The Black Hole

The only college game that counts today is Army/Navy. It is an age old tradition, and for good reason. Also, it annually takes place in the land of cheesesteaks, so that is fun too. Kind of hilariously, CNN is hyping it as hard, if not more, than CBS who is actually carrying the game. Today is the 120th matchup.

It is an interesting year. Last year, Navy had a horrible year, and Army finished 11-2 with their third straight win over Navy. 2019 was an about face though, as Navy comes into today at 9-2 while Army has struggled to a 5-7 record. Of course in a rivalry game like this, none of that matters, they play for pride. Navy is the clear favorite, and looks good to me. GO NAVY! I’d talk about the Heisman announcement, but if Joe Burrow is not the unanimous choice, it will be a travesty.

Sunday, however, will bring down the curtain on a different tradition. The Black Hole. Long before the Patriots of Bob Kraft and Bill Bel became the most hated and arrogant team in the NFL, there was the Just Win Baby Oakland Raiders. It would be fitting if the Pats were in Oakland tomorrow to close out the joint, instead it will be the mustached Minshew and the Jags. It is sad. And, I don’t care how shiny the new and expensive Las Vegas football venue is, it will never feel right.

The Raiders are Oakland, and were even when temporarily in LA. There is not enough space here to tell all the stories of Al Davis and the Raiders. But he had fantastic glasses, always, and huge balls. Davis not only took the NFL head on when they were still thought invincible, he had the guts to appoint the first woman to be an NFL CEO, Amy Trask, who served in that position from 1997 to 2013 after, literally, starting as an intern with the team. There is simply still no analog to that courage, short of Greg Popovich making Becky Hammon a key assistant coach on the Spurs.

So, here we are at the death knell of the Black Hole. This Dana Jacobson piece, with Trask, almost perfectly encapsulates the Black Hole. The denizens there are fucking nuts, and have been beautifully so. There will be a beautiful shiny new stadium in Las Vegas. A lot of the fans will still show up there. But it will never have the pure grit of Al Davis and Oakland. That will be gone forever by tomorrow night. Vaya con dios Raiders of Oakland and The Black Hole.

The rest of the NFL schedule seems rather vanilla for one of the last weeks of the regular season. Bears at the Frozen Tundra to visit the Cheeser’s is interesting, as it always is. The Bills in Pittsburgh should be as well. Arguably the best game is Houston at Tennessee. Both the Texans and Titans are 8-5, but the Titans are on a serious roll with Ryan Tannehill as QB. Never saw that coming at the start of the season, and I will take the Titans at home on this one.

Raiders music by Metallica. Because that is perfect. Soak up the last rumble in the Black Hole.

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  1. P J Evans says:

    I remember the days of Frank Youell Field, which were bleachers between the railroad tracks and the freeway, in an industrial area. That was where Raiduh fandom was forged, and they never forgot it, though Al Davis and his family did.

    • bmaz says:

      There is no question they needed a new stadium, it was getting pretty untenable in the Coliseum. But, still, Vegas just seems wrong.

      • P J Evans says:

        Going for the Big Money, maybe.
        The problem with the Coliseum is that it’s jointly owned by the city and the county, and they can’t agree on much.

        • Peterr says:

          They agree on the fact that the Raiders have sucked far more money out of both of them in the past than anyone likes, and they were not about to repeat that again.

    • Peterr says:

      The Oakland Coliseum is also in an industrial area, bracketed by I-880 to the southwest and railroad tracks to the northeast. It fits the Raiders mentality far more than it ever did the Oakland A’s.

    • jo6pac says:

      I spent many of games at Frank Youell my Dad knew one the minority owners so we always had free tickets. Then also the Oakland Tribune gave tickets away to the paper boys back in the day of real newspapers.

  2. Tommy D Cosmology says:

    Is that a Metallica mosh pit or just another line to get in to see the Raiders?

    Great mini-concert! Saw them at one of those Woodstock reunions in the mud. Couldn’t keep from watching a kid head-banging on top of a telephone pole. He never fell off. I thought his head almost did.

  3. punaise says:

    Meh. This East Bay resident says screw the Raiders for leaving. But I semi-boycott football, so that carries little weight.

    Given the prevalence of deliveries stolen around Berkeley and Oakalnd they should change their name to the Porch Pirates for the final two games of the season.

  4. Tracy Lynn says:

    “…the Just Win Baby Oakland Raiders…” Those were the days!

