Running Thread of emptywheel’s Running Threads on the SSCI Report

I’ve been doing running Twitter threads on each chapter of the SSCI Russia Report. It has gotten too unwieldy for Twitter, so I’ll collect all those threads here:

Here are the posts I’ve written so far:

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  1. harpie says:

    Oh! THANK YOU for this!
    I was really trying to keep up and keep organized…but it did NOT go well…lol!

  2. may says:

    off topic, again,
    isn’t it time to roll out the ridicule?
    Dreyfuss seems to have set the ball rolling.
    a small contribution:

    What do you call the time the trump family values were relieved of their duties?

    A good year.

    no more (for now)

  3. Alan K says:

    Just went through the Butina thread. Amazing research, thank-you. The NRA connection always puzzled me. Was the NRA so broke at the time they were looking for anything? Were they impressed with strong-man Putin, who grabbed the Crimea, destroyed Chechnya, and murdered his enemies? Did they enjoy palling around with jet-set Russians? I guess I want to understand what a spy or a rat-fucker or a Trump looks for, and how they turn the rubes into criminals and traitors.

    • Vicks says:

      Could be it was just too damn easy, an attractive women (but not intimidating!) and huge events full of morons and moron-ettes deliberately jacked up with testotone courtesy of the NRA?
      If you think about it though, membership in the NRA might be the most common thread of republicans.
      Not to mention it has/had money, power and a single data base

  4. BobCon says:

    The social media section was interesting to me. The SSCI report didn’t seem to go much differently than Mueller, going far enough to establish interference but not going too far into the rat holes to ferret out what happened in 2016.

    This is an area that is crying out for a lot more investigation, and it’s not hard to see why there wasn’t a lot of digging, since I am sure most or all of the GOP senators have employed some of the same people in this network.

    The comment in that thread about the Bannon arrest irony is right on point. These networks are tightly interwoven with rightwing grift. The cycle of building contact lists, stirring up panic and then self enriching goes back for decades, with precursors in the Ron Paul Newsletter and Jesse Helms’s operations and beyond.

    The fact that they’ve gone online and offshore isn’t surprising, but it gives the Democrats a chance to finally take some of this stuff head on. They need to understand it for the existential threat it poses, both in terms of COVID and antivax propaganda and antidemocracy propaganda. And it is a big winner politically as well, since the grift is so heavily slanted to the GOP. I’m not sure the self-defeating inertia among Democrats on the Hill will change soon, though.

  5. morganism says:

    Is there anyone looking at McConnells bill on covid liability as protection for Sinclair/FOX suits, as opposed to “business protections” ?

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