, their homes to health care-driven bankruptcy, their lives to opioid addiction and to unregistered assault weapons in the hands of white nationalist terrorists.

They’ve completely thrown in the towel on democracy by refusing to protect voting infrastructure and ensuring every citizen has access to the polls.

Their oath of fealty to their syndicate is stronger than their loyalty to their fellow Americans and the Constitution.

This is the moment of differentiation for Democrats. This is when the rubber meets the road, when bullshit walks. Do not be found wanting when weighed and measured; do not be Republican light. Be a true (little r) republican and defend this democracy.

That goes for us as constituents as well. It’s still upon us to keep this republic, showing up at town halls our representatives have during the remaining summer recess, by calling their offices in D.C. or locally, by sending faxes or using Resistbot to make our sentiments heard.

Congressional switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Call your representative (and only your representative) and ask them to support an impeachment inquiry, even if they are a Republican. If your representative has already thrown their support behind an inquiry, do be sure to thank them.

This whip count will continue to be updated. Share in comments any new announcements by House members throwing support behind an impeachment inquiry.

And thank community member harpie for staying on top of the count as new commitments are made.

UPDATE-1 — 7:00 PM EDT —

Looks like another Democrat declared support for an impeachment inquiry while I was drafting this post.

Rep. Jim Langevin RI-2 (D+6)

UPDATE-2 — 11:30 PM EDT —

Oops, my count was off by two and now I know why. I missed Ruppersberger and Trone.

Note the rating on their districts:

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger MD-2 (D+11)

Rep. David Trone MD-6 (D+6)

Come on, Hoyer. Your Maryland district is a D+11 like Ruppersberger’s. Don’t think for a moment we’ve forgotten you.

UPDATE-3 — 3:40 PM EDT 22-AUG-2019 —

Add another to the tally, now at 134.

Rep. Bruce Schneider IL-10 (D+10)

UPDATE-4 — 6:00 PM EDT 22-AUG-2019 —

Feels like things are picking up steam. We have two more to add to the count:

Rep. Bill Keating MD-09 (D+4)

Rep. Mark Takano CA-41 (D+12)

That’s 136. Who’s next?

UPDATE-5 — 5:50 PM EDT 23-AUG-2019 —

Politico added Ro Khanna to their count; he’s made tepid statements over the last two months like Anthony Brown MD-4 so we hadn’t added him before now. I guess we’ll add him and then hold his feet to the fire to ensure he delivers, hmm?

Rep. Ro Khanna CA-17 (D+25)

Really no excuses not to be bolder when you’re in a true blue district. Be a leader, for crying out loud.

State Last First, Middle, Nickname Party Affiliation Impeachment Inquiry Y/N House Judiciary Committee
Alabama Sewell Terrycina Andrea “Terri” Dem
Arizona Gallego Ruben Dem Y
Arizona Grijalva Raul M. Dem Y
Arizona Kirkpatrick Ann Dem Y
Arizona O’Halleran Tom Dem
Arizona Stanton Greg Dem Y    🔺
California Aguilar Pete Dem Y
California Barragán Nanette Diaz Dem Y
California Bass Karen R. Dem Y (?)

see comment

California Bera Amerish “Ami” Dem
California Brownley Julia Dem Y
California Cardenas Tony Dem Y
California Carbajal Salud O. Dem Y
California Chu Judy Dem Y
California Cisneros Gilbert “Gil” Dem
California Correa Jose Luis “Lou” Dem
California Costa Jim Dem
California Cox Terrance John “TJ” Dem
California Davis Susan A. Dem
California DeSaulnier Mark Dem Y
California Eshoo Anna G. Dem
California Garamendi John Raymond Dem Y
California Gomez Jimmy Dem Y
California Harder Josh Dem
California Hill Katherine Lauren “Katie” Dem
California Huffman Jared W. Dem Y
California Khanna Rohit “Ro” Dem Y
California Lee Barbara Dem Y
California Levin Mike Dem Y
California Lieu Ted W. Dem Y    🔺
California Lofgren Zoe Dem see comment
California Lowenthal Alan S. Dem Y
California Matsui Doris K. Dem Y
California McNerney Gerald Mark “Jerry” Dem
California Napolitano Grace Flores Dem Y
California Panetta James Varni “Jimmy” Dem
California Pelosi Nancy Dem
California Peters Scott Dem Y
California Porter Katherine “Katie” Dem Y
California Rouda Jr. Harley E. Dem Y
California Roybal-Allard Lucille Dem Y
California Ruiz Raul Dem
California Sanchez Linda T. Dem
California Schiff Adam B. Dem
California Sherman Brad Dem Y
California Speier Jackie Dem Y
California Swalwell Eric Michael Dem Y    🔺 (7)
California Takano Mark A. Dem Y  (11)
California Thompson C. Michael “Mike” Dem
California Torres Norma J. Dem Y
California Vargas Juan C. Dem Y
California Waters Maxine Dem Y
Colorado Crow Jason Dem Y
Colorado DeGette Diana L. Dem Y
Colorado Neguse Joseph “Joe” Dem Y    🔺
Colorado Perlmutter Edwin G. “Ed” Dem
Connecticut Courtney Joseph D. “Joe” Dem
Connecticut DeLauro Rosa L. Dem
Connecticut Hayes Jahana Dem
Connecticut Himes Jim Dem Y
Connecticut Larson John B. Dem
Delaware Rochester Lisa Blunt Dem Y
Florida Castor Katherine Anne “Kathy” Dem
Florida Crist Charlie Joseph Dem
Florida Demings Valdez “Val” Dem Y     🔺
Florida Deutch Theodore Eliot “Ted” Dem Y     🔺 (2)
Florida Frankel Lois J. Dem
Florida Hastings Alcee L. Dem
Florida Lawson Jr. Alfred “Al” Dem
Florida Mucarsel-Powell Debbie Dem Y     🔺
Florida Murphy Stephanie Dem
Florida Shalala Donna Elvira Dem
Florida Soto Darren Dem
Florida Wasserman Schultz Debbie Dem
Florida Wilson Frederica S. Dem
Georgia Bishop Jr. Sanford Dixon Dem
Georgia Johnson Jr. Henry C. “Hank” Dem
Georgia Lewis John R. Dem
Georgia McBath Lucia Kay “Lucy” Dem
Georgia Scott David Albert Dem
Hawaii Case Edward E. “Ed” Dem
Hawaii Gabbard Tulsi Dem
Illinois Bustos Cheri Dem
Illinois Casten Sean Dem Y
Illinois Davis Danny K. Dem Y
Illinois Foster G. William “Bill” Dem
Illinois Garcia Jesus G. “Chuy” Dem Y
Illinois Kelly Robin L. Dem Y
Illinois Krishnamoorthi S. Raja Dem
Illinois Lipinski Daniel William “Dan” Dem
Illinois Quigley Mike Dem Y
Illinois Rush Bobby Lee Dem Y
Illinois Schakowsky Janice D. “Jan” Dem Y
Illinois Schneider Bradley Scott “Brad” Dem Y
Illinois Underwood Lauren A. Dem Y
Indiana Carson Andre D. Dem Y
Indiana Visclosky Peter J. Dem
Iowa Axne Cindy Dem
Iowa Finkenauer Abby Dem
Iowa Loebsack David Wayne “Dave” Dem
Kansas Davids Sharice Dem
Kentucky Yarmuth John A. Dem Y
Louisiana Richmond Cedric L. Dem Y    🔺
Maine Golden Jared F. Dem
Maine Pingree Chellie M. Dem Y
Maryland Brown Anthony Gregory Dem Y
Maryland Cummings Elijah E. Dem
Maryland Hoyer Steny Hamilton Dem
Maryland Raskin Jamin B. “Jamie” Dem Y    🔺
Maryland Ruppersberger III Charles Albert Dutch “C.A. Dutch” Dem Y
Maryland Sarbanes John Peter Spyros Dem
Maryland Trone David Dem Y
Massachusetts Clark Katherine M. Dem Y  (1)
Massachusetts Keating William Richard “Bill” Dem Y
Massachusetts Kennedy III Joseph Patrick “Joe” Dem Y
Massachusetts Lynch Stephen F. Dem
Massachusetts McGovern James P. “Jim” Dem Y  (5)
Massachusetts Moulton Seth W. Dem Y
Massachusetts Neal Richard E. Dem
Massachusetts Pressley Ayanna S. Dem Y
Massachusetts Trahan Lori Loureiro Dem Y
Michigan Dingell Debbie Dem
Michigan Kildee Daniel T. “Dan” Dem Y
Michigan Lawrence Brenda Lulenar Dem Y
Michigan Levin Andy Dem Y
Michigan Slotkin Elissa Dem
Michigan Stevens Haley Dem
Michigan Tlaib Rashida Dem Y
Minnesota Craig Angela Dawn “Angie” Dem
Minnesota McCollum Betty Dem Y
Minnesota Omar Ilhan Dem Y
Minnesota Peterson Collin Clark Dem
Minnesota Phillips Dean Dem
Mississippi Thompson Bennie G. Dem Y  (8)
Missouri Clay Jr. William Lacy Dem Y
Missouri Cleaver II Emanuel Dem Y
Nevada Horsford Steven Alexzander Dem
Nevada Lee Susan Kelley “Susie” Dem
Nevada Titus Alice Costandina “Dina” Dem Y
New Hampshire Kuster Ann McLane “Annie” Dem Y
New Hampshire Pappas Christopher C. “Chris” Dem Y
New Jersey Gottheimer Joshua S. “Josh” Dem
New Jersey Kim Andrew “Andy” Dem
New Jersey Malinowski Tom Dem Y
New Jersey Norcross Donald W. Dem Y
New Jersey Pallone Jr. Frank Dem Y

