Trump’s Death Panel Comes for Detroit [UPDATE-1]

[Update at bottom of post, thanks. /~Rayne]

Ordinarily I wouldn’t step on Marcy’s posts by putting another one up so soon and one so short, but I am both FURIOUS and scared sick about this.

Since last night, Detroit Free Press confirmed yesterday’s rumors about the number of ventilators at one chain of Detroit hospitals — that area hospitals had run out of ventilators and patients were notified on arrival they may not have access to a ventilator if needed.

Without ventilators, those suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome in critical need may die.

Trump decided to kill Detroiters by withholding essential equipment. He’s chosen not to act in a timely fashion and interfered with the state’s ability to obtain equipment, while trash talking about Michigan’s governor in the process.

Welcome to Trump’s death panel.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer couldn’t make it any more plain how urgent the situation was, just as Governor Cuomo has.

Trump’s gross negligence isn’t hurting just black Detroiters, either — yeah, I went there, you know damned well Trump doesn’t care about the woman who is our governor or the black people who are the majority in Detroit.

Trump is hurting rural white Michiganders in areas that voted for him in 2016.

If this is how he’s setting out to win swing states, I hate to see what more harm he’ll cause to solidly blue states.

UPDATE — 1:10 P.M. ET —

You need to watch this video produced by an ER nurse in Oakland County, Michigan. The county straddles four congressional districts, two of which recently flipped blue. This is where white flight settled pre-2000, leaving Detroit behind.

They don’t even have acetaminophen to give patients when they put the ventilator tube down their throats — assuming they still have ventilators right now.

Trump’s death panel won’t just kill you. It will make sure you suffer along the way.


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    • Sonso says:

      And yet these phuckwiesels still invoke the Christian deity to cover their multitude of sins. Getting daily vacuous e-mails from my Repiglican congresswoman, with fulsome bowing and scraping before his majesty’s corporeal figure.

  1. Pajaro says:

    Astounding that this is happening here, but I am sure that Trump can still attain new lows in evil. What a complete bastard!

    If I were the governor I’d order the Michigan National Guard to surround the White House and Mar-a-contagion.

    Time for Milquetoast Spence to step up and bring Article 25, or go back to mommy!

  2. BobCon says:

    It has not sunk in to the public or the media that this is not just affecting people infected by the coronavirus.

    We are going to see pregnant women being denied hospital care because they haven’t reached a risk threshold. We will see four year olds with a broken arm from falling out of a tree waiting six hours for an EMT and then no care beyond a splint because there is no space in hospitals.

    Seniors showing signs of a stroke, people with scratched corneas, anyone with an urgent condition will be told to wait and wait. And for some it will be too late.

    • Rayne says:

      Yup. That. The increase in mortality rates in Europe weren’t just COVID-19 cases but cases which couldn’t get adequate care.

  3. harpie says:

    People With Intellectual Disabilities May Be Denied Lifesaving Care Under These Plans as Coronavirus Spreads
    Disaster preparedness plans in Washington and Alabama say people with cognitive issues are a lower priority for lifesaving treatment. Disability advocacy organizations have asked the federal government to clarify the plans.
    Amy Silverman, Arizona Daily Star March 27, 5 a.m. EDT

    • harpie says:

      […] “What we’re seeing here is a clash between disability rights law and ruthless utilitarian logic,” said Ari Ne’eman, a visiting scholar at the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy at Brandeis University. “What this is really about at the end of the day is whether our civil rights laws still apply in a pandemic. I think that’s a pretty core question as to who we are as a country.” […]

    • J. H. Frank says:

      Fun fact: if you care for a relative with an intellectual disability age seventeen and up, and claimed them as a dependent, they don’t get a COVID check. You don’t get any extra. Money that should go to adult dependents just disappears into smoke.

      The NY Daily News posited that the language that causes this is the result of cut-and-paste and it’s unintentional, as not a single congressperson spoke about adult dependents before the bill passed.

    • Vicks says:

      If I was a reporter my contribution to this country would be to ask Trump directly about this knowing it would probably be my last day of employment.

