Brown Is Leaving Town Trash Talk

As pretty much everybody knows by now, the Patriots have released Antonio Brown. He has been jettisoned by two teams in two weeks. That has to pretty much be a record for a player with actual ability. You can find all the particulars in this ESPN piece, including some of the implications, such as salary cap space.

I don’t have a lot to say on the subject. The Patriots should have never signed the erratic jerk in the first place. So why did they? As Brown proved immediately in his one game with them, he is really, really good, that’s why. One other point I would add is that I think the league and team was correct to have not suspended Brown, or placed him on the Commissioner’s exempt list previously. Setting that precedent based on an unsworn civil complaint about long past conduct, with no criminal case whatsoever, would be to sanction an extortion racket on NFL players and personnel.

The threatening and menacing texts he issued to a second accuser this week made the situation untenable though. That was happening in real time and cannot be permitted under the personal conduct policy. I am sure folks will have plenty to say, but that is it for me.

USC upset Utah last night in a pretty good game. The Trojans might be better than people thought, though they did take a hit on their QB in the process. As for today’s games, Notre Dame at Georgia is big, as are Michigan at Wisconsin and Auburn at Texas A&M. Locally, Colorado is in to visit ASU, can the Herminator keep the Devils rolling after their big upset of Michigan State in East Lansing?

On to the pros. Speaking of the Patriots, they have some serious O-Line issues – Fullback James Develin is out, right tackle Marcus Cannon is questionable, as are both top line tight ends Matt LaCosse and Ryan Izzo. Gonna be a lot of three and four wide receiver packages with quick throws. On a positive note, however, it is the Jets they are facing.

Ravens at Kansas City should be pretty interesting, and Jackson versus Mahomes may be a rivalry to watch for many years to come. Saints at Seattle is interesting, but less so without Drew Brees, who looks to be out for at least six weeks. Teddy Bridgewater is a great kid, and seeing him come back from a catastrophic injury has been fantastic. But he is no Drew Brees, and Seattle is brutal to play in. Rams at Cleveland also could be interesting in the Brownies are really back in synch. Dunno about that.

As we opened with Antonio Brown, we shall close with James Brown. All down with Brown today. Get funky.

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  1. PSWebster says:

    One (I) could see during the one game he played his chemistry was off…it was just all about him which is not even close to the Pats way. He could really play but the team dynamics are way more important and he would never fit and then the last bit about allegedly threatening a new accuser…that’s was what supposedly set off Kraft, the massage aficionado, to can his arse.

    Again: the metoo thing sometimes really gets overplayed. Why do they always come back for more…pretty simple it seems…$$$.

    • P J Evans says:

      AB was pretty damned dim, threatening a woman via Twitter. (He’d hired her to paint a mural at his home, and that doesn’t make her fair game for whatever else he wants.)

    • Tracy Lynn says:

      The Pat’s Way? That’s what I would have thought before they hired him in the first place. I didn’t see him fitting in there. They only have room for 2 drama queens.

  2. Rapier says:

    No longer a Chicagoan but rooter for their sports ball teams. I figured on 1/30/18 when Todd Ricketts took the finance chair of the GOP it was all over for the Cubs. I like these complex narratives about the fates of sports teams.

    It took one year for Matt Nagy to go from offensive innovator and power of positive (offensive) thinking practitioner, into John Fox, or is that Neil Armstrong, not the astronaut. It’s amazing. If he doesn’t drop that visor cap he should go.

  3. paulpfixion says:

    taysom hill & bridgewater in the thunderdome are what I’m most curious about this weekend–rare that a real chance for ingenuity pops up in the nfl. how often will payton simultaneously deploy two qbs? one has to think that the saints will attack a piss poor secondary–the hawks have allowed exactly 58 less passing yards than the Fins, 575 in 2 games to be precise, but can they neutralize the seattle d-line with trickery, the mesh, kamara, and two running threat qb’s? might be a dud, but I’m staying tuned.

    I wish the mahomes vs jackson contest wasn’t on at noon (packer fan here). here’s hoping it will require watching on replay.

  4. Ckymonstaz says:

    The patriots have had their share of hits and misses taking on other teams talented head cases thru the years so if Belichek tapped out after less than 2 weeks of the circus it seems someone should be giving Mike Tomlin a medal for keeping the Steelers afloat for the past 8 years! How did they not implode long ago with 3 of the biggest idiots in the league on one offense?

