Gorey Trash Talk

Halloween is upon us! So some Gore is in order. No, not that kind, you ghouls, the Frank Gore kind. With 134 more yards, Frank will move ahead of Barry Sanders and into third place on the all time NFL rushing list. That is saying something, and when he does, either this Sunday or next, he will trail only Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith. Not altogether impossible that Gore catches Payton if he remains this productive for another couple of seasons, although that seems unlikely. Emmitt Smith he will never touch. Still, pretty amazing and long career for Gore.

Alright, so Gore will start his charge at home in Buffalo against the Eagles, and as bad as the Eagles have been lately, Buffalo may be a surprisingly big test for them. The Vikes already slayed the hapless Skins behind another huge game by Kirk Cousins. The Chargers at Chicago may be interesting, the Bolts are not as bad as their record looks, but their O-Line is terrible and they are mistake prone.

Frankly, Arizona at Saints may be one of the more interesting games of the week. Cards are improbably at .500 on the year and clearly improving. But the Superdome is a rough place to play, and the Nawlins’ defense is really good; take the Saints. A resurgent Carolina, behind Kyle Allen instead of the erratic Cam Newton visits the Niners. Don’t sleep on the Panthers, and it may not be easy, but the Niners and Jimmy G look good to stay undefeated. The Brownies visit Foxborough, Bill Bel, Brady and the boys. Upset in the air? Likely not.

The best game, by far, on tap is the SNF matchup of the Packers at the Chefs. Pat Mahomes is ruled out for the game, but Matt Moore is a more than competent backup. Green Bay is starting to put things together on offense after a dodgy start to the season. Davante Adams is improving quickly from his bad turf toe injury, but is still likely out for the Pack. If the game was at Lambeau instead of Arrowhead, maybe a different bet, but this looks like a pick-em to me.

In the college ranks, Wisconsin put up a dud last time out, and already has a loss going into Ohio State. Make that two losses after today. Auburn at LSU may be the game of the day. Go figure, but LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is a legitimate Heisman candidate so far. Auburn is really good, but, man, I am not voting against the Tigers in Baton Rouge. Notre Dame visits Ann Arbor and that Harbaugh guy. I dunno, the Irish just seem like a better team right now. ASU, coming off of a truly ugly loss at Utah, is in Los Angeles to take on UCLA. This is the time of year ASU always goes downhill, and they probably will today against the Bruins.

The Astros, after one of the worst weeks imaginable for a World Series team, broke through with a win last night in DC. Can they make it two in a row and even the series against the Natinals tonight? Houston has Jose Urquidy going against Pat Corbin for the Natinals. Corbin was here with the DBacks the last few years, and he is a sneaky good pitcher, so I like Washington’s chances to move to 3-1 on the Series.

Music today by the incomparable Elton John. People don’t usually think of him so much as a live rock act as opposed to just a huge celebrity. I first saw him in the late 70’s, and can easily attest he is one of the greatest rock performers ever. Just incredible. This cut is from 2003 in Hamburg.

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  1. P J Evans says:

    The weather in L.A. has improved slightly – cooler and a little less dry. (The humidity in my apt has gone up to 22%. It’s probably about 10% outside, instead of 4 or 5%.)

    • scribe says:

      It’s only dry when the standing timber – live trees – have a measured moisture content below that of kiln-dried lumber at your local lumber yard. I ran into that fishing and camping in Yellowstone and Idaho back in the early 90s.
      It was a bear, trying to cook dinner without fire (b/c burning was forbidden).

      Not to make light of Cali’s problem.

      But seriously, I recall a few years ago when there was that big derecho across the East. I was working in DC and the power went out and stayed out for days. It turned out the power company had privatized its linemen and brought contract linemen and trucks in just when they needed them. Well, when a whole region goes out – surprise! – there are not nearly enough linemen to go around. I was of the opinion the local governor, instead of sucking off the head of the power company and telling him what a hard job it was fixing downed power lines and how we all understood, should have made him some accommodations down at the local county jail (where the a/c was out) that he could use when not working on fixing the damn power. Because “we” did not “understand”.