  4. P J Evans says:

    And THIS is what the GOP-T senators decided to leave in office, because party over law and country. #DragHimOut

    (I’m in California. We won’t get any help either.)

  5. paulpfixion says:

    ugh. This article, based on a records request from Nevada, paints the picture of a disorganized, rudderless CDC. While Redfield was sending reassuring, we got this emails to staff, the country was starting on fire. I guess cutting funding and putting a twit in charge actually does create a clusterfuck.

    ‘“There seems to be a communications blackout on this end,” the program manager wrote, wondering if funds would be distributed based on the number of cases in each state or by population.

    “Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to your questions,” responded a CDC staffer, apologizing for the lack of information. “We are hearing all of the rumor mills as well.”

    “Thank you,” the Nevada program manager replied. “It’s good to be confused together.”’
    (March 4 Email)

  6. biff murphy says:

    I want the press gaggle to walk out on one of his bat shit daily rallys/pressers.
    Leave him standing alone at the podium.
    How they can sit there while he belittles them is tough to watch.
    Fuck this guy…

  7. harpie says:

    I don’t know if this information has been posted here yet, so:
    5:57 PM · Mar 27, 2020

    Here’s a useful visualization tool: COVID-19 statistics for states and countries, in log or linear form. [link]

    Links to:
    An interactive visualization of the exponential spread of COVID-19
    A project to explore the global growth of COVID-19.
    Updated daily. Inspired by the work of John Burn-Murdoch.

  8. timbo says:

    The leader of the Trump Gang is one petty, sorry excuse for a human being. It doesn’t matter to him how many people depend on him, only that if anyone doesn’t bow down before him then all must pay the price of his wrath. The US system is so broken that it allows such a person to control who lives and dies in our country now. He is the personification of what the Founding Fathers fought to avoid—a tyrant that requires personal allegiance and obsequious praise, completely divorced from his ability to do anything more than control the reins of the federal government for his own petty and deadly purposes.

    • r helder says:

      the united states as a whole is about to feel the consequences of trump’s malfeasance and denial of this outbreak. confirmed cases of covid-19 in the u.s. have been doubling every 2.5 days. as of today we have identified 103,729 cases. do the math: 1,600,000 cases within ten days. with a case fatality ratio of 1.4% that means 11,600 deaths by easter, 6 times the 1,693 deaths we reported today. and it will keep on doubling, and doubling again.
      i am terrified of what this dangerous man is doing to my country.

  9. Ed says:

    I think I speak for everyone here: you’re a national treasure Rayne and hope you post as frequently as you like!

    I check in regularly for your insight and apparent at-will encyclopedic knowledge of whatever comes to interest you – I hope the powers-that-be do as well. Especially in this time-sensitive and tragic scenario playing out.

    • bmaz says:

      Ed – Thank you for saying that, and, yes, Rayne is truly all that.

      Would you please do all of us a favor and differentiate your screen name here a bit? Ed is awfully common. And one of our main contributors is also named Ed. Thank you.

  10. Stevedore Waterboy says:

    PPE National Emergency Stockpile – Thailand (?)

    USAID has long been a part of our government. But at this dark time National Stockpile to foreign aid? In March 2020? Two Shipments?

    Long-time reader, first time posting (on any comment board). Offering my apologies for no profiency in cleaning up links. Off to study tracker removal 101 and will do better.

    Possibly you’re aware of Trump Administration’s USAID of PPE Equipment and $62M* to Thailand:
    *$100M is mentioned by USAID, but with all things Trump, who knows?

    Trump Org. Presence in Thailand in about 2008 presser multi-mix development in Bangkok.
    Rayne’s past posts about “cash cow” golf and laundrymats was prescient.

    I appreciate the valuable service you provide. Everyone associated with Emptywheel during our suffering from the bunmitigated disaster of the Trump MalAdministration.
    Safe health wishes to all of you, your families, friends, and every living presence in America.

    • Rayne says:

      It’s all right. Why don’t you post that comment to the latest thread at this link because JEEPERS, a Trump property in Thailand??

      Tells us the Trump family is making the calls on where supplies are routed.

      Thanks for de-lurking and sharing, your comment is very helpful.

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