    My BFF in high school was John Madden’s niece. When the Raider won the Super Bowl in 1976, she invited me to the after-party at the Coliseum. I couldn’t go — I wasn’t going to be 18 years old until the summer. In retrospect, it probably was a better idea that a couple of teenagers didn’t attend that particular event.

    The Oakland Raiders were always my guilty pleasure — but I don’t blame the city and county with washing their collective hands of the team — the Davis family never played fair with the Coliseum ownership so that relationship was doomed once the team came back to Oakland. The Las Vegas stadium just won’t be the same and there never will be another Black Hole like the one in Oakland.

      • Tracy Lynn says:

        Ah, thank you for this link, P J. I have no doubt that Al Davis screwed the Valley family out of the team ownership — he was just that way. To say he was complicated is being charitable — but, for whatever reasons, the NFL got their first Mexican-American and second African American head coaches when he hired Tom Flores (https:// and Art Shell, respectively. Not sure, but I think someone upstream mentioned Amy Trask, who was Davis’ hire to be chief executive of the Raiders organization. She was the first female executive for any NFL team. I believe he wouldn’t have hired any of these folks if he didn’t think they could enhance the team’s glory — he wasn’t altruistic that way.

  5. vvv says:

    Music geek trivia, post Newsted, pre Trujillo, that looks to be uber-producer Bob Rock on bass. Damn, are they tight.

  6. Peterr says:

    Megan Rapinoe endorsed Elizabeth Warren, in her typical very direct manner. The text of her tweet is below, but click through for a split screen video attached to the tweet that contains the “very direct” part as Warren calls Rapinoe on the phone:

    I truly believe the best things in life are a result of being bold and being real. I’m proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren today, for being bold, for being real, for listening to ALL of us, and for being prepared to navigate the unique challenges we face today as a country @ewarren

    Team Warren’s response included adding a new t-shirt to their campaign store. On the back it looks like a sports jersey, with the name WARREN above the number 46. On the front it says “You and Me” above a very large LFG and a smaller WARREN.

    As The Guardian reports on this video,

    “Well, we have a little saying on the national team that we like to say,” Rapinoe said. “I don’t know if you can cuss on here, but it’s ‘LFG’, so let’s do this.”

    “Let’s do this,” Warren laughed. “All right Megan, you and me, LFG.”

    And a t-shirt was born.

  7. Rapier says:

    I’ve got no nostalgia for the Raiders but looking back no team can really match the stories they have left behind. The games with names, and John Madden and then Davis himself, a classic hustler and con man. America loves it’s con men and rascals. In the end sports is about stories and football is hard to beat there because they play so few games that each one becomes gigantic.. With so much time in between games, the dramas, and melodramas, and fake dramas, all entwined with the old stories provide a deep well of entertainment.
    If Matt Nagy wears that visor cap in freezing Green Bay tomorrow by all that’s right with the football gods the Bears should lose. I’ve already called for his firing over that thing. If Trubisky rushes for 80 yards they win as is the case with all their games. Instead he gained 80 yards in the first 12 games total.

  8. Idland says:

    Hunter S. Thomson, “Betting against the point spread is a relatively mechanical trip, but betting against another individual can be very complex, if you’re serious about it—because you want to know, for starters, whether you’re betting against a fool or a wizard, or maybe against somebody who’s just playing the fool.”

  9. scribe says:

    While I will note the sad passing of the Black Hole and with it perhaps the last shred of the days when workingmen and women could go to NFL games without taking out another mortgage, there’s another passing coming over the horizon about which many if not most are unaware. Perhaps not blissfully unaware, more likely in Denial.

    That’s this: Tom Brady has maybe 3 home games left at Foxborough. 2 regular season and maybe a divisional-round game. Wise people well connected have reported, over and over during the last several weeks, that ol’ Biebs is not coming back to Cheatertown next year. Listed the house, withdrew from being the face of a charity where he’d done that since coming to Bahstahn. Listening to the feed from sports-talk radio the reporters say the probabilities break down like this: 4/7 he plays elsewhere next year, 2/7 he retires, 1/7 he comes back to Foxborough.

    I think he’s had enough of getting beaten up over contracts, not getting a decent guaranteed deal b/c Cheatin’ Bill (the main malefactor, it seems) doesn’t want to ease off the reins and the Krafts won’t step in.

    You want to rub it in on Cheatin’ Bill? Remind him that in the 2018 draft he chose Isaiah Wynn (an OL, #23 overall) and Sony Michel (RB, #31) ahead of the Ravens’ Lamar Jackson (#32). Since then Wynn has spent all of last year and half of this on IR. Michel is a nice player, but with limits and no candidate for Canton.

