Don Jr’s Demand to “Declassify Everything” and the Secret Grand Jury Information His Buddy Shared about Julian Assange

Yesterday, Don Jr tweeted out a demand that someone — Daddy, maybe? — “declassify everything.”

I guess the failson believes there are secret facts that will change the reality that his Daddy just lost an election by the same Electoral College margin Trump beat Hillary by in 2016, with an even bigger popular vote loss than he suffered in 2016.

Given Jr’s belief that releasing classified information can save him, though, it’s worth revisiting testimony that former Sputnik propagandist Cassandra Fairbanks gave at the Julian Assange extradition hearing.

She testified under oath that, a month after President Trump would have learned that the Mueller team was investigating the Roger Stone-led effort to pardon Julian Assange — an effort that seems to have implicated Don Jr, too — Don Jr’s close friend Arthur Schwartz told Fairbanks that there would be no fucking pardon for Assange. Schwartz proceeded to give Fairbanks accurate, secret information about the grand jury investigation into Assange. She also testified vaguely that Schwartz said “other persons … might be affected” including people he referred to as “lifelong friends,” a reference she took to mean Don Jr.

In early 2019, Fairbanks traveled to London to share this secret grand jury information with Assange in person. So Schwartz’ leak played a role in the target of a criminal investigation learning secret details about that investigation.

Fairbanks implied that Ric Grenell — who inhabited the same far right wing chat room as Fairbanks and Schwartz and who gave Ecuador reassurances that Assange won’t face the death penalty — may have been Schwartz’s source. But if Schwartz knew that Assange might present problems for Don Jr, as Fairbanks implied, it suggests he spoke with the President’s son about it.

At the very least, DOJ must be investigating how grand jury information got leaked and how Schwartz got that information to leak.

The failson might not want to advertise how happy he is to share America’s secrets.

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  1. Andrew Kayton says:

    The implication that Don Jr. knows classified information is itself interesting. He was given clearance when?

  2. Marinela says:

    So Don Jr. wants daddy to come to rescue and declassify information.
    Does the declassification works retroactively?

    • Rugger9 says:

      It does, and the President has the final say on classifications. We saw this during W’s administration where “pixie dust” was used to declassify and re-classify docs for Scooter Libby among others.

      Retroactive classification as well as retroactive declassification has already been used by the GOP in the Benghazi snipe hunt (IIRC) as well as the HRC emails (definitely) “scandals” in the court of public opinion. However, I think that trying to prosecute someone under a retroactive classification would run foul of the “ex post facto” clause of Article I where Congress could not pass a law to retroactively criminalize formerly legal conduct.

  3. joel fisher says:

    “At the very least, DOJ must be investigating how grand jury information got leaked and how Schwartz got that information to leak.”

    I hard to believe the Barr Justice Department will be spending much time on this, but, perhaps the deep state can work on it privately until 1/20/21.

        • e.a.f. says:

          how very true. Barr isn’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination. Any one who thinks he is, does so at their own peril.

          People might want to remember just because you don’t like some one doesn’t make them stupid.

          declassify everything? gee who anointed him President or whatever Cabinet title. He’s the President’s son and not a very smart one at that. He might have had dreams of there being a Trump dynasty at the W.H. but the off spring isn’t that bright. IF they were they would have seen the end and beat it out of town. They didn’t study much history.

          This is going to be fun.

          • AndTheSlithyToves says:

            Yet another millionaire, owned and operated by corrupt billionaires. This guy has a net worth of $40 million-plus–why would he want to leave his comfy perch and relative anonymity to engage in this kind of squalid behavior unless he thrives on it? Oh, and there is always the little side note of his father being the launch pad for Jeffrey Epstein.

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