December 1, 2020 / by emptywheel


Trump Attempts to Invalidate the Mueller Investigation

Overnight, DOJ submitted the pardon language for Mike Flynn in his docket. It covers:

  • The false statements as charged under the criminal information filed in the docket
  • All possible offenses arising from the facts set forth in that and the Statement of Offense
  • All offenses that might arise from the proceedings under that docket number
  • All offenses under the investigative authority of Robert Mueller
  • All charges identified under Mueller’s authority, including anything identified by the grand juries in DC or Virginia

It is a breathtaking attempt to invalidate the work of Robert Mueller and Flynn’s subsequent lies to get out out of his legal jeopardy. This kind of pardon might work for others.

But it does not, in fact, go far enough. It would be child’s play to charge and convict Mike Flynn without violating the scope of this pardon, even if it were to stand as written.

I’ll explain how on January 21.

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