    And that doesn’t even take into account something I wrote about earlier this week when it broke, about the Cheaters returning to form with videotaping Cincinnati’s sideline. All of you who tried to minimize, deflect, deny, obfuscate and otherwise run like hell to get away from acknowledging the cheating nature of the Cheating Cheaters of Cheatertown and the corruption at the heart of The Patriot Way, you need to step up an admit: “I’m right and you were wrong.”

    Repeat after me: “Scribe is and was right, and you deniers were wrong”. Again. Again. Again. Like that scene in “Miracle”, the film about the 1980 Olympic hockey team, where Ken Russell was making the team skate suicides after a bad loss where they were concentrating on picking up chicks instead of playing hockey. Again. Another suicide. Again. The janitor turns off the lights for being there too late. Again. Russell’s assistant coach is begging him to stop. Again. Players puking their guts out. Again.

    The Cheaters cheat. It’s what they do; baked into the cake.

    How seriously is the League taking this? Consider this – despite the Cheaters having come out, admitted doing wrong and falling on their sword by Tuesday, the League has not yet announced what punishment the Cheaters will suffer. As one commenter noted, it’s like a cop pulling someone over for 60 in a 50, intending to give verbal warning and finding, once he goes back to the laptop with the license and registration, that the driver has a laundry list of violations going back to days after he first got his license. And then noticing the contents of the back seat look suspiciously like a bale of dope.

    This will not end well, and I’ll be watching with some level of glee.

    A new name landed recently for where Biebs will play next year: the Dallas Owboys. The argument is that Jerry is desperate to win before he dies, Dak’s contract is up, and Garrett is gone. Feelers out there for McDaniel to take over. What it comes down to is how much can Biebs milk out of Jerry and will McDaniel be willing to put up with Jerry’s shit. Added angle is that Jerry might take a chance on bringing Nutcase Antonio Brown onto his Owboys, in the spirit of Just Win Baby.

    If I were Biebs I’d take the job replacing Rivers on the Chargers, if only because Jerry sold what passed for his soul to win back in the 90s and near him is not where any sensible player wants to be.

    Stillers – Bills looks like fun. Stillers’ D is tough and it will be a fun game to watch.

    If only the Iggles could pull their shit together long enough to win one when the Owboys lose.

    More later.

    • Peterr says:

      If Jerry throws a bunch of cash at Brady in a bid to win before he dies, John Elway will see this as proof of his own Truly Incredible Wisdom, looking back at bringing in Payton Manning. “Jerry is following in my footsteps . . .”

    • Eureka says:

      In re Cheaters, a local sportswriter last week asked something to the effect of ~ and what dozen other things have they been doing all these years and just not gotten caught at yet?

      Jerry would get such big, racist boner over Brady that he’d surely push *all the money* past the center of the table. Dak would thrive somewhere else.

      As to Iggles, our 5th-string RB, Boston Scott, did superbly well in last week’s win. The key to that ugly game was that when they were bad, they were very very bad, and when they were good, well — I am excited to watch this next game. It’s Carson and the kids, as they now say. This season’s Vince Papale-like feelz with the receiving corps fresh off the streets are even stronger than last season’s with the secondary. We’re still missing a WR (flexing in a TE), besides one of the WR with a fresh hammy. (I think they’re not only practicing-up that Marken Michel* I’d wanted promoted from the practice squad, but keeping the lid on him and an exciting new PS-signed prospect for next week.)

      Meanwhile, the barely-played/ -targeted rookie, JJ Arcega-Whiteside (the one whose brains they’ve been scrambling, as I carped weeks back) is allegedly teaching these new kids the plays. This is perhaps more hero-drama comical than it might sound at first blush, given that the _actual_ WR coach is on the chopping block — per press and fans, at least. It’s better than _The Producers_ -meets- _The Longest Yard_, or something. But we do need some other starters back (like Lane Johnson; too many to list at this point) for Dallas, please.

      I love this whole thing– I can’t wait!

      Eagles’ J.J. Arcega-Whiteside goes from rookie to elder statesman in WR room

      [*Michel, via the CFL, would kinda more closely recapitulate the Papale situation. But I am talking general mood (of all but the curmudgeons +/- savvy realists). Fly, Shadow Picture Eagles, Fly!]

      • Eureka says:

        “Shadow Picture(s)” via Chris Long, Monday night:

        “This dude is out here in the rainstorm from the notebook, wearing gloves, throwing to dudes with shadow pictures on the team website…. just to catch shit on the timeline.”

