Arrrr Matey, There Be A New Bucco In The Bay

Marcy is penning all kinds of smart posts today, go read them. But as this is now a sports and music blog, I have an incredibly important update.

The Gronk is back! And he is going to join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

The Patriots have agreed to trade Rob Gronkowski to the Buccaneers, pending a physical, in a deal that reunites the retired tight end with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

Gronkowski’s agent Drew Rosenhaus confirmed Tuesday to ESPN’s Adam Schefter that his client was traded to the Buccaneers.

“Pending the physical, Rob has agreed to play for Tampa this season,” Rosenhaus told Schefter. “He will honor his current contract at this time.”‬

Gronkowski, who turns 31 next month, has one year and $9 million remaining on his current deal with the Patriots. New England will receive a fourth-round draft pick while the Buccaneers also receive a seventh-round pick in the trade, a source told Schefter.

Gronkowski already has taken his physical in Boston with a neutral physician, a source told Schefter, and is awaiting the official results. One source added to Schefter that he believes Gronkowski passed “with flying colors.”

Most Receiving TDs From Tom Brady

The 78 touchdowns Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski connected on were the most in the NFL from 2010 to 2018. They are also twice as many as Brady has thrown to any other player.

Rob Gronkowski 78
Randy Moss 39
Julian Edelman 36
Wes Welker 34

Tampa Bay was the only place that Gronkowski was willing to play, a league source told Schefter. The Boston Herald first reported Tuesday that Gronkowski asked the Patriots to trade him to the Bucs.

This is exciting. At a time when there is no live sports news, this is huge. It would be huge even if there were not a lockdown on live sports. And, please keep in mind that the coach of the Bucs is Bruce Arians. Few here short of Scribe probably know exactly what that means. I do, because Arians was the gruff and engaging coach of the Cardinals for several years before his short lived retirement.

Arians lives by the motto of “No Risk It, No Biscuit”. In short, he believes in taking the top off and opening up the entire field. Neither Brady nor Gronk have ever had that, and they are made for it. TB12 will have a few more interceptions, and he and Gronk will have a hell of a lot of fun. The Buc’s wideouts, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, were already seriously fantastic. Tampa did not even have to give up tight end OJ Howard (though, with Gronk on board, they likely will for even more help. Watch for it).

This is an absolute steal. Bill Bel needed the salary cap room desperately, but, still, this is a steal. A fourth rounder for as good of a tight end as ever played? And the Bucs get a seventh rounder thrown in too? Jeebus.

We have no idea if, when or how the NFL will return to play. But when they do, Tampa Bay is going to be seriously fun to watch.

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  1. CapeCodFisher says:

    Patriots South. Don’t let Gronk play the whole season. Keep him fresh for the playoffs.

    • CapeCodFisher says:

      Hey where’d the edit button go? Let him play every other game. Or give him the first month or two off.. the guy is way too big for the speed he plays at and the hits he has to contend with. Plus now he’s older. More fragile.. has been hitting the ground way too hard for too long. Great tight end though. Gashes defenses.

  2. scribe says:

    Arians made Big Ben. Not that the big guy didn’t have talent, but he took that talent to HoF level performance. 3 SB appearances. Go read his Wikipedia entry and find out his opinions on airing it out, taking risk, and which option to take. Hint: if your best receiver is in single coverage downfield and it’s 3rd and 1, you throw the bomb.

    Then for whatever reason (best estimate, Arians’ O left Ben exposed to too many sacks extending the play), the Stillers cut Arians loose and saddled Ben with that fucking idiot Todd Haley, who makes all the other fucking idiots in the league look like Einstein by comparison. And they kept Haley (family loyalty) until somehow the Fucking Browns hired his dud ass and we Fans of football ran out of ways to help him find the fucking door and the interstate to Cleveland. The problem was, sticking with Haley Steelers management wasted several of the prime years of Ben’s career (2012 through 2017 = 6 fucking seasons), as well as the pre-implosion years of LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown. Likely pissed away at least one more SB appearance being loyal to a piece of garbage masquerading as an incompetent coach. Remember, they let Arians go after going to the SB and losing to Mr. Discount Doublecheck in his prime.

    As an aside, the most fun watching non-game football-related TV I had in years was 2018’s edition of Hard Knocks, where Hue Jackson and Haley went at it in their dick-shaking contests in front of the cameras, only to both wind up shitcanned. Laughed my fucking ass off.