      By way of comparison, that power company was not a 5x convicted felon, unlike PG&E, so my suggestion then might have been a little extreme. Frankly – and this is just another of my points of disagreement with Governor Newsom – the head of PG&E ought to have his legs broken for this latest episode of corporate arson. You’d be amazed how having that option on the table moves executives to straighten up, fly right, and cut the bullshit. A friend once reminded such an executive – a client of the friend, an executive whose name you know and who’d been making himself into a real pain over trivia – that if the ex-con garbagemen emptying the dumpster outside the friend’s shop knew who the exec was and what he did for a living, they’d likely pay for the privilege of breaking his legs. And, given Cali’s cop-protective laws, I’m sure Newsom could easily find some thug pig to do the work, with a smile on his face. He might have to turn away applicants.

      There’s always someone willing to wear the executioner’s hood.

      Bucky Badger had a down week. Sadly, I think they’ll gag on the Buckeyes.

      More on the games, later. The sun is shining and it’s pleasant outside and I’ve already wasted too much of the day looking at a screen.

      • P J Evans says:

        I’m in the city of L.A., and deal with DWP – but even then, PG&E doesn’t serve this area. I’d like to move out, but I don’t want to be in their territory – which is limiting in where I could go. (I can tell some of the spam calls: when they start with “Your electric bill will soon” I hang up. DWP bills every two months, not every month.)

      • Peterr says:

        I like your idea, scribe. A cell for a CEO like this gives new meaning to “C Suite,” doesn’t it?

        Maybe you could reserve a whole block for the board while you’re at it. Four to a cell that sleeps two, right?

  2. fikshun says:

    Frank Gore is a talented back who has had the good fortune of a long career, but there should probably be an asterisk next to Barry Sanders’s stats.

    * retired early due to poor morale caused by playing for a dysfunctional franchise

    • Ckymonstaz says:

      Barry was the rare special player who could make you stop, gasp and question if your eyes really just saw that every time he touched the ball. Considering his size and how bad those lions teams were no one can fault him for retiring early

      Gore’s never been a human highlight reel but his dedication and heart are special in their own right. Here’s hoping he’s blessed enough to lead a healthy life when he hangs up the cleats regardless of where he ranks in the NFL stat books

      • bmaz says:

        Wonderfully said. And yes on all fronts. Frankly, Walter Payton played on some pretty crappy teams too. Not sure if he would have gotten more, or less, yards if the Bears had been consistently better. That is actually kind of an interesting thought question.

        • Ckymonstaz says:

          That is a fun mental rabbit hole for sure. Did being the only weapon on offense for a bad team pad his stats or could he have done more with a better supporting cast?

          No disrespect to Emmit Smith who was a great player but I believe sweetness or Sanders would be the all time leading rusher if they played on those 90’s cowpoke teams and likely would have finished with many more yards

        • bmaz says:

          No clue! That is what makes this stuff fun!

          They were, and still are as to Gore, all great in their own way. A corollary: How much closer to Jerry Rice would Larry Fitzgerald be if he had not played so many years on the Cardinals with effectively no quarterback?

        • Ckymonstaz says:

          Two of my favorite players ever!

          Growing up in AZ without a team I took to the 49ers and it’s still a bit of an internal conflict treating today’s SF teams as a hated rival with so many great memories of their Superbowls growing up

          Contrasting that with the cheap and bumbling bidwills operation was tough for the cards first few decades here

          Larry was always a joy to watch and to claim as one of the valleys own but those few years after Kurt arrived and that run to the Superbowl we’re special! Like the Barkley and Nash eras for the sun’s…special even without a title to show for them

          If Larry had been blessed to have a QB like Kurt his whole career he likely could have broken Rice’s records but today’s pass heavy offenses would be a big factor too

        • bmaz says:

          Exactly, on all fronts. I was at all the home games for the Suns in 1993. It was beyond incredible, not just the games but the whole Valley was so in and transfixed. Suns would have won game seven, but Jordan and Paxson killed them in the last 30 seconds of game six. It was still so incredibly glorious even without the title.

        • Ckymonstaz says:

          That paxson 3 was such a gut punch and tough end to an amazing season. AZ was all in for sure but Barkley brought a national spotlight to the valley like never before. Totally agree we would have won game 7 and I still believe we would have won the following year if Danny Manning didn’t blow out his knee

        • bmaz says:

          Yep. Frankly, I think the end to end drive by Jordan before the Paxson three was just as crippling, if not more, than Paxson. But, yes, a bad ending. Oh well, it was still all so incredible. Even the Cards in the Super Bowl did not come close to matching the fervor and excitement of that Suns season and playoffs.

  3. Peterr says:

    Two of the rock acts on my “I wish I could have seen them back in the day” are Elton John and Freddie Mercury & Queen. Great music, and as live performers, even greater.