        Also, Les Bowen recently re-upped his piece on Lisfranc injuries (in honor of another player, WR Alshon Jeffery, to IR with same). While it starts with more Eagles-related content, he gets into some of the rising league-wide stats, purported causes related to changes in shoes and turf, and so on. Packers medical staff doc is apparently the foremost expert and go-to surgeon for repair:

        Speaking Lisfrancly, the Eagles are suffering a lot of foot injuries these days, and recovery can be tough

      • scribe says:

        I don’t think Jerry is as much a racist as he is blinded by his own brilliance and an idiot when it comes to spending his money. He makes up for that by having found some way to make more than he spends.

        But he remains an arrogant idiot who 25 or so years ago sold what passes for his soul, through his own assholeness pissed away the staff and team built to win, hasn’t yet realized you can’t sell your soul twice, and still wants to win.

        Reminds me of the client for whom a colleague got a very significant recovery (very substantial paralyzing injuries) who then nodded his head, expressed his agreement in English and his native language, and signed off on the cover-your-ass letter saying he understood that the money we’d gotten him was all he’d ever get for his injuries, pissed it all away in a year and a half and showed up at the office demanding we start a new lawsuit for him to get more money.

        Wound up having to throw him out of the office (politely). We’d covered out asses nine ways to Sunday, thank heavens.

        I still think the best snow job ever was Bill Parcells, heading for the door after having had enough of Jerry’s shit, selling Jerry on the idea that Tony Romo was the Best Quarterback Ever and would win and win and win some more. Still LMFAO over that.

    • scribe says:

      A trip down memory lane:

      As one commenter noted, it’s like a cop pulling someone over for 60 in a 50, intending to give verbal warning and finding, once he goes back to the laptop with the license and registration, that the driver has a laundry list of violations going back to days after he first got his license.

      Tow truck drivers, particularly in jurisdictions where there’s a competitive market for towing services (i.e., first one to the scene gets the job) have an earned reputation for wickedly bad driving. I once worked on a case involving a tow truck racing to beat the competition to the scene of an accident but instead causing a crash and more serious accident. We represented his victims.

      We got our hands on the tow driver’s license abstract and, indeed, that knucklehead had a series of violations and suspensions running back to within 6 months or so of getting his initial license circa age 17. I wound up making a graphic timeline showing his citations (only the guilties, of course), accidents and suspensions and over the 8 or 10 years between getting his first license and “our” accident. It showed, in the kind of detail we’ve come to expect from an Emptywheel timeline, that he’d spent much more time suspended than not.

      We didn’t wind up using that compilation even though I argued, correctly my colleague admitted, that it would have come in under an angle of the best evidence rule. That, more because we wanted to point more at the liability of the company and the other driver involved in the crash, who had more insurance, than some knucklehead with minimal personal insurance.
      Practice pointer: Maximizing returns is almost always in the client’s best interests.

  10. Peterr says:

    Chefs and Denver is usually a huge rivalry game with the sides chosen up early, but Drew Lock has thrown a wrench in the ordinary “Death to Denver” mentality around Kansas City. Lock was a big high school star in suburban KC, and folks cheered him on as he took over at Mizzou. When he was drafted by Denver, it really threw folks for a loop. They *want* to cheer for him, but cheering for anyone in a Denver uniform is just not an option.

    Lots of schizophrenic football fans in KC this weekend.

    Also snow and perhaps ice, starting before kickoff and building throughout the game. This is a game where the coach wants the team to take charge of early, not plan on a big fourth quarter comeback.

    • Peterr says:

      Cancelled church this morning, and have already shoveled the first 3″ of snow off my driveway. Lots of accidents on the highways, cars sliding into the median or the ditch, etc.

      And that’s *before* the tailgating starts. The post-game traffic will be UGly with a capital UG.

  11. BeingThere says:

    Kinda OT, but regarding Trump pulling US troops from Afghanistan,…
    Hmmm, so that opens Russia to moving in and building pipelines for supplying China with gas. China built a gas pipeline right to the Afghan border about a decade ago, prior to the US getting involved in the region.