    Haley had to scrounge for almost 18 months to find a job after the Browns fired him, the football equivalent of winding up at Denny’s: offensive coordinator at some Florida high school.

    I think Cheatin’ Bill had better have a really good QB in Stidham and whomever else he dredges up in the draft because otherwise all the TVs in Cheaters Nation will be tuned to the Tompa Bay game to see Biebs emulate Darryl Lamonica and the Air Coryell team. And they’ll be left to wonder what might have been, had younger Biebs and Gronk Before Fragility been coached by Arians instead of Cheatin Bill. AS it is, I’m betting The 506 will be showing the Tompa game in the big markets and a sudden rush for Tompa jerseys sporting 12 and 87.

    Now the big question is how many other former Patsies will have their agents beating a path to Florida to see whether they can get to play once more with Tom. Count on it.

    • BobCon says:

      I wouldn’t bet against Belichick knowing exactly what he’s doing with regard to Brady and Gronkowski. He knows their physical condition and I wouldn’t be suprised if he is making an unsentimental judgment about what they have left and what the likelihood would be that they have anything left in the tank at the end of the season, however long that will be and whenever it will be.

      And I’m not sure there will be any rush of Pats to move to Tampa Bay. They probably have a better idea than most if Brady and Gronk have anything left to offer either. Brady has had an amazing run into his 40s, but typically when a QB starts to decline, the path down is a sharp one.

  3. scribe says:

    As another aside: we will need an extended trash thread to cover the draft. King Roger the Clown will be running it from his basement. Someone will have to provide the boos every time he puts his pasty face in front of the camera.

  4. RMD says:

    it’s too bad to have to read through boorish horse hooey about ‘cheatin’ this and that.
    Shall we have a thread on frame jobs and physics?
    Let’s do. Have at it.
    Cheatin’… what a load.
    Oh, and too bad bmaz had to reference the fucking herald.
    They sure do herald, but it’s tilted so hard it’s bent, permanently, with a side of rancid racism and reichwing nuttery.

      • RMD says:

        c’mon. are we wearing our selective reading glasses today?
        Cheating. Really?

        After all the BS about placement of a camera?
        And the BS about deflation? While the Colts used prohibited needles on balls? Balls of their own that tested under?
        Complimented by the willful suppression of evidence by the NFL, the lying?
        Oh, and let’s rollout the football pressure done the following year by the NFL.
        Sorry. What’s that? Ohhhh… they didn’t release it?
        Now that is a shame.
        Cuz it was all so cut an dried.
        What a fucking line.
        And by ‘line’ I mean you gotta get in one behind the entire history of fraudulent, selective, stickum and PED enhanced scores of teams that laid down the tracks of righteousness for all to follow.
        Cry me a river.

        • bmaz says:

          Hey, I don’t wear “reading glasses”, much less “selective” ones. You can flat stick that shit where there is no sun. Screw you and your “river”. I have dealt with that issue with Scribe and Jim White for a few years. Don’t fucking harp on me with that shit; the Bucs are NOT the Patriots, and YOU are the only one raising it today, so stick it and go “cry” in that.

          • RMD says:

            Cheatin’ Bill; Cheaters Nation; Cheatin Bill.

            It’s untrue to claiming that I was the only one raising the issue of cheating… I was responding to the false and tired trope.
            If I could, I’d re-tag the reply to scribe’s post.

          • RMD says:

            You wrote….”scribe’s input was ….correct”
            It was not correct.
            I pointed that out with specifics.

              • RMD says:

                in the comment preceding mine that scribe posted, no mention of either was made.
                Frankly, scribe’s repeated invocation of cheater nation and cheater Bill is childish and at odds with the entire history of the NFL; hence my use of the term ‘selective’ reading.
                I made a light jibe with you and you landed on me like a tank.
                What the hell.

                Then I get to read Rayne’s advisory, which, clearly, many posting here take wide liberties with.
                Slow my roll.
                Got it.

  5. Jim White says:

    Did someone say cheating cheaters? Did you notice cheater Tom was working out in a closed park a couple of days ago and had to get run off?

    Cheaters gonna cheat.