    Elton John was once featured on “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” and he was asked about his music writing process. In his response, he said “I can write a tune for anything.” He paused, then asked a question of the students: “You’re actors — does anyone have a script?” One of them handed him Peer Gynt, and on the spot he set a passage of it to music. Incredible.

    • rosalind says:

      ah, Queen. consider myself lucky to have seen them three times at the height of their powers. Freddie’s vocals and stage charisma – just wow. Elton tix always sold out before i knew they were available, but i did have a memorable moment with him years later when i was working in rock in roll.

      bill graham got a call from elton’s managerment wanting to set up a backstage meet & greet with a disabled fan who’d written a letter that’d touched them. i got tasked with coordinating night of. i met the van at the loading dock where the young man was lowered down in a rolling bed. unable to leave his home he had gotten ahold of dozens of programs fm Elton’s concerts to experience the shows vicariously. i escorted him through the throng to Elton’s dressing area where EJ bent down and took hold of the fan’s hand and went through every program telling him about the outfits, what was going on in a particular shot. he spent probably 1/2 hour with him, and gave him (and me) a memory for life.

      • bmaz says:

        You would have loved it. It has been so long I kind of forgot until I looked it up. I was a freshman living in a dorm at ASU and, seriously, walked across a parking lot to get to the concert. It was maybe 200 yards. He was the full on glam then. Wild costumes and glasses, and kicking the piano bench out occasionally to sing and play standing up. What a show. Found the old setlist.

  4. Bay State Librul says:

    Overnight Sox fans were treated with a new GM, and Jim must be pissed.
    We stole your GM, and if Cora fails next year, we will seduce your manager.
    Chaim Bloom led the Tampa charge, finishing 12 games above Boston with 1/3 of the payroll.
    He graduated from Yale with a degree in Classics, but he knows cost effectiveness, the Greek way.
    First, order of business though is learning to pronounce Chaim.
    According to experts, “There are two syllables. cha and yim. for “cha” the ch is pronounced like you have something in your throat. the yim is like the sym in symbol. so, there are two syllables. cha and yim. for “cha” the ch is pronounced like you have something in your throat. the yim is like the sym in symbol.”
    Fucking confusing to me.
    Let’s just call him Charlie
    Charlie on the MTA.

    • scribe says:

      In my experience, the people who are the most fun – plain, old fun – to hang around with, work with, dine with, shoot the bull with are the people who majored in classics.

      They knew their degree had absolutely no rational relationship to the way the world works, would not prepare them for any particular field or profession, and went ahead with it anyway, not giving a shit about the impracticality of the major they chose. Without exception they therefore turned their powers of intellect toward the most challenging field of all: dealing with people. And had a good time doing it.

      A lawyer colleague I worked with majored in classics while in the seminary (he left when he met a girl). He collected words in English, Latin and Greek. He compared Greek usages with the diner owner down the street from his office. He loved that I’d had 3 years of Latin in junior high and an additional half year of “Ancient Foundations” in 11th grade English – the Greek poets and plays. (Today, they probably replaced that course with studies on the evils of White Privilege or something similarly useless.) The other half of 11th grade English was public speaking. In the middle of prepping one case or another for trial, one or the other of us would frequently remark “this is just like [reference to The Greeks]” or, when it was going badly “we’re two guys back to back on the bridge fighting off the hordes [again].”

      He’s in the ground 17 years now, and I still miss him, his constant belly laugh, the dinners at his home (Italian-American, 15 or 20 people at the table; it was like what dining with the Scalias is said to be like but with a little less of the serious argument and more of the loud and having fun).

      So it goes.

      The Nittanies are taking it to Sparty in the rain. I like.

      • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

        Alas, I stumbled on Classics too late for a major, but still… how is this not relevant to our times?
        ORESTIA, opening stanzas:
        I pray to the gods for release from this drudgery,
 this watch-keeping, measured in years, sprawled here on 
elbows bent, doglike, on top of Agamemnon’s house.

I contemplate the congregation of the stars at night,
as they bring both winter cold and summer heat to men,
 bright masters, constellations splendid in the sky, 
as in their turns they wane and rise to dominance.

And now I watch for the beacon’s flame, the fire’s
 gleam, bringing word from Troy, a message of
 the city captured; for a woman’s sanguine heart will have it so, her counsel more a man’s.