see comment

New Jersey Pascrell Jr. William J. “Bill” Dem Y
New Jersey Payne Jr. Donald M. Dem Y
New Jersey Sherrill Rebecca Michelle “Mikie” Dem
New Jersey Sires Albio Dem
New Jersey Van Drew Jeff Dem
New Jersey Watson Coleman Bonnie Dem Y
New Mexico Haaland Debra A. “Deb” Dem Y
New Mexico Lujan Ben Ray Dem Y
New Mexico Torres Small Xochitl Dem
New York Brindisi Anthony J. Dem
New York Clarke Yvette D. Dem Y
New York Delgado Antonio Dem
New York Engel Eliot Lance Dem Y  (3)
New York Espaillat Adriano Dem Y
New York Higgins Brian M. Dem Y
New York Jeffries Hakeem S. Dem
New York Lowey Nita M. Dem Y  (4)
New York Maloney Carolyn Bosher Dem Y
New York Maloney Sean Patrick Dem
New York Meeks Gregory Weldon Dem
New York Meng Grace Dem Y
New York Morelle Joseph D. “Joe” Dem
New York Nadler Jerrold Lewis “Jerry” Dem
New York Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Dem Y
New York Rice Kathleen M. Dem Y
New York Rose Max N. Dem
New York Serrano Jose Enrique Dem Y
New York Suozzi Thomas R. “Tom” Dem
New York Tonko Paul David Dem Y
New York Velázquez Nydia Margarita Dem Y  (9)
North Carolina Adams Alma Shealey Dem Y
North Carolina Butterfield Jr. George Kenneth “G. K.” Dem Y
North Carolina Price David Eugene Dem Y
Ohio Beatty Joyce B. Dem Y
Ohio Fudge Marcia L. Dem Y
Ohio Kaptur Marcia Carolyn “Marcy” Dem
Ohio Ryan Timothy J. “Tim” Dem Y
Oklahoma Horn Kendra Dem
Oregon Blumenauer Earl Dem Y
Oregon Bonamici Suzanne M. Dem Y
Oregon DeFazio Peter Anthony “Pete” Dem Y
Oregon Schrader Walter Kurt “Kurt” Dem
Pennsylvania Boyle Brendan F. Dem Y
Pennsylvania Cartwright Matthew Alton “Matt” Dem
Pennsylvania Dean Cunnane Madeleine Dem Y    🔺
Pennsylvania Doyle Michael F. “Mike” Dem Y
Pennsylvania Evans Dwight Dem Y
Pennsylvania Houlahan Christina Jampoler “Chrissy” Dem
Pennsylvania Lamb Conor James Dem
Pennsylvania Scanlon Mary Gay Dem Y    🔺
Pennsylvania Wild Susan Ellis Dem
Rhode Island Cicilline David N. Dem Y   🔺
Rhode Island Langevin James R. “Jim” Dem Y
South Carolina Clyburn James Enos “Jim” Dem
South Carolina Cunningham Joseph K. “Joe” Dem
Tennessee Cohen Stephen Ira “Steve” Dem Y    🔺
Tennessee Cooper James H. S. “Jim” Dem
Texas Allred Colin Dem
Texas Castro Joaquin Dem Y
Texas Cuellar Henry R. Dem
Texas Doggett II Lloyd Alton Dem Y
Texas Escobar Veronica Dem Y    🔺
Texas Fletcher Elizabeth Pannill “Lizzie” Dem
Texas Garcia Sylvia R. Dem
Texas Gonzalez Vicente Dem
Texas Green Alexander “Al” Dem Y
Texas Jackson Lee Sheila Dem Y     🔺
Texas Johnson Eddie Bernice Dem
Texas Veasey Marc Allison Dem
Texas Vela Filemon B. Dem Y
Utah McAdams Ben Dem
Vermont Welch Peter F. Dem Y
Virginia Beyer Jr. Donald Sternoff “Don” Dem Y
Virginia Connolly Gerald Edward “Gerry” Dem Y
Virginia Luria Elaine G. Dem
Virginia McEachin Aston Donald “Donald” Dem
Virginia Scott Robert Cortez “Bobby” Dem
Virginia Spanberger Abigail A. Dem
Virginia Wexton Jennifer T. Dem Y
Washington Del Bene Suzan Kay Dem Y
Washington Heck Dennis “Denny” Dem Y
Washington Jayapal Pramila Dem Y    🔺
Washington Kilmer Derek Dem Y
Washington Larsen Richard Ray “Rick” Dem Y
Washington Schrier Kim Dem Y
Washington Smith David Adam “Adam” Dem Y  (6)
Wisconsin Kind Ronald James “Ron” Dem
Wisconsin Moore Gwendolynne S. “Gwen” Dem Y
Wisconsin Pocan Mark Dem Y
Alabama Aderholt Robert Brown GOP
Alabama Brooks Jr. Morris J. “Mo” GOP
Alabama Byrne Bradley Roberts GOP
Alabama Palmer Gary GOP
Alabama Roby Martha GOP
Alabama Rogers Michael Dennis “Mike” GOP
Alaska Young Donald E. “Don” GOP
Arizona Biggs Andy GOP
Arizona Gosar Paul Anthony GOP
Arizona Lesko Debbie GOP
Arizona Schweikert David GOP
Arkansas Crawford Eric Alan “Rick” GOP
Arkansas Hill James French “French” GOP
Arkansas Westerman Bruce GOP
Arkansas Womack Stephen A. “Steve” GOP
California Calvert Kenneth S. “Ken” GOP
California Cook Paul GOP
California Hunter Duncan Duane GOP
California LaMalfa Doug GOP
California McCarthy Kevin GOP
California McClintock Thomas “Tom” GOP
California Nunes Devin Gerald GOP
Colorado Buck Kenneth R. “Ken” GOP
Colorado Lamborn Douglas L. “Doug” GOP
Colorado Tipton Scott Randall GOP
Florida Bilirakis Gus Michael GOP
Florida Buchanan Vernon “Vern” GOP
Florida Diaz-Balart Mario GOP
Florida Dunn Neal Patrick GOP
Florida Gaetz Matt GOP
Florida Mast Brian GOP
Florida Posey William “Bill” GOP
Florida Rooney Francis GOP
Florida Rutherford John GOP
Florida Spano Vincent Ross “Ross” GOP
Florida Steube Greg W. GOP
Florida Waltz Michael “Mike” GOP
Florida Webster Daniel “Dan” GOP
Florida Yoho Theodore Scott “Ted” GOP
Georgia Allen Richard Wallen “Rick” GOP
Georgia Carter Earl Leroy “Buddy” GOP
Georgia Collins Douglas Allen “Doug” GOP
Georgia Ferguson IV Anderson Drew “Drew” GOP
Georgia Graves Jr. John Thomas “Tom” GOP
Georgia Hice Jody B. GOP
Georgia Loudermilk Barry D. GOP
Georgia Scott James Austin “Austin” GOP
Georgia Woodall III William Robert “Rob” GOP
Idaho Fulcher Russ GOP
Idaho Simpson Michael Keith “Mike” GOP
Illinois Bost Michael J. “Mike” GOP
Illinois Davis Rodney L. GOP
Illinois Kinzinger Adam GOP
Illinois LaHood Darin McKay GOP
Illinois Shimkus John M. GOP