    And don’t get met started on Gronk. There wasn’t much brain there when he started and with all those blows to the head, he now is approaching Trump-level stupidity in what he says and does.

    • RMD says:

      Hey Jim, did you say ‘don’t get me started’?….
      Talk to scribe… he’s got some issue with Bill… oh, and the Cheating Nation

      • bmaz says:

        Screw this shit. And I am not kidding. I will bounce both of your petty asses. I may not can truly bounce Jim, but I have no compunction whatsoever about you “RMD”. Is this the road you really want to plow? Again, I am NOT kidding.

        • RMD says:

          bmaz, I thought this was a crowd comfortable expressing themselves, and ok with give and take. You have taken umbrage with my comments. Why not just strike the lot of my comments and be done with it. That suits me fine.

          • Rayne says:

            I’m going to wade in here and ask you to slow your roll. Someone with a history going back to January 2019 with only 80-odd comments under their belt may not understand this site’s community fully and I’m going to cut you slack long enough to explain how it works.

            There hasn’t been a formal comment policy here because wide-open discussion is encouraged. However there are limits to width and openness.

            xkcd on Free Speech (ep. 1357)

            Things frowned upon here include but not limited to: deliberate sockpuppeting, ad hominem attacks on contributors and/or commenters, (far-fetched) claims without substantiation, behavior denying other commenters’ use of comment thread, behavior undermining site integrity and/or or users’ security.

            Long-time blogger and citizen journalist Lisa Williams once explained that her blog was like her living room; she expected commenters to behave as they would in her living room. This seems a perfect rule of thumb — not overly specific but easy to understand. This might be a fairly raucous living room but hosts and guests alike don’t care for the jerk who does something nasty in the punch bowl.

            And it’s especially frowned upon for strangers to walk in off the street, not make an effort to develop a rapport with the community, and then doody in the pool.

            Just plain bad manners in real life and in comment space. Thanks to our community members who make this a place where we only infrequently need to throw participants out of the pool.

            Because many of the commenters you see here have been here and participated with regularity in the community, there’s give-and-take between seasoned members and contributors/moderators. Jumping both feet into a discussion between folks with a long history and taking liberties they have earned with each other causes friction. I am sure if you did this in a real life discussion you’d experience similar tension. I recommend you ease up until you know the lay of the land and have earned your way into the kind of casual relationship you see between some of the members and contributors/moderators.

            Apologies to our seasoned regulars for the interruption in your sportsing.


  6. MissingGeorgeCarlin says:

    I’m a football fan (hate the NFL ownership/league mobsters though) going back to mid-70s. I’ve been watching the Bucs since moving to the Tampa area in ’92. They are the worst franchise in NFL history (.400 winning percentage).

    I never liked Jameis Winston due to the rape charges the Tallahassee PD didn’t investigate thoroughly. I think Gronk could be a serious game-changer since he is so hard to defend. He was basically unstoppable in the 2nd half of that SB against the Rams.

    I sort of agree with the “keep him fresh for the playoffs” thinking but this is a really tough division (Saints are SB caliber team, Falcons started turning it around late last year and the Panthers are always a tough game.

    The Bucs have an amazing coach (Watch the NFL films ‘Bruce Arians’ episode….he STILL holds the record of most rushing TDs for a VA Tech QB (some guy named Michael Vick played there).

    With the Buc’s luck…there won’t even be an NFL season this year although I can’t imagine those mobsters allowing that. Same guys who make $10B/year can’t pay the cheerleaders minimum wage (put it in google and read the sad stories).

  7. paulpfixion says:

    I love Bruce Arians. There is no one like a healthy Gronk, gronking all over everybody.

    That said, I would like something horrible to happen to Tom Brady, preferably involving a pair of ugg boots, a donald trump, and a cement mixer.

    I can’t wait to see how he does in an air coryell offense. He has little mobility, does he have anything left in his arm? Who has more to prove–Belichick or Brady?

    anyway, go pack!

    • scribe says:

      That whole “cement overshoes” thing seems to have been an urban legend. A few years back there was some guy in NYC who wound up crosswise with his criminal pals and was found wearing a Homer bucket full of concrete. He was easily extracted because the concrete was bad and crumbled right off. The NYPD detectives remarked they knew right away it was not the Mafia because they do first-class concrete work (when they’re not being wiseguys).