And when I keep this restless bed of mine,
 all wet with dew, unblessed with watchful dreams,
- for fear stands guard in place of sleep and keeps
 my lids from meeting in security – why then
 I make up my mind to sing, or hum a tune,
 and hope to manufacture so an antidote to my
        insomnia, lamenting in tears the fate of this house,
 administered now far less well than before.

I would good fortune now might bring release from toil with the flare of the beacon fire alight in the night.

O welcome, light in the darkness of night,
 vanguard of dawn and bright source of much dancing
 in Argos, in joy at this turn of events.
        Awake! Awake!

        Translation by Robin Bond, 2014, Creative Commons License


        This Watcher may as well be watching constellations of attorneys, of propaganda narratives, of legalisms and ‘deployments of p.r.’ And grieving, “the fate of this house,
administered now far less well than before.”

        This passage is followed by plenty of bloody mayhem, but in the end Athena — eventually — arrives almost too late. Finally, she manages to create a court, and laws to administer justice, so that humans can accommodate one another’s lives, and recognize (social, economic, personal) boundaries that should not be crossed.

        Thank God for sports, and weekend diversions.
        And for rosalind’s amazing story about Elton John. That’s simply wonderful.

        • scribe says:

          but still… how is this not relevant to our times?

          The employee in HR who starts the seven-interview process that leads up to offering a gig to some newly graduating student, after the mountains of electronic resumes have been sorted by a computer, wants to know: does this person have skills with Excel, Word and Powerpoint? What is this student’s GPA – there might be an algorithm to accommodate that different schools grade on different scales, but then again there might not. Does this person have a criminal record? How, if at all, will this person help the company meet diversity goals – a coded way of imposing quotas which aren’t really quotas but really are. Is this person on social media? If not – that’s suspicious in and of itself – this person might be a free-thinker, might be lying about their social media presence, or might have just wiped their accounts => reject the applicant. If they are, is there anything this person has done on social media which might conceivably be controversial to anyone [be honest – they only care about people who might piss off the Left. Lefty SJWs are always welcome.]. And, what will be sussed out during one of the series of interviews: does this person have the capacity to blithely accept daily humiliation and oppression, or do they recognize the inherent value in every person and do they have integrity they won’t sacrifice for a paycheck? If they aren’t spineless droids, they’re unwanted.

          Classics puts ideas in people’s heads and, today, that’s a sure route to unemployment, self-employment making artisanal pickles or some new kind of beer, or living in their parents’ spare room while being a barista.

        • bmaz says:

          I cannot imagine having to explain my blog and twitter history to a prospective employer. Very good thing I am old and self employed. I am not sure they would find me, but, dang, if they did it would be brutal.

        • scribe says:

          That assumes you’d even get to a face-to-face interview. More likely they’d find the blog/twitter history, see how long it was and decide it was too much work to go through, then shitcan your resume.
          If they actually looked at it, they’d find a “controversial” entry and highlight that as the reason to pass on you.

        • P J Evans says:

          I had an actual blog for several years, but I was “live-blogging” the Civil War. (Family papers: letters and journals, 1861-1865).

    • Jim White says:

      Yes, it’s a loss for the Rays, but they’ve lost executives before (see Friedman to Dodgers for example) and somehow their overall team philosophy has continued to be cutting edge at the same time as incredibly cost effective. I keep running hot and cold on Cash, I had been in favor of Davey Martinez when Maddon left. Seems like Davey is proving to be good…

      Depending on whether they can hang onto a few folks like d’Arnaud (even though, of course, I still love Zunino the Gator) and Garcia, they look poised to really dominate next year if they stay healthy.

      However, should the Rays go ahead with their brain-dead idea of splitting the season between Tampa Bay and Montreal, I will go cold turkey on them and seek a new primary team to follow. The Rays do of course have horrific attendance figures because the Trop is both horrible and horribly located. I would seriously consider a partial season ticket plan if they put a stadium on the proper side of the bay, say close to where the Yankees have their Double A field. That would cut close to an hour off the time it would take me, and many thousands more fans, to get there. Despite that, they have amazing TV ratings over a very wide swathe of Florida. A good stadium in the right location will make them financially viable without Montreal.

  5. Bri2k says:

    Report from the recovering Steelers fan.

    The CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers have been in a bit of a skid and now sit at 11-7 but won their last game against Calgary and have clinched a playoff spot in what will no doubt be a hotly contested championship in the nine team league.

    Nine teams? I still haven’t figured out how they make that work…

    Your next CFL update may be delayed again by fear of jinxing Winnipeg’s wizards of the oblate spheroid.