Indiana Baird James R. “Jim” GOP
Indiana Banks James E. “Jim” GOP
Indiana Brooks Susan W. GOP
Indiana Bucshon Larry D. GOP
Indiana Hollingsworth III Joseph A. “Trey” GOP
Indiana Pence Gregory J. “Greg” GOP
Indiana Walorski Jackie Swihart GOP see comment
Iowa King Steven A. “Steve” GOP
Kansas Estes Ron GOP
Kansas Marshall Roger W. GOP
Kansas Watkins Steve GOP
Kentucky Barr Garland “Andy” GOP
Kentucky Comer James R. GOP
Kentucky Guthrie Steven Brett “Brett” GOP
Kentucky Massie Thomas H. GOP
Kentucky Rogers Harold Dallas “Hal” GOP
Louisiana Abraham Jr. Ralph Lee GOP
Louisiana Graves Garret GOP
Louisiana Higgins Clay GOP
Louisiana Johnson James Michael “Mike” GOP
Louisiana Scalise Stephen J. “Steve” GOP
Maryland Harris Andrew P. “Andy” GOP
Michigan Amash Justin IND Y
Michigan Bergman John W. “Jack” GOP
Michigan Huizenga William P. “Bill” GOP
Michigan Mitchell III Paul GOP
Michigan Moolenaar John GOP
Michigan Upton Frederick Stephen “Fred” GOP
Michigan Walberg Timothy L. “Tim” GOP
Minnesota Emmer Jr. Thomas Earl “Tom” GOP
Minnesota Hagedorn James “Jim” GOP
Minnesota Stauber Peter Allen “Pete” GOP
Minnesota Stauber Peter Allen “Pete” GOP
Mississippi Guest Michael Patrick GOP
Mississippi Kelly John Trent “Trent” GOP
Mississippi Palazzo Steven McCarty GOP
Missouri Graves Jr. Samuel B. “Sam” GOP
Missouri Hartzler Vicky Jo GOP
Missouri Long Billy GOP
Missouri Luetkemeyer W. Blaine GOP
Missouri Smith Jason T. GOP
Missouri Wagner Ann L. GOP
Montana Gianforte Greg GOP
Nebraska Bacon Donald John “Don” GOP
Nebraska Fortenberry Jeffrey Lane “Jeff” GOP
Nebraska Smith Adrian M. GOP
Nevada Amodei Mark Eugene GOP
New Jersey Smith Christopher Henry “Chris” GOP
New York Collins Christopher Carl “Chris” GOP
New York Katko John M. GOP
New York King Peter T. “Pete” GOP
New York Reed II Thomas W. “Tom” GOP
New York Stefanik Elise M. GOP
New York Zeldin Lee Michael GOP
North Carolina Budd Theodore Paul “Ted” GOP
North Carolina Foxx Virginia Ann GOP
North Carolina Holding George Edward Bell GOP
North Carolina Hudson Jr. Richard Lane GOP
North Carolina McHenry Patrick Timothy GOP
North Carolina Meadows Mark Randal GOP
North Carolina Rouzer David Cheston GOP
North Carolina Walker Bradley Mark “Mark” GOP
North Dakota Armstrong Kelly M. GOP
Ohio Balderson Troy GOP
Ohio Chabot Steven J. “Steve” GOP
Ohio Davidson Warren GOP
Ohio Gibbs Robert Brian “Bob” GOP
Ohio Gonzalez Anthony E. GOP
Ohio Johnson Bill GOP
Ohio Jordan James D. “Jim” GOP
Ohio Joyce David P. “Dave” GOP
Ohio Latta Robert Edward “Bob” GOP
Ohio Stivers Steve E. GOP
Ohio Turner Michael R. “Mike” GOP
Ohio Wenstrup Brad R. GOP
Oklahoma Cole Thomas Jeffery “Tom” GOP
Oklahoma Hern Kevin R. GOP
Oklahoma Lucas Frank D. GOP
Oklahoma Mullin Markwayne GOP
Oregon Walden Gregory Paul “Greg” GOP
Pennsylvania Fitzpatrick Brian K. GOP
Pennsylvania Joyce John GOP
Pennsylvania Kelly Jr. George J. “Mike” GOP
Pennsylvania Marino Thomas Anthony “Tom” GOP
Pennsylvania Meuser Daniel P. “Dan” GOP
Pennsylvania Perry Scott G. GOP
Pennsylvania Reschenthaler Guy L. GOP
Pennsylvania Smucker Lloyd K. GOP
Pennsylvania Thompson Glenn William “G.T.” GOP
South Carolina Duncan Jeffrey D. “Jeff” GOP
South Carolina Norman Jr. Ralph W. GOP
South Carolina Rice Jr. Hugh T. “Tom” GOP
South Carolina Timmons IV William R. GOP
South Carolina Wilson Addison Graves “Joe” GOP
South Dakota Johnson Dustin “Dusty” GOP
Tennessee Burchett Tim GOP
Tennessee DesJarlais Scott Eugene GOP
Tennessee Fleischmann Charles J. “Chuck” GOP
Tennessee Green Mark E. GOP
Tennessee Kustoff David GOP
Tennessee Roe David Philip “Phil” GOP
Tennessee Rose John W. GOP
Texas Arrington Jodey Cook GOP
Texas Babin Brian GOP
Texas Brady Kevin Patrick GOP
Texas Burgess Michael C. GOP
Texas Carter John Rice GOP
Texas Cloud Michael J. GOP
Texas Conaway K. Michael “Mike” GOP
Texas Crenshaw Daniel “Dan” GOP
Texas Flores William “Bill” GOP
Texas Gohmert Jr. Louis B. “Louie” GOP
Texas Gooden Lance GOP
Texas Granger Kay N. GOP
Texas Hurd William “Will” GOP
Texas Marchant Kenny Ewell GOP
Texas McCaul Michael T. GOP
Texas Olson Peter Graham “Pete” GOP
Texas Ratcliffe John Lee GOP
Texas Roy Chip GOP
Texas Taylor Nicholas V. “Van” GOP
Texas Thornberry William McClellan “Mac” GOP
Texas Weber Randy GOP
Texas Williams Roger GOP
Texas Wright Ron GOP
Utah Bishop Robert William “Rob” GOP
Utah Curtis John GOP
Utah Stewart Chris GOP
Virginia Cline Benjamin Lee “Ben” GOP
Virginia Griffith H. Morgan “Morgan” GOP
Virginia Riggleman III Denver Lee GOP
Virginia Wittman Robert J. “Rob” GOP
Washington Herrera Beutler Jaime Lynn GOP
Washington McMorris Rodgers Cathy Ann GOP
Washington Newhouse Daniel Milton “Dan” GOP
West Virginia McKinley David Bennett GOP
West Virginia Miller Carol Devine GOP
West Virginia Mooney Alexander Xavier “Alex” GOP
Wisconsin Duffy Sean P. GOP
Wisconsin Gallagher Michael John “Mike” GOP
Wisconsin Grothman Glenn S. GOP
Wisconsin Sensenbrenner Jr. Frank James “Jim” GOP
Wisconsin Steil Bryan George GOP
Wyoming Cheney Elizabeth “Liz” GOP
North Carolina Jones Jr. (RIP) Walter B. GOP Open
North Carolina GOP Vacant Office