  12. Bay State Librul says:


    The Patriots are in the dicey entertainment business.
    Kraft Sports Production is an LLC established in 2009.
    In 2017, the LLC withdrew its LLC from the Commonwealth leaving Patriot Place, since it is not doing business in Massachusetts any more.
    It is still a Delaware organization, now fucking around at Paul Brown Stadium
    The Patriots DID their job, pleasuring us with a shitload of media circus stunts
    Kraft Productions pleads guilty of moving the goal posts, a slippery slope indeed.
    They are guilty of high, delightful, crimes of mischief without a FISA approval
    They will probably get fined.
    Our local rag, the Boston Herald, reports that “the team took responsibility for a crew member from their TV production company “inappropriately” filming the field from the press box during the Bengals game with the Browns on Sunday. “I have no involvement in this, no knowledge of it. I really don’t have any idea what is going on,” Belichick said during a conference call Tuesday. “I can tell you we’ve never as a coaching staff, and me personally have never viewed any video footage at all, of anything that those production people have done, other than what’s shown on public television or something like that. We don’t have anything to do with what they do. So I really don’t have much knowledge of the situation at all.”

    The Patriots, who did get permission from the Browns to be in the press box to shoot B roll for an upcoming installment for the series, Do Your Job, admitted they didn’t alert the Bengals, and didn’t alert the NFL. That led to the miscommunication, and according to people Rapoport spoke with at the league’s winter meetings in Dallas, the penalty would be along the lines of a fine

    • bmaz says:

      BSL, that is exactly right. They had permission for the Browns, it was never disseminated for coaching analysis, and the thought that anything useful was obtained from an inadvertent background shot from the press box is patently laughable. This thing amounts to effectively nothing, except yet another opportunity for people that hate the Patriots to express bogus manufactured outrage.

      As Florio at NBC’s PFT says:

      The difference in this case is that the violation was inadvertent, not deliberate — assuming that the league confirms no direct or indirection connection between the doofus who thought it would be OK to video the Bengals’ sideline and the team’s football operations.

      This continues to be, or at least should be, the biggest factor in gauging punishment. If the Patriots are being truthful on that point, the penalty should be smaller than comparable precedent because comparable precedent involves violations that definitely were aimed at getting an advantage. This, if the Patriots are being truthful, clearly was not. If the Patriots aren’t being truthful on this point, they should be hammered by the league, both for what happened last Sunday and in light of their repeat-offender status.

      The attempt to gloss over that critical distinction and to simply apples-to-apples compare New England’s infraction to other situations where there clearly was involvement from a team’s football operations could be the latest effort by certain forces who continue to resent New England’s success to whack them whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

      Oh, and one other thing, The Patriots documentary crew immediately offered to erase the inadvertent tape on the spot. Something the Bengals guy apparently declined. So he could whine like a baby. This is a giant load of horse manure.

      • scribe says:

        All true.

        All quite, quite irrelevant.

        Exponent’s report had to ignore the laws of physics to hang Brady and the Cheaters. It did, and King Roger happily went along with it.

        Right now, King Roger is the cop who pulled over the Cheaters doing 55 in a 50 and then made up an allegedly burned out taillight. Right now, he has Kraft (the driver) and Cheatin’ Bill (the unknowing passenger) out of the car and sitting on the curb waiting for ol’ “Never Miss” the drug dog to show up and alert the way he always does.
        Yeah, he’s prolonging the stop way beyond the time needed to address the violation for which he supposedly pulled them over – and there’s no outward sign of dope in the car but he “knows” “people like them” “usually have something to hide” – but he doesn’t care. The judge is a reliable supporter of the police, the motion to suppress will fail regardless of what the facts, law and argument might be, and Kraft and Cheatin’ Bill will do hard time for this.

        Done deal.

        I’m willing to bet the quantum of punishment the Cheaters will suffer will depend upon whether they win or lose today. The way they’re tackling, they might get a lighter penalty.

        • bmaz says:

          Facts are always relevant, and the facts are that the
          Bengals are useless pussies who cravenly overplayed their hand, creating a bogus feeding fest. It is the Bengals who should be penalized for this shit, not the Pats.

          • scribe says:

            My vestigial sense of good sportsmanship and fair play requires me to say that being a Bengal is punishment enough. But, since this is an AFC North rival we’re talking about, that’s the only time you’re going to hear it from me.

            • scribe says:

              Don’t forget, destroying the tapes was what King Roger did during Spygate 1.0. So, erasing these tapes would have been the single stupidest thing the Pats could have done, even more than having a video guy who didn’t get the rules. Would have ranked up there with Biebs trashing his smartphone.

              • bmaz says:

                It would have been no problem whatsoever if done mutually with the Bengals. But, again, they are raging dickheads and losers. Screw them.