    • Rugger9 says:

      There is a bye team each week and that’s how. Like the NFL did when they had 31.

      CFL is fun to watch, though, and they have the single.

      Gore in SF was a rock, but RBs take a lot of abuse getting their yards. Even Jim Brown retired early.

    • SOElse says:

      Wow – a reference to the Bombers on Emptywheel – surely a first. I think that England’s win over the All Blacks in RWC19 also deserves a mention.

      • Re entry says:

        John Candy said that the CFL actually did have four downs but ‘we punt on third just to be on the safe side.’

  6. I Never Lie and am Always Right says:

    Illini win two Big Ten games in a row. Need to check out the temperature in Hell.

  7. Bay State Librul says:

    Trash Talk is good in the classical sense of the word

    “When Plato wants to explain Good he uses the image of the sun.” writes Iris Murdoch. “The moral pilgrim emerges from the cave and begins to see the real world in the light of the sun, and last of all is able to look at the sun itself.
    She continues “We may also speak seriously of ordinary things, people, works of art, as being good, although we are also well aware of their imperfections. Good lives as it were on both sides of the barrier and we can combine the aspiration to complete goodness with a realistic sense of achievement within our limitations.”

    Now back to trader Bad Bill and his deadline beaters: Play 2 and 7 in the numbers game.

    Mohamed Sanu from Atlanta for a Number 2
    Bennett to Dallas for a Number 7.

    Sanu brings a “lot of juice”, sayeth Brady, the best QB since YA Tittle.

    To Ureka on Bennett. Guess he was a bad boy and gave defensive coach Bret Bielema
    some “trash talk”
    Coach Bielema to Coach Belichick show him the door.
    Exit to Dallas.

    • P J Evans says:

      Bennett won’t do well at Dallas, either. They don’t make helmets big enough for that head.

      As for QBs, LaMonica, Stabler, Montana, and Young might want to argue.

      • scribe says:

        The thing that will really make a mess of Bennett with the Owboys will be the star on the helmet. That damned thing winds up sending rays into the brain and turns otherwise sensible football players into delusional, preening peacocks who think they and their team are better than anyone else.
        I mean, look at Jerry. He’s been around that star for entirely too long and he is flat out bonkers.

  8. Bay State Librul says:

    The Patsies are 12 point favorites, but it is raining here.
    It might be just ducky to place a few euros on Cleveland

    • bmaz says:

      They make it sound downright miserable and typhoony on ESPN. Does it really look “that” bad there in Bahston?

      • scribe says:

        From theweatherchannel.com:

        Windy with rain likely. High around 55F. Winds ESE at 20 to 30 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall around a half an inch. Locally heavier rainfall possible.

        Small craft warnings are up. Current winds in Cheatertown are ESE at 23.

        In a word: foul. New England in fall, before the snow starts. A good day to go to make a pot of chowdah, though it is a little warm. And, if you do make a pot of chowdah, a day which will yield all the explanation you’d ever need why New England chowdah is made with cream, butter and potatoes.

        Also a marginal day to test the Ideal Gas Law, though it is a little warm for that. Probably a better day for looking at the coefficient of friction and how moisture affects it.

  9. scribe says:

    Brissett just made an exceptionally brilliant play – avoiding a sack and wriggling out of a possible safety then throwing a strike to his receiver dragging his toes before crossing the sideline 45 yards downfield. Putting on a great 2 minute drive.
    You’ll see it on the highlights.
    And the Broncos just helped with a horse-collar tackle.

    • scribe says:

      Cleveland-level stupid: on a 4th and 11, down 17 with 6+ to go, they’re ready to punt. Illegal procedure, 5 yards. So they decide to go for it on 4th and 16.
      NE defense comes flying in and sacks Mayfield for about 10 yards, winding up on the Browns 15. And Mayfield lands hard on his throwing shoulder, gets up grimacing.
      Their excuse: they intended to go for it all along but didn’t want to burn a timeout. So the coaches directed them to get the penalty to stop the clock.
      From this Stillers fan, the only thing which could make this game more satisfying is if it were Young Mr. Football getting his ass kicked, rather than the overrated Mayfield.

    • Molly Pitcher says:

      There are 1 M people in Northern California without power, including all of the hills surrounding the Bay. The winds are not expected to stop until Monday night/early Tuesday morning.

