Jared Kushner’s Pervasive Corruption Pops Up In Surprising Ways

Jim here again.

I’ve been trying to do my homework to catch up on the tremendous work done by Elijah Cumming’s House Oversight Committee on the Michael Flynn-IP3 scandal that I wrote about quite a bit back when we first learned about it. So far, I’ve found reports they issued on February 19 and July 29 of this year. One thing that stood out to me as I perused the timeline in the February report was the reminder that Westinghouse, the nuclear reactor company that was in Chapter 11 but figured prominently in IP3’s plans was purchased by Brookfield Business Partners, which is a subsidiary of Brookfield Asset Management. The Committee pointed out that while this purchase was still subject to approval, Brookfield Asset Management entered a contract to Jared Kushner’s white elephant property at 666 Fifth Avenue. Recall that Kushner owed much more on the property than it was worth, and by all rights it should have completely ruined Kushner financially.

The corruption of this situation is staggering in its brazenness. Here’s a New York Times article from July of 2018 that put it into full perspective:

Eighteen months into Jared Kushner’s White House tenure, his family’s real estate firm is deepening its financial relationships with institutions and individuals that have a lot riding on decisions made by the federal government.

In the latest example, an arm of Brookfield Asset Management is close to completing an investment of up to $700 million in the Kushner family’s tower at 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The deal will be a boon to the Kushners, who are struggling to recoup their investments in their flagship building.

At the same time, another Brookfield unit is awaiting the Trump administration’s approval of its acquisition of the nuclear-power company Westinghouse Electric. The deal is being reviewed by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, made up of senior federal officials who consider the potential national security risks of transactions involving foreign companies. Brookfield’s headquarters are in Canada.

Looking further into just when each deal closed, we see the Westinghouse purchase closed on August 1 of 2018, while the Brookfield investment in 666 Fifth Avenue closed a mere two days later. Cummings’ committee obviously sees the craven corruption in the White House point person for Saudi Arabia having his largest financial failure bailed out just as soon as the government cleared the Westinghouse purchase that the folks who want to make a lot of money in Saudi Arabia through Westinghouse nuclear reactors being sold there. The Times article also sees this corruption, pointing out that the real estate deal was announced at the very time that government approval was still pending. That the real estate deal didn’t close until after Westinghouse seems to support that assistance on the approval was needed before Kushner would get bailed out.

But Kushner’s corruption is even more pervasive and more craven than that. For further background, I decided to look at the Times’ reports on Kushner’s financial statements for 2017 and 2018. The numbers that were announced were that in 2017, Kushner and Ivanka Trump declared joint income of between $82 million and $222 million. For 2018, that number “dropped” to between $29 million and $135 million. But it was when I first opened the article on the 2018 income that my jaw really dropped. Here is a partial screenshot of what I saw:

See the ad? What, you might ask, is Cadre, and how can it recruit folks who want to invest for 10 years and pay zero taxes? Well, Cadre is partially owned by none other than Jared Kushner. I had been looking at Cadre before I got to the Times article on 2018 income. So Google ads and the New York Times ad system worked together to assume I’d like to see Cadre if I’m looking into Kushner’s income. Jared Kushner’s corruption is so pervasive that even Google ads help you to see it when you look him up.

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  1. timbo says:

    Thanks for doing some of the leg work on this. There may well be a big scandal there about nuke tech and Saudi Arabia.

  2. Molly Pitcher says:

    It is getting to the point that I want to take a shower every time I read anything about this disgusting crime family

    • TooLoose LeTruck says:

      Boy, you sure got that right…

      What’s that old saying… ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’?

      Hell, screw the smoke… all you have to do is glance in Trump World’s direction and something bursts into flame…

      It’s probably been flogged silly already, but perhaps that should be ‘the aptly named 666 Fifth Avenue’…

        • TooLoose LeTruck says:


          I’d say Trump World will hopefully end up burning hotter than the fires of Hell, but Trump & Co are just a franchise of the front office…

    • Mohammad Ansari says:

      Trump and Jared are creating loopholes to maneuver financial frauds and hiding financial transactions from Suadi Arabia as well as dealings. We are fed up with the corruption of This White House family business dealings. These are bunch of thieves running the United States.

      • N.Jacobson says:

        Just yesterday el-presidente said politics isnt important, corruption is what he wants to stop. I wish I could change my shoes, they are really full of poop

  3. earlofhuntingdon says:

    The NYT’s editors choose a headline that is technically correct, but totally misleading. It says, “Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Report Up to $135 million in 2018 Income.”

    The absurd range allowed by the disclosure form, $29 – 135 million, exceeds a hundred million dollars. The Times, naturally, chooses the highest possible number. It might as well charge Jared and Ivanka a marketing fee.

      • P J Evans says:

        When the range is that large, they could have gone with a lower number. (The range needs to be fixed, too: say 25-49 million, 50-99 million, 100-135 million.)

  4. Rugger9 says:

    The entire GOP needs to be politically decapitated and that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Between Faux News, OAN, CBN, etc., all erstwhile moderates have been purged out by primaries and so there isn’t really anyone to take the party back to sanity.

