Hours before Trump Pardoned Flynn, “Phil” Weighed in a Pardon

Update: This was not Phil. It was someone testing Phil’s identity. I’m removing the post (though I’m sure it’s archived).

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  1. Rugger9 says:

    It’s a mighty leaky WH, but I seriously doubt Phil would get news of the pardon before Flynn did. That is, unless Phil is really close to DJT and heard it from him when DJT blurted it out. This was a snap judgement based upon how the filed pardon actually left significant gaps (i.e. Flynn’s son) that can be leveraged by Biden’s DOJ and/or the state AGs. For example, as his father’s chief of staff, the younger Flynn would have been involved in at least some of the arrangements to kidnap and render Gulen, which is a crime in any state of the USA.

    • KathyS says:

      Or, it could be a much more sinister version of what has happened which we have no means to know for sure. Trump is a narcissist, his character flaws are scrutinized for years, it’s easy to manipulate him by people whom he trusts or whom he thinks are supporting him. A useful idiot. I watched Larry King’s interview with him and Melania as newlyweds, Trump repeated several times that Melania is loyal as a person that’s why he marries her. He is not the lonely almighty figure he wants us to believe, there have to be people around him who can “offer ideas for the future desired” or to frighten him additionally “at the proper moment” and Trump thrusts these people. What if someone has planted the idea that this is the proper time and way to issue a pardon, or that it’s dangerous the trial to proceed…? The only problem with manipulating Trump is his short attention span. But Flynn is quite of a problem to be forgotten.

  2. Fran of the North says:

    WOW! The mind reels at the possibilities that this spoof wrapped in catfishing inside an enigma represents.

    Best, Fran

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