      They have evacuated all of the areas burned two years ago in Sonoma County, including the Coffey and Fountain Grove neighborhoods which for the most part are still under reconstruction, in addition to lots of other areas. If they don’t keep the fire on the East side of 101 They are not sure they can stop it till it hits the ocean, because that area hasn’t burned since 1940.

      There are other fires which are not getting the coverage because of the attention being paid to 90+ mph winds on the peaks in Sonoma County. A fire broke out next to Hwy 80 in Vallejo, right at the toll plaza of the Carquinez Bridge which spans the Sacramento River where it flows into the Bay. It immediately jumped the freeway and was burning on both sides of the road, and headed DOWN the hill towards the California Maritime Academy. Then 10 minutes later another fire started on the other side of the river, right on hwy 80, forcing more evacuations. At that is just one of the lesser fires.

      This is a long way from over.

      • P J Evans says:

        SFGate is covering the Carquinez fire, as well as the various fires elsewhere in Northern California. The wind is a big problem.
        Meanwhile the Tick fire is 65% contained, and they’re letting people back into some areas. But the wind’s going to start blowing tonight, and will be tomorrow. (They’re expecting gusts only to 40 or 50mph.)

  10. Vince says:

    F1 Mexico: What a mess.

    Red Bull’s Verstappen stripped of the pole position for not noticing one small yellow flag during qualifying, while Renault’s Ricciardo was frustrated after missing out on Q3 by THREE-TENTHS OF A SECOND. So much for Ferrari dominating even though they started from pole positions 2nd and 4th.

  11. Molly Pitcher says:

    I hope that people will now acknowledge that the Niners are the real deal. 7-0 !!

    Coming to visit you Thursday, bmaz !! That will be some scary stuff .

  12. bmaz says:

    This is kind of stunning, and happened pretty fast, but California Representative Katie Hill has just resigned over a somewhat overblown sex scandal caused by her ex-husband posting revenge porn. She was pointed to as a rising star by Pelosi, and now she is gone.

    • P J Evans says:

      So damned stupid. I hope her husband gets what he deserves.
      It’s a district that’s heavily R – it’s mostly Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita, with a finger into LA (Porter Ranch) and Simi Valley.

    • Jenny says:

      Marcy on Twitter: 4:28 PM – 27 Oct 2019
      Duncan Hunter has affairs with staffers on the taxpayer dime and doesn’t resign even after indictment.
      Katie Hill, by contrast…

      Richard W. Painter on Twitter: 8:20 PM – 27 Oct 2019
      The problem with Democrats isn’t sex. It’s that they are too willing to resign if they do anything out of the ordinary. Meanwhile over in the White House, President “Grab ’em by the —–” wants a second term. Gross.

    • TooLoose LeTruck says:

      ‘His face as he realizes what they’re yelling…’

      HA! The look on his face is PRICELESS…

      Christmas comes early this year…

      I didn’t see Barron in any of the footage…

      Does that mean he didn’t bring his son, to the World Series?

      • P J Evans says:

        No, Barron didn’t get to go to the game. The entourage included
        Melania Trump, Kevin Brady, John Ratcliffe, Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy, David Perdue, Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney, Mac Thornberry, Kay Granger, Steve Scalise, Mark Meadows, Andy Biggs

  13. Bay State Librul says:

    After the deluge,

    Coach Belichick celebrates 300 wins! (Scribe, I know you want an asterisk (*). How many games should be deducted due to your “cheater-town” theory).
    A SF vs NE— Garoppolo/Brady Super Bowl would be ideal….

  14. scribe says:

    On location in Pittsburgh tonight, Mason Rudolph starring in the remake of that 90s Stallone-Snipes vehicle as “Interception Man”.
    The Stillers are so cold, they must have been thrown in the vat of liquid nitrogen.

  15. scribe says:

    Well, that was a pleasant result. It was, though, against arguably the single worst team – both in on-field performance and front office management – in the league. There is no reason to celebrate, only to wipe one’s forehead in relief at What Might Have Been.

    Why King Roger hasn’t sent his Competition Committee dragoons out to compel the ‘fins to actually try, escapes me. Maybe guaranteeing 2 wins to the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS is part of some backroom deal he made. Stranger things have happened.

    I could see Rudolph’s career future flashing before his eyes in quarter 2. I have therefore reached no conclusion about him. I am left to wonder whether it will take a cascade of boos to motivate Rudolph to complete his passes. If so, I’ll go with the guy who calls ducks. At least until Ben comes back.

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