      Although I do think well of that scene in Billy Bathgate (IIRC) where Hoffman’s Dutch Schulz has underling Bruce Willis pushed off the back of a boat, standing in a washtub full of concrete almost to his knees. If you recall the scene, it shut Willis up in an instant, a boon to the world.

      • BobCon says:

        Although a lot of The Irishman is very dubious as far as the fate of Jimmy Hoffa, I appreciated that the movie threw cold water on the idea that he ended up in the concrete in Giants Stadium.

        You ruin a good concrete job by putting a human body in the middle of it.

  8. vvv says:

    Uh, (ducks head, kicks at floor), Bears might have a quarterback competition … (wipes nose on sleeve – allergies – looks around, shuffles away).

  9. Scribe says:

    My, we’re in fine fettle.

    They were the Cheating Cheaters of Cheatertown led by Cheatin’ Bill long before King Roger the Clown brought in Exponent to render a predetermined conclusion and simultaneously bury their violations of the Ideal Gas Law in piles of bullshit and then cap it off with some of the worst malpractice by a courtroom artist ever seen.
    This is what Trash Talk is all about.
    And Cheatin Bill will be a Cheater until the last proton in the universe decays into nothing about 14 trillion years from now.

    • CapeCodFisher says:

      Trump finds scapegoats with no evidence to conceal his losing, but you find scapegoats with no evidence to conceal Belichicks winning?

      Be that as it may, New England had world class teams even before Belichick. In fact they set the record for team rushing in the 70s, an era when they were also rolling over the entire remainder of the NFL.

      So I hope it makes you feel better about why your team can’t win as much as the Patriots. It doesn’t make us feel worse. New England loves/loved annihilating the league. Straight up – Man to Man.

      • bmaz says:

        Well, Scribe is totally right about the hack job by the unscrupulous Exponent Group, and how the ideal gas law was ignored for a predetermined outcome. It was a shameful job by Goodell and the NFL.

        • scribe says:

          I’m still trying to get the local t-shirt guy to make a Biebs shirt bearing that courtroom artist’s bad cubist interpretation of Biebs’ face, but (a) he’s paying entirely too much attention to Sister Mary Jane and (b) it’s really hard for a good artist to make bad art.

          • scribe says:

            I’m also right about Arians, Ben, the Stillers, what a worthless piece of crap Haley was/is and the Browns, likewise.
            Why those high-schoolers’ parents are letting their kids play for Haley escapes me.

            • bmaz says:

              As to Haley, yeah. He was the OC here in 2007-2008. Nobody liked him. I will note that the Cards “did” make it to the Super Bowl under him in 2008 (narrowly losing to the aforementioned Steelers with Big Ben and Arians, grrrr). But the offense was really run by HC Whisenhunt and QB Kurt Warner, not Haley. Haley was really OC in name only, so don’t think he gets much credit for that success. And, seriously, he was not well liked.

          • bmaz says:

            Lol, if you talk him into it and that Bad Brady art goes on.the front, you ought to put PV=nRT on the back.

            PS: That is a shirt I’d really like to have. If you ever get it commissioned, let me know, we’ll both get one and I’ll split it with you.

            • scribe says:

              Not likely, but stranger things have happened. EW is still pissed at me for missing out on the Intense Brady Face glaring out above the logo “2015 Fuck You Tour”. That was a limited edition sold out before the ink was dry.

            • BobCon says:

              Even if the balls were a bit underinflated, so what? I can guarantee that every team fiddles with equipment and their home field conditions in ways which skirt the rules. Fine them and be done with it.

              And I say this as someone who hates Boston sports teams. The supposedly larger complaint about the coverup was also incredibly weak.

              I’m OK with the league trying to hunt down the videotaping violations, but the way the air pressure complaint “blew up” is a sign of league management that can’t run its own business.

              • bmaz says:

                Meh the video in Cinci thing is going nowhere. I kind of disagree with you about Deflategate though. If it was an intentional thing, I’d have a serious issue with it. But the only real evidence is that Brady likes the game balls at the lower range of legal pressure under the rules and that the ideal gas law took it from there.

                Was it worthy of an investigation (disregarding the fact is germinated from the whiny ass Colts), sure, no question. And also was worthy of tighter rules on how game balls are handled pre-game and halftime. That is all fair. But the hit job Goodell, Exponent (formerly known as Failure Associates. No, seriously, I dealt with them long ago.) and the NFL executed was bullshit.