Emphasis indicates those who have committed to supporting an inquiry since the last whip update.

(1) Vice Chair, House Democratic Caucus

(2) Chair, House Ethics Committee

(3) Chair, House Foreign Affairs Committee

(4) Chair, House Appropriations Committee

(5) Chair, House Rules Committee

(6) Chair, House Armed Services Committee

(7) Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

(8) Chair, House Homeland Security Committee

(9) Chair, House Small Business Committee

(10) Chair, House Energy and Commerce Committee

(11) Chair, House Veterans’ Affairs Committee

* Ranking by Cook Partisan Voter Index (2018), indicating degree to which a House congressional district leans toward one of the two major parties.

107 replies
  1. Rayne says:

    Fresh meat:

    #WhipIt <<-- add this to comments for any new declarations of support by representatives shared in comments. Thanks.

  2. koolmoe says:

    Thank you for this. I had no idea my Maryland representatives were so deficient in their support. Letters to be sent!

    Sidenote, if I may (no offense taken if removed out of context of this thread)…
    I really hope someone is able looking into what sort of Trump/crony profiteering is being made of the extended, and possibly indefinite, incarceration of immigrants. This extreme heartlessness just can’t be purely political (yeah, I know, sure it can with this leadership cohort)…there’s surely some profit-fleecing going on buried under a few layers.
    Just so maddening….

    • Theresa says:

      John Kelly and Jeff Sessions for sure are on the boards of the private prisons holding immigrants and making 750 plus per head in standing room only immigrant detention centers. These are the two I’m aware of and the fact that they are high profile tells us that many, many more (cabinet members/ex-cabinet members) are involved as well as we know t* is directly benefiting financially in a back room deal or many, as well as his daughter-wife and her husband Cuck.