  5. BobCon says:

    Malcolm Gladwell performs a snow job in his latest book on the Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno/Penn State football scandal.

    He tries to reduce the issue to a single instance of Paterno hearing an allegation, and then justify Paterno doing the bare minimum necessary, neither point being valid.

    Glib superficial TED talk style analysis is ripping a hole in this country’s inteligence.

  6. RMD says:

    Curious on your take on Monday’s payday for AB.
    When coverage of a player’s signing agreement is reported, conditions and cause for breaking the agreement are referred to, but rarely are the specifics relayed.
    I would like to read a standard “personal conduct” contract.
    Brown still has a paydate with NE… and my guess is that they pare down the disbursement to games played.
    Interested in other’s thoughts.

    • bmaz says:

      My bet is the Pats refuse to pay it and NFLPA files a grievance. I am not as sure as Scribe that the Pats win on that grievance. We’ll see. So far, there is no indication that the NFL will back up Kraft and the Pats on this. In fact, it looks like the League intends to see the Pats get screwed.

  7. jo6pac says:

    Well I think AB will have a job in a week or two and Colin K. still will be without job and never threaten anyone but rich white owners.

    9ers by 10 over whoever.

  8. scribe says:

    About f’g time we got a trash thread. I thought we would be seeing the Rise and Fall of the Antonio Brown Empire with nary a chance to comment.

    There was enough AB trash last week to fill a dumpster, and well, I was and am pissed about not posting it then. So I’ll post some of it now. Letting it molder for a week means it has composted itself down a bit, so you’re not getting the full 2 weeks’ worth.

    Fact is, Brown wanted to go to New England all along. That much is clear from how he got out of Oakland. I think he never wanted to play a down for the Raiders. He knew, at least from the time he blew off the final, with-playoff-implications game of the Steelers, he was not going to go to New England. The Steelers refused to trade with the Pats, period.

    Turn back the clock about 15 years, to when the Iggles were coming off the Super Bowl loss to the Pats (thank you, Andy Reid’s clock management). At that time, Terrell Owens (T.O. to all of you) was a standout WR for the Iggles and, to his credit, had played and played hard despite serious injury going into the game. But he wanted to go to Dallas – maybe so he could take a dump on The Star, I dunno.

    Brown’s agent Rosenhaus also represented T.O. T.O. held out, put on a spectacle – holding a press conference while doing situps in his driveway, going on about how he felt disrespected, etc. – all during training camp. At some point the Eagles had enough of his crap and let him go to the Cowboys. Rosenhaus took out his playbook and he and AB ran on the Raiders the same play he and T.O. ran on the Eagles. Frankly, if I ran the Raiders I would have looked hard at putting AB on IR for mental issues and let him sit there all season. But, I’m sure the dollars weighed more heavily in their calculus.

    Where did he get the idea? It seems obvious Rosenhaus watches Star Trek. From Amok Time, when Spock goes into rut and battles Kirk to the death on Vulcan:

    MCCOY: Have the transporter room stand by to beam up the landing party. (ends communication) As strange as it may seem, Mister Spock, you’re in command now. Any orders?
    SPOCK: Yes. I’ll follow you up in a few minutes. You will instruct Mister Chekov to plot a course for the nearest Starbase where I must surrender myself to the authorities. (the sound of a transporter off screen) T’Pring. Explain.
    T’PRING*: Specify.
    SPOCK: Why the challenge, and why you chose my captain as your champion.
    T’PRING: Stonn* wanted me, I wanted him.
    SPOCK: I see no logic in preferring Stonn over me.
    T’PRING: You have become much known among our people, Spock. Almost a legend. And as the years went by, I came to know that I did not want to be the consort of a legend. But by the laws of our people, I could only divorce you by the kal-if-fee. There was also Stonn, who wanted very much to be my consort, and I wanted him. If your Captain were victor, he would not want me, and so I would have Stonn. If you were victor you would free me because I had dared to challenge, and again I would have Stonn. But if you did not free me, it would be the same. For you would be gone, and I would have your name and your property, and Stonn would still be there.
    SPOCK: Logical. Flawlessly logical.
    T’PRING: I am honoured.
    SPOCK: Stonn. She is yours. After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true. Spock here. Stand by to beam up. Live long, T’Pau, and prosper.