                • BobCon says:

                  If the balls were underinflated (and I agree that the issues with temperature differences and measurement make it almost unknowable) then it’s a rules violation. But considering the amount of equipment in an NFL game — literally tons — overpolicing it is a path to madness. Ask a few questions, toss a few fines, and call it a day.

                  I suspect the NFL is already in that mindset in part because they waste so much time worrying if someone writes the initials of a recently deceased grandmother on their cleats. Once they get to that level of enforcement, it’s easy to lose perspective.

                  • P J Evans says:

                    I’d argue that when they get to that level of enforcement, they’ve already lost all perspective.

        • CapeCodFisher says:

          Makes me wonder how something so blatantly false can become accepted, but then I look at politics and the same problem is there, but the consequences are magnified. Because there’s no standard model to outline the arguments. Something I’ve been toying with. When asked which sport most resembles politics, Obama said football.

          • bmaz says:

            It really was that bad. Scribe absolutely loathes the Patriots. But he is smart and knew full well what a shitshow Goodell and the league ran on that and the ideal gas law.

          • bmaz says:

            Related! Charles’ Law is a component of the ideal gas law, but they are not necessarily the same.

  10. Danzbe says:

    It will be interesting to see what a year off has done for Gronk. Over his last few years in NE he lost some of the game breaking ability he once had. He was still a match up nightmare (demanded defensive respect) and one of, if not the, best and most enthusiastic blocking tight ends in football. I can’t imagine he’s coming back out of retirement because he wants to make a big difference in the blocking game, but i also don’t know if he still has the juice to be the best receiving TE on the team. The Bucs do have OJ who although disappointing has some of the most raw athleticism of any TE in football and Arians got nothing out of him last year. Also his name is OJ so by definition he’s got more juice than Gronk.
    The Brady connection is huge and being the 3rd or 4th option on the team is probably a role he can still eat in. But everyone assuming Gronk is going to be old Gronk probably just watched the highlights the last 5 years.

    • paulpfixion says:

      If he stays healthy he is more valuable than the 3rd or 4th option as he will force the D to adjust both in coverage and personnel, plus Brady has ESP with him, helpful in crucial moments. Godwin, Evans, OJ Howard, AND Gronk on the field at one time? Shit, (maybe) even Todd Haley could scheme for that.

      • ApacheTrout says:

        That’s a mighty big If. Time heals, but time also ages. In this case, I think Gronk’s gas tank seems full now, but in reality will be leaking and less than 1/2 full after the first few games and some punishing hits.

        That said, I really hope this works out for him in Brady. At full Gronk, he’s a delight to watch. As a Patriots fan, I will miss his Gronk Spikes and smothering blocks. It’d be neat if Tampa Bay fans get to enjoy it, too.

  11. jo6pac says:

    I like the coach in M. but unless they have a great O line to protect B who has lost a step or more this is a very short experiment.
    Then of course who knows if there will be a 2020 season, I’m think No Way.

    • bmaz says:

      Huh. Let’s put it this way, Detroit and Miami seem to think they are on the path to winning because of scrub coaches and players for whom Brady and Gronk made their reputations. But, sure, shit on the “grandpas” that made them.

      • Danzbe says:

        It really is amazing how little spine and creativity there is in the upper levels of management / ownership in the NFL. Why think for yourself and be creative when you can just overpay for people who the winning team let go? Its not with just ex-pats, Brock Osweiler anyone? Information asymmetry? Who cares! He was on a team that won games!!

  12. skilly says:

    I do not quite get all the hoopla about Gronk going to the Bruce Arians lead Bucs. I had OJ Howard on my fantasy team last year. I had heard that Arians historically did not use tight ends much for their receiving skills. The common discussion, even when I took drafted Howard was that his production would decrease with Arians calling the plays. I can not opine on the common wisdom, as I lack it, but I can tell you that Howard grossly under-performed last year. My take: it is a publicity stunt by gronk and the bucs. Have you seen recent photos of the man lately? He is physically transformed into a normal human being. I suspect he will never suit up, and the Bucs will sell more tickets than ever before.