  3. harpie says:

    Thanks, Rayne. And THANKS to PJ Evans, who is also on top of these calls, and is keeping a nifty spreadsheet as well.
    2:49 PM – 21 Aug 2019

    UPDATE: POLITICO’s official impeachment inquriy whip count is at 131 Democrats (132 overall w/ Amash). Today’s additions: –Ruppersberger [MD 02] –Trone [MD 06] – Langevin [RI 02]

    • P J Evans says:

      I’m going to be updating mine, as I was away from my computer for more than two weeks, and just got home about an hour ago. (Pro tip: don’t have the catalytic converter on your car stolen. If it’s a Toyota, it may take more than two weeks just to get the parts.)

      • bmaz says:

        Jesus, i did not know that was still a thing. Heard about it decades ago though. They are not exactly cheap parts, so I guess it still is?

        • P J Evans says:

          About $2600, including labor and taxes. Insurance has a $500 deductible, which is not bad. They found some of the parts on the East Coast – this is a big, big problem in Northern California, where the lowlife scum can hit 20 to 30 cars in a night, and you know that wherever they’re selling them, the people aren’t asking questions. (Some kind of metals recycler, I’m sure.)

          (For comparison, I had to have the rechargeable battery pack replaced a few months back, and that’s $2400 just for the pack.)

            • posaune says:

              There’s supposed to be a little firm (in MI, I think) that re-conditions used Prius batteries. We’re a two-prius family, so we’re interested in this.

              oops — just hope they’re not re-conditioning PJ’s.

            • P J Evans says:

              I did that this spring – there was a loud chime, and the “check engine” light came on. It was Sunday, so the next day I took it in, and they found out it was the rechargeable warning that it was Time. Took them a day to get a new battery, and one to put it in. That was $2400 for the pack, plus installation and some parts (inverter coolant, things like that). It was due to have the front ball joints done, also.
              But 17 years on the battery isn’t bad….

        • P J Evans says:

          Not when they don’t need to get into the car at all. Converter’s underneath, as part of the exhaust system. A floor jack, a small power saw, and maybe a ratchet wrench, and it’s a few minutes work for the thieves. Now if they could get the recyclers who are buying the stolen goods, that would help a lot.

    • harpie says:

      Here’s the WaPo list that shows the statements and dates:
      A majority of House Democrats want to open an impeachment inquiry into Trump https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/politics/impeachment-support-house-democrats/
      Updated Aug. 21 at 5:38 p.m.

      Calls for the impeachment of President Trump are growing louder. After the release of the Mueller report, 129 House Democrats say they support at least opening an impeachment inquiry into whether the president committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” That includes 17 of the 24 Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee, which is where impeachment proceedings would start. […]

      They have the three mentioned above [Politico] in the “For an Impeachment Inquiry” column.
      I’ll try to find where the discrepancy in the HJC count is. [added: Duh…they include Nadler]

    • Rayne says:

      Ack! I needed to add Ruppersberger (D+11) and Trone (D+6)!

      Both of them LTP chickenshits. Ruppersberger won in 2018 by 36%, Trone by 16%.

      Thanks much!

  4. bmaz says:

    I am going to suggest that while this list is nice and all, but that the far more important tally is of House Judiciary members. There are 41 total members on HJC, so 21 are needed to carry a given bill, measure or resolution. In this instance, a resolution to open a formal impeachment inquiry.

    Last I checked, there were 16 Dem members of HJC officially supporting the opening of an inquiry. It is an open secret that Nadler does as well, even though he has not crossed Pelosi by formally saying so. That is 17. The real work to be done does not depend on some back bencher on the floor, but to get the final four in HJC. That is the list and the effort I would like to see.

    • harpie says:

      Here are the statements [from WaPo] of the 7 Dem HJC members who are not [yet] on the Impeachment Train:

      Karen Bass D-CAD+37JUD.
      A spokesperson for Bass confirmed to The Washington Post on July 22 that she does not currently support an impeachment inquiry.

      J. Luis Correa D-CAD+15JUD.
      “It is not the time to ask the question of impeachment yet,” the co-chair of the moderate group the Blue Dog Coalition said May 9.

      Zoe Lofgren D-CAD+24JUD. CHAIR
      “We need the full report, the underlying evidence, and will need to hear from a number of witnesses. Then we’ll see what, if anything, we are obliged to do next,” she told CQ Roll Call in a statement on May 13.

      Hank Johnson D-GAD+24JUD.
      “But, no, we’re not where we need to be yet in order to commence impeachment proceedings in the House as far as I’m concerned,” he told CQ Roll Call on May 9.

      Hakeem Jeffries D-NYD+36JUD.
      “It’s clear to anybody who’s paying attention, we are in the majority because of two great members like Jason and Elissa and so many others who did not run in on impeachment,” the Democratic Caucus chairman said in May at a news conference, of two new members of Congress.

      Sylvia Garcia D-TXD+19JUD.
      “So we should try all avenues and exhaust them to try to reach an accommodation. In the end, the court will judge us by that,” she told CQ Roll Call on May 15.

      • bmaz says:

        Thank you! Lofgren and Johnson strike me as particularly perplexing. I think that is all Pelosi effect, probably Bass too. They, and Jeffries, have no electoral exposure whatsoever. That is the ballgame. But this is exactly where Pelosi is stopping the train.

      • P J Evans says:

        How big a hammer do we need to get them to start an official investigation to see how many impeachable things he’s done so far? Because what I’m getting from them is that they’re afraid of doing the right thing, because someone might be unhappy with them. (If that’s true, they’re in the wrong jobs.)

      • Tracy Lynn says:

        1. This is what Zoe says. Every chance she gets. I’ve become her pen pal (a friend who used to work as a staffer for California senator Alan Cranston, referred to people who constantly write to their senator/representative as “pen pals”). I don’t see her make any movement toward supporting an impeachment inquiry although I keep trying.

        2. I thought I read recently that Karen Bass supported an impeachment inquiry. Didn’t I read it here?

    • Rayne says:

      Hey boo, you know how social+peer pressure works. It mounts on the remaining HJC members as the rest of the Dems begin to step out and declare.

      And it’s not just the HJC count — which I’ve been tracking all along — that makes a difference. Underwood specifically mentioned the positions of other committee chairs on impeachment inquiry when she made her statement.

      (I do seem to recall being asked to do whip counts. Don’t make me check my emails.)

  5. Mainmata says:

    Anthony Brown is pathetic. He was O’Malley’s Vice Governor and ran an utterly lackluster campaign for governor against Larry Hogan and lost badly in a heavily Democratic state. Not surprised by his late endorsement.

    • P J Evans says:

      Actual geologists say it won’t be happening in the near future (like the next 10,000 years), but they do worry about places like Long Valley caldera, Lassen, and Shasta.