    After all, the dominionist fundamentalist moral standards continue to reek of pharisaical hypocrisy:

    One wonders how long it will take Liberty U (or its students) to go after Jerry Jr for cheapening their degrees?

      • BobCon says:

        Everything I’ve read is that he’s a true public servant — he’s in the job for the common good and not himself. Also really smart and capable of mastering really complex subjects. Basically the opposite of Meadows, Jordan and Nunes. I definitely wish him the best.

    • BroD says:

      I picked up on some report today that made me suspect he might be having health issues. I hope he recovers quickly and well–he’s my congressman.

  5. OldTulsaDude says:

    Trump himself has called the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act “ricilulous” and “a horrible law”. Is it much of a stretch to think that anyone who lives and works within his sphere of influence has the same worldview, that corruption is “only business”.

    • P J Evans says:

      He thinks that his business is the model for every other business in the country, and has no clue about boards of directors and all the other stuff that most businesses do as normal practice (generally excluding corruption).

      • OldTulsaDude says:

        Trump acts like he wants to be America’s Putin; meanwhile, his cabinet acts like wannabe oligarchs.

  6. Savage Librarian says:

    Thanks, Jim. I had been thinking about these things earlier today. And I noticed that Cadre ad pop up during a search I did several weeks (maybe even months?) ago. I remember being concerned about it at the time. But I did not know the Kushner connection then.

    “So Google ads and the New York
    Times ad system worked together
    to assume I’d like to see Cadre if
    I’m looking into Kushner’s income.
    Jared Kushner’s corruption is so
    pervasive that even Google ads
    help you to see it when you look
    him up.”

    As you say in the quote above ‘corruption is so pervasive.’ But I think it might even be worse and more complicated. In the article cited below, Eric Schmidt made a huge effort to shield his daughter, Sophie, from her part in the SCL/Cambridge Analytica scandal.

    “Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Google Boss’ Daughter Scrubbed From Guardian Exposé”

    “Sophie Schmidt…suggested to Alexander Nix, the former director of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company SCL, that he should get in touch with Peter Thiel’s Palantir and look into using data mining techniques to bolster their political operations.”


  7. Savage Librarian says:

    Make America Greed Again

    The American standard version
    of how Persona ditched the Person
    incorporates some immersion
    into coercion and diversion.

    That’s not to say desertion
    was the least bit less urgent
    but only to cast aspersion
    on thinking things can’t worsen.

    The Person found Persona
    at a dive bar in Daytona.
    They shared a cold Corona
    and yakked about Estonia.

    Then they both were shown a
    live shark that had grown a
    foot by a man in a kimono
    who claimed to be the owner.

    Soon Persona Non Grata
    entered too and got caught up
    where the talk, like fierce lava,
    was spewing up far hotter.

    This was no bourgeois drama
    with “thank you” and “de nada,”
    This was more like “not gonna.”
    Destination rock bottom.

    And, so it was. Lesson learned:
    Persona’s fate was well earned,
    The Person was duly spurned,
    Persona Non Grata, burned.

    But everyone else still yearned
    to murmur of the concerned
    who wanted it all adjourned
    as if the world had not turned.

  8. Jerry Dillard says:

    Now I understand the Biden diversion for corruption with Ukrain…Very little money in comparison Kushners alleged corruption…:)

  9. debra says:

    The GOP is silent in the face of glaring corruption by the Trump administration et al. But then again these are the same people who climbed over a whole host of good potential leaders during the 2016 Republican primary, to get to the one known corrupt, ill mannered, unfit to lead devils, person in the pack who goes by the name of Donald J Trump. Obvious conclusion: the GOP and its massive body of sycophants are not bothered by corruption. No, they are bothered by something their hearts consider even more sinister, equal treatment of all human races.

    • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

      Former CNBC and MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan called the 2016 election ‘the elimination game’: people were pissed off enough to burn down both parties. Consider that many of the votes for Trump were for a fictional, imagined successful businessman they’d seen on ‘The Apprentice’, whereas the other GOP options seemed either lightweights, total manipulators, or ‘not exciting compared to Trump’ (Kasich, who is probably the one who best understands government and actually has a moral compass).

      With the help of Russia (and who knows who else?) Trump prevailed on a technicality via the Electoral College, thereby ‘winning’ an election without winning the legitimacy required to actually govern. He got the illusion of success.

      The problem with the current GOP is probably more cultural and economic than anything else. Also, the current group of so-called leaders appear to be a group of cultists, who use goopy intellectual arguments and are incapable of genuine give-and-take.

      That does not necessarily make them ‘sinister’, but it does make them sad and pathetic. Take heart, they are not representative of all the rock bands, jazz bands, marching bands, high school chem labs, soccer teams, food banks, museums, and book clubs that are in almost every community in this nation.

      Most people *are* bothered by corruption, they care about fairness, and they are … slowly… beginning to recognize the Trump’s as basically some kind of bizarro wannabe mobster outfit. That’s progress.

      Chin up ;-)

  10. Lazlow K. Hud says:

    Unbelievably huge amounts of money, huge amounts of corruption. The Bidens were chump change compared to this yet the press refuses to look at Kushner and Trump.

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