October 6, 2020 / by bmaz


Van Halen

Not by any choice, we revert to being a music blog.

They were originally four, and they came out of Pasadena/Hollywood. A friend went to high school with them. David Lee Roth may have been the lead singer, but Eddie Van Halen was always the founder and glue.

First saw them at a local radio station (KDKB) sponsored concert. Their designator was 93.3. So they did, back in the day, a series of “93” concerts. Honestly cannot remember whether it was $1.93, $2.93 or whatever. But I heard it on the car radio coming back from class, and I, and three roommates, went to see them at the Celebrity Theater. Their only radio play was a cover of the Kinks “You Really Got Me”. It was a pretty kick ass cover though, so off we went. It was wildly good.

There are a lot, and different, transcendental guitar players. Eddie Van Halen was one. It was apparent immediately. He was that good.

Now gone. RIP.

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