    – T’Pring was Spock’s wife. In applying this saga to the AB story, AB is T’Pring, and just as connivingly bitchy.
    – Stonn, the goofy-looking Vulcan in the show who never said anything, is Belichick. Just as goofy-looking and never says anything.
    – Spock would be the Raiders and Kirk, the Steelers. Noteworthy that some commentators have been opining that, looking at the AB (and LeVeon Bell) situation in retrospect they think Tomlin should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It was Kirk’s nobility, in accepting a fight to the death with his friend Spock, that allowed the entire situation to be resolved. (You could easily make an argument for either team being Spock or Kirk, because for T’Pring’s scheme to work she needed two chumps to fight to the death over her, when she wanted neither.)
    – “by the laws of our people, I could only divorce you by the kal-if-fee.” winds up being “under the collective bargaining agreement it was only by being an egregious malefactor and disruptor could AB get himself cut loose from the Raiders (and the Steelers) so he could be with the one he wanted, and who wanted him.
    – And, as is so often true “having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting.”

    Me, I was having a hard time yesterday afternoon wiping laughter’s tears from my eyes and trying to avoid hyperventilating from laughing too hard, when the news came down that AB was gone.

    I have little doubt that the League’s attorney’s calling the artist’s attorneys within an hour of being notified that AB and his crew (and his attorney – WTF is that guy thinking?) were circulating pictures of the artist’s kids and threatening and defaming her made the Pats’ decision E-A-S-Y. Moreover, it turns out the press reports kinda underplay the harassment he laid on the artist while she was muraling. Not only did he walk into the room with nothing but a washcloth over his unit, but he had sex with another woman while the artist was painting. Apparently in the same room, too.

    And the artist, to her credit, wants none of AB’s money. I suspect she’d likely feel like she had to wash with laundry soap after touching it.

    Thing is, AB brought his sh*t to NE, tried to pull the same kind of stunts he had in both Pgh and Oakland and Bill and Kraft had enough of it. They are not into “high maintenance”. That by cutting him now they would avoid having to ratify his conduct with $5 million of their money (a partial payment of the signing bonus was due Monday) was just a cherry on top. They got out of this for under $200k, about the amount they’d generate with popcorn sales on a gameday, I’d guess.

    This jackass pissed away $30 million in NFL cash, and who-knows-how-much in endorsement money, in 13 days. That has to be some kind of record.

    What was more interesting, to me was ESPN’s telephone interview with Ryan Clark, former Steeler and longtime teammate of AB, an hour or two after the cut announcement. What came through, despite Clark’s very polite and mannerly language, was that AB had been behaving the way he did in Oakland and NE for a long, long time. That his behavior was a reflection of his upbringing. And that he’d started off small with his misconduct and progressed from screwing over teammates on little things and standing up charities to worse over time. And it was clear from the way the Clark interview ended that he wouldn’t be taking calls from AB, that he was done with him.

    As we should be, too.

    Do you think I’m enjoying this? Press 1 for yes.

    My Stillers are in a world of hurt. Back in 76, Bradshaw went down with a bad injury 5 games into the season (and they were 1-4 at the time). The defense had a meeting where it was stated, in so many words, that if they wanted to win it was up to the defense. Over the remaining 9 games (14 game season then), the Steelers’ D proved itself the Best Ever. They allowed 28 points in 9 games. They picked up the team and carried them and a backup QB all the way to the AFC Championship. They lost that year to Oakland, largely because both Rocky Bleier and Franco Harris were hurt and hobbled from the Divisional Game the week before. I don’t see this D doing anything remotely similar (setting aside the limitations caused by rules changes in the intervening years). It would be nice to dream it possible, but I don’t see it. I’d be ecstatic to come out of this weekend 1-2 and go 500 for the year. The big question, assuming Rudolph survives, is what happens next year. Ben will be pushing 38 by the time training camp opens, and his injury was basically non-contact. He has maybe 1 or 2 years left and what he does is rely on experience rather than athletic skill and, as Eli has just shown, a good opponent’s game plan can turn the benefit of experience into the taste of ashes.
    I am one of the people not offended by the Giants having chosen Jones at #6. From all I’ve heard, this kid has a lot of the same upside and character as did young Eli (without the bitchy don’t wanna play in San Diego bullshit). He shows up, studies hard, learns fast (Duke don’t produce dummies) and has enough athleticism to do ok or better. I think it a benefit to him that he gets his first start on the road.