    • bmaz says:

      Gronk is as good a blocking TE as has ever played. He doesn’t just catch and run. Plus Arians has never had a TE like Gronk, and is easily smart and innovative enough to know how to use him.

      • scribe says:

        Heath Miller was pretty darn good. Won 2 SB with Arians in Pgh. Offensive team captain. Borderline HoFer or better.

        • bmaz says:

          Miller was very good. Todd Heap on the Ravens was very similar. I knew Heap more because he went to ASU. Miller arguably a little better, but very close discussion I think, and both extremely good in their day. Doubt either get serious HOF consideration, even though they might should.

    • RMD says:

      Gronk: I weigh 250 pounds, gaining 10 pounds won’t be hard”

      He said he “woke up this morning in my boxers and weighed myself” and came in at 250 pounds. Gronkowski played at 262-265 pounds when he was in New England and said he thinks it will be easy to put on 10 pounds or so before getting back on the field.
      Gronkowski said he thinks that is the route he’ll go and it will be several months before any training camp activities in Tampa.

      Gronk likes to play catch, run, & score. TE line work is a necessary evil but not something he’s likely to be doing a lot of. Of course, some, yes. Recall he got his arm broken blocking.
      I look for Gronk and Brady to resume working dynamics; key downs, mismatches, red zone.

  13. Bay State Librul says:

    “Scribe absolutely loathes the Patriots”

    Understatement of the year?
    Scribe is smart, but he can be a smart arse, no?
    Belichick is an arrogant fucker, and I’m hoping Brady and Gronk shove it up his ass.

    • scribe says:

      It goes to show you just how fucked up things are when this

      “Scribe absolutely loathes the Patriots”
      Understatement of the year?
      Scribe is smart, but he can be a smart arse, no?
      Belichick is an arrogant fucker, and I’m hoping Brady and Gronk shove it up his ass.

      passes for deep thought and/or news.

      I think over the years I have been very clear that (a) I respect Biebs and the players who labor under Cheatin’ Bill, (b) I wouldn’t be calling him Cheatin’ Bill, nor the team the Cheating Cheaters of Cheatertown were they each not fully deserving of the accolade. I wouldn’t mind Biebs and Gronk sticking it to Cheatin’ Bill – hell, I’d cheer it on! – so long as they wind up losing to my Stillers in the SB.

      And wiseassery is part of my stock in trade. I’m proud of my ability to drive the English language into the dark corners and shady places I wind up taking it. It’s fun to tee up Cheatin’ Bill and King Roger the Clown, both of whom richly deserve all the opprobrium I can dump on their heads and even more. Just remember, it was Mrs. Goodell who wound up getting King Roger to relent. All their neighbors in the rich-people’s neighborhood where King Roger has his seaside clifftop supervillain lair were Pats fans, and they shunned the Goodells and wouldn’t invite them to the barbeques. This hurt her feels.

      Speaking of feels. A few years back there was some bored lonely housewife living somewhere in Patriot nation who was writing chick-porn featuring Gronk as the inspiration, if not participant in the on-paper games. Something about the way he spiked the ball she found an exciting high point of the proceedings. So, now that Gronk is back in the league, I’m led to wonder whether that genre of speculative fiction will find itself resuscitated, this time with Florida landscapes and weather.

      Discuss while you watch teams with no hope of winning the SB draft college players. (Hint, my Stillers already have a very good 1st rounder – Minka Fitzpatrick – so we Stillers fans can rest easy.)

      And now, we’re seeing Tompa Bay trading up to get some O-line help to protect Biebs.

      • CapeCodFisher says:

        You’re proud of “driving language into dark shady corners” ? When you talk about cheating without offering any evidence to back it up, then you’re just spouting some propaganda, which isn’t much to be proud of.

        When Belichick was a kid, he used to catch the football with Roger Staubach at Annapolis. Roger graduated with the Heisman and moved on from his big man on campus status. Well guess what? Much as Belichick must have missed his boyhood hero, others big men on campus came in and replaced Staubach, year after year.

        That’s why Belichick wins. Because he keeps looking for the next big man. Staubach taught him at 6 years old to have patience with the next crop of players.

        It has absolute zero to do with cheating.

  14. bmaz says:

    Oh Boy, the Jones is on the clock, and the pick is…..a pretty good receiver, CeeDee Lamb. Seems like a good player, surprised the Jonesers didn’t go stupid.