      • Democritus says:

        Thanks PJ! Extra bonus I hadn’t heard of those three so now if I need a distraction myself ;-)

        • P J Evans says:

          Shasta and Lassen are the south ends of the Cascade volcanos – Lassen last went up in 1915, and Shasta in the 18th century. Long Valley is where Mammoth is: lots of hot springs and cinder cones, and the geologists *do* watch it. You can keep an eye on it here:
          http://scedc.caltech.edu/recent/ and look in the “special map” list down the page. (It’s a great page for those of us watching our regional geology.)

    • BobCon says:

      That was an idiotic piece. There are low probability/high risk scenarios that people can do something about. The Yellowstone Caldera blowing up is most decidedly not one of them.

  6. harpie says:

    I think this is not OT, since we’re talking about impeachment here.
    bmaz just retweeted Benjamin Wittes:
    10:59 AM – 21 Aug 2019

    The last president I know of who compared himself to the Messiah was Andrew Johnson. He was impeached for the speeches in question. Here is Jeffrey Tulis’s account of those Johnson speeches, from his incredible book, The Rhetorical Presidency. [screenshot]
    Here is the 10th article of impeachment against Johnson. [screenshot]

    I’ve transcribed what’s written in that screenshot of Tulis’s book:

    In the typical speech, Johnson would begin by disclaiming an intention to speak, proceed to invoke the spirits of Washington and Jackson, claim his own devotion to the principles of Union, deny that he was a traitor as others alleged, attack some part of the audience (depending on the kinds of heckles he received), defend his use of the veto, attack Congress as a body and single out particular congressmen (occasionally denouncing them as traitors for not supporting his policies), compare himself to Christ and offer himself as a martyr, and finally conclude by declaring his closeness to the people and appealing for their support. 58

    Now, that’s eerie.

    • harpie says:

      When Trump said this yesterday Jeet Heer wrote:
      5:05 AM – 21 Aug 2019

      Trump is quoting someone who calls him “the King of Israel” on par with “the second coming of God.” Two things: 1) it’s weird & offensive to say, in effect, “Jews love him like he’s Jesus.” 2) Christians should see this as blasphemy but many, especially in USA, won’t.

      …to which historianHeather Cox Richardson responded:
      5:26 AM – 21 Aug 2019

      Replying to @HeerJeet
      Last president to compare himself to Jesus was Andrew Johnson, before the 1866 midterms.
      He planned to lead his white supremacist supporters to victory to roll back Reconstruction.
      Those who stood against him won a supermajority… and that’s how we got the 14th Amendment.

      • Tom says:

        So much for the separation of church and state. The next step will be for Trump to start casting out demons and performing other miracles at his campaign rallies. Actually, Republican strategist Rick Wilson already wrote a book about the President’s supernatural powers: “Everything Trump Touches Dies”.

    • harpie says:

      Here’s the tenth article of impeachment against Johnson that Wittes links to above:

      That said Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, unmindful of the high duties of his office and the dignity and propriety thereof…did…make and deliver with a loud voice certain intemperate, inflammatory, and scandalous harangues, and did therein utter loud threats and bitter menaces as well against Congress as the laws of the United States…Which said utterances, declarations, threats, and harangues, highly censurable in any, are peculiarly indecent and unbecoming in the Chief Magistrate of the United States, by means whereof…Andrew Johnson has brought the high office of President of United States into contempt, ridicule, and disgrace, to the great scandal of all good citizens. 64

  7. Democritus says:

    Ahhh I’m not surprised by this google news. I quit using google news, even for quick updates because it was too skewed. I wouldn’t sign in so I could personalize, but got their generic for my ip/ search history/whatever their algorithm.

    Ms. Martinez though has really been doing some great work lately.


    Then there is this, anyone know if this guy is legit? I found through I WSJ journo retweet fwiw, but I don’t know the site. (I worry about my gullibility at times)


    Also some personal news, there has been a concern since my last mri, I get lots of those, that I had cancer. But I do not! (Well, hopefully- knocks on wood/empty noggin, technically not that cancer at least? Sigh. This is what I mean when I say I’m too literal. But 🥳🙂)

    • Rayne says:

      According to Kyle Cheney, yup, 134. Thanks for pointing out this one.


      EDIT: Schneider (IL-10) is a Blue Dog Caucus member in a D+10 district. He’s in his second term, won his seat by 31% of the vote — reflective of the 2018 blue wave as he only won in 2016 by a little over 5%. He’s Ranking member of the Committee on Small Business’s Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade.

    • harpie says:


      BILL KEATING D-MA-09 https://twitter.com/USRepKeating/status/1164591018731347968
      10:31 AM – 22 Aug 2019

      The Mueller report reveals several instances of obstruction of justice, certainly enough to move forward with an impeachment investigation. #mapoli / I was disappointed, however, in the narrow scope of the report and the serious issues it fails to address. / The issues include possible criminal fraud, money laundering, malign foreign influence, financial and tax crimes and self-enrichment in violation of the Emoluments Clause among others. / Importantly, while I support the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation, it must not preempt or interfere with the investigations of the five other committees pursuing these serious issues. / Americans deserve as much of a public, comprehensive disclosure of facts as the House is able to provide with its oversight responsibility.

      • Democritus says:

        Yes! I think they are gonna start it formally in Sept, huh, maybe the timing theory (not wanting it done over summer) was correct.

        Oh another funny, from Reddit on what happens when Trump leaves in comments about IRS misconduct on Trumps taxes.

        “[–]dagoon79 [score hidden] 6 hours ago
        Where is Moscow Mitch?
        Moscow Mitch is not over here, nor there
        Moscow Mitch can’t be found anywhere
        He’s not in a House
        He’s not with a mouse
        He’s not with the Senate
        Nor has he been in the cloak room for a minute
        Wait a second, do my eyes deceive
        Can it, is it, could it truly be
        Moscow Mitch is cuddled up with an Orange Clown
        On Air Force 1 leaving town
        They don their Ushankas on the plane
        Flying off to mother Russia to board Putin’s-fuck train
        It’s where all the GOP and traitors go
        Be sure to lube up and dress for the snow”

        Dagoon79 is the author to be clear, not me. I am not that clever. Maybe a twitter Moscow Mitch limerick competition and the like to dunk in the GOP?


        • Savage Librarian says:

          I don’t do twitter or FB. But here is my contribution.

          Moscow Mitch

          If you’ve heard the pitch
          Of Moscow Mitch,
          The one in which
          He’s got the itch
          To strike it rich,
          Here’s the hitch:

          He’s got Oleg’s twitch,
          He found his niche,
          It’s not a glitch,
          He’s in that ditch
          Without a stitch.
          We demand a switch.