    The Iggles look ok, though the injuries to 2 WR and others is going to hurt. More of a concern is that Wentz starts games slowly, making every game a catchup affair. It will be interesting to see whether the Iggles can top the Kitties. The last time these two teams played in Philly was the time a blizzard descended and left like 2 feet of snow on the Linc, making for one of the most entertaining games in a long time. It was like watching kids playing in the back yard. No one went for the FG, either, because there was no way to kick effectively. Go for it on 4th and go for the 2 pointer. There will be no snow in Philly this weekend.

    I am waiting for the Football Gods to wreak something on the Owboys. I don’t know what, yet, but it will be interesting.

    Chefs-Ravens looks like an interesting game, which means it won’t be on TV for me.

    The Pats will roll. Without AB. There was a line in the book Cinderella Man that sums up the Patriot Way: “It was the kind of town where people who made waves tended to disappear beneath them.”

    My prediction for AB is along these lines: First up, Commissioner’s Exempt List. His lawyer will fire him for non-paid bills. He will grieve the signing bonus and lose. His crew will turn on him. He will have more crap come out in the Florida sex assault lawsuit. Rosenhaus will drop him, claiming (no one will believe him) AB deceived him, too. There will be an arrest for something he has not yet done. He will lose in the other pending litigation. Bankruptcy is possible. After a year or so on the Exempt List, some team will take a flyer on him but it will be a league-minimum contract, possibly with incentives. But, having been dealing with all the other shit (and unable to find a trainer who will put up with him) he won’t have been working out and will, moreover, be pushing 34. Slow, gimpy (from the frostbite) and out of shape, he will be unceremoniously cut. He winds up living in a trailer park.

    • Eureka says:

      With all of the AB news, and Stillers news, I wondered what you’d have to say. ‘Composted’ was the better metaphor over ‘compacted trash,’ for sure.

      Maybe I’ll add more on Eagles later; suffice to say that I hope tomorrow is the day that I tune in and don’t say, Is this the year of our lord 2018?

      As to WR corps, a partial note: rookie JJ Arcega-Whiteside showed some preseason promise, tho a couple of major errors in the season so far. Wentz needs to throw to him in situations where JJAW can catch off the top like the son of basketball players he is (i.e. he would’ve been a better target for Foles). Mild facetiousness aside, maybe a part-week’s practice has helped settle JJAW towards a more reliable role.

      They just promoted Greg Ward off the practice squad today, for his NFL debut.

      • scribe says:

        I read this morning that for AB to get onto the Commissioner’s Exempt List he has to be under contract with a team. Right now, since he’s not under contract, he can’t be on the exempt list. The article I read hinted at the Redskins, in need of WRs and willing to take just about any kind of character issue under their roof, are the most likely landing spot for AB.
        Recall, they signed some RB (whose name slips my mind right now) who had been arrested for DV and who (AFAIK) still resides on the suspended list and have been paying him, in the expectation of getting him back sometime and being able to use him.
        So, to modify my prediction, AB will have to be signed by some team before he lands on the Commissioner’s Exempt List. It’ll happen.

        • Peterr says:

          And meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick still can’t get a contract.

          But I’m sure race has nothing to do with it, because Race is Never the Issue.

      • Eureka says:

        *apparently I should have spelled this all the way out:
        … *then*, JJAW needs to slow-up and catch it that way, or, hell, just catch it however.

  9. scribe says:

    German media reports: One of the hijackers of TWA flight 847, in June-July 1985, during which US Navy diver Robert Stethem (travelling as a passenger in civilian clothes) was murdered for being an American in military service, has been arrested on Mykonos by Greek police, pursuant to a still-active arrest warrant out of Germany. The hijacker is said to be in high-security custody in Greece.

  10. fikshun says:

    I’m concerned about AB. Outside of the sexual assault claims, his behavior has been pretty erratic. Between getting into arguments with Ben Roethlisberger last season, getting frostbite from his cryo tank, reporting to camp late, and getting into arguments with Oakland’s GM prior to his release, he reminds me a bit of the late Chris Henry. At the risk of speculating, I wonder if he is suffering from CTE.

    • BobCon says:

      We’re at the point where CTE is looming behind every football player.

      Calvin Johnson had a disturbing interview in Sports Illustrated where he mentioned how often he had concussions:

      What’s especially disturbing is how he spoke about one publicly in 2012, and the team pressured him to take it back. Fortunately for Johnson, he seems OK, at least for now. Retiring early probably helps his longterm odds.