    • scribe says:

      Jerry was looking like the Portrait of Dorian Gray in his basement, half-dead and rotting away by the second.

      Dubious on the Iggles choice of a WR in the 1st. Heard him described as Agholar 2.0, as in Hands of Stone.

      My Stillers’ first-rounder, OTOH, is already a proven quantity and possibly their best draft pick in years.

    • Eureka says:

      Ahhhnd McLane had also suggested maybe Reagor instead before the announcement. Per usual after all these months fraught with speculation (most of the 2019 season, FFS), everything has gone a little differently with the WRs.

      Viks took Jefferson, tho.

  15. Philip S. Webster says:

    Funny thread with all the accusations flying. Seeing it as part of the mental crisis growing after having our nice schedules turned on their heads.
    My take is the even Brady but especially Gronk are just marketing decision and Gronk came cheap.
    I have loved watching the Pats for 20 years and still endlessly play all their mostly entirely wins through the years. Like throwing fast balls no one can catch up with, Brady’ s heydays are stupendously fun to watch if you are a fan; if you are not your lamentations and insistence on cheating are funny.

    But: it is all about marketing at this point. Looking forward to watching the two old guys fail as we all do with age. Which of Shakespeare’s ages apply..not the 6th where I am getting too close to. ha ha. Be cool you all and stay safe.

  16. Bay State Librul says:

    Scribe’s job duties are ringing up the Patriot’s missteps, stocking the shelves with cries of cheating, and mixing, baking and cooking up distasteful items because he hates our beloved Patsies. I think it started on January 23rd, 2005 at Heinz Field when the Steelers at 16-2, and the Patriots were at 16-2. The final playoff score was Patriots 41 Steelers 27, when Old Ben through three interceptions and the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl. Scribe has been sticking pins in his Patriots voodoo doll ever since.

    • CapeCodFisher says:

      Hahahaha yeah I was thinking the same thing. How many times Belichick embarrassed his second rate Pittsburgh. All this yakking about cheating, giving me an earache. If I wanted to hear crying propaganda I would tune in to some North Korea talk show. Trying to take down Belichick is about as likely as a mosquito taking down an F18 super hornet. F18 – 1, Mosquito – splat.

  17. Eureka says:

    Who can say what the Eagles are really up to, but I will say this: back in January with Wentz’s dramatic injury at the focal-diving-weight of Clowney — plus his impending fatherhood — my impression was ~ “One more of these and he’s done, he’s stepping out.” I don’t think he thinks that football is worth it past a certain point, and it’s hard to presage the point of no return.

    In realtime we seriously thought he broke his neck, were kind of surprised he got up and shook it off to the extent that he did, only to later leave the NFC Wild Card game with a concussion. I got the sense that it was a real come-to-Jesus moment for him and his pregnant wife.

    So while I was as surprised as anyone when they picked Jalen Hurts, it makes sense to me that they might want to get going on development even with Wentz so young.

    Adding: OK, well Davion Taylor makes sense at least, with how Schwartz runs D

    • bmaz says:

      Interesting thought there about Wentz. That is kind of what Jake Plummer did. Played ten years or so and just up and walked away, because he could. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady he wasn’t, but Plummer was a pretty decent NFL starting QB and pretty fun to watch. But he took a serious pounding early in his career with the Cards before moving to Denver. Like Wentz, he grew up an outdoorsman in the middle of nowhere and just did not particularly need the bright lights and whatnot that bad. As you say, it is not hard to see Wentz walking away either.

      • Eureka says:

        That’s an apt comparison.

        The more I catch snippets of Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson’s odd explanations for the pick, the more I think it’s what they are not saying that counts. I’d bet Wentz’s ideal is for some post-season success, then curtains. But it may not get that far.

  18. Philip S. Webster says:

    the evil one speaketh from pat’s pulpt; read it and lament well: “Look forward to eventually getting those guys, being able to work with them,” Belichick said about the 10 newest members of his team and what awaits them. “In the meantime we’ll do what we can do in terms of giving them information and trying to bring them up to speed with the playbook, training methods and so forth. We’ll work through that. Be a little different than what it’s been in the past but we’ll make the most of it. Excited to work with these guys.”

    haha… “a little different”…bye bye Tommy. Best of luck.

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