        • Bay State Librul says:


          First Casualty of the Scribe/Bengals defamation suit against the Pats…

          No #XX, Dave Mondillo, producer/videographer for Kraft Sports, has been suspended for “un-filming-like” conduct

          His work deemed to be “offensive to contemporary football standards.” They lacked serious literary, artistic, and sportsman-like value.

          He will be banned from filming for life.

          BMAZ has taken up his appeal…

  13. quebecois says:

    I’ve pretty much sworn off football in my forties, the helmet hits were getting ridiculous, I already was talking about concussions then.

    As a teen I was a huge Steelers fan.

    I’m a photographer and I work with a lot of tv, stage, improv artists. I don’t know the chef, but the three “analysts” are good friends. Predictions aside, this is a really funny take on the football week by passionate francophones in their Montréal backyard. If any want a good time 25 minutes about football, in french to top it all off, there’s this:

    • Eureka says:

      quebecois, do you by chance have another link for that video that’s not on fb (on, say, youtube or twitter)? I’d love to watch the vid, but loathe FB.

  14. laura says:

    The decades long hollowing out of Oakland as a Union Labor town and its black middle class has yet another milestone today. Asset stripping including Golden State and now the Raiders -but long before that the various ancillary warehouse, manufacturing and production lines moved to the central valley and the local small businesses that were made possible by an industrial base closed block after block and crack cocaine became the defining engine of the police state and ushered in massive, dislocating, segregating gentrification.
    Growing up in Santa Rosa in the 60’s and early 70’s the El Rancho Tropicana out on Santa Rosa Avenue was the training ground and you could see players all over town chasing skirts and breaking hearts.
    Las Vegas is never, ever going to be able to replace the home town, and regular Joe’s and Jane’s are get the shaft again.
    Also, mark Davis’ hair is an ongoing crime against humanity.
    So thanks for the cheer up that Metallica brings to this sad occasion.

  15. Eureka says:

    Eagles 37 Wash 27. Game-winning TD by a guy, Greg Ward, with his first NFL TD. Icing on the cake: a final-seconds strip sack, then TD by a defensive giant running maybe a 17 sec 40 (I jest. Perhaps). The ugly is recorded in my person, no need to replay it here now. The kids, most of them, did great.

    As of now, the Eagles are the only team in the NFC East to have beaten any teams with winning records. Let that sink in.

    Go Rams!

    • Eureka says:

      The Greg Ward, Jr content and other stories (at e.g. NBC Sports Phila) — about the talented young men keeping up their work ethics and spirits while languishing for no known good reason on the practice squad — will make your eyes glisten. Same re rookie star Miles Sanders. But I’m sharing this as it unites a few football worlds and reflects an ongoing supportive brotherhood on the twtters:

      Patrick Mahomes II: “That’s my guy man! Congrats! But im still mad he beat me for the district championship in high school😂😂 #bEastTexas… ”


      The Checkdown: “Greg Ward couldn’t hold back the emotions after catching the go-ahead TD. His journey has been awesome: 🔸QB at Houston in 2016 🔸Cut in training camp 3 years in a row 🔸Played in the AAF 🔸7 catches and his first career TD today [video embed]”

  16. Bay State Librul says:

    Holy Cannoli!
    A strange turn of the screw.
    Next Saturday at 4:30 PM, it’ll be Bills v Pats @ Foxboro
    Dial back to opening day in September.
    Pats fans never dreamed of a prime time battle to the finish, with our friends from Erie County.
    Unexpectedly we come face to face with Joh Allen, Devin Singletary, Josh Brown and the “Billievers” defense
    Fuck, If the Bills win, they might even get out their shovels and hard hats for their “New Era” Stadium.
    The bruised and battered Edelman says “It’s a perfect storm”.
    Maybe not, the seven-day forecast calls for 36 degrees and partly cloudy.
    Crack open a Sam Adams Winter Lager (abv 5.6%) and enjoy the Winter Solstice Sunset that begins at 4:18PM.

    A new legacy in the making

  17. Matt g says:

    As a long time season ticket holder, who abandoned the NFL and my season tickets after the Raiders announced they were leaving. The loss of the Raiders from a stadium that sold every ticket for every game no matter how bad the team was… the only way to interpret their move is money…. the NFL has no soul and now they have one less fan.

  18. scribe says:

    Well, it was quite appropriate that the Black Hole ended the way it did: with something approximating a riot.

    Well done, Oakland.

    • bmaz says:

      Lol, that is kind of the beauty of the joint though. Also, too, another rout of Chucky. Davis and the Rayduhs gave Gruden a 10 year $100 million contract. Hahahahahaha, idiots.

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