      • fikshun says:

        Yes, but for the ones who die young, they appear to have a year or two where they start making really poor decisions, struggling to contain their emotions, before ultimately taking their own lives. I don’t mean to sound as though I’m defending him — rape and sexual assault allegations are very serious — but in addition to their public investigation, I hope the NFL is also following up with him with regard to his mental health.

  11. PeteT says:

    So is it like the Dolphins only lost 37-0 last week with AB now gonzo?

    Ah…no..and the Boys ought to have a field day at home. The real crime is with no FB pkg I have to watch it or go to the beach. Decisions.

    • Eureka says:

      I’d probably beach it and DVR it, but then watch clips online, then delete it (Sorry, Pete– I *did* re-check the schedule last week ~ When do *we* get to play the fins?).

  12. joel fisher says:

    It might take a year but he’ll be back. Over the next 9 months Brown will be in various fixit-type places. What, you didn’t know he had a problem with booze? Turns out he did, and he’s acknowledging his problem. Sexual addiction? It’s pretty obvious, and we have places for it. Anger? Anger management.
    His problems can be fixed, no problem. He’s pretty extreme though, so he might need to find Jesus. Wait ’til next Summer; the new Antonio Brown will emerge (I’m looking forward to his book) and teams–more than one– will be waiting, checkbooks in hand. Kaepernick will still be waiting.

  13. CapeCodFisher says:

    Why did they sign him? So they could break the very last record and go 19-0, something no one has ever done.. They’ve already done everything else.. they were already favored to win another super bowl before they even had him. oh, and also so KC didn’t pick him up.

  14. scribe says:

    Bucky Badger had a very good day, and has a very good team.

    Not to worry, though because Alabama will win the national title again this year; Wisconsin will be deemed “not good enough” to play with the same set of cracker good old boys come January by the same PTB that have done that for the last however many years.

    • bmaz says:

      Yeah. He is the number one driver now, treat him like it. Lot of attrition today. Have never liked Marina Bay circuit.

          • Chetnolian says:

            Different but why ugly?

            But it did all work out well in the end for the prancing horses. Actually nice to see the older guy do well against the upstart! It will be good for Leclerc’s soul.

            • quebecois says:

              There are many sports teams who have a long history and a record of victories that are quite outstanding. These organizations often are more interested in the brand than the team. When a rookie comes in, even those with exceptional talents, they are always broken by the team, abused, stepped on, put in their place. Leclerc has soundly out qualified Vettel this year, he has driven better races than Vettel this season, has been better for the team than Vettel. Ferrari has missed the boat, and drowned. Leclerc’s soul doesn’t need that kind of retrograde treatment.

              • bmaz says:

                I agree with that. But in response to Chetnolian, I have always hated the cement nightmare that is Marina Bay. It is like an F1 race in a cement boundaried prison compound.

  15. Steve13209 says:

    The Bills are 3-0 (yeah, I know their opponents were crap). Just had to get that out there before the Patriots game. I hope Singletary comes back next week cause Gore/Yelden is NOT the answer.

  16. Bay State Librul says:

    Belichick versus the Press

    “Norman Mailer said once—and this is a quote I over-use—but he said that whenever two men say hello to each other on the street, one of them loses. Meaning that there are always these little silent battles and power tussles going on, and this is everywhere in Pinter…” Kevin Berry

    Comment: Bill is a miserable prick and Kraft can pound sand, but I still root for the Patsies.
    I see my therapist today

    • Peterr says:

      Only way this gets topped as Peak Philly is if the Iggles invite the hero to the next game, to be honored on the field before the game starts.

      • Eureka says:

        There is already a contender:

        Angry Eagles fan who went viral turns out to be Penn’s dean of admissions

        I especially liked this part of the write-up (it _was_ a surprise as I watched):

        One pleasant surprise was that Fox broadcasters Thom Brennaman and Chris Spielman actually defended angry Eagles fans like Furda, something you rarely see from national broadcasters, who all-too-often turn to negative stereotypes about Philadelphia fans.

        “They have a high standard and an expectation,” Spielman said of Eagles fans during the game. “If you’re not meeting that expectation, boos are warranted.”

        (There’s also a piece interviewing (“lip”-) speech-readers as to what he said, linked therein, the joke being that no one needs such assistance in this case.)