      • Kick the darkness says:

        It was good to see Takano get on board. From his statement it’s not clear what exactly changed for him. But another one in the Yes column.

    • harpie says:

      NEW: #WhipIt
      Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi D-IL-08
      Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi Releases Statement Supporting Impeachment Investigation August 26, 2019

      I fully support Chairman Nadler’s investigation.”

      “Where this investigation leads, we cannot know at this time. Regardless of the outcome, I support Chairman Nadler’s impeachment investigation conducted in accordance with the Constitution.

      Further, I will continue my efforts in my congressional committees to support the process as well as discover and expose wrongdoing wherever it exists. Our Constitution and our country’s future require nothing less.”

      • Rayne says:

        Thanks, harpie. Definitely another spineless statement avoiding full-throated support for an impeachment inquiry by the full House — he’s from a D+8 district, no excuses.

  8. OldTulsaDude says:

    Note to the House: it is increasingly risky to play politics as by the time the next crisis strikes it will be too late for an impeachment inquiry to start.

    Do it now.

  9. Democritus says:

    Look at Trump from 2016 lie about the Bible


    Versus his speech and demeanor now. He has degraded, though he has his better days.

    (Clips of misspeaks from yesterday then solid clip of speech)


    Look at the pace and patter. Not to mention, didn’t he just have to promise China he wouldn’t interfere with Hong Kong to get them back to the trade table? It was leaked last week maybe? Trump is an economic bozo.

  10. BobCon says:

    Ruppersberger is a good one to get — he’s a long-established rank and filer, and possibly more important has close ties to the intelligence community establishment. He’s a former top Dem on the Intelligence Committee and literally represents Fort Meade Maryland and the NSA.

    His endorsement carries a bit more meaning than some of the other recent ones.

  11. VoltOwner says:

    My Rep Ro Khanna has stated publicly that he supports an inquiry.

    KHANNA: Well, I support Nadler. I support the impeachment inquiry. I
    haven`t gone on television calling for it because Nadler has a process, and
    he has a timeline, and I didn`t want to put pressure on him based on that


    P.s. Sorry about using a different name, I’m a bit foggy about whatever I used the last time I posted.

    [When you were here last in March this year you used the same name. You’re fine. Thanks! /~Rayne]

  12. Tom says:

    The tone of the news reporting on the President this week–low polling numbers, signs of trouble in the economy, alienating the Danes of all people–suggests the Deathbed Watch on the Trump administration has already begun. I’ve been worried what he and his followers might do to skew the 2020 election in their favour, but even more concerning is what Trump might do in the time between an election defeat next November and the inauguration of the next President in January. That’s about two months for Trump to carry out all kinds of mayhem to poison the well for the incoming Democrat administration. Plus, there are the Trump zealots–including white supremacists–across the country who might respond to what they interpret as cues to act coming from the President. If there ever comes a time to invoke the 25th amendment, that might be it.

  13. swmarks says:

    Hello from the 2nd Congressional District of Connecticut, the Land of Steady Habits (our other state motto)!

    I contacted Rep. Joe Courtney (D) last month and again this past week. His response has evolved somewhat, but sill is lacking. He’s all for oversight, investigation, yadda yadda. The difference from last month to now is that he cites the House Judiciary Committee’s “legal action … to enforce congressional subpoenas to provide grand jury testimony from Mueller’s investigation” as evidence of movement.

    Furthermore, he says that this “action clearly demonstrates that the House Judiciary Committee is aggressively following up on the Mueller report, and not ruling out impeachment proceedings by any stretch. I fully support Chairman Nadler’s legal efforts and the rationale he put forth to the court.”

    Stronger than last month, but still pulling the punch. My apologies for our stodgy state!

    • Rayne says:

      Thanks for following up. Give him another poke in a week or two. Remind him your district is D+3 going into a continuing blue wave — the time is now to lead and push hard, not follow on others’ coattails.

      • swmarks says:

        Will do. In my contact this week, I gave him the link to the recent article in “Salon” about Dr. Rachel Bitecofer’s data analysis. I pointed out that not starting a formal impeachment inquiry will likely suppress both Democratic voters and Independent voters inclined to vote against Trump. Hopefully, at least somebody on his staff is reading her analysis.

    • harpie says:

      1] https://twitter.com/emptywheel/status/1165377365234593792
      2:36 PM – 24 Aug 2019

      Hey! @bmaz is back. Remind me the next time I get booted to beg @ScottGreenfield for help.

      2] https://twitter.com/bmaz/status/1165378633021546496
      2:41 PM – 24 Aug 2019

      But apparently I now have only 19 followers or something. And am following no one. Everything is a mystery!

      3] bmaz/status /1165391754163474432
      3:33 PM – 24 Aug 2019

      Replying to @MarcShimo @kcivey and 6 others
      They are all back? Heck, half of them were probably relieved to have been gone!

      4] notmyfalconprez/ status/1165427195596218368
      5:54 PM – 24 Aug 2019

      Replying to @bmaz @MarcShimo and 7 others
      Everyone should follow at least one prickly cactus

  14. harpie says:

    Last night, Trump tweeted:
    8:58 PM – 23 Aug 2019

    For all of the Fake News Reporters that don’t have a clue as to what the law is relative to Presidential powers, China, etc., try looking at the Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977. Case closed!

    I perceive this tweet as a threat…
    a threat Congress has enabled over decades and,
    one from which Congress will now not be able to protect US.

    • harpie says:

      Jack Goldsmith via Quinta Jurecic:
      3:50 AM – 24 Aug 2019

      Alas, he is right about IEEPA, which is an extraordinarily broad and open-ended delegation from Congress to the president. This is not about Article II power, at least not mainly. It is about the power Congress has given to the president. 1/

      2/ Here is what POTUS can do simply upon his unilateral declaration of an emergency with respect to “*any* unusual and extraordinary threat, which has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States.” [LINK]

      3/ Read those astonishingly broad and all-encompassing words carefully and imagine what it might mean in Trump’s hands. Pay attention especially to the word “any,” which is used dozens of times in 1702.

      4/ Note also that courts have tended to uphold even the broadest exercises of presidential power under IEEPA, since the delegation is so extensive, and since it operates in an area of the president’s overlapping Article II power.

      5/ Here is the latest CRS Report on IEEPA. [LINK]

        • OldTulsaDude says:

          To me, the most distressing aspects of this entire period of history is the realization of how difficult it will be to unwind the legislation that has allowed this to happen, create new legislation to try to ensure it won’t happen again, and change norms into laws, laws that are enforced on a non-partisan basis.