        As to the child-catching hero clip, on broadcast TV they were stopping the clip at “catchin’ them|” — probably a better choice for what corp wants out of that segment of the “news” (heartstrings), though everybody that cares to already knows the rest. Poor Nelly. Plenty of blame to go around.

        • scribe says:

          This is Philly fans getting full value for their entertainment dollar. Either the team provides good entertainment, or the fans will provide it themselves.

          But think of it this way: if you go to La Scala and the singer does a bad job, the crowd will boo. It’s the High Holy Cathedral of Opera and treated with reverence, but the audience will boo bad performances. Some will throw shoes. Fine, bench-made, bespoke Italian shoes. But they will throw them and walk home in stocking feet, doing penance for wasting their entertainment lira/Euros on bad singing.

          In Philly, Ed Rendell bets $20 that some guy next to him in the upper deck of The Vet can’t hit the field with that iceball and pays off when he does. In wintry Philly, Jimmy Johnson’s hairdo is a legitimate target. In Philly the stadium needed, and had, a courtroom and judge on duty during games. After their hearing and being released from the cell, rowdies would walk home (or ride the subway), many dollars lighter and with a new, or expanded, criminal record.

          I have long thought that the significant Italian-American character suffusing South Philly neighborhoods has influenced the way Philly fans approach their fandom. Surely the city’s long history of bad teams playing badly has given the idea of being a Philly fan an operatic nature – romance, tragedy, hope, and hope dashed. You go to the opera, you’re pretty sure someone in the story is going to die, and horribly, and the story will end badly. You go to an Iggles game and, with the exception of the last couple years, it’s pretty much the same – romance, tragedy, hope, and hope dashed. Andy Reid will manage the clock. Donovan McNabb will be puking his guts out trying to run a two-minute drill. Carson Wentz will be blow out his knee and, deus ex machina you get Foles, the Philly Special (immortalized in bronze at the Linc) and Cheatin Bill and Biebs coming up just short in the SB. Wentz will be coming back from the blown-out knee and break his back, while Foles tries – and fails – to spin magic from his fingertips for a second straight year breaking hearts of Iggles fans everywhere. Your tattoo of Jason Kelce in a green-and-purple Mummer’s costume will fade, droop and look like a bad bruise. Your team will acquire a stable of fine WRs to catch Wentz’s passes, only to have all but one have their bodies fall apart and the survivor have his hands turn to stone, then be mocked by a genuine hero.

          Yup. That’s Philly.

          • Eureka says:

            Both the dirge and the delusion go like this: “Those 51- and 53-yarders to DJax were magic.”

            (And Ed– and the Angry Fan– still have jobs. Behavior fully within the bounds.)

            To draw out an allusion from the dragging tattoo (via Iggles recapitulating the idea* of Rocky Balboa’s travels from So Philly to the Art Museum steps), opponent fans defile the Rocky statue for sport. The lazy ones just recycle old Viks photos. While nonsensical per the Iggles getting the last couple of laughs there, it makes perfect sense when you remember that the Viks- standing in for all opponents– took the statue and the steps first, and that they perhaps will forevermore.

            I don’t know how to work this color into opera, but (and this is why anthropologists like to get multiple emic and etic accounts; to be clear I am etic to So Phil) some unexpected benefits arise from this fraught sports culture, and that includes the power to move a corporation to act (don’t get too excited– standards are limited).

            The cable was garbled on Sunday; the Iggles game was pixellated here and there, the Stillers way worse, all but unwatchable, and by the time of SNF the Brownies looked like day-glo alien invaders against a green-screen, when there was any picture to glimpse.

            The last time this happened (during a routine and exclusively baseball season), it took several days for the neighborhood to even get an appointment. While I did have to cover my eyes for each pass as the 4th Q went on (and miscalculated when it was safe to look again e.v.e.r.y. time– it’s caught! NO IT IS NOT), I’d still like the option to watch the next game on Thursday.

            I have high confidence that I am not the only viewer to have done this math. I suspect the others made some phone calls.

            The local cable corp managed to fix the problem by late Monday afternoon.

            Sounds like Jeffrey might play tomorrow. Not sure if that’s a good idea.

            *Rocky’s route was more evocative, though its indirect, marathon length per the splicing fits here, too:

            How Far Did Rocky Go in His Training Run in ‘Rocky II’?

            LOL bonus link:

            West Philly Woman Turns Dead Spotted Lanternflies Into Jewelry

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