          When put in those terms, the near-impossibility of the situation is depressing beyond belief. We are not talking 1 or 2 or even 3 election cycles but a multiple-decades-long fight against the encroachment of authoritarianism.

          • bmaz says:

            It will be hard and arduous, for sure. That said, much of what has been done has been by Executive Branch fiat, not legislation. So, while it will be hard to find and reverse all the damage, it can be done. Hopefully, and with a little time.

            The one giant exception is the massive tax cut that was passed. That will take corresponding legislation to reverse.

            • OldTulsaDude says:

              I agree, but my point is that unless we do something by legislation to change norms to laws we risk the same situation reoccurring. What seems to be happening now is a series of probing strikes into the lawful holes left by legislation that relied on misguided hopes that norms and tradition would suffice. I don’t think Trump is smart enough to have figured out all that by himself so the problem is systemic, probably led by Barr and the Barrettes.

    • harpie says:

      Blame Trump, Not the U.S. Code, for His Abuse of Emergency Authority
      Our Laws Could Be Better, But Trump Is Breaking the Ones We Have
      Joshua Geltzer August 26, 2019

      […] There’s plenty of work ahead to reform federal statutes in light of lessons learned from the Trump era.

      Yet that task ahead shouldn’t distract us from the fierce urgency of now: calling out Trump’s actions as unlawful and, moreover, reining them in. […]

  15. harpie says:

    …and then, there is this:
    Federal Agencies Have Been Sending Employees Articles From White Nationalist And Conspiracy Websites For Months
    A BuzzFeed News investigation found that an arm of the Justice Department and the Department of Labor have shared stories from VDare, a white nationalist publication, with federal employees on multiple occasions over the last two years. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/hamedaleaziz/vdare-doj-dol-epoch-times
    August 23, 2019, at 7:15 p.m. ET

    […] A former senior DOJ official said that the email in question was

    “generated by a third-party vendor that utilizes keyword searches to produce news clippings for staff. It is not reviewed or approved by staff before it is transmitted.”

    “That’s absolutely incorrect,” said TechMIS CEO Steven Mains, adding that EOIR was the most specific and particular of the company’s clients. The agency’s staff would review its work “down to misspellings” if there was anything wrong before sending, he said. […]

    One immigration court employee told BuzzFeed News they perceived a shift in the news sources included in their emailed media briefings after Trump took office. […]

  16. Savage Librarian says:

    This is who Trump is, why we are in this current predicament, and how we must be courageous enough to take the responsibility of ending this toxic situation:

    “Understanding our bully-in-chief: Donald Trump’s ‘antisocial personality disorder’ fits a pattern”
    By Paul Rosenberg, Salon
    “In fact, one expert, physician and psychiatrist Dr. Frederick “Skip” Burkle, told me that autocratic leaders typically have histories of being bullies, and that the most important thing about them that the public needs to understand. I first contacted Burkle by way of counselor and therapist Elizabeth Mika…”
    “This is the essence of bullying — not just the violence and intimidation, but the narcissist’s hallmark sense of impunity, backed up by effortless deceit, blame-shifting and manipulation…..But violence and intimidation are just part of the package. It’s a big mistake to confuse the part with the whole.”

    “Playing the victim — something Trump has perfected to a T — is absolutely crucial to a bully’s success, as Burkle’s first experience showed. Trump’s followers wallow in victimhood with him, especially in the aftermath of his own vicious attacks — a classic expression of collective narcissism .
    Commentators and media practices demanding equal consideration of “both sides” further reward the bullying behavior in all its aspects, even if they may include some narrowly targeted criticism of the most specific, blatant violence or threats.”

    …”The kind of cognitive/emotional/social development that occurs during adolescence is a one-shot deal. And Trump missed his shot, just like all others with character disorders. Because they’ve never grown up, they remain very similar, like children: Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, Trump, Mohammed bin Salman — they all recognize their reflections in one another. The fact that they all get along so well should chill us to our bones.”

    “Not all narcissists are bullies, but all bullies are narcissists: A sense of superiority is foundational for bullying behavior….”
    “For Mika, the greatest damage caused by “narcissistic arrest” is the “inability to love,” she said. “To love one has to be able to connect with one’s own and another’s true self, and this is very difficult for a narcissist as his existence is focused on enlarging and constantly defending his gargantuan false self.” The result explains volumes: “People who are unable to empathize with and love others relate to them through control and domination.”
    “In “Character Disorders,” Burkle writes:
    “Despite their seductive talents and uncanny ability to speak to universal concerns of every citizen, [bullies turned autocrats] never attain mature abstract reasoning and avoid discussions and debates that demand levels of reasoning, observation, and objectivity, or issues that do not personally boost their own power and prestige. They expend emotional energy covering up their limitations and turn to lies, fabrications, childish insults, and unrelenting boastful opinions of themselves.”
    “What’s more, Mika added, “target status is magnified” if the target in question happens to represent a minority:”
    “Then there’s collective narcissism, which Burkle writes about in “Character Disorders”:
    “When the political party aligns itself with the narcissist, it becomes “operationally and collectively narcissistic.” Once collective narcissism exists, the autocrat can be assured of sustaining his power base, demanding total loyalty, with followers speaking from the same playbook and daily-drilled sound bites, where disloyalty is severely punished.”
    “So long as Democratic leaders and the media remain oblivious to or ignorant of what’s actually going on psychologically — not just with Trump, but his followers as well — they will continue to misjudge the situation, even as they repeatedly say how abnormal it is. And the danger will only continue to grow.”

    “This situation is abnormal in American history. But it’s depressingly normal for a country where a narcissistic bully has gained power. We need to reorient ourselves around that fundamental fact, and stop pretending that what’s been normal in the past provides any sound guidance now. Clinging to that illusion is, in itself, a subtle form of collective narcissism: the belief that “It can’t happen here,” the refusal to look ourselves in the mirror and confront what we truly are — which is the only way we can ever live up to what we wish to be.”


  17. Marinela says:

    OT, Uncomfortable about Joe Walsh painting himself as an anti Trump. If he gets nominated / elected in fact he could be worse, because he will be more effective on serving the corporate constituency.
    They count on the fact that people’s hate for Trump may get them votes from some of the independents, and perhaps dems.

    My theory on why Joe W. decided to apologize, come out, etc. is that republicans realize that the populist base of Trump is not going to hold up against a democratic waive in 2020 election, they will loose election. But the real reason, I think, relates to the tariffs that are hurting the real constituency, the corporations will end up passing the fees to the consumers, which will trigger recession.

    Additionally, here is a scary thought, the corporations are holding a lot of power in timing an economic recession, should a democrat win the WH.

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